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  1. My point is not that we are "slashing" our squad but that we again appear to have a larger than average turnover of players. I agree that it would be good if we could afford to hang on to Popescu and Hodson - but I am not hopeful of that happening nor that we will get anyone of better quality.
  2. Whilst I am not saying that we should be hanging on to all of the players in the departure lounge, how many other SPL teams are evicting as many as 12 first team squad players? The close season seems to be the time when St Mirren are most active! It's a strategy which has hardly helped to provide stability at the club over the past decade or so. I thought Gus' appointment was aimed at reducing this annual high turnover of playing staff?
  3. Shull - there is a difference between healthy debate and discussion (which you can find plenty of on this Forum) and personal/verbal abuse, and obviously we have different views on a variety of topics, including someone's personal beliefs. We can all hold very firmly held views and strongly disagree with each other - but personal, verbal abuse is something else. Maybe if there was less of it on this Forum, it would encourage more fans to participate on here.
  4. I was not referring to gstrechuk's religious beliefs (or any one else's for that matter) - just his abusive and delinquent posts.
  5. I am surprised he is not in the Sin Bin - it is long overdue. He is consistently abusive in most of his posts and the Forum would be much better off without his delinquent rants.
  6. Is it just coincidence that JG turns down the Dundee job shortly before it is announced that JN is appointed assistant coach at that club? If not, what are the chances that St Mirren have put out feelers for JG as assistant manager to fill the gap left by JN's departure? And what are the chances that JG would be interested in the role at Saints when he is a manager in his own right at Alloa? Would the OK/JG combination be a good setup for us?
  7. ......and surely we can aspire to do a Kilmarnock in the not too distant future?
  8. We need to be adventurous, not just in the playing sense, but in trying to attract greater investment in the club. If we were able to attract say upwards of 6,000 next season as an average attendance then the present stadium is likely to be too small in the not too distant future. However, at the moment we can only dream about housing the size of crowd that Kilmarnock attracted for their last game of the season against Sevco. Also in our favour is our proximity to Paisley Airport and the M8 motorway in attracting youth internationals etc. and other events. At the same time the local council should get its act together in surfacing (not resurfacing) footpaths in the surrounding area - at the moment they are a disgraceful embarrassment and threat to public safety, not to mention the litter which is strewn about as it is everywhere else in the town.
  9. We are currently 30,000 behind Kilmarnock (with a smaller catchment area than us) and if we were to match their average attendance of 6,894, we would be close to "filling in the corners" which would enable us to accommodate bigger away supports without detriment to the home support and therefore increasing our income. But then some of our support firmly believe we are not 'in that league' and that the Renfrewshire area does not have the potential to match the likes of Kilmarnock and Motherwell, or even Dundee in a bad year.
  10. A day to remember yesterday - more rewarding than any cup win. - and a day to savour for a long time to come. What a pity then that Buddievision (which I subscribe to) can only produce a second rate product in terms of picture quality. Instead of the original HD quality video of the BT coverage from which it was copied, we are provided with a poor pixelated recording of this special day. Even teams in the Championship can provide a better quality product. We are staying in the SPL for next season, so let's hope that Buddievision get their act together and provide us with something better than second rate.
  11. Game is on BT Sports 1 at 10.30pm for 90 minutes - for those who can be bothered watching it again. Surely Beaton can't be as bad as he appeared?
  12. Hats off to the players who refused to be BEATON by some shocking and inconsistent refereeing decisions. This was more important than a cup win - there was more at stake - the pressure on the players must have been unbearable. Let's now take the opportunity to build sensibly on the pool of players we have at present rather than follow the recent St Mirren practice of decimating the squad in the close season.
  13. Support for us from Aston Villa colleague of the 3rd McGinn brother :- https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/jack-grealish-sends-supportive-message-to-teammate-which-aston-villa-fans-will-surely-love/ It would be good if Saints and Villa both do the business - that way the whole McGinn family will be happy!
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