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  1. Apologies if anyone has already posted this.
  2. A few years ago, one of the women at my work used to take groups of kids to the games as her son's school received free tickets. There was an intial interest from the kids, but due to the product on the park, interest waned and in the end, they couldn't even give the tickets away! Which sort of brings me back to my opening statement. Of course we should continue to give free tickets to kids, but I'd be interested to see just how many have become St.Mirren supporters as a result of attending with free tickets. I wouldn't imagine that there are many , with no previous interest in St.Mirren, who are now supporters. A large proportion of kids nowadays seem to want the instant gratification that comes with following the likes of Man City, Barcelona et al. if they've not already been ensnared by the pervading stench of the bigot brothers.
  3. Sadly the only way to sustain a significant increase in gates is to have a successful football team that wins major honours and/or qualifies for Europe. No amount of advertising etc. is going to boost our numbers significantly. This season would have been a good opportunity to build on last year's success. Unfortunately the board fucked up by appointing a complete fud of a manager in June. IMO even if we did achieve mid table mediocrity, with occasional foray into the top six, our gates might increase a bit, but not by a huge margin, due to the presence of the aforementioned bigot brothers. Competing with them is not a level playing field. Unfortunately, it would seem, that other than the one out of the blue League/Scottish cup every 25-30 years or so, our major source of feelgood factor and crowd boosting, would seem to be when we win the championship. Unfortunately that means leaving the top league which would appear to be rather counter productive. Although, due to our abject shiteness this season, we may well be getting a chance to re-visit attempting to win the championship much sooner than we all hoped.
  4. They didn't mention it was because of an injury. "As the Buddies want him to play in Wednesday night's game against the Fake Saints". Was the quote.
  5. At the request of the club I presume, Kyle McAllister is flying home today, so he is ready to play on Wednesday night.
  6. Where I work is a "school of rugby". Each year group, since a couple of years ago, has a group of boys who attend some classes as a "rugby class". We also have a girls rugby team. However, football is way more popular, with a boys team in each year group and a couple of girls teams too. The senior team reached the Scottish final recently. A lot of the boys play for football clubs out with the school too. Much more interest amongst the pupils in relation to football than rugby. Much the same in the surrounding schools too.
  7. Nah. Just rank stupidity combined with extreme attention seeking.
  8. Hearts are a poor team. They've been beaten by all three of the bottom feeders. It's just a pity that they're very unlikely to be in the bottom six, as we'd get a chance to play them at home again. As it is, we'll probably have 'Well or Hibs away.
  9. Dundee are f**king shite. If we don't beat them, then we deserve all we get.
  10. Apparently Andrew Dallas awarded St.Johnstone two penalties whilst inspecting the pitch. One for the snow falling "in a dangerous manner" and one for a seagull that slipped in a patch of snow. He did ask the seagull if it had dived. He took it's non reply to mean that it didn't. Penalties to be taken at the start of the rescheduled fixture.
  11. Stonegate Pub company own it apparently, along with The Abbey Inn. I was there on Saturday for a couple of pints before heading up to Glasgow for a session. It was relatively early, so it was quite quiet. The Tryst brewery maple porter was excellent though!
  12. I see a player who was offered way more money than we could offer and left for another club. The second time to a much bigger club. Hardly unusual for our players. If we're going to award hall of fame places based on whether a player leaves for another club in order to further their careers, then we might as well not bother. I can see why some people share your view, but for me it's part and parcel of supporting a club like St.Mirren.
  13. But I thought it was only because he had saved a penalty in a semi-final. Silly me.
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