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  1. I heard the Rooney rumour about two months ago, I’d take him in a heartbeat!!
  2. RichardBuddie

    Should st Ricky be in the sin bin

    I think some people really need to cut St. Ricky some slack, how anyone can get upset by his presence on here is beyond me!! I also wonder though if St. Ricky would be a good Moderator? He ticks many boxes. He appears fair, has good temperament, wants genuine St. Mirren debate, is on the forum quite a bit and most importantly is a supporter?
  3. RichardBuddie

    Should st Ricky be in the sin bin

    So much tension, is there really any issue here?
  4. RichardBuddie

    Should st Ricky be in the sin bin

    I’m not annoyed in any way shape or form by St. Ricky’s posts, even if there are perhaps a wee bit too many, and some of the abuse he gets (not all) on here is just a wee bit OTT in my opinion. A placid man that’s St. Mirren crazy, where’s the harm in that. SRTID
  5. RichardBuddie

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    I did hear a wee whisper last week about Adam Rooney from Aberdeen and the boy (Holt), first name escapes me from Sevco.......
  6. RichardBuddie

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    Frank Lampard???
  7. RichardBuddie

    Who do we want to win the play-off?

    For selfish reasons, thistle (also have a wee soft spot for them), lunch in the west end prior to a match trumps Livingston any day. As for the play off final, I think Thistle will have that bit more craft and will cruise through over both legs!!
  8. RichardBuddie

    Punt or Keep - Summer 2018 edition

    I agree on Stewart, I’m on record stating the same!!
  9. RichardBuddie

    Team Photo of The Champions

    Ross Stewart (forward), clearly trying to pop one out in that photo!!
  10. RichardBuddie

    Stephen McGinn

    Great lift for tomorrow and the coming season, the spine of the team and one of the main reasons why we won the league!!
  11. RichardBuddie

    Tratorria Genova

    TT that really made me laugh [emoji23]
  12. RichardBuddie

    Danny Mullen

    I like Danny, he did work his socks off and took a few hits on Saturday with no support from the ref I would add, however I saw one particularly bad dive from the other side of the pitch (I was in main stand).
  13. RichardBuddie

    The Jack Ross Interviews Thread

    Top man Jacko!!
  14. RichardBuddie

    Well done !

    Fondly remember that game at Easter Road, consequently I keep a wee eye on Hibs results, what a turnaround by JR. COYS!!
  15. RichardBuddie

    Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    If we can keep that ball on the floor and pass and move as we have for most of this season we should at least get the point we need. My fear is we appear tight and tense and almost too forceful, this of course is totally understandable as we are so close to our prize!! Anyway despite Dundee United booting us off the park on Tuesday and Livi likely shaping up to do the same tomorrow I’m going for 3-1 Saints.