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  1. 13 minutes ago, RossCSmfc said:

    I would be surprised if Goody is interested in the job. He’s got a secure, well paying job outside of football that he does alongside taking Alloa. Would he throw that all away to take a phenomenally insecure job here?

    Our only hope is that he sees the sentimental side of it all and takes the punt. I think he’d be very successful here and move on to other things but he will have plenty reason to tread carefully...

    It never stopped him going for interview with Dundee a couple of weeks ago.

    Goody is a smart guy and most likely wanted to test himself at a lower level before taking on the positioned chalice. At least he has a couple of years experience now with promotion and survival at Alloa.

    In my opinion, the time is right. Lesser qualified men have managed a bigger club at this level. He loves the club, has the passion,the honesty when things are not going right. He also knows what it's like to win silverware and handle the pressures of battling at the wrong end of the table both as player and manager.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Spam_Valley said:

    So, it looks as though OK is out on his arse and Jim Goodwin is #1 on the list... Purely as a new topic of discussion, If it wasn't a Saint Mirren legend and solely a nobody Alloa manager, would we be happy with the appointment? I know his job last season with limited resources was fantastic but can't help feel he's under qualified for the job. Especially when he has only got three weeks to build a squad before the serious stuff kicks off  -unless we write off the League Cup to give him slightly more time.

    I wouldn't be up in arms if we do appoint JG but i'm not so sure his credentials qualify him for the job..

    JR arrived from Alloa with just as much experience as Jim as a first team manager. Gus in his first full season got us promoted. I guess we will never know until we try.

    The signings policy is different now to last summer. Still expect us to be actively making movement.

  3. 1 minute ago, Lord Pityme said:

    They've handled this so well, updating the support, taking considered decisions, showing leadership...... ROTFLMFAO

    If something has become a legal matter as mentioned today in the papers, surely you can understand the club cannot comment directly to fans until this is resolved. 

    To me, it seems like they have considered decisions, looking at the long term and questioning the managers commitment. They have shown leadership by taking action.

    I lik Oran, he brought that same feel good factor unity that JR did, though whatever happens, the board are acting in the clubs best interests. They may be businessman, though they are also fans like the rest of us.

  4. 1 hour ago, Lord Pityme said:

    Kearney offered to continue doing his job under the custom & practice his employers allowed. His employers have tried to change that custom & practice without agreement. They have now banned him from taking training, which is essentially a suspension. Oran can now take the club for every penny he is due in his contract, plus damages for stress and his good standing as a professional football manager.

    Given what this will cost, and whatever additional costs bringing in a new guy might entail i can see the old firm getting all four stands for every game!

    and do you know how easily it could have been resolved??? By offering him an improved deal on condition he moves by the agreed deadline. So what was a minor issue, has by ego been allowed to completely derail the club. Piss poor amateurs.

    tell me how good does it feel

    to have wee anxious back at the wheel?


    19 minutes ago, Lord Pityme said:

    And you can confirm all this how?

    quit whilst youre only losing poorly!


    It's almost like you were asking yourself a question.

  5. 14 minutes ago, Seaside Nipper said:

    It just all starts to read like St Mirren are being played now, all hidden behind the exception being taken about professionalism and commitment and family constraints.

    Clearly a daily commute is a piss take, the job does not allow for that in all practical senses, OK would know that, if indeed that was a genuine factor. 

    Then there is the Coleraine element at play.

    His teaching job allegedly still available

    All beginning to look like a very disingenuous squabble has been engineered.

    Lawyers, pay off ffs, well, that's it truly soured now.

    He was asked by the media prior to our two playoff games about the Coleraine vacancy and he didn't really deny any interest, or show any sorts of indication that this is where he wanted to be long term. He said at the time, my main focus is these two playoff games. 

    From the newspapers today, its revealed his old PE job is still open for another 3 months and tying that in with the vacancy at Coleraine, you can't help but think he would want to return to that and think the only way he can have anywhere near close to that family time over here, is to ask to commute daily, which i completely stand with board on this one. It is completely unreasonable at club level to have that flexibility. 
    People can compare the commute in duration all they like with mainland ones, though this is completely different and would most likely restrict a lot of the work that is required of a fulll-time football manager. 

    Being a family man myself, I can completely understand OK must be finding it difficult with time away from his wife and kids and respect he is putting family first, though it doesnt seem to have ended in a nice way.

    I think GS has every right to question the manager he employs about long-term commitment. It says that after requesting a daily commute he came to a compromise of a couple of days a week again, though, that clearly showed he would first and foremost wish to travel home more often rather than think to settling here permanently.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Julian Banjos said:

    There's also a suggestion from Grieve that OK wanted to commute even more.

