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  1. I might add you have agreed with quite a few of the tripe/PC at it's worst that Oaky has posted.
    Also, many of the "nonsensical responses" are more valid than the deviation he has come up with. 

    Agreed, on the specific facet of deviation it was oaky dopey that took the thread right off piste, with his selective tricky manipulation of my initial post (there unedited for all to see).

    He has twisted and embellished statements all the way through this thread and made himself look like a prize dumpling as a direct consequence.

    That’s why everybody is laughing at him.

  2. How do your rules stack up for those of (i.e most of us) who are blessed with the helpful but perfectly simple human skill of knowing when such a compliment is totally appropriate? In other words having the basic social skills to conduct such a conversation in a way and at a moment in time that would be acceptable to the recipient. It’s your preachy patronising, overgeneralising tone that gets folks back up. Well it does me anyway, and would certainly appear to annoy others too. You’d have it that anyone disputing your great wisdom is some sort of club wielding Neanderthal. 
    None of us are idiots. We know it’s not cool to walk up to a girl in the office and say “Alright darlin’. Nice paps!” Or even for that matter to tell a girl that you hardly know that she is very attractive or whatever. Obviously both of these things would fit your criteria.
    But taking the example of you having a pop at RichardBuddie for saying on a message board that a girl on SMTV was “a nice lookin lassie” or whatever he said is utterly ridiculous. To call it sleazy is way way beyond ridiculous. I’d love to know if AdeF would be offended by such a comment. I’d stake my wages she wouldn’t be.
    I’m not saying this is the case, but your posts make you sound like someone who actually would have no clue how to speak to a person that you were physically attracted to. 

    I honestly could not have worded this better and your last paragraph likely encapsulates the core issue at work here!!

  3. No, it's his assumption that he knows more about everything than anybody.
    While we all have our areas of knowledge, people skills, as pointed out by [mention=5]FTOF[/mention], is the last thing he should be preaching to anybody, never mind the sweary words. 

    It’s the fact that he thinks he’s right that gets me. And his arguments to back up his claims are quite simply sublime and surreal, he was referring to the lassies hair for goodness sake (I for one never made any derogatory remark never mind mentioning her hair).

    The hard man / name calling stuff he does doesn’t bother me, I always walk away from that sort of stuff.

    He’s off his chump!!

  4. Did we really? I thought they both had very quiet games to say the least.
    Not saying that like it’s a criticism as they were only just back from injury, but I definitely don’t think they were particularly good.
    That said, I hope they are both playing on Saturday. 

    Thought JDH was his tidy self, McGrath arguably and understandably a bid jaded on reflection, however with another week under their belts this should make us stronger.

    Quaner hopefully the secret weapon!!

  5. Why u kidding on your some-kind of new age ambassador for women??? Your making a total fool of yourself...man-up for ffs...

    Agree totally, he completely jumped on the bandwagon choosing an element of a post that I made then engineered it for his own needs.

    Not cool - I’m not the type to pick fights and normally shy away from conflict of any sort on here but for any of my posts to be interpreted as me being sleazy and creepy is just weird.

    I was ok with the vast majority of his previous stuff albeit he did come across as a bit pompous and self appraising at times but now he’s on ignore!!

  6. You've managed to change the point of this thread from, quite rightly, posting unacceptable comment into it being unacceptable to compliment a member of the other sex. :blink:
    Also your decision to call people "sleazy bastards" and "creepy" would get you a slap in the face outside of the forum.
    You HONESTLY think that if you said to  womans face she looked lovely she would think you're a "sleazy bastard"?
    What kind of women have you experienced?
    Women are constantly trying to look their best, for many reasons, and an innocent compliment, can do wonders for their self esteem, unlike any women you may know, more than likely only your weird family members. 
    Yip, a PC world right enough, if that's what you think is normal I would suggest, when it's safe to do so, you get out a bit more.

    This.....the fact that I stated in the first instance that I thought our presenter was good at her job was missed (for convenience of course).

    All a bit strange and over zealous indeed.

  7. OK I'll make this my last word on this specific question of yours.
    You wouldn't go up to this woman's face and say that to her without coming across as a sleazy bastard.
    You wouldn't vocalise a thought like this amongst colleagues if you worked in the same place as her unless you fancied losing your job.
    Frankly if you disagree with either of those then you are at it.
    Vocalising those thoughts online about a woman going about her job who may well visit this forum is simply creepy behaviour. You would do better to think less about your intention of the words you use and think more about how she would perceive those words if she heard or read them. I've tried to explain that what you see as a compliment, many woman see as creepy.
    As I said, I think we should move on.

    You have embellished my posts. Read back, “creepy”, “sleazy”, I’m moving on too - with you onto ignore you madman. 1st and only time on this forum.

    Why don’t you report me?

  8. There's absolutely no need to be making public comments about how a woman looks. It's an utterly bizarre thing to do and more than a bit creepy.
    Look, I think Albionsaint has the best suggestion here.

    There’s no escaping though, her looks or appearance are indeed relevant to the context of the thread, that’s why I posted. She is good looking, in my opinion.

    It’s not creepy - I mean the lassie no harm at all.

    The context of the thread is key here, if dodgy remarks were made (by others) I condemn them.

    She’s still a lovely looking lassie though....

  9. Why on earth would you even think to bring that up? :blink:

    Why not? I never saw the comments, however I am assuming they were about the fact that Ali is good looking (old fashioned term I appreciate) or something of that ilk.

    I don’t condone sexual remarks (if they were made) about our St Mirren supporting anchor woman.

    It’s relevant in the context of the thread.
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