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  1. It's easy to be negative after a result like this - even if it was so predictable.

    However, there is so much to be thankful for and hopeful about the future.

    There's not a lot wrong with our defence and midfield and we have some of the best young prospects in the country.

    JG has made huge improvements since he took over but we have been handicapped this season by injuries to players who could have improved our goal scoring potential.

    And for once - we are not facing the prospect of relegation - at least not just yet.

  2. 14 minutes ago, turrabuddie said:

    We got exactly what we deserved.

    A big mistake when we took off Erwin and set up to defend our lead after only 55mins !
    All that did was encourage Accies to continue pressing and attacking us.
    This was compounded when we took Obika off, and left us with no striker.

    As someone else said earlier, we didn’t lose out on 6th place today, we lost it by not picking up enough points in those six home games in February.

    Not sure how many of the remaining 5 matches we will win ...

    We started off without a striker - in fact we have played most of the season without a striker.

  3. 1 minute ago, oaksoft said:

    Another one wanting to bask in "I told you so"?

    What the f**k is wrong with you people that you want to do this at all, never mind seconds after we've missed out by a hair?

    Because it was so obvious to most people that we are a bit behind St Johnstone quality wise at this moment in time.

    It was almost inevitable let alone predictable.

  4. On 3/19/2021 at 10:43 AM, northstbuddie said:

    We will (not) do it 'the St Mirren way' - we will draw with Hamilton and St Johnstone will scrape a narrow victory over Ross County which will be enough to push us out of 6th place on goal difference.

    I hate to tell you ........

    I'm afraid justice is done.

  5. 1 minute ago, oaksoft said:

    Hesgoal is a bit patchy but from what I've seen we are playing pretty well. Need to be a bit quicker in the last third.

    McAllister and Erwin playing well as is McGrath. Some nice touches all round. Tait and Fraser doing really well on the right.

    So far, so good.

    It's obviously a much better game on Hesgoal than St Mirren TV and you're saving money!

  6. 5 minutes ago, antrin said:

    I missed the whole match.  :(

    At the back of 2.00, I went to my allotments just to drop off stuff, to find some mad Cooncil bastard had mistakenly delivered a mountain of manure.  That stuff is gold (ok, it's actually shite, but in horticultural terms... it's... er...  priceless.  OK - it's supplied for free but you get the picture...) 

    So I had no option.  I was compelled to barrow several loads of it up to my compost heap. 

    Lovely, quiet, sunny day, but I was obviously miserably unhappy - especially as I seem to have a missed an amazing performance in Paisley with the lads racking up the points on the table!


    Thanks for that table, albionsaint.  A very pretty picture!  :)

    Hope no one interrupts my Alba viewing, later.

    (or is that just more shite?)

    Trust me  - you are the lucky one.

    Shovelling a 'mountain of manure' sounds much better fun than watching this game.

  7. That was a junior/amateur level display tonight - we were miles behind Motherwell in our performance. Could not control the ball - every loose ball was looped up into the air in blind hope. We could not string three passes together and were fortunate to come out of that with a point. Our striking options are so limited as things stand at the moment. No wonder Elvis has ended up as he is.

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