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  1. No offence taken mate. What I will say is that he's nowhere near good enough to get into the Celtic midfield at this stage (neither is McGinn IMO) and I'm not sure any particularly attractive Championship teams will be in for him. Obviously you guys don't want to lose him, but IMO Hibs would be a good career move for him, up to the SPL in a team who have a recent history of getting decent moves for their players if they perform at us. One thing I will say is that we won't be short of a few bob in the summer, average attendances of 15.5k this season and a good Scottish cup run will have gave us a bit of a boost and we're probably heading for bigger crowds next season. Next to no debt and possible income from the sale of McGinn and/or Cummings, I don't think us doing a deal on him would be out of the question.
  2. I don't think we could afford both unless we sell at least one of Cummings or McGinn but I think we could probably manage to do a deal for one of them. Maybe something along the lines of a McGinn style deal where you get a big percentage of any sell on fee. Either way, by all accounts, Lennon is definitely interested in Mallen so it will be interesting to see how that pans out.
  3. From what I've seen of you guys this season I fully expect/hope Jack Ross will have you challenging for the title if you can keep a hold of your squad or at least recruit well to replace them.
  4. Well done to St Mirren today. You can probably tell from my username that I'm a Hibs fan. Thought your team were a credit to your club today, worked their socks off and there was also no shortage of quality on display, particularly from Morgan and McGinn and to a lesser extent Mallan (IMO anyway). More than deserved your point, an argument could even been made that you lot deserved to pick up all three but hey ho, I don't think any of us particularly care now! Also, massive credit to the St Mirren fans today. Filled the half of the stand you were given and made a hell of a lot more noise than the likes of Hearts and Rangers who bring double the numbers but about 10% of the noise. Not heard an away support like that at Easter Road in a long time. If you could keep that squad together and add another couple decent players I think you lot could definitely win that league next season. When you lot beat us 2-0 you were probably the only team to have beaten us this season that actually deserved to. Whether you'll be able to do keep them together is the key but then again, with the job Jack Ross has done I'm sure he'd manage to replace them fairly well. Good luck next season. I hope and expect to see you lot back in the SPL very soon.
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