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  1. I think Paul McGinn is a better player than Muzek. Are you asking where are all the Paul McGinn's ??. If Muzek never came back we would replace him with no issues.
  2. McAllister would be a waste of money and there are plenty of Muzek's
  3. Dreyer won't be playing in front of big crowds once Brighton release him. Never understand why clubs like Brighton in the Premiership even entertain a player of Dreyer's standard. Looks a country mile short of Premiership level. Likely to be back in Scandinavia in a few years !
  4. Couldn't agree more on this handball stuff. I think VAR works but this rule on handball is junk. Seem to have removed the unwritten rule of commonsense from refereeing now. Scotland were excellent today and deserved a point but these ridiculous penalties are ruining the game.
  5. Ok failed is maybe wrong words. For me he hasn't come on at all since his move. Hugely disappointed in him overall when he came back Didn't think he was hugely effective in Premiership against better quality defenders. Very one footed and predictable. Also doesn't look to have a lot of pace from standing start at Premiership level. Only looks threatening when coming inside when playing on the right wing but predictable that top class defenders just shift across. Didn't start many games when Dreyer was here and wouldn't had Dreyer stayed. Doesn't look English Championship level at all to me and predict that Derby will release him, injuries or not. Morgan is a far better player, two footed with pace, can go either side and has a finish but IMO very doubtful he'll make it at top level either. Morgan does have the potential though. Both of them outstanding Scottish Championship players but time will tell at higher level
  6. Fair enough. Interested to hear why you think he was a bad appointment. His record with RC, QOS and Dunfermline was decent ? He won a national trophy with RC and kept them up the season we went down with an unbelievable turnaround in form, so seemed like a decent appointment to me ?
  7. ffs, cocky heard it all now. btw calling people stupid on here is your domain ? McIntyre's record was strong before Dundee job. He was proven at SPL level and had done solid work in the Championship. OK was more of a gamble that has worked out.
  8. Why would he be sacked. It would be more likely he's moving back to NI for family reasons. I agree with you its highly unlikely and has been denied in all quarters. Wouldn't mind Goodwin coming to us though as manager if OK were to go for whatever reason
  9. Heard this yesterday from Dundee fan, strong rumour in Dundee. Wouldn't bother me either
  10. Yep and there weren't many people who thought McIntyre was a bad appointment by Dundee ?.
  11. have you watched much of the Scottish Premiership. Hoofball would be a complement ! 60-70% of players in the Scottish Premiership wouldn't get a game for mid to top level League One clubs
  12. time will tell. bet you all 3 are playing at a lower level in 2 years than their current clubs. Dreyer especially, how a Premiership club can have him on their books is laughable ! Next you'll be telling me Nazon is decent !
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