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  1. Lord Pityme

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    There is a seperate set of shall we say 'guidelines' for the club bosrd director election process. Have to say it seems to have 'grown' new clauses since i last saw it.
  2. Lord Pityme

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    Yeah you do seem very relaxed at every backtrack, betrayal, vote after shame vote etc, etc.... making it up as they go along!
  3. Some of us though get it right a lot more often lol.
  4. Ahh! That didnt come across in the twitter Feed I am sure he knows him inside out, but the lad has only ever played part time or reserve football. Surely we need players who are already up to this level first?
  5. Bit of a major contradiction here by OK? Wasnt he clear at the Q&A that having a batch of loanees as the backbone of tnevsquad was in his opinion the wrong way to go? St Mirren manager Oran Kearney has made Blackburn Roversmidfielder Brad Lyons, who he worked with at Coleraine, a January loan target. (Daily Express, print edition his form and appearances since joing Blackburn from Coleraine look very much like the kind of pedigree Stubbs based some of his choices on? Matchday Date Venue For vs. Result Pos. Squad: 0, Starting eleven: 0, Substituted in: 0, On the bench: 0, Suspended: 0, Injured: 0 6 9/2/18 A (5.) Bristol City (9.) 4:1 Not in squad 7 9/15/18 H (13.) Aston Villa (12.) 1:1 With 2nd team 8 9/18/18 A (13.) Derby (7.) 0:0 With 2nd team 9 9/22/18 A (14.) Stoke City (17.) 2:3 With 2nd team 10 9/29/18 H (12.) Nottm Forest (9.) 2:2 With 2nd team 11 10/3/18 H (13.) Sheffield Utd. (4.) 0:2 Not in squad 12 10/6/18 A (14.) Bolton (15.) 0:1 Not in squad 13 10/20/18 H (10.) Leeds (3.) 2:1 With 2nd team 14 10/23/18 A (7.) Swansea (15.) 3:1 Not in squad 15 10/27/18 A (9.) West Brom (4.) 1:1 Not in squad 16 11/3/18 H (12.) QPR (10.) 1:0 Not in squad 17 11/10/18 H (8.) Rotherham (18.) 1:1 No information available
  6. No you miss understand its not that straightforward, let me explain my scenario. at present Hamilton are five points ahead of us. If we cant pick up a point in the eight remaining games this year, and they continue at least as they have and pick up ten points we will be 15 points behind. You then have to consider the likelihood, or not, of us then winning five on the bounce to catch them... not happening imo. so in that scenario I estimate it would take a combination of ten positive results for us (wins/draws) and the same number of negative ones for them (losses) for us to catch them. Obviously each time we record a negative result (loss) and they record a postive (win/draw) then that gap at best remains, or more likely increases. we are not going to replicate our run from late January 2016 to season end. Thas just not going to happen, what we have to hope for is. At least one at a stretch two teams end up worse than us in collecting points. And at present Hamilton have double what we have. So that leaves Dundee, who StLucifer has rightly pointed out, will like ourselves, and others look to strengthen in January. The harsh fact is they have a board willing to put their money in to do that, wheras ours continually blows our wedge on poor decisions.
  7. Lord Pityme

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    And here is the main issue of apathy running rampant, due to Smisa's intransigence, allowing the club to rifle ring fenced funds, and refusing to put forward members suggestions for the £2 spend. in the £500 embarrassment/shame vote on the xmas dinner ss than half smisa members actually voted. We could see even less on this director vote. If thats not the beginning of the end i dont know what is.
  8. Lord Pityme

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    Yawn... the valid question given the membership are being given no option, no choice is were there any others that applied, and if so, on what grounds were they deemed unacceptable? I am sure the majority of Smisa members would want to know if there is/was anyone else, they! As the membership may want to consider to be their representative on the board. you dont like this democracy thing do you? Scweaming fir a new vot because you didnt like the last one, and wanting to keep,it hushed if smisa are keeping info on potential candidates from the membership. still i suppose it very possible no one else wanted anything to do with them, save David R, hence the growing apathy towards the whole set up, and its warped decision making.
  9. Lord Pityme

    Samson to Sunderland

    What an unpleasant person you are. Tattie bye.
  10. Lord Pityme

    Samson to Sunderland

    Show me, tell me, point it out to me, any, yes any mention or sign compensation has been paid??? the man retired i.e. Resigned, left his job and took another. The piss poor recompense is a friendly in the summer. have you ever heard of a football team that was paid compensation NOT... shouting it from the rooftops? theres only one of us talking shit mate.
  11. Lord Pityme

    Samson to Sunderland

    Aye we know that, hence there is no compo despite what some hope. A question still remains wether Sammy might be slotted in as a back up after January? Mainly being asked by Sunderland fans.