    With his stock high and the Coleraine return rumours bubbling away in the background, maybe OK came back from his hols thinking "I'll try my luck and the club will blink first". Events have then proceeded in a way that he may not have anticipated.

    Check out the sun article posted by buddies1877. It tells you there that he did.

  7. 41 minutes ago, Julian Banjos said:

    Seems that OK led the club to believe that the commute would be a temporary arrangement. Now it's "well it all worked out so...."

    Very difficult one. The club feel that trust has been broken and OK feels we're unreasonable.

    Did Oran really think though that he could, indefinitely, be a full-time manager in Scotland whilst living in Northern Ireland? That's what I don't get...

    I'm not sure what OKs wife's profession is, though OK has already given up the PE teacher role to move over here into FT football. His wife would need to find a similar role if she moved over here. Something that may not be so simple.

    Its a tough call, though OK must have known long term he would need to consider moving the family here. The problem is however, our track record of having long term managers is not great.

    On the flip side, it's hard to believe what story is true. Someone has said OK bought a house in Bridge of Weir recently which would obviously show commitment to moving here permanently.



  8. 4 hours ago, magnus said:

    I understand this a bit more but if anyone is serious about football as a career they must realise that they have to go where the work is? OK is an intelligent guy. I find it difficult to believe he hadn't thought this through.

    When there has been 5 managers in 3 years including himself, I would be taking my time over my families permanent location too. Club also surely knew where things stood prior to him accepting the job.

  9. 5 hours ago, NB18 said:

    Attitude & Ability...

    When Heaton was dropped and ended up training with the reserves, he took the huff and ended up getting shipped out on loan.

    Cooke on the other hand could have done the exact same but he got his head down, worked hard and proved many people (especially on here) wrong.

    Looking forward to seeing him develop more next season.

    Absolutely this!

  10. 11 hours ago, Sonny said:

    While the Club that pays his wages and gave him his big chance were playing in the playoffs for their future in the Premiership,  Heaton flew off on holiday. Most players with a Twitter account mention their Club now and then. Not the bold Josh. My impression is he does not give a f**k about St Mirren.

    Any last chance you had at the club, you would be up the road showing your support in the playoffs. Not this fella. Seems like he has all the wrong attitude

  11. 22 minutes ago, magnus said:

    I think Oran would love the Kilmarnock FC player budget. Pretty sure we were interested in Greg Stewart but money talks. Oran is the man.

    One of Stubbs' biggest failures was not pursuing the clubs genuine interest in Stewart and alternatively wanting to use his own contacts down south and we ended up with Brock-Madsen

  12. 2 hours ago, Sonny said:

    You are totally deluded living in your Stubbs wonderland and spouting the same bullshit.

    Stubbs only wanted to keep 3 players that had won the Championship only months before - Magennis, Samson and Smith and that was based on a chat with a  gibbering journalist. What manager chooses a squad based on a journalist's opinion? The rest could all go according to Stubbs.

    He told MacKenzie to find a new club weeks after he had signed a new contract and even before Stubbs had watched him play. The same MacKenzie who was great and undefeated in the last six games of the season to keep us up but Stubbs wanted Kpekawa and Heaton as his centre halfs. £80k on a donkey that did not even attend the playoffs for the team that gave him a chance and pay his wages. Heaton over MacKenzie?  What an idiot. He never even gave Heaton 5 mins in League games after watching him being torn apart by amateurs of Spartans and Queens Park.

    He told Baird to find a new club.

    Flynn started only one League game under Stubbs with Stubbs preferring Willock.

    Stubbs demanded the Board get rid of Captain Fantastic but the Board refused. They wisely got rid of Stubbs instead.

    Paul McGinn, Player of the Year, was dropped as soon as Hodson was signed.

    Stubbs started Smith in 4 of the 5 League games and only decided to get rid of him when Smith called him out for being a wanker.

    With the exception of Magennis and Samson the players that were from last season and the mainstay for keeping us up were not wanted by Stubbs. What manager tells players to find new clubs when there is little chance of that happening and he has no replacements?


    The guy signed the worst squad of new players ever assembled by a St Mirren manager. He wanted rid of the players who Kearney realised were the only decent pros that he had in the squad.

    Stubbs' signings :

    Coulson - loaned out to Cambridge in January - never played for them.

    Kpekawa -  no club since we released him from a 2 year deal (2 years?????).

    Heaton - 5 starts for non League Kidderminster and not played in months.

    Willock - went on loan again to Crawley Town. Released by Man U. Signed for Gillingham today.

