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  1. All for JG to sign a few strikers. What could go wrong?
  2. I reckon he'd be there already if Sir Alex was still manager !
  3. I wouldn't go near Griffiths. Goodwin is a good man manager I agree but Griffiths is beyond man management
  4. Don't think those offers would be as quick this time. Anyway any SMFC manager who pushes us into top 6 could be off tomorrow ! Don't think Goodwin will get us top 6. Just my feel on his ability
  5. I've never seen Erwin do anything at SMFC. He's actually an indictment of Goodwin ability as a manager at our level. Goodwin for me won't take us any further. In reality what we should really do is show him the door and get Jack Ross back to finish the job. Fairly brutal but I think that would get SMFC to a better place long term
  6. He had bags of potential but Stubbs was so incompetent he couldn't see it. Worst manager in the history of our club by a country mile. Pity Jack Ross left as he did see his potential and ability. We would have ended up with the player that Sunderland now have if JR had stayed. I also think JG would have recognized his ability too.
  7. In our current situation, Doug Somner, Frank McAvennie, Paul Lambert
  8. Might be worth applying some of your critical thinking as to why that might be ?
  9. Correctly sacking an employee has nothing to do with your political views. The absolutism with yourself is that you never accept the chosen approach and always continually question it, not because its for the greater good but your own attention seeking motives.
  10. Government and scientists have been upfront about the effectivness and limitation of the vaccine all through the pandemic. Its always been obvious to me that it had limitations and what they were and it had been explained ? Also I don't have a problem if it was full on snake oil salesman, which I don't believe it was because I think anyone who refused the vaccine is a grade one moron. Nobody has said at government level or scientific level you will die if don't get the booster. What they have said is that your chances are diminished. Might help for you to be less cynical and get your facts right. Quite pathetic to be honest.
  11. I'd give big Doug Somner a phone and see if we can get a proper striker into our front line. Probably still good enough to run rings round Startfelt.
  12. I personally think Ross's sacking is a disgrace. Not one ounce of patience or loyalty in football today. No doubt in my mind he would have turned things around at Hibs. Doesn't help that Hearts are doing well. McIness, Neil etc will take them no further than Ross would. Really don't know what their expectations are. To sack him a week before a cup final says it all. For me Ross, if he's prepared, should go back down South and work his way back. Nice bit of it is that they are there for the taking and we should be looking for 3 points today.
  13. Big test now for Goodwin. Confidence draining and questions being asked. Needs to reset and get back to the team that played Rangers off the park for 30 minutes.
  14. Funny how Goodwin used Erwin every week when we were pushing for top 6 last season and now he's not quoted ?. Really odd management and decision making. I'm not wanting Erwin to play as he is shocking and should never have been recruited. 2 year deal also, beyond belief. What it highlights to be me is the utter farcical management ? Main hasn't cut it, so if you recruited Erwin would you not give him a run. The whole thing baffles me. 3 year deal for McAllister, dear me. Yes Henderson what has happened ?
  15. Agree, I just don't think its good enough and if it wasn't for the fact that he is regarded as a "club legend", I really wonder where we would be with the support. Lets see where we are after the next 5 or so games but have a feeling we will be right in the mire fighting relegation again.
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