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  1. Like Brophy and Main, I'd imagine that he's not quite up to the fitness levels Robinson would like. All three of them can be seen in training, if you watch the numerous video clips from last week.
  2. FTOF

    Paisley Pubs

    Heard this earlier today. Very sad news indeed. Me and my mates knew John very well as we drank in Corkers for many years and some of us worked there under John too. Spent three weeks in Toronto with John and a couple of mates in the late 80's. Some fantastic memories from that trip and so many from all of the pubs and clubs that he managed. Last spoke to him in October before the Rezillos concert and he was in good form. Cheers John, as others have mentioned, you always had time for everyone. You will be sorely missed.
  3. I have already encountered one of these vile events in Johnstone this morning.
  4. http://Stmirren.com/claimyourseat.shtml Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  5. I seem to remember O'Connor being pretty decent for Aberdeen.
  6. Young team out in first half according to my mate who is there. All change for the 2nd half I'd imagine.
  7. Academy player promoted to 1st XI. Recently signed new contract. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  8. It is it only me that has a "Tedious walloper" alert when posts of this ilk appear on here?😪
  9. Won't be Donnelly if, as it's being reported, an English based player. Think Kipré is extremely fanciful, given he's currently on championship wages and the blue bigots are reportedly interested in him. We'll be looking a league or two below for our target, I'd think. That's where Foyle's focus is usually on.
  10. Indeed. Another arsehole cut me up yesterday outside The Abbey Bar, where the inside lane is now left turn only and the outside lane is for straight on. I could see the arsehole in my wing mirror, sneaking up the inside lane to avoid waiting in the queue. Didn't even bother indicating. He just pulled across me as the traffic lights changed and I started to move off. I've developed a sixthe sense for cuntery on the road, so was expecting it TBH.
  11. Boooooo! Seriously though, I hope he does well for them.
  12. Slightly off topic, but due to the magnitude of arseholery displayed by some piece of refuse this morning................. I had just turned onto Johnstone High Street from Laighcartside Street after popping in to Lidl, when I noticed a black BMW horsing it along the High street behind me. He must have been doing 50 mph easily. I got to the car wash half way up Thorn Brae, where there was a short queue of cars, as a bus had stopped across from the station and slowed to s stop. Said Arsehole showed no signs of slowing and instead, veered onto the other side of the road and proceeded to drive all the way up to the Silver Tassie at the same speed. There was a woman directly in his path, who if she hadn't slowed down to a stop, would have faced a head on collision. The Arsehole turned up Overton Road, never to be seen again. As I drove by the women who had stopped, she looked completely stunned.
  13. Celtic and Rangers left in shade as two Scottish Premiership rivals among 'best run clubs' - Daily Record I'm sure everyone will join in with a well deserved round of applause for the people running our club.
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