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  1. I hadn't even noticed in that game. He must be making his way back if its been a fitness issue. I would also imagine if Brophy leaves in the next window, he may get his chance.
  2. There seems to be a lot of silence over Olusanya. Barely kicked a ball in the first team and no status on his fitness. He isn't even making the bench.
  3. They may not be all monetary sales or at the same price the blue and green were paying, though we are now building up our fan base and improving on the park and the match day experience, so that people will come back again and again. At a young age, a lot of kids are still unsure who they support if they are not regularly seeing 'their team' play in the flesh. Imagine you were a young kid from Paisley or surrounding areas who has been influenced by either side of the green or blue, whether it be through family or being outnumbered at school, though turn up at these games and see us competing and winning these games, instead of being cannon fodder in a hostile environment.
  4. This is a long term project with a short term loss imo. I for one have felt the match day atmosphere vs both Celtic & The Rangers to and from the game and in the ground watching the game a much more pleasant experience. Its felt a much safer environment that I would consider taking my kids to. It's evident on paper that our own support gates are up, whether that is at a lesser monetary value or not I'm not sure. That is worth it absolutely for me, to the alternative blue or green pound. We just need to follow through now with a higher league finish etc.
  5. Very good point made by Robbo. If there is a handball from the fakes on the build up to the St. Mirren handball in the box, surely it has to be taken back from there and reviewed if its part of the attacking play? After all, that's how we got penalised a couple of weeks ago, when Baccus was alleged to have fouled the Dundee Utd player before Ayunga scored, resulting in goal chopped off.
  6. Im sure the dome was part funded by SportScotland. I could be wrong though.
  7. It's a real shame as its is a unique facility within the community and houses many kids football run events, charitable causes and obviously like yourself, the repeat weekly booking slots. I think cheapest replacement would be to turn it into an outdoor 7s/8s pitch, though ideally a permanent indoor facility would be better. The upkeep on the dome due to the elements and this recent issue, must be costing the club not only on repairs, though weeks and weeks of bookings that wouod have already been in place.
  8. Without knowing too much, I'd imagine the overspend as you have said was used to cover losses during lockdown with the loan. These loans have a 0% (I think) 20 year payback period
  9. For his age, he never impressed me that much from what I had seen albeit not very much minutes. The fact he was loaned out to League 2 last season, when at his age, he should have been playing closer to championship level, maybe shows his ability. He has a year left, so wouldn't be surprised if it's just a matter of Linfield paying his last year.
  10. 9,672 was the official attendance, which means there was probably close to (I guess) 8500 Rangers fans.
  11. According to the SMISA meeting notes, Celtics offer included a 30% sell-on fee. Selling at his development fee just now with a big sell-on fee now, whilst we have a bargaining tool, is better than having no negotiation other than the dev fee next summer.Interested clubs will see less risk in this model, instead of paying a larger upfront fee plus a sell-on as good as that for us.
  12. Did it go along the lines of gurgle gurgle.
  13. I've yet to attend any of the pre-season games, though from what I gather quite a few people saying the players don't look fit enough over the course of the whole game. Are we working the players too hard on the build up on games and knackering them out?
  14. A few ways this could play out. A) Rangers table an acceptable bid with a tidy sell on included this summer and he's off. They have already tabled a bid before Celtic so they are genuinely interested B ) He gets a good run in the first team with us this season and attracts many other suitors, potentially leaving his options more open in the next window. C ) He stays with us till end of season. running down his contract and joins Rangers for dev fee only. Would feel this is the one that scanners us most as we don't have a bargaining tool by this point and we have pretty much developed a player for them in our first team. £125k to any top club outside of Scotland is absolute pennies.
  15. Here, the Kelvin Homes is going for top dollar on eBay, you just never know its value in years to come.
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