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  1. Aye, that admission fee is ridiculous!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ok, it could me me (but don’t think it is), I finally managed to sort mine and my sons (U16) tickets out. When I was hovering over the seats (areas M & P only presently on offer on Livi site) I could only select adult £26 or registered disabled (£17) at that juncture, however later on in the process I could alter this to my son (£10 / U16) provided he is linked to my account - definitely was not allowing me to do this earlier (reason I called Livi ticket office). It’s ticketmaster that run the Livi ticketing, it’s not bloody easy that’s for sure, good thing is that I’ve got both tickets in the wallet thing on my phone where I just need to now scan QR codes on the day. Advice to anyone that’s thinking of going, don’t leave last minute, start early on in week with Livi ticket system or by at Greenhill Road!!
  3. Called the Livi ticket office, looks like a glitch at their end girl said she’d look into it and call me back.
  4. Livi website appears to be a barrel of laughs again, no option to select a child’s ticket only adult or registered disabled. And their prices are shocking £25 for an adult!! Also it appears that you can only access the tickets Via the link on our site (I couldn’t find by directly accessing the Livi site).
  5. I can’t understand why we would take such a risk in letting Cammy go - never mind to a direct rival. Cammy should have been on the park on Sunday, what happens if the boy from Wolves doesn’t click or fit in to the team, we’ve then lost an asset in Cammy. This makes no sense to me from a footballing and business perspective??
  6. Got a standard email from the club today about tomorrow’s match, seemingly bottles are not allowed, wasn’t clear about glass (no pun intended), if we are not allowed plastic bottles in how are you meant to get a drink????
  7. Any output or clarity from the club advising those who sit centrally in the main stand if they will and where they might be relocated to - in order to comply with the ‘red zone’ requirements? We sit in M7, however I understand that it was only M4, M5 & M6 that was affected? I am not sure if away fans are allowed into the St. Johnstone game - wondering if those affected may just get moved to the away end on that basis?
  8. I thought McAllister did very well when he came on, also whilst it took the two of them a wee while to settle down I also thought McPherson andHenderson were ok - McGrath showed flashes of his class. We were a bit unlucky today, I felt we were snatching a bit at things and just generally a bit out of sorts, we are crying out for width and need someone calmer up front (Dennis) to put the ball in the net. One or two wee tweaks, a bit more time together and with a wee bit of luck we’ll be ok this season.
  9. Bookies never normally wrong - we could do with a win, won’t go near this on my coupon!!
  10. Good point on the generator, normally kit like that has an inspection, maintenance and testing routine - if you do all that when it’s needed it will either kick in automatically (if it’s programmed to do so or manually). Furthermore where is it sited and how relevant is this to the main stand red zone? I suspect a number of main stand fans will be ‘repositioned’ for the fakes game, best the club identify who is being moved and advise them of their alternative seat (elsewhere in main stand or away end) ASAP - to prevent further bad press.
  11. Hope you enjoyed your eldorado last night? Yes you are correct to an extent - value did come into my thinking, when I buy something I either want it to last or in this case to be shown off (as current) and because the strips are ‘late’ my boy can’t show it off. 2 paracetamol, glass of water and a couple of extra hours in bed - you should be fine then….
  12. Hard to say, however I’ve just had a look at the Livi site on my phone and it looks to me that we have roughly sold about 60 - 70% of the stand that runs the length of the pitch, we are in area M which is towards the right hand side (I bought them on Monday) and the only areas available to us now is R with plenty of seats and Q with practically nowt. Looks as if we’re bringing a big crowd through!!
  13. Your last point is fair - we are near end of August now and up here the good weather is almost gone, if I bought my son a strip he’s not really going to be able to show it off. Now if the strips were available say 6 weeks ago he would have got all the summer holidays out of it. Appreciate (whilst I don’t know the detail) that Skyview ‘moved the goalposts’ - no pun intended, which has had a fairly big impact, are/were Skyview in breach of an existing contract or was the contract up for renewal and we got caught out (commercially)? Where I am going with this is - if it’s the former - could we go after Skyview legally for breach of contract and collateral damage (the strip sales)? Probably not going to get him his strip now which is a shame because the home one is a cracker.
  14. Spot on, I’m aiming at Livi here, but you’re right - get the tickets couriered through and get them on sale ASAP - it’s in everyone’s best interests. The Livi ticket system is so bad - I’ve paid but can’t download to phone - looks like I’ll have to try to print. I’d have much rather just went to our own ticket office!!
  15. The only reason I never gave up was fear of missing out - lots of the seats in the section I was choosing (M I think) we’re gone (around 70% as of this morning), the other section - can’t remember what one it was was around 40% so not quite so bad!!
  16. I can only assume you are buying more than 1 ticket? If so an account is required to be created and linked to yours in the Livi system to enable you to progress. Can’t lie it is a real chew!!
  17. I would consider myself fairly tech savvy / computer literate - to all buds buying a ticket via the Livi site - be very patient and ultimately be prepared to completely lose the rag!! Just took me 1/2 an hour, absolutely mind blowing, I eventually got there, look out for the fun pitfalls of having to register every person for every seat - an extreme thrill in my case as my son has exact same name…… Finally got this done, can’t face the final hurdle of navigating the ticketus email of printing our downloading the ticket. Seriously though - if I didn’t need my st Mirren fix I would have chucked it. Livi website is awful.
  18. Are we able to buy tickets for this game at our own ticket office or must the purchase be made from / with Livingston FC?
  19. I would expect with nearly 3 weeks to the next home game the club will be working hard to get their house in order and iron out many of the issues that they have had recently!!
  20. I’m quite keen to go to this with my boy - I see there is nothing up on the official site. Got to agree, there should be no issues getting a seat for this match!!
  21. Only a suggestion but is there a terms and conditions box or alternatively a field that’s perhaps not populated - it was a while ago when I renewed mine so can’t totally remember the page?
  22. Genuinely happy to hear this, hope you and the lad have a cracking day and he see’s a win for his first game!!
  23. If I don’t get in my seat for the fakes game I want my money back - I don’t think the club are telling the truth!!
  24. Thanks BEK - Just logged in and it worked, would never have known to apply my new 4 digit order number as the suffix!! For all other buddies locked out of today’s game or just watching on st Mirren tv - the log in has changed!!
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