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  1. Thought Conor looked really comfortable on the ball today, even though he was generally mopping up. Looks like he has a fair turn of pace too. A good start.
  2. The irony of one particular poster having a go at other fans because they don't think a certain player had a great game. Mind you he hadn't even heard of Broxburn Athletic before were drawn against them.🤣
  3. Not quite the reserves, but always good to see one of our teams thrash one of the Elite teams and one of the bigot brothers into the bargain. From 2-0 down as well. Also noticed that Burton O'Brien seems to be involved in some capacity with the team.
  4. JG confirms no interest in Middleton from us this transfer window. https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/interview/goodwin-confirms-st-mirren-arent-interested-in-middleton/ Paisley won’t be a place where Middleton ply’s his trade in the second half of this season. Goodwin has said that whilst there was summer interest from the Buddies, there isn’t any in this window. Confirming the news prior to St Mirren’s Scottish Cup clash with Broxburn Athletic, Goodwin said: “I don’t know where the story comes from. We did make an enquiry for Glenn in the summer but unfortunately, he chose to go to Hibs and that was that. “We have moved on since then. He’s a terrific player. a really good talent who has great attributes. I’m sure there will be a number of clubs willing to take him. “Unfortunately we’re not in a position to do anything this window. I’m covered in that area now which is the reason for that. “We are talking to one or two others at the moment, hoping to get them over the line. I don’t want it dragging on until the window closes. “We are not desperate to get anybody else in but the one or two we are speaking to are very good and would make us better in the second half of the season.
  5. So they're not allowed only one option? Does every vote have to have more than one option just because it upsets you if they don't?
  6. Exactly. If people are upset at only one option, they can vote no. However, I'm all for it and it's a resounding yes from me.
  7. I was trying to vote on Microsoft Edge and it wasn't working. It worked on Chrome. I contacted SMISA and let them know. They said they'd contact the providers and get them to sort it.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/51066726 JG suggesting possibly one more in.
  9. FTOF

    Donald Trump

    That explains a lot.
  10. Feel free to point out, just where in the article it says that.
  11. What a nonsensical statement. Just admit you made an arse of it and move on.
  12. We signed him on a year long loan. The only way this could have been terminated was at Kilmarnock's request for a recall.
  13. Calum Waters to continue his loan with us. More "meh" performances than good ones IMO. Needs to up his game, especially with Famewo being able to play at LB. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3414-calum-waters-to-remain-at-saints-until-end-of-the-season
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