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  1. My favourite programme at present. Watched episodes 2 and 3 and not disappointed. If you're in anyway interested in Star Wars, this is in the "must watch" category.
  2. What lies on the other side of the UK’s Omicron wave? | Omicron variant | The Guardian Mostly positive news tempered with a sensible degree of caution.
  3. Phone call probably along the lines of:"
  4. New Zealand striker Alex Grieve on trial. Was NZ Northern National League MVP for 2021. P&D standard IMO. Must have spotted him at The Racecourse.
  5. Maybe it's simply because most meetings nowadays, involving substantial numbers, are conducted through Zoom/Teams.
  6. At the moment it isn't, but England's case rate has shown a slow but steady increase and continues to do so.
  7. So far. There are a lot of areas in England, particularly in the north, which are currently mirroring the huge percentage weekly increases in Covid cases per head that Scotland was experiencing a couple of weeks ago. UK Coronavirus Tracker - Local (travellingtabby.com)
  8. He realised he was a fucking plum and stopped posting?
  9. One of the few genuinely funny programmes on the TV these days. The episode, from a previous series, where Miekleson opens the time capsule had me in tears with laughter.
  10. It was excellent. A seamless transition from the Sarlacc's digestive system...................................... Hopefully get to watch the second episode this weekend.
  11. Indeed. There's a dearth of younger, quality players in the championship. Dundee signed McCowan from Ayr and he's doing O.K. Hibs signed Danny McKay from ICT. He looked a very decent player, but hasn't featured for Hibs since the end of August. IIRC he's got a lot of pace. If he's fit and available on loan, he might address our lack of pace issue. Raith's Regan Hendry was another one who stood out. We were reportedly interested in him, but he went down to England. I noticed that Kilmarnock and the Fakes seem to be competing to sign Zak Rudden from Thistle. I don't really remember him standing out against us earlier in the season.
  12. I think that wee sports car directly behind the weighing station is the MG sports car that Mrs.Smith in the P.E. department owned. P.S. Must have been Brendan's day off.
  13. No thanks. Apart from his goals for Kilmarnock, Lafferty has hardly been prolific in the past three years. He's another year older at 34 and was demanding a king's ransom to stay at Kilmarnock. Not a very pleasant individual either. He would be a risky and lazy signing IMO.
  14. Another perma-crock. Gogic off overseas apparently.
  15. IMO it will boil down to whichever deal keeps Jamie's profile the highest and gives him the most game time, as that will enhance his chances of getting into the Ireland squad. Obviously finance will be a factor too. Going to Hibs after us did John McGinn no harm, so Aberdeen/Hibs might be a suitable stepping stone. However, if he and his agent are chasing the money, then the English championship would seem the best bet. I'd rather an English championship club offered us 300/400K for an early exit, rather than us picking up peanuts and some deadwood from the aforementioned clubs. As far as I can see, there are vey few players, if any, that Aberdeen/Hibs possess, that suit our current requirements.
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