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    1-0 Aberdeen
  2. FTOF

    Free Energy For Your Home And Car

    Nah. I believe that the Scottish fishing fleet is rife with financial corruption. I know quite a lot about Nicola Tesla, but for the former; I tend not to know much about things that don't exist. I do however know that anyone claiming “free energy” exists hasn’t grasped the basic physics concept of conservation laws.
  3. FTOF

    Brexit Negotiations

    Heard the guy in charge of Shetland's fish market on radio Scotland new on the way home today. As the last fish market of the year was completed on Tuesday morning the grand total of demersal landings came to just over 436,000 boxes, an increase of over eight per cent on 2017’s figures, and twice as much as in 2007.The market now brings in more boxes than England, Wales and NI combined and is the second largest UK market after Peterhead. Expectations of further growth are high within the industry with two new fish markets in Lerwick and Scalloway being built while the political wrangling over Brexit continues. The fishing fleet is also spending 40-50 million on new pelagic fishing boats. Destroyed you say?
  4. FTOF

    Brexit Negotiations

    The reason why we have to import lobster and cod, is because there aren't sufficient numbers of lobster or cod in our waters due to them having been overfished for decades. Cod in particular saw an 84% drop in stocks from the '70's to 2006. The population is recovering and is classed as sustainable now. However, the numbers are not sufficient to supply the UK's obsession with it. Salmon is largely farmed, so that's got absolutely nothing to do with our fishing fleet. I'll admit I should have been more detailed regarding my initial comment. I should have said, that we don't import fish unless it can't be supplied from our own stocks in our waters or is a non-native species. These imports are actually dropping. Maybe rising fish stocks, due to excellent EU conservation measures, and the fact that we have the second largest fishing fleet by capacity in the EU , are making an impact.
  5. FTOF

    Brexit Negotiations

  6. FTOF

    Free Energy For Your Home And Car

    That's certainly not the world I live in. Anyway, shouldn't you be out purchasing your next roll of tinfoil?
  7. They didn't lose the guy who got them promoted though.
  8. FTOF

    Brexit Negotiations

    Because we import millions of cars from other countries. We don't import any fish, other than non-native species. That's verging on miraculous for a "*destroyed" industry, given that we seem to be satisfying the UK's demand. How easy is this? *destroy /dɪˈstrɔɪ/ verb past tense: destroyed; past participle: destroyed end the existence of (something) by damaging or attacking it
  9. FTOF

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    Brilliant free kick from Hammill for yet another assist. Everyone expecting a shot or cross and he chips it through the centre of their defence for Macpherson to run on to and pick his spot.[emoji122]
  10. FTOF

    Brexit Negotiations

    Scotland's fishing industry is actually 5 very rich families including, Sir Ian Wood, who own around 80% of the fishing rights. Indeed. I don't see any less fish in the fish shops. Not bad for a fishing industry that has ben "destroyed". As you imply, most of the reductions in the fleet are due to bigger industrial size boats, owned buy large consortiums, outcompeting the smaller boats. UK capitalism at its finest. Seems it's easier to blame the EU though.
  11. FTOF

    Free Energy For Your Home And Car

    Why don't we have it? For the same reason that I don't have one of these in my back garden.
  12. FTOF

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    Another 9 injured Aberdeen players and we might have a chance.
  13. FTOF

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    Let's hope it snows like f**k and the game is postponed. One less game this side of the break would be a bonus.
  14. FTOF

    Stick or twist in January?

    I don't recommend buying the Saints calendar then.