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  1. FTOF

    January Arrivals

    Exhibit number one m'lud.
  2. FTOF

    January Arrivals

    I like the fact that when Div posts a likely happening, that there's a small group of sad little individuals who can't handle the fact that he knows more than them and it annoys the fuck out of them.
  3. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    Raman on STV stating that we'll find out tomorrow morning if Ferdinand is staying or not.
  4. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    OK hopeful that we might have at least one player in before the weekend, in today's PDE. Also states that one or two might move on. Although he says we're a few days away from finalising certain deals. So more to come, but as OK states "You are in the laps of other clubs". You only have to look at us with Cammy Smith. Dundee United thought everything was signed and sealed, then we shifted the goalposts, thus delaying his signing by several days. Our fans would do well to remember to such instances before pishing their breeks.
  5. FTOF

    January Arrivals

    You cant answer either, it is a simple question. 18 appearances, never subbed never dropped why ? Seems you can't answer a simple question. Now back to the green bigot forums for you.
  6. FTOF

    January Arrivals

    When did Danny Rogers leave?
  7. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    Polworth off to the fakes or Ross County.
  8. Should be a very tough game. Really looking forward to seeing our new signings. Glad I'm going.
  9. FTOF

    January Arrivals

    See the posts above yours.
  10. FTOF

    Cammy Smith

    It w It would seem so.
  11. FTOF

    Opposition January Signings

    Inspired on our part I'd say.
  12. FTOF

    Opposition January Signings

    Apparently when we sold him to the green bigots, we had a clause inserted in his contract, that prevented him playing against us this season, if he was loaned to a premiership club other than us.
  13. FTOF

    January Arrivals

    Apparently Gus travelled to these countries and went to the pub, rather than watching the players we were intending to sign. He decided to recommend signing Hladsky after his tenth pint of Budvar whilst in a strip club in Wenceslas Square. However in the real world that most of us live in...…………………………………………….. Maybe Stubbs should have tried this method. He might have signed better players than he did.
  14. FTOF

    January Arrivals

    Not a bad appearance rate in recent times for a Czech top flight team rated at a similar level to Everton in the UEFA rankings. I'm sure the 'keepers that are playing for our competitors haven't been playing as regularly as at this level.
  15. FTOF

    January Arrivals

    Shut it. Maximum offence intended.