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  1. No one played badly but no one stuck out either. The former academy boys (Taylor and Sutherland) were every bit as good as the players they replaced, but I would be surprised if they will get much chance to prove their worth as the season progresses. Lacovitti came on during the second half but only lasted 5 minutes and came off injured with what looked like a pulled hamstring. Perhaps Robbo knows his starting eleven for next Thursday but this wasn't obvious based on tonight's performances.
  2. Should be interesting to see how we are set up tonight in this friendly ahead of the game against Valur. Hope to see some of our new signings in action Note kick-off time of 7.30pm.
  3. Sounds a good signing going by this Wiki article:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Iacovitti
  4. Focussing mainly on the new players: Shaun Rooney - hit some probing long balls and was seldom out of the action, but may need time to settle into Robinson's system Roland Idowu - Confirmed that he could be an attacking threat Oisin Smyth - a Ryan Strain look-a-like but also has Ryan's dead ball ability as was demonstrated at the first goal - he also looks as if he will be a driving force in midfield However, the academy players Sutherland and Jamieson set up and scored the second goal very nicely. Of the 'old brigade' - Gogic, Fraser and O'Hara did what was expected of them and Urminsky did not let himself down. Hope the rumours about Balcombe are unfounded.
  5. Wigan are also interested and could meet the asking price of £250,000 set by St Mirren according to this article:- https://therealefl.co.uk/2024/07/09/wigan-athletic-boost-in-pursuit-of-250000-former-birmingham-city-man/
  6. In the calm of the day after the night before - time for reflection. In my view, Tom English gives a fairly ballanced assessment here of our exit from Euro 24: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articles/c9777vz1d08o When at full strength, there is not a lot wrong with our defence and midfield - others may disagree. Up front, we struggled to mount effective attacks on the opposition let alone score a goal - this a fact and not an opinion. As pointed out in the article, Shankland, Morgan and Forrest got little or no chance to show what they could do to improve things but it is hard to think of anyone else who could have made a difference, despite the fact that we persisted with the first choice striker who had scored only one goal in 13 matches The big question is how have we reached this stage where we are so far behind other comparable nations?
  7. It was only when we changed formation and personnel that we threatened and looked like scoring - for the very first time in the tournament. Hungary on the other hand theatened to score on a number of occasions throughout the game. I made the point earlier that there were 4 ex St Mirren players taking part tonight but forgot to mention Steve Clarke the manager. I felt his selections, formations and tactics were too negative.
  8. In reality we didn't even score any goals either - the opposition obliged in that regard.
  9. For too long we've relied on a striker who has scored once in 13 outings for Scotland. It was only when we played with some forwards that we came into the game. And come to think of it, that was 4 ex St M irren players on the park tonight. Yes - Steve Clarke must shoulder some of the blame for his team selections and formations
  10. Never mind, we've dominated possession going backwards. We're absolutely clueless up front - not to mention shotless.
  11. Fully agree - "huffing and puffing" = effort and commitment. We have a midfield as gifted as most other teams but we are lacking in quality in defence and up front - but our midfield can't make up for failings behind and in front of them. My heart says 2-1 for Scotland but my head says Scotland 1 - Hungary 3. Hope I'm wrong (and not for the first time).
  12. If not - what does? Scotland and Denmark appear to prove your point. India could possibly be in the top tier in approx 10 years time - they just haven't taken football seriously up till now. As a betting man, I thought you would have worked out that a nation has a much better chance of success in football if they have ten times as many players to choose from than the opposition. However, I agree that it is not down solely to population. Or to put it another way, why are Denmark so much better than us?
  13. Even although Denmark has a population only slightly larger than Scotland (5.9M as against 5.5M) - there is a world of difference in the quality of their football skills.
  14. If it's down to effort and commitment we have a chance against Hungary. If we're relying on football ability we have little chance unless there's a huge improvement from what's gone before. However a lot of games are decided by lucky breaks on the night - in which case it's anybody's game.
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