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  1. 28 minutes ago, WeeBud said:

    He got a fair bit around me as did Lewis Jamieson incidentally, add that into the abuse on Soc Med and I'd just take him out of the firing line for a bit.

    I wouldn't with Scott. He needs to stand up and be counted. He has let his career drift and needs to get it back on track asap.

    Its up to him and nobody else. 

  2. 18 hours ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

    In the name of all that is holy, can someone please tell me what Stephen Robinson sees is either Lewis Jamieson or James Scott?

    They are both absolute garbage. 

    Jamieson I agree, never seen a Premiership player in him

    Scott has lost his way big time. Was a superb player at Motherwell and got the £1 million pound move to Hull where he had very bad injury. Never got anywhere near his best since and been bought by managers on past glories. I think he has been bought with a view to next season and trying to get him back to what he can be. Also looks to me to be trying to hard and just needs to relax and play his best game.  


  3. On 3/28/2024 at 6:43 AM, stlucifer said:

    Got our tickets. Bus organised. Just me and the grandson as my missus is fed up with VAR. No matter what some say, I believe VAR IS turning folk off and the increase in numbers attending will be reversed as more and more people will vote with their feet in protest of this ridiculous interference in what was the beautiful game. Numbers were rising before the farce but I can't see more becoming involved while we have this micro management of our game.

    Funny thing is, I was hopeful of VAR levelling things up by correcting the disparity in positive decisions for the @rsecheeks. In reality, it's just highlighted the ineptness of our officials and destroyed the atmosphere when a goal is scored.

    Back to the game. Heart says narrow victory. Head says, best case scenario? Draw.

    Instead of the usual criticism of officials what would be better is to look at the bodies that set the rules that the officials have to interpret. 

    I challenge anybody to referee in today's environment but just remember we have VAR because fans and clubs couldn't accept the referees decision in the first place. You reap what you sow ??

  4. 11 minutes ago, Callum Gilhooley said:

    Only two of the starting eleven who lost to Darvel are still at the club . As shit as they were that day, I don’t think they can be blamed for Dons current predicament.  


    Fair enough, maybe should have checked that :) 

    Still, issue lies with players. 

    Hopefully they turn up with the same level of fight and attitude tomorrow, that they have displayed all season. 

    Total joke of a squad.

  5. 19 hours ago, pondsman said:

    Dons haven't won a game since Warnock took over. They were beaten by St. Johnstone last night, and Willie Miller openly criticised Warnock after that result. So, surely no better time to play them at the Smisa stadium and give them another doing like we did at Pittodrie last time we met them. And that last minute penalty they got in Paisley at the start of the season still rankles. So, as always.........


    The problem at Aberdeen is not Warnock.

    Its players and board and probably the vast majority of it is with players.

    They lost to Darvel that tells you where the issue is.

    No excuses for them, in a corporate environment they'd be managed out a long time ago. 

    Warnock has been a success virtually everywhere he has been. He may seem a maverick in the media but he's a shrewd operator. No idea why he even bothered with Aberdeen at his age.

    Never really spend a lot of time listening to Miller on football matters.

    Hopefully they maintain their form tomorrow and we can get another win.

  6. 1 hour ago, beyond our ken said:

    He all but had the goal at his mercy.

    I guess Scott's head may not be in a good place just now.  It seems to occasionally happen to players who get injured just as they are about to fulfil their promise.  It happened to Kyle McAlister when he went to Derby, he never seemed to regain confidence in his body and was reputed to not be living his best life off the park.  That can happen to anyone who has money in their pocket and time on their hands.  Losing a year or two of a promising career takes some getting over at a young age.

    Hopefully he will be well advised by both the coaches and his agent as the next career stop may well be somewhere far less promising than Paisley.

    Olusanya could be a bit of a gem if he could be more consistent.  He has pace and strength and when he is flying like that he is very hard to stop.

    Which makes me wonder why we play Jamieson. I know Jamieson is young and has potential but at the moment he is just not good enough. The difference when OIusanya came on was there for all to see.

    Scott is a quality player who has suffered with injury and his mother was seriously ill also, thankfully from what i last heard was much improved. That said he needs to get back to where he was or he is going to waste a serious amount of talent!


  7. 4 minutes ago, BanburyBud said:

    Yet again we fail to capatilise and miss out on fourth. For me, we were by far the better team without really breaking them down. That’s probably the one area where we lack quality away from home. County offered nothing apart from our mistake. 
    penalty decision poor, surprised that Kwon was substituted as he offered fight and creativity in midfield. Scott effort looked like someone who is devoid of confidence. 
    as much as they have had the plaudits and been our two best players this season but, I’m sorry, Gogic and tanser had shockers tonight!

    all in all I take the point as we didn’t deserve to lose the game 

    Agree with all of that. Perfect

  8. 9 minutes ago, portmahomack saint said:

    Can see why Scott's back up road with that attempt at goal and not his first shocking miss 

    Scott has been poor but he was player at Motherwell and needs to get back to that.

    The real issue for me is why Jamieson was given a deal !

  9. 17 minutes ago, party politics said:

    Totally agree that running a line is not easy and neither is refereeing, but week after week our "top" officials are not covering themselves in glory.

