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  1. EXCLUSIVE / Offer from Scotland, Tirana ready to sell Hoxhallari Tirana has become like a big supermarket of players and the white and blue club is enjoying the talents that the academies have produced in recent years. After the sale of Muçi during the winter market and the Belgian sirens for Ismajlgec, another important player of the Albanian champions may leave at the end of the season. It is about Erjon Hoxhallari, for whom the Scottish club has recently shown constant interest. of St. Mirren, who militates in the Scottish Premier League and is currently ranked 7th. "Panorama Sport" learns exclusively that for the winger (often plays in the center) there has been constant interest from some clubs, but the most persistent seem to be the Scots. WHY IT CAN BE DONE Erjon Hoxhallari is having a very good season in Tirana and although he has often changed his role (in the center or on the left), he has managed to be constant and in some matches to make a difference. He played in 23 matches as a starter and scored 3 goals with weight for white and blue. The newspaper learns that the Scots have "convinced" the leaders of Tirana with an interesting detail: they are ready to leave 40% of the card to the club in the capital in case Hoxhallari after the transfer to St. Mirren would be sold again to another club. Meanwhile, nothing is known about the financial details of the negotiations. NATIONALITY AS SAVING To play in Scotland, you need a British work permit and visa, which is often a problem for players coming from the Albanian championship. But Hoxhallari was helped by the gathering with the national team in the last match, because if he appears as a player of the national team, the chances to be provided with British documents are greater. OLSI AVDIAJ-PANORAMASPORT.A
  2. A totally astounding appointment, given how many animals he killed for "fun". He might have been forced to give up killing animals, but he didn't ever denounce the idea of hunting animals/blood sports. Prince Phillip can certainly be credited with getting the award scheme up and running. He developed an idea that his former HT in Gordonstoun had formulated and worked with the then UK government. The actual administration of the project and the bringing together of all the required parties was carried out by Sir John Hunt, of Mount Everest climbing fame. I do think, in its hey day, that it was an excellent scheme for young people to develop "non-academic" skills, and that it's certainly something that he should be remembered for in a positive light IMO.
  3. FTOF

    Paisley Pubs

    Think it was called The Peking Rendezvous. Was only in it once in the early 90's. Ordered a dish that came with shitloads of bell peppers in it, which I hate, despite no mention of them on the menu description. 🤢 I'd say that it closed at the turn of the century too.
  4. Are we going to drop Fraser too? His new contract has been on offer for a few weeks and there hasn't been any announcement.
  5. He must be a dancing a little jig of joy at today's news.
  6. Why not? As has been highlighted already, clubs pay crazy money for players these days. Some of them who are pretty ordinary, compared to McGinn. Also, McGinn has been performing fairly consistently for a team currently sitting in the top half of the English premiership and has been knocking in the goals at international level. If he continues with this current level of performance, particularly in the Euros, then there's every chance that the bigger clubs that are monitoring him just now, could make a move. You could also argue that, at 26, he's still got time to develop further and become a better player with a better team.
  7. FTOF

    The Vaccine

    Quite right. The powder might get in the eyes of the flying unicorns.
  8. A very open and entertaining game, with both teams largely unable to take their chances. Better finishing from us in second half please.
  9. FTOF

    The Vaccine

    Swelling of the glands is one of the side effects described in the "What to expect after the COVID-19 vaccine" leaflets they hand out to you at the vaccination centre (see extract below). Although, to be fair, most glands are considered to be part of the endocrine system and not the lymphatic system. The only major gland involved in the immune response is the Thymus which produces T-Killer white blood cells in response to infection. However, it's also considered to be part of the lymphatic system! The swelling of lymph nodes, in response to vaccines in general, seems to be common knowledge in the medical field. Why Lymph Nodes May Swell after COVID-19 Vaccine – Cleveland Clinic Newsroom
  10. St Mirren exit beckons for Collin Quaner as Jim Goodwin confirms injury blow - Not The Old Firm
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