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  1. 2 minutes ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:





    That said it’s so annoying. Motherwell we’re rubbish and we decide to turn in our worst performance in ages.

    I suppose under the circumstances we just have to be grateful for a point. We didn’t deserve anything more from the game, but still frustrating because Motherwell were so rubbish.

    You were obviously watching a different game from me.

  2. 5 minutes ago, saint in exile said:

    Got to say the quality of Motherwell's PPv has been the best I've seen.  And their commentator has been pretty even handed.

     The St Mirren commentary team are doing not a bad job either - big Yardley is helping out.

    And the team on the park are doing 'not badly' either. We've been playing some decent football and competing well. Hope we can keep it going in the second half.

  3. We had belief for the first half hour or so and then the Scottish syndrome kicked in - ie. 'who are we to be taking the game to the bigots?'

    More or less every other country in Europe seem to be able to compete successfully with them for the whole match instead of 'sitting in and keeping our shape'.

    Neither of the bigot sisters are as good as the biased Scottish press make them out to be. How adopting a defensive formation is seen as a sensible ploy against ordinary opposition beats me. We are only handing the initiative to them time after time.

    For years it has been the same failing for our international team although there are now signs that that is starting to change.

    Give me 'offensive' as against 'defensive' every time and not just for the first half hour or so.

    And that does not necessarily mean going gung ho and leaving ourselves wide open at the back - most other European countries manage to find the right balance.

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