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  1. Lets hope for another Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo have a feeling the SPFL are setting themselves up for another shambles
  2. Well if you play politics then its all the governments fault. They have made a number of mistakes but the issues are much deeper than just government whatever colour. Science hasn't played a blinder either
  3. Interesting article here and these are just the one's they know about. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8889675/Police-Scotland-broke-3-000-illegal-parties-two-months-ban.html Imagine being a front line NHS worker and reading this ?
  4. So lets see what happens if there is an outbreak at Parkhead or Ibrox. Lets see if they introduce 3-0 defeats and totally screw the league up. Not a chance. Lets see if they set precedents as they will very quickly rue the day. Mid Calder Saint is correct. Its Scottish football though so expect back stabbing and a complete lack of commonsense.
  5. Real shame. Always enjoyed reading Steve's posts on here. Always made sense and always made good points. Will be missed.
  6. It never ceases to amaze me that people like you exist
  7. Apologies, need to sharpen my act up 😀
  8. St Johnstone will be fine. They always start off slow and end up mid table. With the players in their squad they will be way above us.
  9. Really ? How Dundee gave the job to McPake I find utterly baffling. They have spent a fortune with a complete rookie in charge. Beggars belief. He won't last the season and should never be appointed.
  10. Whilst most of us don't see McAllister's contribution as significant. I'm not sure that is the case with our manager ?. If this is the 3 who are affected then I'd say we have got off lightly
  11. I kinda think Goodwin just has to get on with it. Giving the squad excuses as well as himself. The reality is we have lost a pile of matches and he is now under pressure. Can hide behind COVID but thats not the reason.
  12. Problem is it wasn't a mistake ? Scored the odd worldy but otherwise not much else ?
  13. Aye you've got me there 😀 Anyone has to be better than Morais.
  14. Nah I've been an SMFC supporter for over 50 years. Its normal. They will be here and gone over 2 seasons !
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