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  1. FTOF

    Worst Result In Our History

    I've stated elsewhere that another signing in the "Stephen McGinn" mould is essential. Other than McGinn, we don't have a midfielder who can take the game by the scruff of the neck and orchestrate proceedings.
  2. FTOF

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    It was clearly an experimental line up to give the players that we got from the lower leagues a run out. Unfortunately it was an experiment that didn't work. I'm sure Stubbs will have learned a lot from it.
  3. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    Any (deluded) thoughts of Adam Rooney arriving put to bed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44877537 Apparently an increase on his wages at Aberdeen too! Maybe this deal will instil some realism in relation to whom we're capable of signing.
  4. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    I'd forgotten that. It was my imaginary dinner party. They are the best ones though. You can invite who you like!
  5. FTOF

    First Team Squad

    St Mirren midfielder Jordan Kirkpatrick could miss the first three months of the season after Alan Stubbs revealed he had damaged knee ligaments.
  6. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    Did you hear that at an imaginary dinner party?
  7. FTOF

    Worst Result In Our History

    To be fair, having tasted camomile tea, I'd imagine it would be difficult to determine the difference between the two. Hopefully I'll never know.
  8. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    Or they'll have done their homework and have already known what the club as a whole can offer to them, and that they're not short sighted enough to base their opinion of the players on one game where an experimental line up was played.
  9. FTOF

    Worst Result In Our History

    Taken in context, last night's result was a million miles away from being our worst result. Based purely on league status, then I suppose it is. I'm devastated................................
  10. FTOF

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Why stop at these four? Until McGinn came on the rest of the team were utter shit too.
  11. FTOF

    4 told they can leave

    We need at least four players brought in. Another "Stephen McGinn" type midfielder. Two "first choice" strikers. A full back that can play LB and RB positions. Possibly Lee Hodson. If Stubbs is not going to keep MacKenzie, then we require another first pick CH to play alongside Kpekawa. All IMO of course.
  12. FTOF

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    We should have, but we didn't. We were half a width of a cross bar away from emulating that feat last night, with vastly inferior players apparently.
  13. FTOF

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    You'd be wrong then. It was actually the Falkirk fans on P&B that first coined the phrase. The rest just jumped on the bandwagon. You either laugh it off or take it too seriously...............................
  14. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    Nope. But then again I didn't claim that we were going to sign him.
  15. FTOF

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    I agree with your assertion that it wasn't a good performance, but we hardly saw off EK Thistle last season with ease, and look how we ended up last season.