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  1. I did - if it’s the converted vessel that went right through the lower reaches of the Thames - quite good.

    I’m the same regarding the back of my house and garden - been in this house 10 years now and I think I got jobs done that might never had happened had it not been for this.

    COVID has changed a lot of things - I digress (likely better in another thread) but I do wonder if fans will get back into green hill road in August….and in what capacity..

  2. As we, fingers crossed, come close to the end of flippin lockdowns, what have been, if any, benefits over the last 15 months?
    I'm honestly struggling to see any real improvements to life in general. 

    Managed to see much more television- particularly that cruising with Jane McDonald program

    In all seriousness I’d managed to get much fitter last summer then very out of shape at the start of the year (heaviest I ever was) to now losing it all again, I’ve also noted that in spending less cash!!

  3. Please start taking this Indian Covid Variant seriously !! my neighbour caught it and has been in a korma for a week and he's only just buried his naan.

    Agreed, if you don’t respect the virus you could end up very saari......

  4. Yes I can sympathise with your predicament and situation.

    Estate agent that you are currently engaging with is clearly after a quick sale (and buck) - they will likely have people on their database ready to buy in the specific area.

    As for Zoopla I know there is a function in there where you can obtain actual sold data with dates of sale (obviously better than an estimate) for better benchmarking.

    As for options, when my mum passed 6 years ago I was working up in Aberdeen I used a company called Dickson Bean Estates in Cardonald who did a ‘turnkey’ service and whilst I can’t remember the detail they were modest with their fees.

    Their will be a better option somewhere in the Paisley area.

  5. Was driving along Back Sneddon and noticed that the Patter Bar must be a family pub the way they were sitting almost on top of each other.

    I actually clocked that too - just didn’t look right to me. Yes they were outside, however the only problem was they were crammed together like sardines!!

  6. If you can where possible hard wire using Cat5/6 cable. It’s worth spending the money to ensure you have a stable service. If you still have to install power to the summerhouse include it in that job if you possibly can.
    I’ve used Powerline equipment for years before routers became more powerful. Don’t believe all the marketing about Powerline throughput claims. In reality they can be a lot less dependent on a number of factors.
    Powerline does work well, but I’d always go hard wired where possible.

    One wee observation and in fairness I don’t know if it would be an issue for your job is that in the game I’m in (Oil and Gas) they never run control and power cables on the same tray (don’t think they do it in trenches either but not sure), so if you are running a power and data cable in a wee trench - it may be prudent to insulate them.

  7. I had a couple of delightful pints in a forest pub late yesterday afternoon.
    Had picked up my wummin (after a shopping trip intae toon) and suggested that perhaps we should patronise a struggling business.  As a moral duty, you understand...?
    I was shocked that she agreed! But pleased.  
    quite busy (this was 4-5.00pm) all outdoors  - it has a BBQ pit so was also doing chips with...various stuff.
    McMullens.  Lovely beer. 
    A pleasant, normal late afternoon...
    ( I didn’t go to a barber’s.  She’s off to one of them tomorrow.  It seems to be quite a big deal...)

    You really sold me with your day. Forest pub, nice beer and a barbecue- sounds phenomenal!!

  8. I got mine yesterday RichardBuddie and by the time I went to bed last night I wasn't feeling particularly well and pretty fevered.........a groggy start to this morning but now I feel right as rain, hang in RB

    Feeling a good bit better now (took the 48 hours as FS suggested), arm still very sore though, had the full suite of ‘flu like’ symptoms yesterday culminating in sneezing and snotters!!

    Glad your feeling ok - just wonder what was in that jab - surely to god the second jab won’t have that impact!!

  9. So - got my vaccine yesterday (Astra Zeneca), young guy that administered the jab said if I feel really unwell dial 999 and the probability of blood clotting extremely low. Feel fine with the exception of a very sore arm....

    Got it in Carnegie Hall (think it was called) in Eastwood- very nice part of the world!!

    Update - got jag at 2.30 on Friday, Saturday written off due to feeling very lousy indeed, I’ve had chills, aching joints and a fever most of Saturday - been up since 3am Sunday shivering.

    My arm is agony and I have a big red blotch where I got jab.

    Hopefully this will go away as Sunday progresses - beware Astra Zeneca vaccine, said to my wife last night that I wish I hadn’t bothered!!

  10. The Royal Family is not something that i agree with or don't agree with.
    Just something that been there all my living days and i have no feeling about them either way.
    What i can't get my head around is the BBC having all their channels showing basically the same stuff, why ?
    Since nearly everybody had a TV, and will get BBC1, why not that 1 channel show what they want and let the other channels get on with showing their normal shit.
    If this is what is happening with Philip, god knows what it will be like when the Queen goes to join him  

    Very good point - the whole schedule was up in the air last night. If Jane McDonald gets bumped tonight for this I will not be a happy man!!

  11. So - got my vaccine yesterday (Astra Zeneca), young guy that administered the jab said if I feel really unwell dial 999 and the probability of blood clotting extremely low. Feel fine with the exception of a very sore arm....

    Got it in Carnegie Hall (think it was called) in Eastwood- very nice part of the world!!

  12. Log off then, you've got that many people on ignore, dismissing everyone as idiots and generally just being your usual pompous self, you add next to nothing anyway.
    No mates isn't an exaggeration for you. 

    I take exception to this dressing down being put to Oaky - you forgot to mention he dismissed people creepy and sleazy too...

  13. I got my letter last Friday, my appointment was for 8.50am on the 14th, changed it online in minutes for a time after work.


    I got the same link with username etc, the system took all my info (green ticks all the way), then said my info was invalid.

    Called them up and tbf they were very helpful, said the system issues were common!!

  14. I go this Friday for 1st Jab, i have tried numerous times to access the system to change my appointment (I’m booked in for Eastwood), called them up lat week hoping for lagoon, they offered me Johnstone but 2 days later than Eastwood. I declined- want the jab ASAP, my wife gets her 2nd jan Sunday at the big hospital in Govan!!

  15. Just got this back:-

    NHS Scotland Test and Protect: Thank you for submitting your details to receive the COVID-19 vaccination as an unpaid carer.

    We have successfully matched your records and we will send you details of your first vaccination appointment soon. This can take up to 72 hours, so thank you for your patience. Please wait to be contacted.

    For more information about the vaccination programme visit https://www.nhsinform.scot/covid19vaccine or call 0800 030 8013

    Looks like I got lucky!!

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