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  1. Let’s get one thing straight - we have not had a good start to the season. Most will acknowledge that we were fortunate to win the games we did against some of the weakest teams in the league. Apart from Sevco, we have still to play the stronger teams and our only glimmer of hope is that Magennis and Flynn return soon and that the new signings help to make a difference. Yes we are comparatively strong in defence but our midfield has been consistently overrun in every game so far. Tactically we are as negative as any team in the league. Let’s hope things improve drastically within the next few games, otherwise we will be heading back to the Championship.
  2. So he should not have tried to win the ball in this particular situation? What would you have done - let Stewart get there first?
  3. Has anyone asked the question how Shaughnessy could have won the ball in the circumstances without incurring a red card? Yes, he went in fast and hard - (otherwise he would not have got to the ball first) - but can the officials state what Shaughnessy could have done differently? They might argue for example that his studs were showing when he made contact with Stewart - but could this have been avoided given the height of the ball at the time - ie. a couple of feet off the ground? His 'momentum' resulted in the collision which sounds better than 'follow through' - which suggests some deliberate intent was involved.
  4. Jim was quoted last week as acknowledging that his tactics against the better teams were perhaps too negative and constrained last season . Old habits die hard apparently.
  5. We were in the 'danger' zone last season for a very good reason. This season we have arguably strengthened the defence - but are weaker up front. The jury is still out as to our midfield but we regularly come out second best in that area as well - even against the likes of Livi at home. This does not bode well for the season ahead.
  6. Is this the best we can play? If so, there's not much hope for the rest of the season.
  7. If we can't control the midfield against Livi at home what chance have we at Ibrox?
  8. It was only a matter of time - playing with this usual negative attitude.
  9. To my shame - I'm watching this on Rangers TV. It's been live for nearly 30 minutes but only at 5 minutes before kickoff is the opposition mentioned. In this time of livestream football TV - this will work both ways. When the 2 ugly sisters visit Paisley their fans will no doubt be purchasing livestream from St Mirren TV. COYS
  10. Welcome to St Mirren Marcus. However, I note that according to JG, he is (another) "leader". I hope it's not a case of too many chiefs and not enough indians. Do we have an established LB signed yet?
  11. Ethan has plenty of natural footballing ability and should be competing in a midfield role this coming season. He just needs to add a bit of aggression in his play to become the next of our academy 'discoveries'. Similarly, Jack Baird should also be ready to compete for one of the CB positions. However, he needs to improve his distribution and concentration.
  12. The scene is set for a Saints v Hearts semi-final/final. Bring it on!
  13. On the subject of the BBC sports coverage - this game was not even mentioned on their UK wide sporting highlights. Could you imagine this happening if such a match had been played south of the Scottish border?
  14. Obviously (like Thommo) the BBC did not consider the cup tie worthy of TV commentary since the 2 ugly sisters were not involved - as it looks like they 'borrowed' the footage from either the Motherwell or St Mirren TV!
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