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  1. Aye, cause you're a plum of the highest order.
  2. OK didn't have any transfer targets apart from Kyle McAllister and Popescu. He didn't even have any ideas on who should replace Jimmy Nicholl as his assistant. I didn't say that it was a long list of targets.
  3. And yet, by all accounts, the club were still going after OK's transfer targets, and then had to change tack super quickly to focus on Goodwin's targets.
  4. Indeed. It helps when you know who your manager for the season is going to be, about 4 months before it happens.
  5. The rest of Europe have been doing that, along with pointing and laughing, with regards to the UK, since the day after the Brexit vote. Do keep up.
  6. We are. https://www.the-gazette.co.uk/sport/18023731.jim-goodwin-lines-hladky-replacement-amid-rangers-interest/ Blue bigot manager says (in his latest press conference) that he knows nothing about alleged interest in Hladky. Says that it's his agent generating interest.
  7. Just how f**kwitted are individuals who wonder why Independence is such an issue for the SNP? Jo Swinson seems to be one of them. I'm sure there's another round here somewhere.
  8. I worked a summer at the Royal George Hotel in Millport in the eighties, when Andy Bryan's parents owned it, and he was my manager. He was never out the bookies in Largs. Fortunately we were in the premier league and they weren't. Much ripping of the pish at his expense was order of the day.😊
  9. Grown men getting into a slavering mess because two consenting adults had Correct. There have been lots of posts on here that actually were out of order that have passed without comment. However, it's had the added bonus of turning Sheldon into a slavering mess.
  10. That wasn't your original question.
  11. I nearly pished myself laughing there. I remember the UK saying that the only certain way to stay in the EU was to vote against Independence. Also, looking at the info on the link below, it would seem that a lot of the NHS has indeed aleardy been up for grabs. http://www.patients4nhs.org.uk/how-is-the-nhs-being-privatised/
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