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  1. 3 hours ago, Ronnie said:

    Unfortunately in this case it does, we had 2 managers in 12 years then another 5 in as many years and the present one certainly doesn't look like achieving the elusive top 6 spot anytime soon that the others couldn't, he had 2 massives games this season blew them both big time he has proved and admitted he doesn't have the bottle to try and win games and that will be our downfall again.

    Our higher than normal pre split finish has unfortunately for us as much to do with Killie and Motherwell being crap than ourselves being anything better than average.

    I will gladly come back on here in 12 months if Goodwin proves me wrong unfortunately someone that thinks Erwin is a football player generally won't become a very good manager.

    I think we should have been top six this season. My view on Goodwin is mixed. Made some good signings in defence and midfield but up front poor. Tactics and team selections questionable also. Plays the media well but achieved nothing major this season in comparison to Davidson & Martindale. Blew top 6 and semi. Next season is a big one for him.

  2. 20 hours ago, oaksoft said:

    Let's see how those "truths" stack up.

    1) Joining the EU would be an economic union not a political one. You might not like the EU but joining the EU is simply not the same as being in the UK. Totally different beast. The EU will not be telling us how much to spend on welfare, defence, prisons, pensions, or a raft of other things which right now are dictated to us by the UK parliament. To claim the two unions are the same is intellectual dishonesty.

    2) New members are NOT forced to accept the Euro as currency.

    3) Joining the EU would NOT have forced us to rely on their vaccination program.

    4) He said "You can't be an independent country and be in the EU". Tell that to Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and all the other countries in the EU. I think, they would disagree.

    You talk about the "troof?" You can't handle the "troof" boy. Ah the memories. Good ol' Jack.

    One last point. Farage is spouting his opinion which he is perfectly entitled to do. They are not facts or truth bombs. They are opinions. Best not to confuse the two, Mr Peach Slices.

    Hmm, I think you'll find that a major aim for the EU is political union in order to make monetary union work in their opinion ?

    Do you really think Scotland will dictate the terms that it will enter the EU if its allowed in?

    I think we will be in the Euro if we ever go independent, just my opinion. Ask Ireland how they got on with interest rates set by ECB and who controlled that !

  3. 9 hours ago, bazil85 said:

    It's such an emotive subject for many and I think half the battle (for me anyway) is removing that emotion, we could talk on the subject for pages but for now I will give you a really important point for me on the size of Scotland globally, in the EU/ UK/ anything else.

    I often think people look at an independent Scotland and think it would be much weaker as a world power than the UK & that's a bad thing. For me it's not at all, Scotland doesn't need to emulate the world force the UK is (was to an extent, for me there is a slight sense of hanging onto an ever shrinking relevance in a changing world). We don't need a chair at the top table, a big army and a big say on global politics and issues IMO. What we should be aiming for is a small, green, progressive, innovative and inclusive nation. Oaks mentioned the Scandinavian countries and that's exactly it for me. 

    If in 20-40 years time Scotland were a largely energy self-sufficient nation with a comparable quality of life to a Norway of a Sweden (pandemic excluded) I would be delighted at what we were leaving future generations. I don't need Scotland to have a major say in EU policy or to be a leading force in global stability or security, it's just not practical for a nation our size and dare I say it, the UK going forward either. What I do need from Scotland is trailblazing in environmental stability, a return to what we once were in education, innovation and progressive thinking as well as a nation with inclusive governance and an ever improving quality of life for it's people. 

    I personally think that's probably only possible as an independent nation but is a long way off and will require the right governments and options going forward. I am largely undecided on the overarching question of independence because of the governance as previously mentioned but I don't think all of this could not become a reality in a generation or two as an independent nation, I think it would be far harder remaining in the UK under pretty much two party politics that right now, I can't put a fag paper between. 

    Be interesting seeing the Scottish public paying Scandinavian taxes.  Bet that won't be in SNP manifesto.

    Also our culture is vastly different from Scandinavia. The comparison with Scandinavia is a bit of stretch for me. 

