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  1. Look at you with your big fancy words...that thesaurus of yours must be just about worn out!
  2. Don't think there's any doubt that Lennon is for the high jump (and soon), where should the board turn their attentions to find a new manager? Should we go for a foreign manager or keep it closer to home? We will undoubtedly be working with a tight budget both for the manager and by way of transfer budget we can offer any manager. You can find a list of managers out of work here: http://www.thesackrace.com/job-centre
  3. They want positivity from the fans - they got it today in spade loads and in return they failed miserably to turn in even a semi decent performance
  4. Danny Lennon needs to say au revoir! He just doesn't have it
  5. And 'Faraway Saint' clearly identifies exactly who you are! I'm happy to meet anyone face to face and talk this through...there is no getting away from the facts
  6. So who's going to argue with me now...another shocker today and surely now everyone sees Lennon for what he is - not good enough!
  7. This is not about liking or disliking someone...it's simple...it's about competence or a complete lack of it. Frankly I'm sick of it - I have supported the club my whole life and there has been good times and bad, but I can safely say I have never felt so frustrated as I do right now. I pay my money...I expect better!
  8. Thank f**k and let's hope he ain't our problem for much longer...he is an incompetent twat!
  9. Lennon is a moron - he's lost the dressing room. Jim Goodwin is never a centre half - he hasn't th legs anymore to play in the middle of the park so the gaffer dumps big Mairzo and puts that f**kin clown at centre half. No wonder he's coming out and backing the manager although he always an arse licking wee shite. Any other manager (and let's hope we get one quick) would send him packing!
  10. How much longer are the board going to accept the dreadful performances being turned in under the so-called leadership of DL. He is far from a leader of men, he is tactically inept and his training regimes along with Tommy Craig leave a lot to be desired. The time for change is now before we slip further down the table and leave ourselves with too big a mountain to climb.
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