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  1. What like 50/50 who's gott the virus?
  2. Spfl already have a blueprint for league reconstruction with an amended 8-8-8 format. Dont think it will be opposed this time round. The problem is getting clubs to agree what happens if this season is written off. Namely Celtic want to be appointed champions and Sevco dont want that... Surely a common sense, tried and tested, non controversial method is to let celtic keep the titles as long as the rename themselves ' The Celtic FC' for the new season? Cant see that being a problem..
  3. Ironic...? For decades certain saints fans, and players around Silk Street & New Street, have tried to avoid the clap on a Thursday night with NHS workers.
  4. When he says leafy, he means he is a jakey, park bench, sleeper.
  5. Ross pleaded with Douglas NOT to sign Grigg, and promised to get him half a dozen better players for that fee. You are as I'll informed as off the ball. Douglas panicked (familiar theme to his stewardship) at fan reaction to selling Maja when he was scoring goals.
  6. Aye I can help... google it dobber.
  7. Nicola Sturgeon revealed On Sunday afternoon that Scotland had called on the military to help amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Speaking at a press conference, the Scottish First Minister told reporters that the military was needed to evacuate a coronavirus patient from an island. This comes as Scotland's Chief Medical Officer Dr Catherine Calderwood told the same press conference that around 54,000 people will die from the virus in Scotland. So given the population of England that'll be times ten.
  8. Really..? I suppose the country is waiting for you to be fully comfortable with the invisible killer that is ravaging London, and will do across the piece.
  9. Epidemiologists suggest for every one death... there are 1000 people infected... So as of yesterday that 422,000 in the UK infected. And as the death rate almost doubles on a daily basis now if it's an additional (87 yesterday)190 today we are looking at 612,000 infected. Aye it's just like the flu this....
  10. Caller: "Knock, Knock" Me: "f**k Off"
  11. Plenty on here have been wiping theres down for years after a 30 second activity burst.
  12. And your proven alternative to save lives is?
  13. You texted back a scam text...? Your next Bill might be Interesting.
  14. Sad really that this forum inevitability mirrors humanity with people more passionate about possible season ticket refunds and oneupmanship, than helping each other.
  15. Could the attached be half the solution to determining the final league positions if the season is postponed?
  16. Been reading on the difficulties food banks are having as panic buying/hoarding and just general disruption to normal life is having on donations to their cause. So thought given the fantastic response to the BAWA 12 goals of Christmas, and the superb effort buddies make when there is a food bank collection... Could a Cross Bar Challenge be organised with Saints Legends, Managers/Coaches past and present, to be conducted live, but streamed with no crowd attending, and reasonable safeguards in place for those taking part. Then we could all wager on our favourite, or better still have a number draw so you dont know which legend you've got if you drew Number 7 until the name is pulled out the hat just before they shoot. As well as raising much needed funds for a great, and in immediate need cause, it could be a bit of a tonic for footy starved buds across the globe. Any thoughts?
  17. Yes getting a bit boring with you kneeling in front of me all the time.
  18. Thinking out loud... what if the league is abandoned? Could it work if the spfl simply allow two teams to be promoted from each league and no relegation? Would Mean a couple coming up from non league. Or be more radical and go for league restructure?
  19. Not moved on to a fever/high temperature so probs not co-vid 19. Phew
  20. Sorry wheres the drama in repeating what the govt have put out on all media channels, compared to someone screaming blue murder like Trump that is all a Hoax..! Feck me that's some own goal. lol This is what happened to me today at the shops. I think that one of the most unreported side effects of this Coronavirus situation is that it's making people incredibly rude. I was in Waitrose this morning when I asked a lady working there, “Is there any more toilet paper?” She screamed, “GET AWAY FROM ME!!” before running off, and fetching security. To make matters worse I then had to shuffle all the way back to the toilets with my trousers and pants round my ankles whereupon I had to wipe my arse with a sock.
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