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  1. lenziebud

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    Yes but given the squad of players he inherited its very difficult to see it being anything else. McIntyre is finding it hard at Dundee also due to the same reasons. We need a strong window and aim for 2nd bottom minimum.
  2. lenziebud

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    If we stay within touching distance of Hamilton then we are anything but f*cked. Good window in Jan with Gus and Jimmy Nicholls input too and we could get second bottom. I think Dundee will be too good under McIntrye post window also.
  3. lenziebud

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    What baffles me about Edwards is how Hearts ever signed this guy. Completely stumped on that one.
  4. lenziebud

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    I think in time you will as always be proved wrong again
  5. lenziebud

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    Really, I very much doubt it. Ask yourself why Barnsley released him. They are competing with Sunderland for the top spots in League One. He isn't fit enough and he isn't good enough anymore for that level. His performance level over 90 mins is nowhere near good enough for top league one side. Good enough for SPFL which outside of Celtic is a very poor quality league.
  6. lenziebud

    Scottish Cup Broadcasting Deal

    Couldn't agree more. Best Scottish Cup to watch is the Scottish Junior Cup. Proper football as it used to be and priced correctly !
  7. I get the impression that happened to you a long time ago ??
  8. lenziebud

    Why Are We Cheating ?

    I had a mate who played first team level for Ayr United while we were at school in the 80's and he was coached to dive. He played in St Mirren youth team with Stevie Clarke and was coached to dive there too !. Used to practice it at PE during basketball and football. It will never be stopped, although VAR may influence it at top level and help cut it out to an extent but players will always look for advantage.
  9. lenziebud

    Far more like it

    May have been his best game for us but he was still junk. We need to offload guys like this if we have any hope of staying up. I actaully think TPATKATS is bang on with his assessment of Edwards. The astonishing thing for me is why he ever made it to Tynecastle ? For me the only real positive of yesterday was Erhahon and McPherson playing.
  10. lenziebud

    Far more like it

    Yep and if you think Edwards is a player then we can safely ignore you too.
  11. Why don't you just get your sack Kearney thread going, you have been wanting to start it for 8 matches now. You could start up your reinstate Stubbs thread too. Not quite sure what kind of thread you want to start for Jack Ross as you called that really well the last time !
  12. I think we will lose this match. I'm expecting similar to Hamilton game. We are a country mile short and I don't think Kearney has a hope in hell with this current squad.
  13. lenziebud

    Alan Stubbs Speaks

  14. lenziebud

    Alan Stubbs Speaks

    Spot on with this. Just unbelievable that Jack Ross is getting any blame for the shambles that Stubbs created. Ross's team was a better side than Livingston and look where they are. Ross was capable of adding to that team and keeping us up, no doubt about it. If Ross had stayed I have a feeling Reilly and Davis may have done too. I suspect both player knew Jack Ross was off. Stubbs destroyed everything about the team that Ross has built and Oran Kearney has been left the disgrace of his managerial rein. The one person wholly responsible for where this club is at the moment is Stubbs full stop and a board that were stupid enough to appoint him. I have been supporting St Mirren for over 50 years and Stubbs without a shadow of a doubt is the worst appointment we have ever made and there have been some really bad one's along the way !!
  15. lenziebud

    Alan Stubbs Speaks

    Sorry mate but I've lost the will to live, i'm out