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  1. A perfect scenario if an English comes in and signs him now. Use some of the fee we receive towards going for Allan.
  2. Birkenhead - New Zealand Rosario - Northern Ireland Para Hill Knights - Australia I never did understand after the success of Andy Dorman, why we haven't explored North America.
  3. Yeah, I think it's easy cannon fodder to shoot a player down before seeing him, because of where he is playing or what level he is playing at. As you say, some players from similar background have went on to big things. Oz and NZ have less of a platform than Europe. I know Mooy never got his chance with us (went on to bigger things), though look at where he started before his move to Bolton, its fairly similar pathway as most young players from Australia and New Zealand.
  4. I'm sure he has featured for Celtic at some point this season has he not? Can only play for 2 clubs in one season. Anyways, unfit total waster. We don't need a bad influence brought into the dressing room.
  5. There is still potential for 3 OF games with a 16 team league and the off chance they meet each other in the cups if they also have rights to that. We need to find a way of raising the profile of our game without depending on a TV broadcaster dictating those sort of terms that only benefits two teams and that is probably the first and foremost to why there isn't a better playing field for the rest of the clubs hence the review. To run without a proper league sponsor for a year was criminal alone. Looking at other countries of similar level that are doing things much better, im sure will be used as a possible basis to explore how money can be generated and distributed much fairer.
  6. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. This week it was announced 5 clubs...Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee and Dundee United have commissioned Deloitte to conduct a review of the league with a view to unlocking new revenue. I am not sure how these 5 clubs came together, whether one club got the ball rolling and invited the rest of the top flight clubs to join them. Do you feel that we should have joined the five clubs if we were invited to do so and what do you think would be a perfect scenario solution to get a better share of income? Could it also be the end of Doncaster if it's found that he has not been performing at the best possible solution for all clubs rather than two. Whatever the outcome, I personally still wish for a 16 team league with a split at 30 games and include the championship top 2 teams as part of a bottom half split (I think the Belgian league works like this). Whether that would help generate more income with more viewing figures I'm not sure.
  7. I read on Twitter another meeting has been arranged for 4 weeks time. I know it was a smisa meeting with smisa members, though with the negativity shared amongst some of the support towards Kibble, surely they should be invited along or they should at least ask to attend the next one, along with Tony so they are digesting what the feedback is in person and explaining how they can improve things their side. The general manager role to me sounds a bit alarming if its not been given to someone with the relevant experience. Tony has also had a lot of flak and he has a right to defend from his perspective.
  8. Calls for a McGrath contact extension, can't see it happening. Would love to be proved wrong, though there is no loyalty in football. He was ready to leave at the beginning of this week. He could have a very good pick of clubs on a pre-contract come January, without a transfer value becoming a stumbling block. One thing I will say is, his international call up whilst playing for us, is a great selling point for our club, when trying to pick up any future transfer targets.
  9. Exactly. Spent a lot, if not all of the budget early doors and was possibly hoping that if McGrath moved on this window, it would open up funds to add 2 or 3 more including the new boy.
  10. The boy from Wolves was signed to replace Mcgrath so where does he fit into Goodwin's plans now??? I know the media were reporting he was a replacement, though he can play a few different positions from playmaker, to sitting deep. Could possibly be the player that replaces the void left by JDH. Wouldn't surprise me if he starts alongside Power and Erhahon drops to the bench when back from suspension.
  11. From what I believe, we were also in for Nisbet when Hibs got him and were put off on his valuation.
  12. I think a question that remains to be answered is, will it only be the batch that the club currently have onsale that will have the overprint, with future bulk orders to the manufacturers, produced minus sky view? I really don't know how this sort of things works. It's the best looking strip we have had in years as well which adds to the disappointment, as I am reluctant to buy until the above is clarified.
  13. If the club gets close to their valuation in the next week or two, I think they will punt him this window if we can possibly get a loanee in to replace till at least January. Jake Doyle-Hayes' contract talks had lasted a good few months and in the end up performances dropped, his agent hung us out and he walked to a rival club. I thought he looked great on Saturday when he came on, id actually go as far as saying its one of the best games Ive seen him carry the ball forward and deliver some great balls over the top. It makes you wonder if he has been unfortunate to drop out of the starting 11 due to a back 3 or if speculation over his future has side tracked him as you are not going to keep a player happy by benching him, whilst clubs are interested.
  14. I think you pass the age of prospect if you aren't really consistently producing by the age of 21. It's a big season for Cammy imo to make or break.
  15. + I think Tait and Fraser, as well as Flynn cover that wing back position. If McCarthy goes, do we get another CB cover as that would really only leave us with Finlayson? + Erhahon is already made for that position beside Power imo. + Another forgotten man, Cammy MacPherson seems so far out the picture for a push in the starting lineup. + If we mix it up in our forward line tactically, we essentially have options of McGrath, Kiltie and even McAllister who could play off a lone striker. With regards to another striker, I could really only see this happening if someone leaves, as we have Brophy, Main, Dennis and Irwin already competing for 2 places and in some cases throughout the season, 1 position.
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