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  1. Yep, They always do. Only the morons thinks Gus does nowt
  2. Wouldn't suprise me at all. Really want McGinn out and off the wage bill also. Some good business done so far.
  3. Top Cat has made you look a right [email protected] You just keep digging.
  4. You don't need to have a clue to know that
  5. Correct time to move him on. We need the wage freed up to improve the quality of the squad. Great servant and model professional but we need more than half time team talks.
  6. He's ready for the Championship and should go and compete for his place. Got everything he needs from Scottish football. One to watch. Would like him to stay but doubt it.
  7. Best I have seen Durmus, consistent over the 90 mins and probably explains why he stayed on for the full match, needs to happen for me a lot more often
  8. 100% agree and said it a number of times on this forum, for me at his age and potential the best player at the club. Hull have a real talent on their hands. Hopefully Goodie can work his magic with his mates at Hull for second part of the season.
  9. I agree he is usually better than yesterday, i can see the potential in him and he has ability it just doesn't come through often enough or for a good part of the 90 mins for me. Not sure how many games he'll get post Jan when we bring a few new faces in. Think JG will be looking at benching him then unless we get more consistency over 90 mins from him. Morais for me has the potential to be more of a threat down the right hand side.
  10. Thought we did well today. Other results went for us too, especially Motherwell winning. Couple of decent additions in Jan and I think we'll be fine. Does anybody see what Durmus is offering us cause I'm struggling ?
  11. 300k now. I know its a difficult one but for me 300k would bring in the quality we need for rest of this and next season. Lyness is decent also.
  12. I'd agree on both Obika and Morais. Now doing what they were brought here for and showing that they have previously played at a decent level. Cooke also showed up when he came on. Having said that I would still strengthen in the forward area come Jan.
  13. I'd agree, think the conditions contributed a bit to it also.
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