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  1. I think I’ve fixed that problem, can you let me know how things are your side please?
  2. The forum has been given a minor upgrade this afternoon. A few new features here and there, but the main thing you will enjoy is the new "GIF" button on the editor toolbar. Give it a go!
  3. Yeah the four games we have against both will be massive season defining games for us. Good job our record against Accies is so solid
  4. Tremendous banter that we currently have CCTV where you can't see peoples faces
  5. The performances against Motherwell and Dundee Utd were very poor, there's no point sugarcoating it. Impossible to see us getting anything at Pittodrie or Tynecastle. I hope I'm wrong but all I really expect from those two games is to hopefully see tangible improvement ahead of the two home games against Livingston and Kilmarnock. Those will both be very difficult but they are games where we NEED to take points, otherwise we're doomed. Dundee play Livingston and Hibs next whilst Accies have Hibs and Rangers. Hopefully we won't lose any more ground but Dundee will fancy their chances of some points there.
  6. I don't see ourselves, Hamilton or Dundee picking up too many points against anyone outside of our own league of three. There will be the odd blip here and there but the league table doesn't lie, the three of us are significantly worse than the other 9 teams in the division. We've obviously overhauled our squad, Dundee have done the same and Accies have a new manager so there *could* yet be a resurgence of form but I really can't see it. This division is brutal, there are some very good teams in it. Relegation will be decided based on how we do in the head to head games to come. We've got Dundee Home and Away and Accies Away and Home. Those are the games that will ultimately determine our fate I think.
  7. Just a fairly trivial point but Tony was appointed by the previous board not the current one.
  8. I make the first team squad currently at 25 players, not including Heaton and Eck who are both technically still our players. 9 of those are currently in on loan. My learned friend Mr Chapsticks tells me that Ethan and Cammy are not counted as full first team bodies. GOALKEEPERS (3) Hladky Holmes * Rogers * DEFENDERS (8) Hodson * P McGInn Corbu * Ferdinand Baird Popsecu * Muzek MacKenzie MIDFIELDERS (10) Tansey S McGinn Magennis Kellermann MacPherson Lyons * McAllister * Dreyer * Erhahon Flynn STRIKERS (4) Mullen The Duck * Cooke Jackson
  9. It's all assumption mate. I've no idea about the current finances and nor should anyone other than those employed by the club to look after that side of things. What I do know is that we've paid off Darren Jackson and Alan Stubbs very early into their contracts. We also paid money to spring Brian Rice from Inverness. We possibly paid money to get Oran. We've assembled one of the biggest first team squads I can ever remember the club having. Then we've ripped that to bits and let half of them go, several on mutual terminations against early contracts. We have then added another ten players in albeit mostly on loan. We've added a wage for Gus MacPherson, and a wage for Jimmy Nicholl. And finally we've been spending on infrastructure like Ralston, the new Astro pitch etc.... We're in a bigger league where the "prize money" even for finishing last is significantly higher than we got for winning the Championship but it's fair to assume the players are all on much higher wages than they were when we were down a league. Some of the above will have been budgeted for but all the mess left behind by Stubbsgate will certainly have put a hole in that budget I think. Quite how big a hole remains to be seen and we won't know for another 11 months when the accounts are published.
  10. Yeah I think it's fair to assume that the vast majority of the McGinn money will be gone. A big opportunity missed sadly!
  11. Wee bit optimistic there big man! The new TV deal is worth about £30m a season and it doesn't start until season 20/21
  12. I think in an ideal world you are absolutely right. The McGinn money should have been an investment opportunity for us. Unfortunately the Stubbs debacle absolutely killed that stone dead. There's absolutely no guarantee that this collection of signings is going to save us. End of the day we are in a league of three with only one guaranteed survival spot and the other two clubs have both been in this division longer than we have. We've rolled the dice and very much taken a punt. If it succeeds it will be a miracle on par with what we achieved in 2016-2017. If it fails then at least we can very quickly clear the decks in the summer and start to rebuild properly in the Championship.
  13. Whatever the percentage is, we've brought in more players than I expected that's for sure. Think the injuries to Hodson and Rogers forced that a bit. The cup victory will have added a few quid to the coffers and the loss of the Chipper wage will have helped too. Either way, this year we are going to record a thundering loss in the accounts Still, fuck it, it's exciting and hopefully we can make a good fist of staying up!
  14. Paul Dummett and Connor Newton were teenage Premier League players. I had never heard of Ismael Goncalves. They all worked out not too badly.
  15. Since people seem to be debating something I said, here's what I actually said on 10th Jan. So at that point I said we'd bring in 2-3 more (Tansey is already in the squad list as you can see) unless we moved others out. Since that post (on 10th Jan) we have shipped out Cammy Smith, Cole Kpekawa & Adam Eckersley so that 2-3 more then became 5-6 more. We've since brought in 7 more. One of whom is a goalkeeper who is cover for Rogers who got injured. I wasn't that far off!
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