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  1. How do you know everything is fact by the news article? There will be some things that can't be spoken of due to legalities, though it's not a certainty that it's all a one sided disagreement
  2. It never stopped him going for interview with Dundee a couple of weeks ago. Goody is a smart guy and most likely wanted to test himself at a lower level before taking on the positioned chalice. At least he has a couple of years experience now with promotion and survival at Alloa. In my opinion, the time is right. Lesser qualified men have managed a bigger club at this level. He loves the club, has the passion,the honesty when things are not going right. He also knows what it's like to win silverware and handle the pressures of battling at the wrong end of the table both as player and manager.
  3. The manager will have no impact on Mihai. I think it would still be a board decision to sign him if he is affordable. They see him as a potential sellable asset going by GS' interview with Raman last week.
  4. JR arrived from Alloa with just as much experience as Jim as a first team manager. Gus in his first full season got us promoted. I guess we will never know until we try. The signings policy is different now to last summer. Still expect us to be actively making movement.
  5. If something has become a legal matter as mentioned today in the papers, surely you can understand the club cannot comment directly to fans until this is resolved. To me, it seems like they have considered decisions, looking at the long term and questioning the managers commitment. They have shown leadership by taking action. I lik Oran, he brought that same feel good factor unity that JR did, though whatever happens, the board are acting in the clubs best interests. They may be businessman, though they are also fans like the rest of us.
  6. It's almost like you were asking yourself a question.
  7. He doesn't, that's the thing. Anything to have a dig at GLS and the rest of the board as per usual.
  8. He was asked by the media prior to our two playoff games about the Coleraine vacancy and he didn't really deny any interest, or show any sorts of indication that this is where he wanted to be long term. He said at the time, my main focus is these two playoff games. From the newspapers today, its revealed his old PE job is still open for another 3 months and tying that in with the vacancy at Coleraine, you can't help but think he would want to return to that and think the only way he can have anywhere near close to that family time over here, is to ask to commute daily, which i completely stand with board on this one. It is completely unreasonable at club level to have that flexibility. People can compare the commute in duration all they like with mainland ones, though this is completely different and would most likely restrict a lot of the work that is required of a fulll-time football manager. Being a family man myself, I can completely understand OK must be finding it difficult with time away from his wife and kids and respect he is putting family first, though it doesnt seem to have ended in a nice way. I think GS has every right to question the manager he employs about long-term commitment. It says that after requesting a daily commute he came to a compromise of a couple of days a week again, though, that clearly showed he would first and foremost wish to travel home more often rather than think to settling here permanently.
  9. Not if it's in the hands of lawyers as mentioned in the article. Need to be careful in quoting anyone whilst a legal matter is in progress.
  10. Check out the sun article posted by buddies1877. It tells you there that he did.
  11. It would no doubt be seen as a reason to give him his jotters if the team weren't performing well
  12. I'm not sure what OKs wife's profession is, though OK has already given up the PE teacher role to move over here into FT football. His wife would need to find a similar role if she moved over here. Something that may not be so simple. Its a tough call, though OK must have known long term he would need to consider moving the family here. The problem is however, our track record of having long term managers is not great. On the flip side, it's hard to believe what story is true. Someone has said OK bought a house in Bridge of Weir recently which would obviously show commitment to moving here permanently.
  13. When there has been 5 managers in 3 years including himself, I would be taking my time over my families permanent location too. Club also surely knew where things stood prior to him accepting the job.
  14. Any last chance you had at the club, you would be up the road showing your support in the playoffs. Not this fella. Seems like he has all the wrong attitude
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