    Simple things, like indicating a free-kick or throw-in with their arms (there were times last night I did not hear the whistle being blown for a foul) seems to be to much effort for them. Trudging up and down the middle of the pitch and never coming wide are my own personal pet hates. The guys in the middle in our league must be on around £1000 per match now, so they should go back to earning it.

    Glad to see the club have appealed Bolton's straight red, as let's be honest McLean just wanted to follow his pal Robertson from the night before and go against the VAR recommendation.


    So it depends IMO on whether you want to outlaw that type of challenge that Bolton and Sterling both did. For me Sterling's is a stonewall red as he is out of control and flying in at speed, caught the player on toes but it could have been way worse, so definite red. For Bolton if the instruction is to outlaw that type of challenge then yes a red, otherwise i would say yellow.

    I would say that the instruction from the top is to outlaw that type of challenge. Bolton needs his backside kicked btw.

    I thought Don Robertson was 100% correct to stick with his on field decision and overrule Greg Aitken (surprised Robertson  was even asked although with Greg Aitken maybe not !).

    I agree with you on McLean only sticking with his decision based on what Robertson did previous night.


  10. 1 hour ago, beyond our ken said:

    Did anyone notice that the linesman didn't flag at the point where Olusanya first touched the ball, as he should have.  He waited until he scored and then flagged at the 18 yard line when the ball hit the net.

    It's meant to be offside when you play the ball whatever the outcome and not just if it results in a goal.

    It's worth saying that Boyd-Munce looks much fitter than earlier in the season and lasts the game much better

    He is meant to wait till that phase of play is finished i.e. a goal ?

    For me linesman followed correct procedure but got the decision wrong. Not easy running the line despite how easy many fans think. In this case VAR is a plus !

  11. 1 hour ago, beyond our ken said:

    I don't know if Mikel meant it, but the bounce in front of the keeper on that surface was exactly the right shot to take in those conditions.  The ball looked as if it skidded as it bounced and it completely fooled Carson.

    Either genius or good luck, but I guess the ball did what he meant it to.

    I think he just took a shot at goal and Carson made a complete @rse of it. Nothing to do with the surface.

    Docherty moaning about our pitch and penalties is pathetic and probably gamesmanship trying to influence referees in future games.

    The problems are in his dressing room and nowhere else

  12. 47 minutes ago, W6er said:

    How can he say the pitch was poor? It looked fine from where I was sitting! 😮 

    Its bull, he suddenly found out last night that his team will not be top 6.

    We were streets ahead of them even when we have a bit more in us.

    Really good run of fixtures on paper coming up. Looking at Killie's we have a much easier run to the split.

    Its St Mirren though and we all know what that means !!

  13. 4 hours ago, DougJamie said:

    Much to be pleased about...Scott looks a find...Gogic was immense... on this we are 5th best in Scotland... and hopefully will prove this v Hibs next

    Scott is a quality addition and we only have because of the influence Robbo has on him. Young guy who has lost his way a touch but he will get back to his best under Robbo and then we have a real talent

  14. 40 minutes ago, guinness said:

    Will wait and see if Robinson can get him  playing again but He has d one very little for a number of years. Slightly concerning that the manager does not even think he is fit.

    Bad injury at Hull. Weight problems at Hibs. Needs to sort himself out and get back to what he is capable of. No hiding place for him with Robbo

  15. 16 hours ago, elvis said:

    How can he do that if he's not signed by us.

    Aye we are linked with him supposedly. so if we signed him ???

    We have tried to sign him already on loan previously. His mum delivers my post !

  16. 1 hour ago, Caldy_87 said:

    Scott played for Robinson when he was Motherwell boss but I thought he was more of a winger. I seem to recall he scored a belter against us at Fir Park when Hladky was our Goalkeeper. However, he had a loan spell at Hibernian recently and didn’t exactly do much. I would pass on him as I think we can get better. 

    Robinson got Main at his best for us. If he could get Scott back to his best then we have a player

  17. 1 hour ago, santaponsasaint said:

    What a waste of a Saturday that was. Absolutely rotten from both teams. And yet another poor ref. Why does it take Saints players 4 0r 5 touches before they pass it, they all do it, especially Ayunga and Olysanya. I know the condition were poor. But that was shocking. Poor ad for top flight Scottish football.

    Sent from my SM-S906B using Tapatalk

    I agree on ref today, for me Napier isn't Premiership level and never has been.

  18. On the game its a much better forum today than after StJ match where a number of people were losing the run of themselves. 

    Sometimes a losing run allows the manager to reassess which Robinson has done. 

    Nahmani and Small really took their chance yesterday. Both look real talents, a bit surprised given their showing yesterday that the had to wait so long.

    Nahmani and Ayunga worked really well together. Nahamani reminded me a bit of Dargo with his movement and Ayunga was superb especially second half.

    Small looks a real prospect if he can develop and be consistent. Looks the real emotional type so needs to keep that in check too. Only issue with him on the right hand side is that he keeps trying to shift back to his left. 

    Also thought Olusanya was decent when he came on. Taking a bit of a belting on here recently. Frightening pace and strength just needs to get his final ball right and improve his finishing and there is a real player in there. Not surprised Warnock rated him



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