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  1. Lord Pityme

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Stay Calm, and Tell the Negs to f**k Off! really second pre-season game and loads on here chucking the cap in already? Ffs grow a collective pair, it was a glorified bounce match! that said it does highlight to some posters now that most of the remnants of Ross's squad are not premiership players! McShane is gash, Mullen cant score unless everyone is standing still, Stewart is an ineffective beanpole etc.. etc... Stubbzo has given them their chance, had a look and will like any sensible dog just kick some grass over that shit, move on and sign tne replacement strikers.
  2. Lord Pityme

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Oh reilly.... oops sorry meant oh really.
  3. Lord Pityme

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    No st mirren radio now?
  4. Lord Pityme

    Speculation Thread

    You'd think with his connections he could have laid his hands on some sort of timing device that would have met not missing the La Manga trip?
  5. You mean you havent seen 'that video' when he was at Sunderland..? he shot all over the place on that one!
  6. Lord Pityme

    Speculation Thread

    Ditto! trials are one thing he doesnt have to go looking for! Good player, pest against us, but it will be a case of 'when' not 'if' he drags the club into disrepute. All those bruises on him from ten foot barge poles tell any manager contemplating signing him all they need to know.
  7. Lord Pityme

    Speculation Thread

    Defies belief that given Stokes gave Stubbzo and the club a dizzy at Paisley Airport in not turning up for the trip to La Manga, apparently Stubbzo still wants him??? How many f**kin big red warning signs do you intend to ignore Stubbzo? Just NO!
  8. Lord Pityme

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Thought this would have been a great opportunity to mke a few bob by doing a 'pie& pint' hospitality thingy? Loads of thirsty, hungry mackems coming to town.
  9. Anyone else feeling a bit tents waiting to find out who the marquee signings are? if one of them is muscle bound he'll need a big top. i hope they get theses marquee's pegged down soon.
  10. In Stubbzo we do trust! Lets see what happens by the time the transfer window closes?
  11. Yeah it was obviously a bit more diffiult for him to score in championship too!
  12. Lord Pityme

    Speculation Thread

    The man sitting next to me on the train was a going through all the 'S' words in the dictionary.... he's up to something!
  13. Lord Pityme

    Speculation Thread

    I went to a railway fancy dress party... everyone was wearing platforms.
  14. Its all about opinions... for me Mullen always looks like the song "Busy.. Doing Nothing". He runs around a lot, bit like Dill the dog from the Herbs always chasing his tail, and actually achieves very little in end results. And given that Stubbzo has said he is bringing in a couple of Marquee signing strikers, i would expect Mullen to be offski, or dropped. we did let a 20 plus goal striker walk!
  15. Lord Pityme

    Speculation Thread

    What junction are we at with this? Whats the timetable looking like? can we expect an announcement? are we looking at a cancellation, or even running late? has it broken down? i heard they were taking it slowly and going over the points carefully! if its no happening will they be looking at a replacement service?