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  1. Why would that sort of info be made available to a reporter. Surely its just a ball park figure plucked from a guestimation.
  2. Agree with the number 10 role. He doesn't have the legs for the position he started his career out in. He can pick a pass and has a great shot as you say. If McGrath was to leave McAllister could find more game time if there is not another replacement internally or inbound to fill that role.
  3. Jim has just publicly came out off the back of McAllisters link to St Johnstone and said he's an important player, though he doesn't fit his system. If there is genuine interest in Erwin, I cant see the club standing in his way. We could get by on what we have, if we never had a replacement in before the window closes. McGrath from what I believe is, he is happy to see out his contract, though if an offer comes in of his valuation and both parties are happy with the move, he will go before the window closes. Ideally if he is going to go, it happens soon so we can find a replacement, or at least use some of the cash to strengthen elsewhere too. I've seen earlier talk about Erhahon. He is very highly rated at the club and the club won't entertain anything below 7 figures in my opinion. 2 years left on his contract, has a few minor flaws to his game yes, though a very intelligent passer of the ball for his age. Ethan is the type of player we should be trying to get an extension by a year at least to protect his valuation.
  4. Cant see us entertaining anything less than 7 figures. Tied down longer since he came back from Barnsley last year and has a very good career ahead of him if he keeps his head down and continues his good work. When you see the figures mentioned with other teenagers playing at our level, playing for St Mirren shouldn't be any different.
  5. Think his agent was trying to drum up interest down south and probably seen Utd the only team to make an approach, so went with that. I hope we learn from this, Put an offer on the table for so long, to be strung along. Killie were ruthless enough to give players deadlines, before punting them, we should have been the same with out of contract players..
  6. As soon as he's publicly been confirmed as talking to other clubs, we should give up the chase. Clearly sees his future elsewhere.
  7. In my eyes Kiltie takes the McGrath role or you maybe get McAllister to play there to make use of him. If we were signing JDH I feel it was to play the same deeper Role again when asked and he doesn't like it. Agree here. I think McAllister would actually do better in this role than his current right wing role as he doesn't seem to have the legs for that type of running anymore to beat a man to the byline. He has a decent shot on him too. I think its only a matter of time before McGrath leaves. If its this summer, we need to work with what we have to fill that role, unless we have someone else in mind. A hatchet man in the middle/creative midfielder to work with Erhahon, move McAllister to a more off the striker role as an option, work on bringing a couple of more wingers in that can work a high press and have the legs for it, since Durmus and Connolly have departed.
  8. They offered him a new deal and his agent had been talking about a move down south apparently according to their fans. Seems we have offered him a better deal.
  9. I've had time to take thought on this one since hearing about it yesterday. I wasn't exactly excited by this potential signing, though if we want the best out of our two likely goalscorers, Brophy and Dennis, a wrecking ball figure working up front with them either creating knock ons or pulling the opposition out of play, could be a very good foil to give them the freedom to do their thing. Not every forward is prolific in front of goal, though their link up can create the chances for others.
  10. He's just returned. Think he played 17 and scored 2. I'd love to have him back though I don't know if he would see it as a step back. Should have plenty of suiters this summer if out of Hibs' plans
  11. He's absolutely flying in the MLS just now. Maybe a closer to home punt would be a loan deal for Mallan if affordable and he's interested.
  12. Hopefully the club have set a deadline or its off the table.
  13. He's played there before and if they are interested it would be a no brainer for him to be interested himself, joining a double cup winning side that will also be playing at least a handful of games in Europe too. He's an okay player, though not one who I've ever thought would improve the quality of our own squad.
  14. Tait is probably one of the fittest players over 90mins at the club, always at either end of the park up to the last kick of a ball. Fraser and Flynn also play that position as well as Tammy for cover.
  15. Strange why he's not on any of the lists released yesterday.
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