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  1. How does that make sense based on past experience? JR would be gone within a year to bigger and greater things elsewhere at the first sniff of an offer.
  2. Someone who hasn't had a mention is Jim Clunie - the classiest centre half in my lifetime of supporting St Mirren. Possibly closely followed by Willie Telfer in that position. Bobby Holmes in midfield (or left half for those of my vintage) was the John McGinn of his day and only serious injury sabotaged his international career.
  3. This could be the result which turns our season around. Would Jim's original stale predictable selection have done any better? The young guys gave their all and we must ask Jim where has Jay been hiding this season so far?
  4. Joe Shaughnessy is probably the best striker we have on our books at the present time.
  5. If the 3 teams below us win their games in hand - we will be bottom.
  6. Alan Power was immense today and has been for some time - a pity we don't have more like him. He not only wins the ball in tackles but is able to keep possession unlike practically everyone else in the team. We are still persisting with the chip ball into the opposition's 6 yard box - you would think that this tactic has been tried and tested and should have been ditched some time ago. But hey - if at first you don't succeed try try again!!!!
  7. Oh yes I am. We probably have the worst defensive record in the league and not many teams have scored fewer goals than us. On the other hand, in some games our midfield have controlled that area of the park - unlike last season. However, our defence is no longer watertight like last season. Our attack is just as inept as ever.
  8. All this nonsense about our midfield's flaws. The real problem at the moment is behind and in front of the midfield. And since we are into the pantomime season, refrain from "Oh no it's not!".
  9. Maybe if we had played in our all-red strips we would have had a better chance of getting something from this game!
  10. Today we have moved into a relegation battle - make mo mistake. Our defence is woeful - probably the worst in the league.
  11. Last season it was our defensive qualities + number of penalties we were awarded which contributed to our mid table finish. Neither of these now apply - so we are struggling this season. However, we are doing better in midfield than against Ross County - Flynn and Power are playing well. If we get an early goal back in the second half all is not lost, because this is a poor Dons team and their defence does not look much better than ours. We have the strong wind at our backs so maybe it will blow the ball into the net - our best chance of scoring!
  12. Although Ross County had less possession than us they seemed to know what to do with the ball once they got it. By that I mean they obviously had worked out on the training ground how to keep the ball and get into a threatening position. They arguably had better clear cut scoring chances than us. We, on the other hand, seemed to operate with no idea about how to create opportunities for ourselves - there was no creative running off the ball and our basic ball control was fairly poor. Only Power and (and to a lesser extent) Dunne appeared to be able to win and keep possession without a panic pass to the opposition. And as for the tactic of continually chipping aimless high balls into the 6 yard box for our smallish strikers this beggared belief.
  13. If there's such a thing as a good defeat that was it today as we played some good football! A poor defeat, on the other hand, is when we lose and play poorly. Either way - it's zero points.
  14. I guess it's back to the red jerseys after this. At least it felt like we were watching St Mirren today. This team now remind me of the Danny Lennon years, when we often played the better football but ended up (you guessed it) losing.
  15. Playing fairly well so far. Perhaps the novel idea of playing in black and white stripes has helped the cause.
  16. Forgot about McPake. However, strictly speaking, JG is still the longest serving manager in the SPL. McPake’s first couple of years were spent in the Scottish Championship.
  17. When was the last time we had the longest serving manager in SPL? Onwards and upwards or is this too good to last?
  18. Not surprising if he had a lot of balls to choose from.
  19. There is a huge improvement in our overall performances this season. We rarely outplayed teams last season as we did against Motherwell tonight. Unfortunately our defending is not as good as last season.
  20. You were obviously watching a different game from me.
  21. One of our better performances - let down however by poor defending. Motherwell don't deserve to be winning.
  22. The St Mirren commentary team are doing not a bad job either - big Yardley is helping out. And the team on the park are doing 'not badly' either. We've been playing some decent football and competing well. Hope we can keep it going in the second half.
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