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  1. I'm not asking anyone else to accept it. In my case, familiarity has resulted in a feeling bordering on apathy.
  2. That's the frustrating thing. A team not that much different from today's outplayed The blue bigots, with a great pressing performance.
  3. Indeed. I've seen that type of performance so often this season, that I've got so used to it, that I've accepted it as the norm and just can't get too bothered about it.
  4. Got what we deserved for our poor team selection and dismal first half performance. Mirrored our last three games. Shite.
  5. Back 5 with both Cammy and Ethan in midfield gives me the fear. Basically 3 attacking players in the starting 11 !!! It'll be the way we played against the blue bigots, with a back four. Mason will play in front of Tait.
  6. Same in Paisley. Certainly nothing like the lockdown earlier in the year when the roads were virtually empty.
  7. Jaden Brown targeted by St Mirren as Jim Goodwin launches bid to sign Huddersfield defender - Daily Record Mason's injury must be worse than they thought, or maybe we want an upgrade. JADEN BROWN ENJOYING REWARDS OF HARD WORK - News - Huddersfield Town (htafc.com)
  8. They just signed Jackson Irvine and Chris Cadden. Mallan is about sixth choice now,
  9. I phoned VM and they changed my package. For an extra £1.24 a month I'm now getting Premier Sports, SKY Sports HD* and Sky Cinema HD, which I didn't have before. Contract runs for 18 months. *I already had SKY sports SD.
  10. Fear? I'd call it a healthy respect for a team, with similar resources to us, that are currently playing out of their skins. Anyone who has watched them can't fail to be impressed by how they play. On the other hand, if you've watched us recently, impressed is not the word I'd use. Still, I live in hope that things will click for us on Sunday.
  11. When did Paisley become part of the Grand Prix circuit?
  12. If you watch their games, their tactic seems to be to get the ball up top as quickly as possible. Whether that's by playing football or by a punt over the top, they do it very well. Scott Robinson is a livewire and is scoring for fun. Both Mullin and Forrest have pace and never give defenders a minutes peace and they can finish. Another tactic which they use frequently, and scored from against the green bigots, is for their free kicks into the box. Their two taller defenders (Brown and Guthrie) and have mastered losing their markers and are extremely proficient at finishing from around the penalty spot. Guthrie scored against us in the 3-3 game last (?) season. Our defenders will need to be extremely vigilant. Fortunately Brown is suspended for this one. Simply put, if JG can get the best out of our players and we take any chances we get, then it should be a competitive game.
  13. If we play as described above, which, let's face it, we have done in our past few games, and Livingston continue with their fine form, then we'll get our arse handed to us on a plate. However, we are capable of playing considerably better. If we can improve to somewhere close to when we were performing well, then we'll give them a game. Let's hope we play to our strengths, we outplay them and end their good run.
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