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  1. Yes. I suppose it's possible that manager knows less about the club's valuation of a player than someone who leaked the info to a journalist.
  2. Here's someone actually from the club .
  3. Quote from the article on Jamieson's loan to ICT. Lewis Jamieson joins Inverness on loan (stmirren.com) Clears up the questions regarding his contract.
  4. Two bob outfits don't attract bids from several clubs that could potentially make profits of £500K + on players scouted then signed for peanuts.
  5. Works out well for me. I can't go to to the Hearts game. If I get selected I'll put the ticket back in for someone else to get a chance.
  6. Did ye aye? Was that before of after the unicorn flew by your window?
  7. Who said the club is valuing them at these figures? They seem made up to me.
  8. Hopefully the club have told both sets of chancers to f**k off.
  9. Most likely irrelevant in this case sadly. Other teams won't be dealing with Renfrewshire Council. They'll also have different stand layouts and utilisations. I would like to think that the club did push for as many fans as possible. Why wouldn't they given the unacceptable situation with season tickets and opportunity to make more money? Unfortunately nothing related to Covid has been straightforward, so this process just falls in line with all the other hoops we've had to jump through as a society. If anyone is "at it", they need to stop it and get on with getting decent numbers of fans back into the stadium.
  10. Gayle Brannigan is the Chief executive of the St.Mirren charitable foundation and works closely with the club.
  11. It's called "thinking sensibly". If we had built a 10,000 seater It would just have meant more empty seats and a bigger financial outlay for ground upkeep. The ground size is absolutely fine for our current requirements. In the unlikely event of us becoming become top six regulars, we could fill in the corners, if we needed to.
  12. It's quite ironic that we're discussing the younger generation refusing "untested" vaccinations, because of potential health concerns or otherwise. Seems there is a sizeable proportion of them choosing to receive injections all sorts of dodgy chemicals, including one of the most toxic substances known in nature, into their bodies. BBC News - Non-surgical beauty treatment industry like Wild West - MPs https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57895186
  13. I'm maybe being a bit unfair with regards to Erhahon, as although he was solid, it was against bottom division opposition, and I would have liked him to have been more creative. A lot of his end product was lacking in sufficient quality to trouble their defence. I do rate him, and I just think overall he needs to up the quality of certain aspects of his game to reach the level that would help him fulfil his potential. Looking at our games so far, if he stays, I think he and Power will be the mainstay of our midfield. Maybe having Power next to him will provide a boot up the arse when he loses concentration.
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