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  1. Do you think that by posting every other second on this that anyone is going to give your opinion a second thought ? We know what you think I would imagine the vast majority of folks on the forum think your way off the mark but maybe just maybe you will be right. Can you not wait till this is over and do the analysis like anyone of any intelligence would ? You seem to be searching all over the web etc for anyone who takes a stance against the norm of expert opinion and using it to justify your cause. This now seems to have developed into your life's work ? Time to give the forum a rest
  2. Sounds to be me if i was a betting man that your charity will begin at home !
  3. You've been wasting oxygen all along
  4. you couldn't make it up. i think it will take more than school !
  5. Your pointing out nothing, other than that fact that your are a total [email protected] Why don't you give it a rest as your a mile out and making a total [email protected] of yourself which you seem to do on a regular basis.
  6. I've never marked any of your words
  7. There are a multitude of reason why focused and disciplined employees get more done at home. I suspect many of the folks who work beside you would like to see your employer reduce your hours !
  8. Can you not just say I live in the City Centre ?
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51995137
  10. You will be convinced shortly make no mistake about it. If the measures aren't followed we are in big trouble. I wouldn't for one second be complacent with this virus.
  11. Its actually funny looking at your responses and how much you are squirming. Same style each time but the reality is your a complete and utter ZERO
  12. 2.9k a year on average mean your a complete twat and I wouldn't waste my breath arguing anything serious with you
  13. Why are people bothering to argue with someone with over 40k posts on this site. Does that not give you a hint as to what you are dealing with ?
  14. I had a feeling this would happen so Wed was massive
  15. All games postponed https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51858736
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