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  1. I seem to remember that his team-mates called him "Luther".
  2. Scottish Premiership best performing goalkeepers revealed | HeraldScotland
  3. Anyone looking at his form for previous teams before he arrived here, would have known that we had signed another excellent keeper. Didn't stop a few wanting him hunted after a couple of games. The catch that he took right under the bar yesterday was superb. Most keepers would have had to tip that over the bar.
  4. Watched the T-20 final this morning. Exciting at times, but in the end a relatively comfortable victory for England v Pakistan. If Pakistan hadn't lost Afridi from their bowling attack mid match through injury. it might have been closer. Although Curran and Rashid bowled really well. Stokes batted admirably for his first T-20 fifty too.
  5. He's injured. Got a kick in training, according to Robinson, in the interview on Twitter. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  6. Shut down Dhanda in midfield and we'll be in a better position. Everything is going through him. We were better in the last ten. Robinson will need to put a rocket up their arses at HT.🚀
  7. What a strike. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  8. Criminal defending by Dunne. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  9. Talking drivel again. I've heard it's on Hesgoal just now.
  10. I would doubt it. I think we only do home games for overseas subscribers. Apparently the Ross Co v Hearts was on Hesgoal last week, but it was Hearts TV that were streaming it.
  11. Robinson said that they were still assessing Gallagher who trained on Thursday. He has taken pain killing injections for his back, which he has responded well to. Tanser trained too and he's being assessed bot mentally and physically. So not definitely out, but tough and go. Tait still to see specialist, but probably will require minor surgery.
  12. FTOF

    Mr Gilmour

    There is a tight knit group of fans who are currently very active in spreading these stories, by all accounts, through social media and by other means. Rightly or wrongly, they have bought into the financial Armageddon scenario. They only have the club's interests at heart apparently.
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