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  1. The North Bank, who sit in the West? Right enough I guess West Bank would have too many political implications. So, it's the North Bank, but collectively when you are together you shall be known as a bunch of North Bankers Maybe W7 was a better name after all
  2. I'd just like to know what the group is called to be honest. Is it St.Mirren Active, The North Bank Aggro, W7, or the Urban Cookie Collective?
  3. Had a quick look on the official site forum to see what they are all making of this stramash. Four posts in total. Seems not everyone cares as much as we do on here as we reach page 33
  4. So were the "visits" that have been talked about actually just one visit? No idea but the club, via the facebook post that Gordon made today, say they only passed on season ticket details on one individual, ie; Josh. "We replied to the police when asked if you were a season ticket holder, nothing more. Nobody else's details were requested and none were supplied. You are well aware of this"
  5. Nothing much more to add to this that hasn't been said already. The police started this by contacting the club. I don't think the club did anything untoward in confirming to them that an individual was a season ticket holder. Did the club also pass over an address? No idea. Does it matter? I know the police sometimes ain't the smartest, but I'm sure they would be able to find someones address out without having to ask the football club. Having done that and made their home visit to Josh, which I personally think most of us agree was entirely wrong, they've opened up this can of worms. The police started this. The police. Not the club. And yet the club is getting the brunt of the anger on this, and it's spiralling way out of control. We now have a very unhappy W7 group trying to defend themselves against some of their fellow fans, we have a board that is under attack from some fans, and we have everyone else sitting in between wondering what the fuck is going on. Hopefully George can help broker some peace here and some common sense will break out. This is, to quote Renton, an absolutley shite state of affairs.
  6. Full fan ownership is going to be a fucking laugh lads isn’t it!
  7. Here's the chat from the clubs official facebook link to the latest statement;
  8. div

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Jamie Langfield Gus MacPherson Andy Webster Allan McManus Brian Rice Tony Fitzpatrick Oran Kearney Only need a couple more midfielders and strikers and we'll have a decent team to go along with the actual team
  9. If we are getting away with only having two coppers at each game outside the ugly sisters then we're doing very well IMO.
  10. Of course the fans are the club, that's absolutely spot on. The fans don't typically send messages to themselves via banners though. The previous displays and banners that I remember have all been to do with encouraging the team and showing their support for either the players or the management. The time, effort and expense that goes into making those happen is massive and I'm sure the vast majority of St.Mirren fans really appreciate that and what it has brought to the stadium which used to be a bit of a soulless experience if we are honest. The ground now has a wee bit history behind it, it's got some atmosphere at last and with the work that has taken place here and there it's looking better than it ever has. It's beginning to feel a wee bit like home now after nearly 10 years This banner was a dig at the police, and possibly at the club for passing information to the police too. I don't think anyone doubts that is what the message was. Maybe the club are too sensitive about the relationship with the police, I've no idea, but if they said no, which they did, then the group knew there were going to be consequences in their actions. They've decided, perhaps rightly so, that the consequences were worth the publicity that they've got about an issue they obviously feel very strongly about. As I've said before, if a copper turned up at my house purely because I've been involved in a fans group that (to my knowledge anyway) has not been involved in any bother, I'd be pissed off but I'd be taking up my grievance with the police rather than the club. Just seems the club are caught between the two at the moment, and it's not going to end well unless the relevant people get round a table and sort it out.
  11. div

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    I think an announcement is due this afternoon so hopefully we'll get some clarity on what the role entails. My fear is that I'm seeing the John McGinn money disappearing down the plughole, fast!
  12. If only we hadn't got promoted. Imagine............... Jack Ross would probably still be in charge Stubbsgate would never have happened We wouldn't have agreed to give the family stand to the ugly sisters Oran would still be at Coleraine The St.Mirren Active lads wouldn't be getting home visits from the rozzers No naughty banners would be getting flown Gus would still be at Queens Park It was all so EASY in the Championship. It was fun. Maybe we're better off being a diddy club
  13. div

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Mind the sparring we used to have over Gus on here mate!! OOFT!
  14. div

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Hasn't even been announced yet, no idea of the remit or role he will be fulfilling, and yet it's put the boot in time anyway
  15. In fairness I don't really know what the group refer to themselves as. St.Mirren Active? Northbank Aggro? I feel disappointed that at a time when we should all be positive about the performance on the pitch on Friday and looking forward to a big game on Saturday we are all sidetracked by this issue. I think the police should not have visited houses, I think the group should not have gone against the wishes of the club with the banner, and I think the club have made more of it than they should have. It's all unfortunate and a bit of a mess. Hopefully everyone can get around a table and sort out a way forward. This isn't helping ANYONE.