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  1. Forgot it was on that - I’ll do that, means I don’t need to see Cris Sutton too [emoji3]
  2. I don’t know what it is - I just feel if we click today it will come off, I also have the weirdest feeling there is going to be an unlikely hero today. Oh and not one drop of alcohol this weekend [emoji3]
  3. I actually clocked that too - just didn’t look right to me. Yes they were outside, however the only problem was they were crammed together like sardines!!
  4. He might have hit him over the head with a toilet roll!!
  5. One wee observation and in fairness I don’t know if it would be an issue for your job is that in the game I’m in (Oil and Gas) they never run control and power cables on the same tray (don’t think they do it in trenches either but not sure), so if you are running a power and data cable in a wee trench - it may be prudent to insulate them.
  6. I’m no expert on these things but are you able to run a cable from the house to the summerhouse? Alternatively I wonder if there is a method where the summerhouse can have its own unique WiFi - bound to be a way!!
  7. Pretty poor that this is not a ‘freebie’ for Season ticket holders - wouldn’t be too much to let us see the game as a gesture!!
  8. You really sold me with your day. Forest pub, nice beer and a barbecue- sounds phenomenal!!
  9. Can’t wait now for the second one - just been confirmed that it’s Jane McDonald that’s giving me it (the jab) [emoji7][emoji7]. That was some fever alright!!
  10. Feeling a good bit better now (took the 48 hours as FS suggested), arm still very sore though, had the full suite of ‘flu like’ symptoms yesterday culminating in sneezing and snotters!! Glad your feeling ok - just wonder what was in that jab - surely to god the second jab won’t have that impact!!
  11. Update - got jag at 2.30 on Friday, Saturday written off due to feeling very lousy indeed, I’ve had chills, aching joints and a fever most of Saturday - been up since 3am Sunday shivering. My arm is agony and I have a big red blotch where I got jab. Hopefully this will go away as Sunday progresses - beware Astra Zeneca vaccine, said to my wife last night that I wish I hadn’t bothered!!
  12. Very good point - the whole schedule was up in the air last night. If Jane McDonald gets bumped tonight for this I will not be a happy man!!
  13. So - got my vaccine yesterday (Astra Zeneca), young guy that administered the jab said if I feel really unwell dial 999 and the probability of blood clotting extremely low. Feel fine with the exception of a very sore arm.... Got it in Carnegie Hall (think it was called) in Eastwood- very nice part of the world!!
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