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  1. You could have saved a lot of effort by typing "I hate Gordon Scott".
  2. Och. Someone who is no longer at the club said he wouldn't trust any of them except Oran kearney.. Who of course has no axe to grind with them.
  3. Hamilton paid us for Brian rice. Scott is certainly not perfect, but he's far from the demon that he's being painted as by some of the more insular (and I'm being polite here) members of our support.
  4. Just to offset the slavering mess' claims. Thanks Gordon for the couple of hundred thousand we pocketed after your excellent choice of manager (Jack Ross) was appointed by Sunderland. Stop ruining the club Gordon.
  5. This can't be right. We're in such a mess apparently that we can't sign players.
  6. From what I hear, there's going to a few folk who have posted on here looking (even more) stupid over the next few days.
  7. As I said behave like an arsehole...……………...
  8. Behave like a arsehole and you'll be treated like one.
  9. Looks to me that the manager was the master of his own downfall.
  10. So why does he go to the hair dressers on seedhill Road hell a distance for a hair cut Because it's relatively close to Ralston or there are no barber's shops in Braehead?😉
  11. Return flight was half an hour late in taking off (10.21) No truth in the rumour that it was held back to accommodate a passenger who had made a last minute return flight booking.
  12. Not bad for a club with made up suggested budget restrictions.
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