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  1. Yip, a reasonable view. It would be catastrophic for us if we have to forfeit either of those games, and even a big fine would have far reaching consequences at any time, let along right now. Hopefully the club can put up a very robust defence if indeed we are cited. Maybe these lads will help us do just that.
  2. If the club has done nothing wrong I'll be delighted. We will find out soon enough.
  3. Ha! Just pointing out the bleedin' obvious mate! Given the clubs reaction to some no-mark coach on the radio spouting random shite that wasn't even directly aimed at us last week I'd have expected us to come out all guns blazing about that article that appeared in the Daily Mail this weekend which made some extremely serious allegations of wrong doing at the club. Instead we get this. It looks very much to me like we're holding our hands up and trying to mitigate the punishment that is coming our way. As the old saying goes, shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.
  4. Good to see these appointments, however if you put two and two together you could easily assume this is us admitting we've fucked up somewhere along the way. I sincerely hope not but that's what it looks like!
  5. So very sad to read of the sudden passing of Steve Rowan last week. Steve of course was the producer behind the excellent "Love Street The Movie" DVD that was published to celebrate our time at the old stadium. The follow on piece to that film, featuring the last ever game at Love Street and Steve interviewing supporters and ex-players is on YouTube but the actual film itself is not. So, inspired by my good friend @Yflab and for everyone to enjoy who has not seen it, here is the full film. Rest in peace Steve.
  6. Interesting to see what happens to Killie if they are found guilty as seems very likely. Aberdeen and Celtic both got off with fines, however the rules were tightened after those incidents and clubs were well warned. A forfeit of 3-0 is a possibility, as it will be for us if we are also found to have breached protocols leading to last weeks postponement. Aberdeen actually won their re-arranged game so it would create a bit of a stink if forfeit is the route they take!
  7. I must confess I haven't actually listened to the podcast, only went by the comments I saw attributed to him in the press. In those he said the system was open to abuse. He didn't actually say that we had abused it. He's a fanny, I'm just surprised he managed to rile so many people!
  8. I don't know what has changed but something definitely has. The Magennis announcement(s) were crazy. The first was completely un-necessary, and the second which was just an embarrassment. Then this, which clearly wasn't written by Tony. With all due respect it's just not his sort of language. The weekly updates through the first COVID lockdown were pretty good and well written but the stuff of late has been tripe. IMO.
  9. Yeah I get that it's very hard at the moment but it would be nice to have a more positive update from the club - about anything at all! The Chairman's updates were a welcome addition - but we haven't had one of those since 10th March.
  10. The comments that Maurice Ross made were ridiculous, but I'm not sure it merited such a public response from us. A quick phone call to Motherwell to make our point would have sufficed IMHO. Who really cares what Maurice Ross thinks anyway? The communication coming out from the club recently has been pretty dire.
  11. The new TV service is completely outsourced to Stream Digital. The club don’t have anything to do with supporting or delivering the service, it’s all handled by Stream. if you have any issues at all with it you should email [email protected] which is a mailbox that is managed by the support team direct at Stream Digital.
  12. Shows you how fragile the restart is going to be. We're a week away from kick off and we have six false positives and a confirmed case of COVID, albeit asymptomatic by the sounds of it. Were the false positives our fault or the labs? You've also got Rangers, Hibs and Motherwell all getting a doing from the league for not following the process correctly. Good testing is vital to ensuring the league gets back up and running and stays that way!
  13. Voting for the B&W Army Player of the Year 2019-2020 and for the Tam McGarry Young Player of the Year is now open and running until Friday night at 19:00. Vote at https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/poty
  14. Definitely mate. I’m sure the club will appreciate these are difficult times and allow us to stitch together all these clips that are already in the public domain to cheer folk up.
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