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  1. This shows the level of intellect displayed by the "let's Hang Her, then try her" brigade who have made a complete cock of themselves by telling us what they think they "KNOW"....

    Idiots like this lad above and the "We Know She's lying" brigade actually harm the judicial system with constant "noise" that affects proper investigation and a fair trial.

    Close the thread and get these pish spouting spangles shifted. The wee boy's no even been buried yet.

  2. Fact 2: We do know the mother made up a story so thin even a dumpling like you, whoever your other alias is, could work out. bye1.gif

    Away and make up another exciting alias, and don't troll. thumbdown.gif

    Decency? mad.gif

    Re: the stuff in bold pray tell what it is you "Know"?

    I only ask as to "Know" as you say above would mean you would have to be:

    A: an investigating police officer on the case

    B: part of her legal team

    C: a close family member

    D: an accomplice (if the woman concerned is proven to have broken the law)

    So as you "Know" tell us which one of the above you "Strongly Agree With"?

    (you do know everyone is having a right good chortle at you..! bandying the "Troll" word around...notworthy.gifnotworthy.gifnotworthy.gif

  3. What a load of cuont-radictions on this thread.

    The usual suspects are out with the pitchforks, torches and rope for the mother concerned. But seem certain Travis, Harris and Roache are the victims of money grabbing husseys!

    Fact 1: a child died

    Fact 2: no one on here has a clue what did, or didn't happen

    Is this really the best some can muster? Ffs close the thread out of decency.

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