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  1. I think it will be ok on appeal, what I don’t get is that after the teachers submitting their recommendations (based on prelim / general performance etc) is the random intervention (by SQA I assume) and subsequent ‘moderation’. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m being selfish and purely looking out for my daughters best interests, but for others (5th year for example) this is wrecking dreams. I just don’t understand how they can moderate (predominantly downwards) with no evidence.
  2. I would absolutely love to know the criteria for A, choosing which child gets ‘Moderated’, B, the subject that gets moderated. And C the actual method? It’s my understanding that a random 25% were subject to ‘Moderation’ and that 93% of that 25% were downgraded. My daughter scored highest in her school for the physics prelim but got ‘modified’ down to a B, we checked with the school and they proposed an A1, we will appeal and likely win (since the supporting data is there), however as you say, what is the criteria or indeed the algorithm for moderation. To say I am disgusted is an understatement.
  3. I had that issue on work computer, changed internet setting to Google Chrome and it worked!!
  4. Fair point indeed, I worked up there for years and missed my fair share of games (mainly midweek) meaning my daughter couldn’t attend either. Furthermore the club needs the additional revenue from non season ticket supporters so hopefully a solution can be found to get as many buddies in as possible. Just throwing this out there, could we exclude away fans meaning we use the away stand?
  5. This has been on my mind for a while AS as to when we would get back, I also assume season ticket holders may get priority, I’m guessing we have sold 2 - 3 thousand, so wonder how that might work with ratios / social distancing criteria. Just hope we can get back by that date!!
  6. Been thinking the same myself mate, renewed 2 weeks ago for me an my son, don’t have buddivision so wondering how we’re going to see the Livi game? Wonder if the club will email a link with a unique code or something?
  7. Was very tempted, however we were popping into the mother in laws and I knew she would grass me in to the wife. Yes I am a coward...
  8. Just had my first meal out in 4 months, my daughter & I cycled from Paisley to bridge of weir and we went to amarettos, I had a lovely burger and chips and she had a pizza - fantastic, wish I’d had a pint. Feels as if things are slowly getting back to normal, just hope the numbers and statistics for the next few weeks back this up!!
  9. My sons away kit came through on Thursday and I’m very happy with it, looks great and decent enough quality!!
  10. I pre ordered my sons strip two weeks ago on Friday there, does anyone know if they have been dispatched yet?
  11. Couldn’t agree more on the bad driving, over the last 14 weeks or so I have witnessed some absolutely shocking driving!!
  12. Hoped no one would notice I ordered the wrong ones, Lynn at the club was fantastic and updated my order. The correct away ones with the red trim are now ordered. Great spot btw!!
  13. Agree on the backs of the strips part Shull (if that turns out to be the case), but I really believe the red one is a cracker. Think the club have done well with both this year!!
  14. Love the badge and socks too with the away kit !!
  15. Away tops an absolute stormer, just bought my son one with home black shorts, when you look close on website the baby kit has the black shorts with a wee red trim, they would have been better had they been available in his size!!
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