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  1. In bold the funniest, most bizarre, totally out there claim on here in a long while.... feckin well done for raising the WTF bar several notches!
  2. Of course Kearney hasnt joined any other club as yet, has he? why after creating so much interest in the professional football world, and seeing his stock rise would he want to manage part time now? Think about it, Ross got a huge gig without ever managing in the top league!
  3. I mean that is by and large baseless waffle! What quotes, or articles or even statements back any of that up? And the last line smacks of the club smear campaign Kearney was subject to. What a pile of shite our board (with One legendary exception) are indeed. it will come back to bite them, again, and again as it already has and cost a fortune.
  4. Stunning contribution, well said sir, well said indeed!
  5. But he actually spoke to the support, even though he was no longer a club employee. Where as the club did......
  6. Given his statement and who he thanked, like Tony and especially the support, and who he didnae Scott Nicol Wardrobe Stewart t smisa dude it really is O.K to be O.K. Today..!
  7. That was absolutely shameful. Dont know how Tony F can pinch his nose and carry on with the shite others push out there everyday.
  8. Yeah that confidentially thing really stopped Oran making his point, and feelings known. when will people wake up and acknowledge that Scott is destroying the club. His petulant my way or the highway approach has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation agreements, that we the support foot the bill for! when you look at the begrudged two line shit stain of a statement the board released in comparison to Oran's surely you can see where the problem is, eh?
  9. Would be amazed if Goodwin leaves two good steady jobs for the shitstorm at the Simple Doofus Arena. an out of work Yogi is a more likely fool to jump at it, would be advised not to cancel any autumn half term holidays he might have booked though!
  10. Tell me how good does it feel... when there's nae c**t at the wheel.... and your hopes lie crumpled in the litter.... because the board had to take it up the... C
  11. Jeez you can feel the bile that caused in the throat of the board when having been reduced to draft a two liner because they f**ked themselves over. Thats Mihai's deal gone over the Irish Sea!
  12. Oh dear yet another series of quotes in an article that suggest very strongly Kearney was neither fired, nor trying to work his ticket. Indeed it suggests the only thing he was set on working was business as usual as the manager of SMFC. Just wanted to carry on in the custom & practice his employer allowed. also interesting the Coleraine chairman insisting they havent been waiting for Oran, and quite rightly suggest his stock has risen beyond part time management back with them! thats going to hurt a few, but in truth not many who simply just don't want to accept that Scott could run the club so poorly. can anyone really see Goody walking into the shitstorm that Scott revels in? A club with half a squad, potential signings having second thoughts, fans needed to make up the numbers at spanish training camp, no experienced assistant, one of the smallest budgets in the league, a whacking compo bill to come out that budget meaning even more bottom feeding on the back of staying up courtesy of a penalty shoot out! feck me the next incumbent will be lucky to match Stubbs long service award for making it to the end of September..!
  13. Tell me how good does it feel? when there's no c**t at the wheel with board members out in the sun.... and Mihai cant get his deal done.... it's a Cluster-Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.....
  14. Answers itself really, but if two blokes/ladies met in a hypothetical pub, and had a hypothetical discussion.... but i am sure that sort of thing never happens in football. Bung us over, sorry pass me a beer.
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