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  1. RichardBuddie


    Happy new year everybuddie.
  2. RichardBuddie

    Away fans among us

    I’m the same (sit just in front of hospitality), I can recall some Ayr fans a couple of seasons ago being a bit of a pain but it wasn’t outrageous by any means, as long as the away fans keep themselves in line I have no problem. Great news to hear Killie have sold their allocation!!
  3. RichardBuddie

    Same old story

    It just seems to me Ricky that in the summer we were not ambitious enough or the plans were flawed, don’t get me wrong the McGinn monies were not there as the transfer was very late. The Stubbs saga has really taken the wind out our sails, his dealings in the transfer market (endorsed by the board I would add) were very poor. Now we have OK who we should all back, we have a transfer window coming where we have to be brave and clear in our intentions if we really want to stay in this league, up until then we have to scrap and fight for every point!! Us as supporters/ fans just have to back the team in any way we can!!
  4. RichardBuddie

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Agreed Drew, I said to they guy next to me, they (Accies) knew how to play that pitch perfectly. We just made it that wee bit easier for them!!
  5. RichardBuddie

    Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18

    This is going to be tough next week, that was a sore one yesterday, we were poor, it’s not an excuse but would we have fared better without injuries to Kyle and Jack? Also that pitch!! I think they’ll have a bit too much for us next week.
  6. RichardBuddie

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    On my fixed odds!! [emoji17]
  7. RichardBuddie

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Garbage day, overran in midfield and to compound matters I lost a tenner!!
  8. RichardBuddie

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    So, regarding today’s match, very confident OK will send our boys out very assured with a clear plan and hopefully a plan b if required, big game for us today IMO.
  9. RichardBuddie

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Just got a feeling what with OK having a full week to work with the team that they will be well drilled and that there will be a good feeling about the place. 3-1 Saints!!
  10. RichardBuddie

    Fish puns

    If Stephen McFin sticks one in the top corner the Reef will come off the stand!!
  11. RichardBuddie

    Fish puns

    Twenty two squid for this tomorrow, quite dear, let’s hope I get a birds eye view!!
  12. RichardBuddie

    Fish puns

    Just really hope we don’t get out Mussel ed tomorrow.....
  13. RichardBuddie

    Fish puns

    Eel be there tomorrow anyway!!
  14. RichardBuddie

    Fish puns

    Please, let’s not Roe there!!
  15. RichardBuddie

    Darren Jackson

    Should Rice go too? To completely clear out the ‘old guard’ and then start afresh??