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  1. I wonder if Keith Lasley's arrival will change our previous practice of accepting the first offer that comes along for our better players for the grand sum of a tuppence farthing (with add-ons).
  2. What's just as important this close season is who we hold on to - like Erhahon, Flynn and Gogic. Young Ethan is developing into a classy midfielder (when he screws the bobbin); Flynn (if he stays fit) is versatile and he will use his experience to develop and encourage others; and Gogic should be a priority to sign on a permanent basis. Also, JG may be hovering around to lure the likes of Shaughnessy, Dunne and Kiltie to the other team in all-red.
  3. As has already been said, we've got to make the signing of Gogic a priority. If we manage to finish above the Dons, the money gained should be used for that purpose. He's even a standout at centre back.
  4. Jim Clunie was probably the best centre half who has played for St Mirren in my lifetime. He was also the most skilful defender in Scotland in his era but was overlooked for international caps because of the bias within the SFA towards inferior Old Firm players.
  5. Must be quite a few years since we looked forward to a visit to Pittodrie with hopes of at least a draw. So let's not do it the usual St Mirren way - ie falling at the last hurdle.. It would be nice to finish above both Aberdeen and Hibs
  6. As it stands, it's all set up for us to fall at the last hurdle at Pittodrie - behind Goodwin's duffers on goal difference - it's the St Mirren way.
  7. Do St Mirren know about this?
  8. A bit of a selection dilemma for the Buddies next season - with a fully fit Brophy and also Main in his current form, will Greive be able to claim a starting place in the team? We may also sign another striker to provide cover for injury and to encourage competition for the starting role, assuming that we will normally start with two strikers. Remember also that Robinson seems to rate Kieran Offord who by the way does not appear in the club's website for the first team squad - have I missed something?
  9. Erhahon's passing ability could be a telling factor today - there aren't many other alternatives in this lineup. Let's hope he is switched on this afternoon.
  10. I see Alex Gogic is now considering staying on in Scotland - https://news.stv.tv/sport/alex-gogic-happy-to-consider-a-future-in-scotland Hope we are trying to entice him to extend his stay with the Buddies.
  11. I know it's a bit early to come to this view - but if Robinson can continue to get the best out of Curtis Main, then it should be a bit of a cake walk to get the most out of Erhahon next season. Goodwin was not recognised for his ability to get the best out of existing players but to buy in new players and give them the chance to shine at St Mirren - eg. Ronan and McGrath.
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