  4. 38 minutes ago, FTOF said:

    Call that a bribe?

    Here's a real bribe. Guess where it came from.

    • Extra £4.3 billion in real-terms for schools by 2023/24, with funding increases to be legislated within first 100 days
    • At least £5,000 a year for each secondary school pupil and at least £4,000 for each primary school pupil
    • Arts premium for secondary schools
    • £1 billion fund for child care, including before and after school and during holidays

    Oops i should have read the thread 😂

  5. On 3/28/2021 at 10:28 PM, faraway saint said:

    Bribery, the new tactics from the SNP.

    A "free" laptop or device, including free broadband for every child. 

    If they change it to a free holiday abroad I'm in. 😂😂😂

    Aye just when the schools are going back, you couldn't make it up.

    Maybe they could channel the resources into fixing the shambles they have made of education in Scotland.

    Its such a political decision its embarrassing

  6. 4 hours ago, oaksoft said:

    Sorry bud, this isn't a game I am interested in playing.

    Didn't think you would because there is no game.

    Your making silly comments on which from what I  can see there is no legal basis.

    Maybe if you care to expand on what the technicality is then I may be able to see your point ?

  7. 21 hours ago, oaksoft said:

    Honestly bud, there's really nothing hilarious about any of this and I know you don't actually mean that.

    Because of a technicality, this guy has walked free from court after multiple allegations of sexual assault against him. Now those women have to sit and watch this utter charade and apparently there is absolutely nothing which can be done about it.

    I suspect that he will vanish without a trace at election time with next to nobody voting for him but the fact that he can even have a go at this is nothing short of disgraceful. It's very hard not to be angry on behalf of the women brave enough to make those allegations.

    So it's anger rather than hilarity that I'm feeling at the moment. I suspect that all right thinking people will feel similarly. A good boot in the baws electorally in May is what this guy needs.

    What  is the technicality ?

  8. 12 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    Overall, I believe that they started both halves better, we, slowly but surely, got into the game.

    Fine margins, the penalty decision is a killer, our goalie, IMO, gave away a goal combined with slow defending.

    Not denying their goal scorer took his chances well, especially the header but they never, IMO, had a player that stood out. 

    It was fairly close, ach, I was looking for 7 points from the first 3 games so we should be looking to win the nest two games.

    Israel, as I've said, worry me as we never really look like beating them. 


    We need to beat Israel if we are to  qualify from this group. We really needed a win tonight.

    For me both Austria and Denmark will take care of Israel home and away

  9. 1 minute ago, oaksoft said:

    Well they clearly aren't FAR better than us.

    They've pipped us by a couple of goals.

    We're not that far behind them and if Dennis had been fit, we'd have taken that 6th spot a couple of weeks back. Those are the fine margins at this level.

    Yes they are, they started poorly but for months have been far better than us or months now.

    They are rightly 6th and we have blown our chance.

    We can't score goals

  10. On 3/10/2021 at 6:27 PM, stlucifer said:

    But most intelligent people are NOT following a party, let alone a leader. Anyone who wants Scotland to be an independent nation are supporting the ideal. That ideal doesn't change with the leader of the party if the core cause of the party doesn't change. The SNP are not changing their message.

    If the polls were asking if people would vote for Sturgeon or for the merits of what the SNP have done in a union ruled Scottish assembly then those who voted for them because they thought the SNP would run the Scottish purse better, then may be swayed by this nonsense. I would imagine those are few and far between.

    We'll see what effect the recent scuffle has in May. With the likes of Anus Sawar, Rennie and Davidson as alternatives, I firmly believe the SNP will wipe the floor with that lot.


    ETA. I've just listened to Rennie and he's so afraid of the percentages in favour of Scottish Independence that he's asking believers of that cause to set it aside JUST NOW. Says it all.

    Are you seriously telling us that Sturgeon and Salmond have made no difference to the where the SNP are in the polls, that its all down to a belief in the idea of independence. If Sturgeon is forced out you are in for a serious reality check

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