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  1. On 9/4/2019 at 5:57 PM, Isle Of Bute Saint said:

    I dont get a SMISA forum if no one from SMISA answers anything. Even a brief statement would go a long way. 

    Because it's a public playground...sorry forum, not an official SMISA forum. Why should they get caught up on all the madness and loonies, when they can simply reply via email or take a phone call to an enquiry. All this section of the forum seems to bring, is by the large part, people shooting down anything SMISA are doing.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Cornwall_Saint said:

    Who have we got to cover Waters (who will already be missing for Killie matches) and Paul McGinn?

    He’s also 35 now and we have no idea how long it’ll be before he starts to go into major decline. Kirk was one of my favourite players back in his early years with us, and his performances after the PCA was signed were phenomenal, but we already have one centre back who is in that stage of his career.

    Kirky can play at left-back if required. Cammy MacPherson can play right-back.

    I understand where you are coming from with regards to age, though the difference between Kirky and GMack, is that the latter has had ongoing injuries for most of his career, whereas Broadfoot hasn't. 

  3. 21 minutes ago, doonhamer said:

    Strikes me as a “meh” signing. Two year deal for a player who one of our rivals was happy to offload seems a bit generous. Would rather we had gone for Naismith. (Or Popescu, obviously).

    Naismith is more of a full-back, something that we have cover on for that right side. He hasn't played centre half for some time. I'd also imagine his wages would have been a stumbling block. 

    Popescu, well his agent ruined that one for him, by moving the goalposts on the contract. The club moved on quickly and that ship has probably sailed, unless an opportunity comes back in January, though it would command a fee at the end of the day.

    Broadfoot knows the league, has bags of experience and he has been at the club before, working under Gus. Can also deputise at left back if required.

  4. 14 hours ago, Julian Banjos said:

    Given McLoughlin's efforts on Saturday, this is reassuring. Loved big Kirkie the first time round and his song must be resurrected!


    I remember him bursting onto the scene as a teenager scoring 2 excellent goals from outside the box at Somerset. I think he may have played midfield that day? Even after settling into being a centre-half he was partial to the odd marauding run through the midfield.


    Gus talked him up as being one of the most committed players at the club. Would always stay behind after training when others were away home. No surprise he's had a good career, even managing a goal for Scotland.





    I think he made his debut earlier than expected, which followed by him working his way into the first team in a more regular basis.

    I remember that debut and thinking, this lads only 17/18, hes an absolute tank!

    We were very fortunate that when he was at Hibs prior to us, the commute from Ayrshire was getting to much and he moved to us.

    I had my doubts last night when i first heard the news due to his age, though if he has looked after himself, many pros have played to this age and beyond and done well.

  5. 19 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    More than we got for Ian Ferguson? 

    I believe so. Today's market value for a player, if McGinn goes on to have a magnificent first season in the EPL, I wouldn't imagine his value would be any less than £30m and that's if Villa would be prepared to sell at that price considering they just signed him on a new 5 year deal.

    I think we have already surpassed the Ferguson fee with the sell-on and add-ons from Hibs' deal with Villa.

  6. On 8/31/2019 at 12:50 PM, Prague Buddie said:

    I like this interpretation too, but if you heard JG at the Q&A then he ISN'T led to believe that. He believes quite the opposite in fact. 

    But on the same night, Tony Fitz nodded at the back of the room when Jim said "you would need to ask Tony". Stewart Gilmour also confirmed this a couple of weeks ago to someone I know whi was talking pre match to him in the supporters bar.

  7. On 8/31/2019 at 9:58 AM, Big Yards said:

    We've had our 33% of the hibs sale. That's it over

    Not according to Tony Fitz and Stewart Gilmour.

    Both have said we still profit from any Hibs profit, so it's most likely one more move will be out lot and probably our biggest income in our history for a player.

  8. 5 hours ago, Maboza said:

    This sort of thing is what has stopped me ever getting involved in BTB.  

    I'd love to give my money towards the purchase of our football club but I just don't want to see it squandered away. 

    I simply can't see the apparent complexity of running the BTB operation as it currently stands and what really is to be gained by this expenditure other than freeing up committee/admin time (which is currently unquantified).

    There's a reasonable size membership of approx. 1200. The majority of those are overwhelmingly, primarily interested in the purchase of the club. That's why there's limited engagement in £2 pot votes, AGM's and meetings. 

    It begs the question - what exactly do SMISA intend to do with the 1200 members that requires these additional bells and whistles from a CRM system?

    As others have suggested - maybe we have people within BTB that could deliver this?  

    I also would share the question as to how exactly this came about and regarding the provider being Glasgow-based when there is a big marketplace. 

    Finally, given that we apparently aren't looking to use the full features of this product initially - what does that mean when we do need to unlock additional functionality? Does that result in additional product cost and increased maintenance/support cost? 


    SMiSA are in the process of taking over a football club in the next few years. Would you rather they worked off a spreadsheet or alternatively a two bob system done on the cheap to run a professional organisation going forward? You can't fully depend on an individual or a group of individuals especially on a voluntarily basis to be always available and to respond to everything required for members. If this system takes the weight off of the volunteer committee members and actually benefits SMISA as a whole too, then it is a worthwhile purchase. You can't have a manual process forever. 


