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  1. Erm. For the time being I'm a bit meh? Know absolutely nothing about this lad. Never heard of him in ma puff. That of course is not to say he won't be any good.
    However, (and again I'm not saying he isnae), but on what basis is he "Highly rated" or even for that matter just "rated"? Or more to the point, by whom (other than some Darlington fans) is he highly rated. It's a term that seems to get banded around with no apparent basis in fact.
    Adam Campbell, Adam Drury, Emanuelle Sonupe and Jake Caprice all came 'highly rated'

    Hopefully of confirmed he will make more of an impact than they did.

  2. Ex Saints player pIaying at the world cup. When was the last time we could say that? When Scotland last played? For some reason New Zealand rings a bell
    2006 Chris Birchall played all three of Trinidads fixtures.

    In 2002 E-D-D was in the Cameroon squad but never played.

  3. 1 hour ago, Jimmy H said:

    Hopefully there was a good turn out this morning to say goodbye to a great Saints fan and a true gentleman, gutted I couldn’t make it, rest in peace my friend x

    There was a great turnout today. Really nice eulogy.

    Fitting farewell to Kenny. I hope Karin and family take heart in the turnout and appreciate how well liked Kenny was.

    He will be sadly missed.

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