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  1. Surely his last job. Worst football manager in history. I find it astonishing that clubs still appoint him. Failed at every club he has been with
  2. 2 seasons back he was better than the lot of them. Think he would be a decent signing if he shapes up. Don't think that's our main area of weakness though. At the moment I'd put funds into get 2 Premiership level strikers who can find the net !
  3. Top level juniors is £6 and worth every penny IMO. Wouldn't touch League 3 for £13. Its an utter joke and has been for years. 30 years ago I'd have went to a Falkirk vs Clyde match at that level and wouldn't have even questioned the price, now I wouldn't even think about it. Probably about 8 to 10 pounds over priced. Another major issue for me is the amount of clubs with full time football. Another complete joke. Doug Somner was part time, better striker than 90% of the utter dross we watch today
  4. lenziebud


    Talbot are a good outfit. Saw them hammer Pollok a few weeks back. Would turn over a host of senior sides all the way up to Championship level
  5. Since you asked "what kind of fool pays £30" I assumed you were focussing on the Celtic game but, nevertheless, if they all went to £50 I would do what everyone else would do and decide whether I was willing to pay that amount. (I would hope that this is how everyone approaches every purchase that they make.). If I decided that I was willing to, then it's nobody else's business. If I wasn't willing to pay the amount then it's not for me to judge anyone who is willing to. Irrespective of the price (or the item), that is the point I was making. Why not ?. Everybody makes judgments on others by their actions and opinions.
  6. Would be far more deserving of the Hearts job than Ross. Proven at Premiership level. Also think it would be a bit of a joke if Ross was offered the Hibs job. Plenty of managers who have achieved way more than him would be interested in that job. Motherwell may be a very good team for Ross to end up at.
  7. Totally agree with you. you are spot on with this. Keep it up and ignore the muppets who condone it. Price of football in Scotland is a total disgrace
  8. Couldn't agree more. Obika and Morais have done nothing since they arrived and don't look good enough. Started to see a wee bit from Obika in the second half of the St J match but otherwise hopless. Recruitment is key for JG as he says himself and these 2 so far are flops. Defence and midfield are not where the problem is although can always be better !
  9. I think we were still hoping it was just a rumour we had signed him !
  10. Who said that ?. Also I would doubt there has ever been a time when you thought the referees were doing a decent job, not a great job, just a decent job ? Obika and Morais from what I can see have 1 goal between them this season. We are through the first round of SPL matches. Both were brought to SMFC to be our main strikers and they are a mile short. You can have your opinion about them that they are good enough, mine is that both of them are nowhere near good enough and that Danny Mullen is better option that both. Mullen isn't good enough either.
  11. Exactly, we have brought in two strikers from England who are way of the pace. No matter what the midfield provide to them they can't do anything with it. Both of them make no runs in behind or give the midfield options. they are both hopeless one on one when through, constantly caught in possession and don't make life difficult for any center back. Two utterly hopeless signings so far this season. Midfield are doing their best but EVERY one of our strikers at the moment are no where near good enough. We also don't seem able to bring any strikers through our academy who come close to cutting it either
  12. Obika and Morais just don't look like good signings at all so far. Surprising given they have played at a decent level in England. There is nothing about them that suggests to me its going to change. I reckon JG and GP are searching for a striker in Jan big time
  13. Lewis Morgan isn't proven at Premiership level never mind Celtic. Struggled at Sunderland last season. Will see out his contract and then be punted IMO. Wouldn't take him.
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