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  1. Afraid I disagree. I don't think Morais is good enough. We need to get at least one more decent striker in to play alongside Obika. Not overly convinced on the Mitchell Rose signing either if it happens.
  2. I agree I think this is where most sensible people sit. Wouldn't like to be a minister making these decisions.
  3. Doubt he will be slower than MacKenzie !
  4. You sure about that ? Not looking like that where I'm sitting
  5. Good back up center back if we brought him back but defintely not first choice. Wouldn't sign him. There are going to be plenty of players to choose from. Probably many better than Harry Davis
  6. Why not check it out rather than mocking it. If we can get money into the game with no strings attached then get every penny if it mean lower league teams surviving. If there are strings attached then call her out !
  7. South Korea had a second lot of cases. I hesitate to call either a wave as they controlled their first lot very well. More like first and second ripples? Just wait to we have our ripple 😀
  8. Are you full of shite ?
  9. Which is why I think its a possibility ! Some things Britain does well, not sure COVID will prove to be one of them
  10. Looks like we will be the first then. Wouldn't be anything suprising in that.
  11. No the bit in bold is because you have professional scientists up on such a high pedestal that you forget they are subject to all the same human behavioural frailties as the rest of us mere mortals.
  12. Looks like London will be first into the second wave
  13. Lets hope your "instincts" are not shared by many or we won't be watching much football at St Mirren Park next season. Cummings hasn't changed my opinion on lockdown so why others ?. Or is it that they are just idiots waiting for an excuse ?
  14. Don't think Javid and distinguished are the best of fits ?
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