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  1. Agree with you 100% for a change but our main weakness is in the middle third. Whilst there is no denying the effort put in by the players, we just can't string a few passes together (other than in the first third); we are too slow to close players down; we stand off until the opposition are nearly inside our 18 yard box; and our running off the ball when in possession, leaves a lot to be desired. All of these weaknesses were all too apparent in the Livi game. However, we have been more than a little unfortunate in the regular loss of players to injury and tonight we could have done with a fit Stephen McGinn and Kyle Magennis in the midfield.
  2. Fairly balanced assessment by the BBC of our chances of avoiding relegation - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47486225 Starting with tonight's game we at least have a glimmer of hope where there was none before. It will be up to our midfield to battle for possession and create chances - something which they did not generally excel at against Livingston. We have the opportunity tonight to come off the bottom place but other factors will come into play - ie. good fortune, refereeing decisions, injuries and tactics. The least we supporters can do for the cause is to turn up in large numbers and get behind the team.
  3. Monday 11 March 2019 - New St Mirren Park Act 1: Scene 1 - the sequel to "The Great Escape" "The Miraculous Escape" IF ONLY ........
  4. We hardly strung 2 consecutive passes together for most of the game. It's you that is disillusioned if you observed otherwise. Our effort and fighting spirit could not be challenged but we have played better (even allowing for the conditions).
  5. Even OK admits that our performance today was not up to the same standard as the previous 2 away games. However, they say the sign of a good team is that they can win while not playing at their best. Today was one of these days.
  6. I did not claim they created more or better chances than us - just that they played better football than us. Even against the wind in the second half, Livi spent more time in our half than their own.
  7. I was replying to the "anti-football" comment about Livi. They played better football than us today - surely you can't disagree with that if you were actually at the game.
  8. I perhaps am over-egging our poor performance. I would remind you that Livi are the team we left in our wake last season. But cannot agree that we deserved this victory. Livi were by far the better, fitter team today. Where they tried to keep the ball on the deck we seemed to resort to keepy-upy or just hump the ball up the park into the wind.
  9. The "anti football" team outplayed us by quite a margin today for large parts of the match. This was relegation form from us today - the result should not deflect from the poverty of our performance. The only excuse (apart from the weather) might be our injury list which seems to be stuck at half a team for most of the season. But I agree our defence is looking much more solid.
  10. The Duck is not as good as Mullen on this showing
  11. He was an international quality full back and could possibly have had a similar lucrative career down south to Steve Clarke if he had taken the plunge. He also kept his team mates well supplied with fresh fruit and vegetables from the family nursery business in Lanark.
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