    It really depends  on an individuals knowledge know how of technology, to actually appreciate how it works and the value behind cost. That is not a dig, it is purely fact. 






  9. On 8/20/2019 at 10:56 PM, oaksoft said:

    A content Management system.

    I can understand why they would want one TBH but not having anyone onboard prepared to create a simple website with one is an expensive problem.

    ETA. Thinking anout this a bit more, £4200 for a website is pretty expensive. A decent freelancer would charge about £30 to £50 an hour so that's around 100 hours work. What on earth do they need which requires nearly 3 weeks of continuous work given that they are currently getting by on spreadsheets?

    From experience, it all depends how complex the job is. You are correct with your estimations of a freelance design/developer rate up here, though agencies will charge 2-3 times that up here and at least 4-5 times that down south and something like this would require a programmer too which is higher again.

    From a professional web design/development perspective, every job is different and you are paying for the time required. If you do an actual project breakdown on time there is more understanding where time is spent on a project. Depending the project £4200 is actually not that bad. Being in the industry in an agency environment I have seen website being built for £35k upwards.

    Wix and the likes are okay for small website jobs, for business owners with no budget, though web development and programming are professional skills in itself that requires going to uni to get the correct qualifications and knowledge.

    This is more than just a website.

  10. Dundee Utd heavily invested in bringing in Cammy. It hasn't worked out for whatever reason. He was played in his preferred position and still fell down the pecking order after been given his chance. May be more to the personality of the player if it's not a lack of ability.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:

    It's from CSS so inch of salt and all that...

    Pleasing. I really can't believe we have managed to get Kyle back. Speaks volumes that he was very keen to come back on a permanent switch. He will be a huge asset to our squad if he can avoid injury. 

    I think if anyone comes in beyond these two signings, we now have up to the transfer window closing date if we really did need 1, 2 at a push more to come in. It would most likely be loanees imo to bulk the squad up.

    Happy with our dealings so far and I believe we will have our sights firmly set on the next window as this one passes, giving us more of breathing space to scout the right type of player available.

    Looking very good for Sunday now :)

  12. 13 minutes ago, FTOF said:

    Looking at it from another perspective, maybe McCann couldn't spot a decent player even if he booted him in the nuts.

    Anyway, both players were rumours and we might not be or have been in for them anyway.

    Theres one of the players that played for us vs Stenny as a trials been snapped up by Newcastle. Think he was the big lanky French centre half.

  13. FFS always someone spinning a negative on a positive.

    The feel good factor is back, get the gaffer involved with promoting SMiSA, potentially gain more memberships. 

    I can't see why folk see the need to bump their gums about the bloody manager been given an honorary membership, which in other words is most likely an Ambassador type recognition for SMiSA.

  14. 5 hours ago, djchapsticks said:

    What if we missed out on the lad Durmus (who has played quite regularly at a good level) because we'd already signed Longridge for that position 3 weeks ago just so we were prepared? 

    Absolutely spot on. Seems to have been a bit of research went into this player and he has played at a decent level. A more inspiring signing than Longridge with all due respect.


  15. 5 hours ago, Big Yards said:

    Yeah but it doesn’t set us up well for our first few league matches which is a joke. It’s not about building a team once the season starts. It should’ve been built by now

    Just because we’ll sign some players now doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be asking questions as to why we’re not prepared in time for the league starting.

    If it makes you feel any better, we only picked up 6 points from August-December last year (3pts Aug, 1 point Sept Vs Celtic, 1 point Nov and 1 in Dec). This was purely down to not having a squad good enough. 

  16. 2 minutes ago, Lord Pityme said:


    You dont have to go that far back to realise how poor we've become with this board. Remember the league cup final team?

    Put together by Danny Lennon, who was then not offered a new contract the following year after two 8th placed finishes in 4 years.

  17. 5 minutes ago, Cornwall_Saint said:

    Time will tell if Muir was a loss or not. We didn’t have much choice at the time to have him as backup against the filth with Rogers being injured first time round.

    In fairness that goalkeeper number isn’t bad when broken down. No one is complaining about acquiring Hladky. Sammy got his big coaching move. Rogers was the other of the original two but spent half his time injured and was gash for us. Muir had to fill the bench, Lyness was signed to Jan - basically as backup to Sammy and cover for Rogers until he returned from injury. We thought Lyness might stay after Sammy went but again, signing Hladky and letting Lyness go was a no brainer, we haven’t had a keeper like Vaclav in a long time (certainly best of my time supporting Saints). Then it’s steady, then Rogers gets injured again and we were forced into bringing in Holmes. Had Lyness’ contract run for another 2-3 weeks we’d have probably kept him for the season.

    Unfortunately we have lots of deluded fans on that point. Might as well add in the fees for Kenny McLean and Ross Stewart (ST).

    And the compensation for Jack Ross to Sunderland...🤐

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