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  1. For crying out loud have a word with yourself/selves.. lol
  2. I reckon we will need a minimum of sx points from these last four pre split games to stay in with a shout of the play off berth. us Dundee and Hamilton wll all likely pick up points before the split, imo Hamilton only need to not lose two games and they are out of reach. I believe it us against Dundee for automatic relegation. the fakes have been on a desperate run of late, the bad news is every team on a poor run seem to get out of it against us. A draw will do nothing for us but knock one more fixture of the schedule. Paying St Johnstone, Dundee, Celtic and Hamilton means to me we need to win at least two of those games. If we only win one its curtains.
  3. You'll need a two thirds majority at next years agm, and a fair wind to get more votes than new air freshner blocks for the urinals to land such a no-brainer idea as that.
  4. This is the creeping feeling of inevitability that we (because as a smisa member you are smisa) need to reverse. The committee members dont want you to change the 'Gordon's Shopping List' discretionary fund, as they agreed it all with??? Guess who. the reality they dont see is if nothing members wish to change, actually changes, then members will simply drift away leaving smisa and the club in a vulnerable position. They Theresa May-esque style of 'My deal, or No deal' just turns people off. Smisa really needs this proposal to be accepted to show that being a member actually involves planning for the club's financial future, not buying frigging hand dryers, or match balls. membership numbers are slowly dropping off, the grim reaper will shave some off every year, as will a poorly functioning team and club. If members cant see how their funds and input can be heard and make a difference then drop offs will snowball. Smisa cant fill committee places, or even generate competition to become the Smisa club board rep. That is and will continue to be reflected in membership numbers. its unlikely there will be a sudden big drop off, the decline will be as a result of apathy.
  5. Just look at his responses on my posts, there all their to be read. what he also fails to recognise, or ignores is that this isnt the proposers thread! It was started by me, specifically to avoid any debate on the proposers thread. Still lets not let the facts get in the way of a load of pishy made up nonsense lol.
  6. That last line is a peach! I am sure anyone who can be bothered could test the veracity of it by sampling some of your previous moan ladened, vitriolic rants. Nice try though, looking forward to all your positive posts to come lol.
  7. Is it democratic for smisa to simply add an option on the 3 monthly vote, that only needs a majority to pass so they can rifle £50k of ringfenced funds. but insist a member has to put forward amotion at the agm requiring two thirds of members to vote for, simply to ADD an option to the 3 monthly vote? why didnt the match ball proposal require two thirds of members to vote for it?
  8. Saints move out of the drop zone https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/how-the-scottish-premiership-table-would-look-based-on-current-form-1-4894454?page=3
  9. There is a building mistrust which i think will result, (should a proposal like KB's not be passed at the agm) to a fair few cancelling their direct debits, and saving their money' for the inevitable "S.O.S" Save Our Saints campaign when it goes tits up. what is the point in being a member of an organisation, that promised you involvement and a say in how the club would be run, when you cant even get an option on a discretionary £2 vote?
  10. I am much kore concerned about 'SMexit'
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