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    Don’t be a dick about this or I’ll just permanently ban you and your IP address. I won’t warn you again.
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    Reactions and Reputation levels seem to be the main bone of contention between the children on here, so I've completely switched that off. You are all now free to post wherever you like. Have a great time.
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    I did not say it was an alias. I can literally see from your posts exactly where you are posting from. Im not going into any more detail than that.
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    I never at any point said that you and Shull shared the same IP address but I do know where you both live. You can take from that whatever you like.
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    You know we can see your IP addresses, right?
  6. It is really poor. They told me to use the mic on my AirPods. I wont be doing that again!
  7. Murray signed for Burnley just before the transfer window closed (even though technically he could have gone after that date as a free agent). The two clubs agreed a fee that was less than his development compensation would have been, but we've retained a future sell on interest as is the norm these days. David Longwell is at Burnley now, hence the interest.
  8. The massive difference with O'Hara over pretty much every other player who has left us over the last few years is that he's got 3 years left on his contract. That puts us in an incredibly strong position (unless we've agreed a release clause as part of his new contract, and I can't imagine why we would have). If we got offered £1m for him it would be remarkable business and you'd hope that Robbo would get at least a decent slice of that to reinvest. I'd be quite excited to see what Foyle and Robbo could find even with 3 or 4 hundred grand in the hipster.
  9. Voting now open for the B&W Army Player of the Year and the Tam McGarry Young Player of the Year for season 22-23. To be eligible players must still be at the club, and must have made 5 first team appearances this season. Young players must have been 21 or under when the season began. Vote here; https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/website-news/2280-2022-2023-poty We will present the trophies either in the 1877 club this Saturday or as looks more likely, we will just do it unofficially at the POTY night on Sunday.
  10. I'm a member of the 1877 club and have been there ever since it opened. I'm a lazy bastard so the thought of being able to get a pint before and after the game within a minutes walk of the stadium appealed immediately. The membership thing obviously pissed off a lot of people but end of the day the facility only holds 300 odd as per it's safety certificate and even if it was full for two games a month on a walk up basis it would never generate a great amount of revenue purely from bar sales alone. As it is with 240 paying members it must be generating around £2K a month for the club before anyone sets foot in the place. Those members also footed the bill or the vast majority of the bill to kit the place out in the first place and turn it from an unused void into a facility into an area that generates revenue, and that the club can use on the other 28 odd days a month that aren't match days. There's a lot of sniping about it but when you lay it out like that it's hard to deny it has been a success. Why more fans don't use it after the game, when it's completely free for anyone to walk in, has always puzzled me a bit. I assumed it was because of the Fosters on draft but that's been fixed 😁 I'd be more than happy if the club built a much larger capacity fan zone at the stadium - but this is Scotland - it would really need to be indoors to be usable all season long. A permanent structure of the sort of size folk are looking for would be astronomical and it's hard to see how it could pay for itself unless it also included offices or some sort of other facility that could generate revenue outwith match days. Maybe I'll put in a funding application to build a fucking massive pub across the road on that bit of wasteland 🤣
  11. I spoke to a sensible fellow fan yesterday, whose opinions on business I massively respect. He said in his experience Joint Ventures never, ever work because the interests of the two parties are never 100% fully aligned. It's an interesting perspective as the power of veto pretty that both sides retain has pretty made the Kibble/SMiSA partnership a joint venture in all but name. As I think I've said before I do not for one second believe Kibble to be a bad thing for the club, or a bad organisation. Some of the people and practices they have brought into the club have made a very positive impact behind the scenes. For me however the jury is very much out on the individuals they have in the boardroom though. And to balance that out, I think the jury must also be out on the individuals SMiSA currently have in the boardroom too. This has been a shit week in every possible way but the saddest and most alarming moment in all of it was the manager sitting there in his press conference two days before such a big game lamenting the negativity that the club has had to endure these last few days.
  12. The way the game finished yesterday neatly summed up the entire week. Someone needs to get control over this nonsense, get folk round a table and bang some fucking heads together. This is a fan owned club and I can tell all those involved, on BOTH sides, that the whole episode is EMBARRASSING those fans. To have the manger even have to speak out about it in his presser two days before a massive game was also EMBARRASSING.
  13. I can't think of anything worse to be perfectly honest.
  14. Any football club, be it fan owned or privately owned, needs to be led by good, competent, trustworthy and capable people at the top. I'm not massively convinced we have that right now.
  15. I wrote a wee piece on the events of the last 10 days if anyone is interested. https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/opinions/2279-kibble-0-wardrop-0
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