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  1. I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head, I don’t post that often, not in fear of getting hounded or slagged off by the forums ‘main men’, whilst the bickering can get tedious it is also very amusing. The fact that I am in the sin bin part of the forum and reading this very thread tells me that you lot actually add a lot of value to the forum or in other words make the forum. There are some ‘key’ posters that I prefer to others but that’s like anything in life. Anyway I don’t have the answers, I’m away to walk the dug.
  2. Yeah, I sit in M7 and it was a bit spicey when they scored and we replied, I know there was a lot at stake today for both teams but they could and should have been a bit more respectful.
  3. This makes me wonder if the club are worried about a ticket/seating screw up?
  4. Good point, Easter Road a couple of years back really gave me the heebie jeebies!!
  5. Not feeling particularly confident, managed to buy ‘my own’ seat on Monday morning with no email, however I have taken Sonny’s good advice and printed my confirmation page. I will get down early as I think things will be manic, also I do not wish to see or be involved in any conflict over bought seats!!
  6. Great shout thanks Sonny, I will print that out as proof of purchase!!
  7. Very confused, managed to get into the system and select my own seats no problem, however I have no email confirmation of my purchase and don't know if I use my smartcard or if a ticket will be posted out?
  8. In my work they use this awful line ‘let’s go for the low hanging fruit’ - annoys me to death!!
  9. Thought that banner was great today as were the W7 boys, was great to see the Dungdee fans quietened down!!
  10. I’m the same (sit just in front of hospitality), I can recall some Ayr fans a couple of seasons ago being a bit of a pain but it wasn’t outrageous by any means, as long as the away fans keep themselves in line I have no problem. Great news to hear Killie have sold their allocation!!
  11. It just seems to me Ricky that in the summer we were not ambitious enough or the plans were flawed, don’t get me wrong the McGinn monies were not there as the transfer was very late. The Stubbs saga has really taken the wind out our sails, his dealings in the transfer market (endorsed by the board I would add) were very poor. Now we have OK who we should all back, we have a transfer window coming where we have to be brave and clear in our intentions if we really want to stay in this league, up until then we have to scrap and fight for every point!! Us as supporters/ fans just have to back the team in any way we can!!
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