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  1. And if we had lost today - we would be 7th instead of 3rd. A day to remember - not since the days of Jim Clunie have we sat in such a dizzy height in the top league.
  2. Was fortunate/unfortunate enough to be on the Island of Gigha while this minor miracle was taking place. The good news was I had an excellent G4 signal and was able to keep in touch as it all happened. Surely one of the most memorable results/performances in most of our lifetimes. Congratulations to all the players and management team for making this all possible.
  3. I wish I had been wrong. We are still leaking goals at the back and are punchless up front. However, the midfield is better than we are used to. The reality of where we are at present is struggling to survive in the top flight unless we show a sustained improvement at the back and up front.
  4. That's a strong looking lineup and based on recent form we should win all 3 points. However - this is St Mirren and unless SR can make a difference, past experience dictates a 3-0 defeat. I know Elvis at least will agree with me.
  5. I agree with all these comments regarding our narrow style of play. However I don't think it's so much a weakness on the players' part, rather how they are being coached. I have a seat reasonably close to the dugout and have noticed SR direct the players to take up this shape and to allow the opposition's wide men this room to begin yet another attack. However, it is difficult to criticise at the moment since we are seeing a reasonable level of success in terms of points won, but like others, I am fearful of what could happen against some of the better teams.
  6. Great team performance and, as other have pointed out, we should have scored 4 - although Hibs had possibly 2 or 3 good scoring chances themselves. Defence was very solid although I can't understand why we allow the opposition's wide men far too much room to set up attacks week after week.
  7. And Erhahon does the "John McGinn' bit and picks out the early pass.
  8. What a day to be up in Lewis - no wifi or mobile signal until 4.30pm. However it has been a joy to read this forum for a change.
  9. If we had any sense we would be aiming not to get into the top six or qualifying for Europe based on tonight's and previous years' experience in Europe.
  10. A bit early in the season to be getting too despondent. Ayunga and Olusanya could come good in the goal-scoring front. As has already been pointed out Main showed a significant improvement in form after SR arrived. Brophy is probably our most proven and potent striker - but unfortunately is unfit/injured for most of the season. Our midfield is probably stronger than it was last season (aside from goal scoring potential) - although would love to see Gogic return and Scott Allan arrive. Surely it's worth a gamble. Defensively we are looking dodgy at the moment and Tanser (like Brophy) is injury prone. However, we should be doing better with the players we have available. Without collecting points we have at least shown promise of better things to come - although there are a lot of 'ifs' and 'buts' in this hope.
  11. BBC pundits making the point we were the only team to lose comfortably this afternoon. With a run like this I don't see our fortunes changing next week against Ross County. And then it's squeaky bum time after just 3 league games.
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