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  1. Decent result and performance to match. Nice time to be getting Aberdeen.
  2. Brophy or Main won't score without decent service from wide. Were that's going to come from who knows. Don't think Goody does. What about Tanser and Miller ?
  3. Wolves is a hell of a level above St Mirren ? Goodwin has seen a lot of Ronan and rates him highly. For Goodwin its not a gamble at all. Ronan sounds like what we need in midfield. A bit of creativity and someone who can go back to front. Goodwin has done well in finding players, Doyle-Hayes, McGrath, McCarthy etc and I suspect he will find a few more this season. If we can get a decent winger in then we'll be ok. Hopefully young Henderson can step up this season also. McPherson hasn't cut it at SMFC for quite a while and Goodwin's judgement is right.
  4. Livi lost today. That is probably the only thing that matters today. Above them and RC is first priority
  5. We need a decent wide player and Kennedy is who Goodwin wants of those potentially available. Badly missing the likes of Doyle-Hayes and Macgennis. We need to get a couple in to midfield to replace or get close to what we have lost with these 2.
  6. Erhahon is top drawer. Hugely impressed with him over last few seasons. If he keeps developing as he has been then he will play at top level. Going to the right club also in Barnsley where I think he is good enough to make it. Never thought that of Mallan at either Barnsley or Hibs
  7. Hopefully Ukraine do it in Rome before we even get that far !
  8. Hi, I am a big Town fan too. Lived in Ipswich for 4 years and had season ticket for Portman Road. Hladky is an excellant keeper who will be a first class signing. Was outstanding for St Mirren in his time here. Big changes at Portman Road, done well in getting Paul Cook, clearing out the squad and owners with ambition. Hopefully good times ahead.
  9. Imagine setting your team up 4-3-3 just not modern thinking
  10. England beat them by playing their own style, nothing close to Croatia's style. At the end of the day it comes down to one set of players being better than another. We will never change to Croatia style of football.
  11. I guess you'll probably not see the match
  12. Why, he's probably earning a good bit more at Unt? Good luck to him, did well for us and doing what any sensible person would do ??
  13. I kinda suspect his legs being what they are now might not allow him to get close to breaking up play. We'll see soon if this goes through.
  14. I tend to agree, just not sure if he's a touch over the hill. Thought he didn't look the player he has been last season
  15. Yep and they don't run down blind allays and can actually have an end product.
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