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  1. I really don't see the issue with Tony releasing the statement. If people want to use a platform and their profile to spout nonsense about other clubs, then expect said clubs to stick up for themselves. Will be interesting to see MR's views when the shoes on the other foot and Motherwell have positive cases within their squad. To honestly think the club would go out their way to make stuff up to cancel a game, when there are consequences involved including the team being weakened for this weekends game against a club closer to us in the table. Reading on Twitter, its very possible that players picked up the virus whilst playing against Killie earlier in the month, then again it could have been from a household member.
  2. With all due respect, we needed cover in defence and we have now got one. Saves us probably from relying on one of our midfielders dropping into defence when we are short. Still, folk raging as per usual. For anyone bringing up Jack Baird into conversation, he is 25 years old and he was beyond that 'potential' stage. We now have a 19 year old who Jim obviously trusts to come in when ready. We have had plenty of success from players coming in to defence at this age, with Scott Cuthbert, Kirk Broadfoot (17) and Dummett to name a few.
  3. This is how I look at it. Kyle is out of contract next summer and can sign a pre-contract with a club from January. We receive a development fee of around 200-300k. Club were holding out hope they could get him to sign a new deal, though as soon as Hibs submitted their first and second bids, Kyle as reports say, he was keen to speak to Hibs. As soon as a player does that he has made it clear that he sees his future elsewhere. I can't see the club selling for any less than dev fee unless there was a hefty sell-on fee included. I also believe that the club will already have targets that may have been prepped for January we may approach now. Players have to take a chance when it comes, it's a short career and anything can happen. Moving to a top 4 club under a man he can trust and work well with. I really do wish him well and like Jack Ross and Paul McGinn, I hold no grudges.
  4. If true think that will be the end of my St.Mirren watching time. Disgraceful. From what is reported Gary, when Kyle knew interest from Hibs was there after a couple of bids were rejected, he was keen to speak to JR about a move. When a player makes noises about a move and is stalling on a contract thats been offered by our club, there is not much more you can do. It's a decent move for him and with being out for say what 9 months and already been out for a length period before that in his career, that move may not come around again any time soon. Look at McAllister, we actually sold him with a re-occurring injury. Derby tidied that up, he never reached the heights and he's back with us not any fitter, or the player he looked like being.
  5. My stream went blurry with about 15/20 mins left in the game and I couldn't get it fixed with even logging out and back in. I eventually gave up as I'd lost interest in the game anyways. I'm not sure if part of it is due to not being able to attend games, though I just feel fed up this season already with what I've been watching. If it wasn't for the sentimental connection with Goody, I think more fans would be making noise over the performances. It can't take the first quarter of the season to work out a formula surely. I give credit for the effort against Celtic, though its been followed up with unacceptable performances. It's all good and well trying to make yourself difficult to beat (it's not worked so far dropping points), though we need to do something in the final third. Too many passengers getting a show in every week.
  6. The pull that Beckham has at Inter Miami, it wouldn't surprise me if Ronaldo follows suit for next season.
  7. Bazil, you are fighting a losing battle. Haters will be haters. Some 'fans' are never happy regardless. I am happy with progress. Plenty of room for improvement, though I am happy with recruitment and how we are shaping up.
  8. Can't argue much with that. Tommy Craig - did absolutely nothing to improve performances, took no responsibility, plus he was a back stabber. Chronic to watch. All saying that, apparently a good coach. Stubbs- broke up a great squad, caused unrest and injected a poison into the dressing room followed by a dozen disaster signings. Never once took blame for performances or signings and never attempted to have a relationship with the fans. Davie Hay - I was quite young at this point, though my first memory of relegation John Coughlin - really nice guy, though not manager material like Craig .Football was dreadful, though left on good terms and made way for Gus to work his magic. Alex Rae - the Rangers media darling was never going to be a fans favourite. Did his job first season, though signs were showing it was never going to be a long term relationship and form dipped.
  9. No chance. He will need to quarantine for a fortnight and then get up to speed on training. That would rule him out for 3-4 games.
  10. The current quarantine rules in place for travelling to and from countries including Holland, would mean a player brought in from overseas is likely going have to self isolate for 14 days, then they would be behind on team training. I think at the moment, our best chances of getting a striker in sooner, is a loanee or free agent from England.
  11. Of course every club has a shortfall on regular income from match day experience. I maybe worded it wrong(by saying 'in no way') as every club will have some sort of impact through covid, though they are not 'struggling'. There was no club explanation for Gus' departure. If it was cost cutting due to pandemic, im sure that would have been mentioned. From what many have assumed on here, Jim has his own contacts and possibly Gus was surplus to requirements? He was brought in at the time to help assist OK who was looked upon as a long-term appointment. SMISA has always been there for a helping hand in funding and have done so in the past for the likes of a sports scientist in terms of staffing, as long as its voted in of course by members.
  12. The club is in no way struggling financially, but I do agree we wasted a considerable amount between the part of the fee we paid and paying him off.
  13. Toulouse I would imagine could contribute more towards his wage and the fact they have a buy option at end of loan, he is surplus to requirements at Parkhead.
  14. Be interesting to see how long this one plays out for. Hopefully PSV would be willing to act quickly on a loan deal considering our season has already begun and he is not in their first team plans at the moment.
  15. Seems a little similar to Popescu, where the agent has tried to bag a few extra quid. As soon as that happens, relationships break down and its no longer about wanting to play for the badge. Jim would have had a list of players and like I would imagine, you fail with one target, you move on to the next without looking back. I'm glad the club stood their ground. As you mentioned, a player that would have been our highest earner, as a striker would have to be a guaranteed goal machine to justify his worth.
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