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  1. Training game over. Mullen could be a star in their league.
  2. Jeez hope we atent reliant on goal difference at the end of the season
  3. Minus one feckin jaked up current bun pitch invader
  4. Aye and what's with the one camera dark, one bright? Are they streaming off a couple of Nokia's?
  5. Anyone else watching on saints TV? Can you translate what the feckin serbo-croat co-commentator is saying?
  6. McPherson among others trying to hard, over hitting it. Magennis taking too many touches. Andreu to come on?
  7. The NorthBank advising fellow buds to be aware they expect a load of sevco/hearts bigots etc in the Broxburn support out for a piss up and punch up.
  8. Your post is like a rolled up newspaper to their cocks. Lol... It's all sexually motivated, they get off on it! Its called 'Troll Porn"
  9. Definition of irony... please see above.
  10. Flattered, but Not interested bud, happily married.
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