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  1. Maybe 60,000 is stretching it a bit, but, on the other hand, an 8,000 capacity stadium is certainly not a case of 'thinking big' for an SPL club.
  2. Much prefer tonight's 'away' strip to last week's 'home' strip.
  3. But good enough for St Mirren?
  4. We need more link up play in midfield for next season
  5. Although we’ve had the best chance plus a penalty shout, St Johnstone have created more chances
  6. In the other semi - the team with the 6 ex Buddies (3 of which are now coaches) beat the team with the 2 ex Buddies + a Paisley born (I think) manager - goes to reason. However, make no mistake - we are still underdogs to reach the final, despite St Johnstone's Covid woes.
  7. I witnessed first hand how Fergie got involved with the local community at a BB display where he was the inspecting officer and eagerly took part in an impromptu 5-a-side match with the boys in the Paisley YMCA building in News Street. My father also had several dealings with Fergie through his involvement in community based projects in the Paisley area. What stood out was Fergie's unique self-belief, enthusiasm and commitment to the development of St Mirren. It was just a pity that his time at Love Street ended on such a sour note.
  8. Aaron Mooy is another quality player who springs to mind who did not quite fit in for whatever reason at Love Street.
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