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  1. Nope, if ever there was a time to beat Rangers its now. They are complete junk. I've watched a number of their games this season and failed to see anything in them especially away from Ibrox. If they didn't have Butland it would be far worse. We have been superb at home for a long time now and should be looking for 3 points from this and nothing less.
  2. I think we'll beat them. I watched a number of their matches and their squad is poor. They also have a number of injuries to their better players. Can't believe how poorly Beale recruited given his first 2 of Cantwell and Raskin. I thought for weeks that this would have been the game to finish Beale but Aberdeen got there first. If we get the first goal i think that will kill them.
  3. Good point and a chance to finish of Beale next Sunday if he is still there. Either way they are there for the taking big time.
  4. Check any major organisation in the uk and elsewhere and you will find evidence of this. There have been multiple cabinet ministers who have lied on their cv in the past Also why do you keep targeting the BBC ? Yes it has many areas it can improve in as do every organisation but why is it specifically the BBC you target or is it due to the sustained attack of the right that has been going on for quite a while The interesting thing is that Corbyn types attack the BBC with the same venom which tends to tell me for all its faults it has it correct in the main. Or is it just populist to attack it and you get a few likes for it ?
  5. I didn't tell him at any point what channel he could watch. I gave an opinion of GBNews and its content and its not a hysterical rant. I watch it quite a bit just to see how these people are thinking and the danger imo as to what they pose. So i am well able to give an opinion on its content and make a comparison with bbc and sky news. I dont want to live in a GBNews world
  6. Could go any way this match. I'd be happy with a point from this especially on the astro. Nice to see Rodgers continually lambast these pitches.
  7. What against the populist, racist, nationalist, anti immigrant. conspiracy theory "news" that GBNews represent. Maybe that's what you prefer right enough Trevor Mcdonald, Alistair Burnett and Moira Stewart were a different era before social media, keep up
  8. If it goes to pens anyone can win ? We have every chance in this match
  9. 100% agree. total boneheaded nonsense. it never ceases to amaze me what angers folks and then the alternative of what they don't get annoyed about when they should !
  10. I haven't spoken to Alan in close to 20 years but i knew him and his father really well as they were involved with Gleniffer Thistle. My brother played with Alan in that team and I lived opposite to him for a while. His father and Billy Hassan who both ran the team were first class guys who were straight up with huge integrity. I always found Alan to be similar. Always a positive decent guy. Given what has emerged on this issue and the discrepancies and investigations now into Kibble conduct I know which side of this i would be on. As you say I wouldn't hold my breath on any kind of apology from Kibble, just lawsuits to stop the truth being communicated.
  11. For me I think we are looking at the best team since the early 80s. The recruitment has been fantastic. What a player Olusanya looks. Can't believe this is the same player I saw playing for Arbroath. We have quality all over the park and really have a great chance of pushing on from 6th last season.
  12. Given you haven't a clue as to anything to do with this investigation it might be wise of you let it run its course and then comment on Police Scotland. Your letting your politics get in the way of common sense again !
  13. says a lot. thought you had a season ticket ?
  14. That is exactly how I see Henderson. Olusanya has to Robinson's worst signing. Not even Championship level. Neil Warnock signed him for Middlesborough also. Bizarre
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