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  1. 17 hours ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

    I think you’d go a long way to find someone who cares more about football (in particular St. Mirren and Scotland) than me, but by Christ, I’m glad I don’t care about it as much as you.

    This shit eats you up. 

    And just for the record in case I was one of the people you were referring to. I don’t perpetuate any myth. I get what happened. I get the theory and I get the practical and legal application of that theory. I just don’t f**king care! It doesn’t affect my life, other than that I cannae stand the current Rangers in the same way that couldnae stand the old one, so what f**kin difference does it make to me or St. Mirren whether they have one title or 55?

    100% agree. total boneheaded nonsense. it never ceases to amaze me what angers folks and then the alternative of what they don't get annoyed about when they should !

  2. 12 hours ago, jaybee said:

    It makes you think that maybe a lifelong Saints fan who made the step up to the club's board  AKA ( Mr. Alan Wardrop,) had a point, given that what he implied was more or less what has transpired, and then again, one has to wonder, should Mr Wardrop not be proven to be uttering falsehoods if a certain other board member/chairman AKA (Mr John Needham) be so gracious as to offer an apology...............................DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH.

    I haven't spoken to Alan in close to 20 years but i knew him and his father really well as they were involved with Gleniffer Thistle. My brother played with Alan in that team and I lived opposite to him for a while. 

    His father and Billy Hassan who both ran the team were first class guys who were straight up with huge integrity. I always found Alan to be similar. Always a positive decent guy.

    Given what has emerged on this issue and the discrepancies and investigations now into Kibble conduct I know which side of this i would be on.

    As you say I wouldn't hold my breath on any kind of apology from Kibble, just lawsuits to stop the truth being communicated.


  3. 36 minutes ago, Saint@Johnstone said:

    Great performance today, think we were the victim of VAR. This is the best Saints team for a long time, hope they keep it up. 

    For me I think we are looking at the best team since the early 80s. 

    The recruitment has been fantastic.

    What a player Olusanya looks. Can't believe this is the same player I saw playing for Arbroath.

    We have quality all over the park and really have a great chance of pushing on from 6th last season.

  4. 1 hour ago, stlucifer said:

    And she too will probably be released without charge. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. After all. Police Scotland aren't exactly known for being SNP supporters. Quite the contrary.

    Handshake GIF - Handshake GIFs

    Given you haven't a clue as to anything to do with this investigation it might be wise of you let it run its course and then comment on Police Scotland.

    Your letting your politics get in the way of common sense again !

  5. 4 hours ago, FTOF said:

    My initial post was somewhat laced with hyperbole to counter one that seemed to have turned Henderson into Lionel Messi, after one nutmeg.

    I agree. He's shown occasionally at the top level that he is capable of some great play. Both his goals v Dundee United were excellent. However, for me he hasn't done it consistently enough, albeit he hasn't played as much as he'd like. Too often he seemed not able to get past his man or get crosses in. At a lower level that seems to be a bit easier. Maybe I am being too harsh and he'll develop more in the future. However, given the silence from the club regarding a contract extension, I've a feeling that it might not be with us.

    I'd rather we kept Henderson as opposed to Olusanya right enough.



    That is exactly how I see Henderson. 

    Olusanya has to Robinson's worst signing. Not even Championship level. Neil Warnock signed him for Middlesborough also. Bizarre

  6. 46 minutes ago, Ronnie said:

    Think it was hard to see in real time from the stands I'm in W7 near the front and just thought he had went for ball with a reasonable chance of getting it. Didn't see how bad it was until Sportscene.
    Usually red cards outside box for similar challenges are easier to spot for referees as normally no one else around like I said previously I'm willing to give him benefit of the doubt on this one.

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    Yep i agree i think he interpreted it as 50/50 at the time, when you see it back on tv its a red. 

    Still doesn't change my opinion of his performance. He's getting a good few Premiership matches this season which is a reflection of his ability.

  7. 16 hours ago, FTOF said:


    He missed the one big call in the game, despite being a few yards away and having a clear view of Edward's tackle, which was a total shocker.

    Aye your right when its played back on tv its a red card. Wasn't much made of it at the time by crowd or players given the severity of it.

    Should have been spotted. 

    The thing with VAR is that refs are now taking the easier option knowing that VAR will flag up issues like this 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Saint@Johnstone said:

    Three points is about as much as you could say about this game. Should have been miles ahead but as usual sweating towards the end. Entertainment value negligible. Yet again the forwards cannot score. 

    I really enjoyed the game. For me good entertaiment value. Dominated the first half but different County in second half.

    Ryan Flynn , top pro. That performance was credit to him

  9. On 1/19/2023 at 2:23 PM, TopCat said:

    Sure he will do great in MLS and make a tonne of money to boot. Was a bit unlucky that he was getting in the team under Bruno just when he got sacked. Loppetegui obviously doesn't fancy him so he'll need to move on. 

    Getting in the team is a bit of a stretch.

    Found his level 😁

  10. 8 hours ago, santaponsasaint said:

    On changing tactics during a game. Don't read what you want to see.

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    Thing about this is that you never post anything positive about Robinson. 

    On the night he was appointed i agreed with you that i didn't think he was a good appointment and that time would tell on it

    He ha proven to be an excellant appointment. He has pushed the team onto a level that we have not seen in a long while.

    So...... time to admit you got it wrong and back the man

    I do agree with you on Gogic though

  11. 1 hour ago, santaponsasaint said:

    Agreed. Especially at home. Motherwell game was the same. got away with that one. Absolute dire today. 90mins at home and not one shot on target. Disgraceful. 2nd to every ball. Hibs were not much better, but they wanted it more. Robinson has no idea how to change tactics when it's not going well. He waited till they scored before getting subs on. But then played the same way. He's pretty clueless. And this playing Gogic at the back while Gallagher and Taylor sit on the bench. No idea. emoji107.png Got what we deserved.

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    Clueless, hmm interesting ?

  12. 15 hours ago, faraway saint said:

    In the cold light of day, well it's still dark but you get mt drift, feel really down about the result last night.

    It says a lot how far we've come when we're disappointed losing unfairly away to the 3rd best side in the league.

    That's two games against them and it's only a slice of bad luck and a lack of composure that's stopped us taking 4 points rather than 1. 

    Like most seasons we're lacking a striker who can score goals, and that, with maybe a midfielder who can chip in with a few, is the biggest thing missing for our team IMO.

    We're the 3rd WORST scoring team in the league, with none of our players in the top 18 scorers in the league. 

    Pity we didn't hang onto Shankland, who wasn't deemed good enough by some of our support. 



    Jack Ross correctly punted Shankland.

    He was overweight with poor attitude. You could see his ability but he wasn't doing the business and Ross had to make a quick decision.

    He went to Ayr, sorted himself out with a lot of help from Ian McCall.

    The rest is history

  13. 7 hours ago, Helmettroll said:



    Not sure if this is uploaded correctly but HTF is this not a penalty or at the very least checked by VAR, time to scrap this fiasco...


    One other thing that baffles me is surely if the ref or the guys working VAR know it came off the defender why weren't we giving a corner at least....

    I think VAR is here to stay and on balance is a good thing

    For me the handball rule is a shambles and is crucifying VAR

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