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  1. Don't know if this includes yesterday or not. It's part of his game. He had a similar record with his previous team in Oz.
  2. I'm sure we tried last season. However, he's Killie bound apparently.
  3. If you haven't watched it, try Kin. First series on BBC iPlayer. Second series just started last week, but on iPlayer too. It's about a Dublin gangster family. Really good IMO. Hidden Assets is good too. About the Irish criminal assets bureau. Based in Shannon and Antwerp. Just about finished 1st series (on iPlayer). Second series on iPlayer too.
  4. Not quite as pathetic and unsurprising as your post though.
  5. Yip. Fortunately our manager knows so much more about football than the negative tits in our support.
  6. Back for Wednesday's game according to Robbo.
  7. Think it was part of the Paisley and Barrhead district railway. Paisley East railway station - Wikipedia PBDR4 (paisleyhistory.uk)
  8. Lawrence? Lowry perhaps. LOL.
  9. If you're insinuating that we were ever in the running for Mellon you're sadly mistaken. LOL. (Capital letters for future reference)
  10. Strange that you should take the word of a random score generated through a method which is traditionally incredibly inaccurate, rather three people who watched the game focussing on the player's performance. Much like I did yesterday, where again he had a very good game.
  11. I watched the England game and he did have a very good game. In fact he performed much better than any of the Scotland midfielders against the same opposition. He's a first pick for a team currently ranked 25th in the FIFA rankings. He might not be brilliant but we'll miss him hugely when he goes. Unless of course the Foyle/Robinson combo has identified a similar prospect.
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