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  1. If offered any of the jobs he is supposedly being linked with he'd be an utter idiot to reject. He won't and we'll be looking for a new manager.
  2. Think you'll find most people in the game are against it and change will come. Suspect at the end of the season. Its not working and the unnatural position stuff is just beyond a joke, so much so that forwards are deliberately hitting a ball at a defenders arm. A Farce.
  3. VAR should not be involved in these decisions. Give it back to the opinion of the referee. The penalties being awarded are farcical and undermining VAR which in the main is a good thing IMO. The referee the other night had no intention of awarding a pen having 100% seen the incident as there was no intent. It goes against the whole spirit of the game. He awarded it as he had no real option after VAR got involved I'm hoping WC final is decided on one of these farcical decisions to kick FIFA in the nuts
  4. I'd agree with what you say on Ayunga recently. Seems to have lost his way and found himself on the bench. Before the loss of form he was far more effective than either Grieve or Brophy. Hoping he can get back to the levels he showed earlier in the season. Grieve developing well, Brophy for me hasn't delivered at all and that was even before the injuries kicked in.
  5. Great interview. Spoke really well. I agreed with every bit of it. Looking forward to Rangers game !
  6. I'll be more than happy with a point. I don't think Hibs are quite as bad as their results are showing. Having said that given the run they are on, could we ask for a better time to play them.
  7. Pretty much how I see most of what you post on here. Doubt you were even at the match as the summation you gave could be taken by reading the forum posts. You haven't a clue on strikers and consistently post this nonsense. Main and Ayunga are a big part of the reason we are where we are in the league with Grieve really starting to look like he's fulfilling his potential also.
  8. Outside of the VAR decision i thought the referee was decent. I think most refs looking at it in the moment would probably give the foul if referred. Shouldn't have been referred. First game with VAR and changes whole dynamic for refs. Will take time. For me Grant Irvine is a cracking young ref going to FIFA level
  9. Don't think he's going to make it at St Mirren. Championship player for me.
  10. Maybe his season ticket worked today. He's the cure for insomnia
  11. Both or maybe just one of, plus for me the biggie is Brophy. If we can offload him that should help. We may sell also. Possibly Erhahon ?
  12. Good to see Grieve score and perform well but I'd play Main and Ayunga every week before him just now. Grieve for me has more goals in him than Brophy and will develop Today showed for me how much Main has improved since Robinson came in. We missed him today.
  13. I've thought for a long time we should shift Brophy. Given the standard of recruitment under Robinson i'd be confident we can do better than Brophy given the wages he is on
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