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  1. This is precisely why your account has been sin binned. Stop making alias accounts. It's really not a difficult concept.
  2. Do not be fooled by a lack of posts. I visit the forum every day.
  3. "If you are being particularly annoying or repetitive you're general posting rights will be removed and you'll only be able to post in here." The pair of you need to grow up. Absolutely sick of it.
  4. Can't see anyone coming in the way between now and the window closing, unless we cash in an Erhahon, Reid or Baccus.
  5. We're not in great form but we've only lost 2 of our last 8 and both of those were away to teams in the top three. Just 1 win in that run though, with 5 draws. Stating the obvious but if we can find a way of converting more of those draws into wins then a top six place is there for us. The flip side of course is also true. If we slide the other way and those draws become losses then we'll quickly find ourselves in bother. Such is the fine lines of this league. Shipping Brophy out should significantly ease our cash flow issues, assuming County are going to pick up the majority of his eye watering wage. The Celtic cup money will also provide comfort I think and hopefully mean we don't need to lose anyone else.
  6. It's quite the take to label 1200 of your fellow fans as a "bunch of clowns" The same "bunch of clowns" who own the majority shareholding of the club, bought and paid for with their own hard earned.
  7. So what you're saying is, you like it?
  8. Ethan Erhahon, He fucking hates the 'ton. He plays in black and white, He makes your team look shite He passes everywhere, He wins them in the air, And once he said to me, I love St.Murn FC.......... Repeat To the brilliant Charlie Patino song;
  9. It seems what was said last week at the meeting was a bit muddled. All will come out in due course as the accounts to the year ended May 31st 2022 will be issued in a few months, usually December I think, so we will find out then!
  10. Worth looking at the Chairman's Report in the last set of accounts to the year ending May 2021; The grant we received from the Government was £920K. Data and info from the published accounts you can read here; https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/downloads/accounts-may2021.pdf So yes, we have a debt of almost £1m but this is a manageable 20 year repayment debt with zero interest. Nothing in itself to be alarmed about. I was not at the meeting last week so unsure exactly what was said. What actually matters is what our operating loss was for last season. If we've brought in money for McGrath, and compensation for Goodwin (even if some of that was spent getting Robinson) and still made a heavy loss then we should all be concerned.
  11. Deeply worrying times. Difficult at the moment to really say what our strongest XI is but you could certainly argue that Carson, Shaughnessy, Brophy, Main and Baccus would be in it and that's almost half a team different to the one that started last night. Jay Henderson should also be in there well ahead of Olusanya IMO. The gamble on Ayunga and Olusanya isn't looking massively clever right now, but we just have to hope that at least one of them will get going eventually because if they don't we are in a bit of bother. The side is really lacking in creativity and I can't see Baccus being the answer to that going by what I've read about his attributes.
  12. We make a wee bit revenue on the site through the advertisements we run. It's not a massive amount but it does cover our hosting costs, and the licenses for the forum software etc.. There's a bit left over after those costs, so I've decided, on behalf of you lot who at the end of the day ensure the ads make money, to use that to donate to the Help A Buddie scheme. So today I've purchased 10 tickets to allow fellow buds in the community get along to a game they could not otherwise get to. This is probably the most difficult time to ask supporters to dig deep for even more money to support their club but I'd hope that some local Saints friendly businesses might step up and match us. If you do, then you can purchase the tickets here; https://www.stmirren.com/tickets.shtml
  13. I am a useless bastard and was supposed to publish this poll this week after getting an agreement from the 1877 club that we could piggyback on them presenting their awards for the season after today's game and hand over ours at the same time. Trophies didn't look like they would arrive on time so like a big baldy bastard I did nothing and then THE FUCKING TROPHIES ARRIVED THIS MORNING. So we have rushed to put together the quickest poll in the history of Player of the Year awards. Voting closes at 16:45 TODAY. Sorry folks! Choose your main player of the year and your Tam McGarry young player of the year for season 21-22 below. Mind Ronan has won pretty much everything so whilst he is a more than deserving candidate this is our chance to reward one of the other stellar performers in the squad. But it's up to YOU! And once more, apologies for the rush , feel free to give me a slap when you see me. Baldy useless baldy bastard! Couple of the young members of the South West North Bank W1 crew will be handing over the awards after the game today in the 1877. VOTE HERE https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/poty
  14. Didn't end particularly well for him at Fir Park but whilst there is never any guarantee of success this looks, on paper anyway, to be fairly low risk. We've been through an awful lot as a club (and an awful lot of money) to get close to establishing ourselves as a proper Premiership club and not just one that flirts with relegation every season. The market wasn't exactly awash with outstanding candidates and Robinson looks a pretty safe pair of hands to me. This wasn't the time to gamble on a rookie IMHO.
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