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  1. No, it's not. The behaviour of the two of you is not healthy. Far Away has already been warned, so he's out. You can spend some time in the bin.
  2. Absolutely nothing in this whatsoever, but the most remarkable thing about it is that it is Hamilton FC who have got in touch with the compliance officer to ask her to review the incident. That was apparently because some Hamilton fans got in touch with the club and complained about it. What a minter of a club. 😂😂
  3. We actually switched off new member registrations well over a year ago. I completely forgot 😁 So users were registering throughout that period but I was not validating them so they could never post. Think we were getting hit by a lot of spambots at the time I disabled it. Oops!
  4. The report system is for reporting inappropriate or abusive content. It is not a means of moaning about posters you might not like. Please put those posters on your ignore list and grow the fuck up!
  5. All active reports have been reviewed and actioned.
  6. A bit late today because I was out early this morning but all reported content over the weekend has been reviewed and dealt with. One user has been warned and sent to the sin bin for posts made yesterday during the match.
  7. div

    Value For Money

    On the face of it, in the age of cloud based applications I would tend to agree that £300 a month to maintain and manage a database of just 1200 members seems on the expensive side. Sure the platform does a lot more than just CRM though and I’m also sure it’s been well thought out so look forward to seeing it in action.
  8. We already have a nonsense section 👊
  9. I've completely cleared the reporting system of all previous complaints. Starting from today I've made a note in my calendar to review each and every complaint that's made via the report button (this appears on each forum post) at 0930. I'll review (and respond) to every complaint made on a daily basis (even if on some occasions I won't be able to make 0930). If particular forum members are being overly abusive they will be sent to the sin bin for a period of reflection. If, upon release from the sin bin, they continue to be the subject of reports for being abusive, they will be permanently banned. All previous sin bin suspensions have now been lifted. You've been warned. Play nice, or fuck off.
  10. div

    Binned Again

    You've sent me 12 messages since I put you in here last Thursday
  11. div

    Binned Again

    You asked me a question on the forum, which I answered on the forum. Just a post after criticising me for not visiting the forum enough. This is the reason why I don’t post much, and why most users have been driven away. Pointless bickering.
  12. div

    Binned Again

    If you don’t like the way the forum is run you always have a choice.
  13. div

    Binned Again

    Cry me a river.
  14. div

    Binned Again

    Div visits the forum every single day.
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