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  1. Cannae really complain after the run of home games we got in February and couldn't take advantage of.
  2. I've not read the full way through this thread, though in short for me, what has cost us, is: failing to take advantage of all of those home games in February, including the 2 games in-hand over everyone else around us. Top 6 should have been wrapped up by end of February. Secondly, tactically at times, the manager has got it wrong and has never really shouldered the blame for that. The Accies game at the weekend i felt Goody tried to deflect the blame on the referee when he should have admittedly held his hands up that his decisions in the second half cost us three points and not the referee Lack of strikers been made available the last couple of months due to injury.
  3. There is a very decent player in there. We have seen it before his move to Derby and in his season on loan. If he can re-find that form, we have a very good asset on our hands. Form is temporary, talent is permanent as they say.
  4. I dislocated shoulder can take a few months to recover from. Just as we hit a good bit of form again, we lose a few key players. Hopefully big Quaner is not too far away from a return to give us another option further up the field.
  5. I personally think the club may wait till we get to a certain number of points on the table, that are based on previous seasons as safe enough to finish above bottom two. I don't think we are too far away from that and could possibly had said amount of points by end of Feb if we take advantage of the amount of home fixtures we have.
  6. Caused every team problems we have came up against. Very few players can match his pace and his determination to keep the ball. He has been a huge asset and adds something we have not had for quite sometime. The assist last night was a great example of what he is capable of on his day.
  7. I think we did have some sort of sell on from what I remember. May not be huge, though they are selling him for around 10x what they paid us for him. Could easily help pay towards a players wage till end of season
  8. I will eat my words. What a sensational performance last night. Did not look out of place after being out so long. I'd keep him in the starting lineup for Saturday.
  9. It's clear Flynn and Foley are not in the managers long-term plans. It's as if he wants to try and build a team that will lead into next season and both Flynn and Foley are not part of that plan. I believe that if it were not for Flynns injury, he would have been in the starting lineup from the off, though as the manager tries to now build a team with pace and Flynn, who was covering a now occupied right back role, it would be difficult to bring him back in and expect it to click. I do however think he is a useful player to have in our squad for the remainder of the season. If Foley goes this window, you would think Sheron should also be called back to Fleetwood too surely, unless we don't have a terminate of loan clause in place. He's almost the forgotten man.
  10. Worst affected in what terms? Financially because they are paying players £££ daft money, spunked £2-3m on a champions league pyro display a couple of seasons ago, spending reportedly 250k on a trip to Dubai, the list goes on. They thought they were going to walk the league this season now they are crying wolf.
  11. Turned down a contract extension and fell down the pecking order as a result. They can't be seeing him every week if he is 3rd or 4th choice? He was doing a decent job of scoring goals for them prior to this season.
  12. I think we have a squad that is finally starting to click with the changes and additions we have made. Doyle-Hayes and Erhahon are keeping other really good players out of the team with their solid defensive and playmaking in the middle of the park. Connolly has given us that pace we lacked and has been a complete menace to opposition Durmus' return on the other side A recognised left-back in Mason Taits freedom to bomb forward *McGrath's freedom to play behind the striker and cause a goal threat Every single player is keeping their place on merit and the dropping of other players has been completely justified with a few just been unlucky to good form. We have an even better chance of reaching the final now than we did back in 2013. I am so proud of the team and have to credit Jim for turning this around on a magnificent run, where he could have potentially been on a shaky peg previously. Players now starting to gel has given me hope that we can finish the season strong with the addition of another striker.
  13. I'm sure that rumour was quashed over on Twitter by someone involved at the club in some capacity.
  14. That was my thoughts too. I'd imagine from the timing of the Kibble involvement tail end of last year, this is their first involvement with the annual accounts, so it may have been flagged during that process. The club must not trust anyone if they have had to make it public themselves so they can avoid speculation.
  15. Marcus Fraser has played centre half many of times. With Tait and Mason available now for both left back and right back, Fraser can cover in central area.
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