    Jones - back to Southampton's U23 side.

    Brock-Marsden - released by Birmingham, returned to Denmark.

    Jeff King - without a club.

    Ryan Edwards - returned to Hearts. Played 4 games for them.

    Hodson - now with Gillingham.

    Cooke - still with St Mirren. 3 starts all season.

    Rogers - now back at Aberdeen after failing to get in the first team.

    Aye, Stubbs sure had an eye for a player :):):)



    I went to see Carlisle play Cambridge in March and Coulson played the full game. 

  13. 9 hours ago, Lord Pityme said:


    it will be interesting to see who Kearney actually signs, rather than who he chases!

    Lyons offered no more than say Edwards or Willock. He obviously has something about him, but it didnt work/fit in our midfield set up. Would be nice to see Popescu back, and to hang on to Hladky, but the reality of the summer transfer window is good players with a pedigree are happy to wait till after the window shuts if need be to get the best possible deal for themselves. And those two will be snapped up!

    last season Stubbs set off at. A cracking pace announcing signing, upon signing. The trouble we know was most were young loanees, possibly with bright futures, and young non league players who had never played full time pro football. Add in players like Kpweka who had barely played and you had a recipe for disaster.

    he did work out his obvious mistakes by trying to compensate by signing Hodson, Edwards  etc, but the squad was completely inbalanced in experience and professional knowledge.

    Kearney spent a mini fortune on Ferdinand, Hammil and Jackson, although it didnt really change much as the remainder of Ross's squad were playing badly. January strangely for clubs like us is a better window, as players need to get fixed up quickly, and no one is keen on signing an unfit, off the pace player after the window shuts. Enter our Eastern European etc players like Hladky, Popescu, Dryer, Musek, and laterally a bedded in Cody Cooke to give Kearney just enough to dodge relegation in a penalty kick shoot out.

    we dont have the funds to buy the quality of Popescu, but think on what a couple of additions like Willock, Coulson, Jones or indeed Edwards could add now they have a bit more under their belt?i dont for a minute think we'll resign any of those guys, but that is the market we will end up seeking to exploit, perhaps having to take old bigot loanees, that we probably wont get till the season starts.

    the Hammil, Popescu and Hladky's of this world will be out of our reach until the window shuts, by then we will inevitably be chasing our tails given the spine of the squad that got results in the last quarter are gone!

    The system the board put in place for identifying players post Stubbs, worked fairly successful in such a short space of time, when you look at the January window. I'd like to think leading into the summer window we will be much better prepared to bring in players capable of playing at this level. 

  14. 20 hours ago, DougJamie said:

    Window opens tomorrow

    Gus will have his targets


    Watch this space

    I reckon first we will get Corbu , and then hopefully Poppy..................

    Then the Marquee loan signings of Morgan, McAllister and McCorrie..................... 


    You reckon Corbu may be an option now that Hodson is now away? Thought he looked pretty good for all i seen of him. I am not sure how versatile he is right enough. Can he fill more than right-back if required?

    There will be players announced very soon. It's all about the window opening, players contracts expiring and negotiations in general whilst players are on holiday. I'd like to think we will have some business done within the next few weeks.

  15. 1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

    This nonsense always gets trotted out........better than being negative....... who's being negative? 

    You're another doesn't know the difference between reality and ambition. 

    It's not just Tony people are laughing at, it's our club. If that's ok with you, crack on. 

    I'm sure they had more of a laugh at the Celtic branded club shop. 

  16. 36 minutes ago, mattman said:

    From a Romanian reporter - 50k is a big difference to what I’d seen others say the release clause was...


    If that is the case then i think we would be in a better position if the board are willing to spend. Bloody Josh Heaton transfer really has screwed things hasn't it. 50k is a very good investment imo for a player we know who can do a job.

  17. Apart from last May, we rarely know in advance what league we would be playing in the following season. 

    Top of OK's list will be to retain whatever players he worked with the season just passed, that he wants to keep. Whether thats offering out of contract players the chance to stay, or to extend already contracted players on to longer deals. The rest will be happening behind the scenes.

    I do firmly believe that 2 scenarios would have been drawn up to what types of players we could attract for each level.

    Most of our squad are now on their holidays. May take a couple of weeks to hear of players re-signing, then comes the new arrivals.

  18. 11 hours ago, pod said:

    Heard rumour, Livingston. :(

    I don't feel too concerned about Livingstons interest. Hods seems to have enjoyed his time with us and has fitted in well to the club environment. If he doesnt have offers down south he may consider, I can see us being pole position to get him if the finances can be worked out of course. 

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