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  1. Anyway...! Where is the fully fit Kyle McAllister playing these days?
  2. I tend to find that some people who get all het up when criticising what they call a negative post, are more often than not just simply embarrassed that it might be true, and makes their arse-lick type belief the club can do no wrong look a bit silly. This is a fans forum, not the feckin Imperial Star Counsel. People let off steam, sometimes they call it right, sometimes not... but hey if it gives you a hard on.. knock ( one) yourself out! What these posters like to overlook is that the very act of calling anyone who comments, questions or criticises the club is in itself the most negative outlook on here.
  3. Its a minor point, but one worth setting the record straight on. Rae in his first season guided us to safety after the clusterf**k that was Murray departed. The board (Scott) couldnt wait to get rid of him, sacking him after six games in the next season. to say Goody has (Managed Better) when we couldnt beat non league teams etc is stretching things beyond the actual reality of what happened. Yes Rae resorted to "Shelling" to try and get results, but Goody has not, as yet shown he can 'better' Rae. also we just shippd five goals against a MANAGERLESS team who hadnt won at home for SEVEN months..... by who and how much do we need to be humped for that reality to sink in? Even Goody admitted it was a poor performance, given the lowly state of our opponents.
  4. Having witnessed our team folding at Tynecastle I have reappraised my thoughts on The potential signing of Ross Wallace. Wasnt sure before if he would be better than we have? After Saturday it's hard to imagine him ( if match fit) being worse than what we witnessed. Sign him... ffs it cant make things worse.
  5. Where is the fit Kyle McAllister? Playing down the lagoon? Oram Kearney top of the league... maybe Hibs have an eye on him?
  6. It is this board who Have Sacked the Manager... They are on their Fifth manager, they are responsible. And it is this board who refuse to Invest Anything.... But are happy to bleed smisa dry, even pushing them to drop the ring fence around their funds. The buck stops and is never paid by them!
  7. Will Goody be gone by January? The club is being very poorly run. Recruiting Stubbs and sanctioning his abysmal signings massive payoffs, sacking Oran who is now a table topper, paying to bring back a permanently injured McAllister who looks in trouble, making a hash of panic signings to field a team at Easter Rd kicking families and kids out of their seats to accommodate Racist, sectarian thugs.... The list goes on. As long as we have this board, we will have these avoidable stupid decisions.
  8. Agree to a point. The difference between Accies County etc is the management of players and club is much better than ours! They all pull in one direction, whereas our board incl Gus sacked the best manager since Ross, who is now topping the table with his club. Five managers this board have been through, and unless there is a dramatic turn of events it will likely be six by January.
  9. Five managers in, who is the common denominator for our piss poor results..? Oran gave us our pride back... and got hunted
  10. Kearney came in, struggled stabilised and cracked on. But Gus and Gorzo didn't like him taking the limelight. So they did a Fake News one on him and now we are f**ked
  11. But the player has said himself he will never be fully fit, he has a permanent injury/condition. That's why, sad to say this could be serious for him. So please stop insisting everything is ok, the lad is in trouble
  12. Wtf...? We were gubbed by a piss poor team who hadn't until we obliged won at home for SEVEN months. Love your analysis though... 'leaking four goals is a problem'... lol
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