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  1. ^^^^^^ on the verge of tears now [emoji23] Didn’t read either post btw
  2. Whilst your brain surgeon was struck off after a badly botched effort! Incidentally, Stubbs served no apprenticeship before becoming Hibs manager!
  3. I decried his appointment at the time!
  4. Aye, cos East Stirling are comparable with Hibs!
  5. Cos he’s hopeless? Bit like yourself.
  6. Stubbs finished behind Falkirk then lost to Falkirk in the play offs. I think you’ll find that Falkirk are neither Hearts or Sevco.
  7. You need to remember Stu, he thought that public services were funded by selling premium bonds [emoji23] While one of sidekicks, the big man, cited HSBC as an example of a foreign bank operating in the UK. [emoji23] Doesn’t top cockless and his threats of violence and lawsuits!
  8. ^^^^^ touched a raw nerve [emoji23]
  9. The fat internet hard man is back! How you doing big man! You’re even copying my posts! [emoji177] Cheers stalker. HSBC is foreign bank. How to humiliate yourself in one easy post! [emoji8]
  10. You'll be telling us of your mensa membership next! The Rules of Flaming 8. Tell 'em how smart you are: Why use intelligent arguments to convince them you're smart when all you have to do is tell them? State that you're a member of Mensa, Mega Dorks of America or that you have a Maths degree!
  11. What difference does it make if its 16 or 17 trophies / 4, 5 or 6 clubs? Typo police!
  12. Fife Cup Dunfermline 2006/07.................... 17 If you make it 5 clubs
  13. Looks like my theory that the assistant manager at Livi is running the show is correct: https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/1492161/caley-jags-boss-robertson-linked-with-return-to-livingston/ Livingston director insisting the club do not draw up a short-list for the vacant manager's job for at least another nine days. Assistant manager David Martindale is leading the search for a replacement to Hopkin but is currently on holiday until next Saturday. Ward, who has previously said the new manager must agree to work with the existing coaching staff and backroom staff, said "David Martindale is on holiday until a week on Saturday and won't draw up the shortlist until then." "He is speaking to people and taking calls and is continuing to work on this on the club's behalf".
  14. Jim Clunie got his first managerial job with St. Mirren in the top flight, as did Ricky McFarlane. Alex Miller had 2 months managerial experience with Morton when he got the St. Mirren job in the top flight. Although not in the top flight, Gus Macpherson's first managerial job was with St. Mirren. There are plenty of examples of other managers getting their first job in the top flight in Scotland, off the top of my head, Graeme Souness, Walter Smith, Ally McCoist, Neil Lennon, Billy Davies, Tony Mowbray, Martin Canning, Neil McCann, etc, etc...
  15. Yes, I'd be happy with a rookie manager. I'd hardly say that St. Mirren is starting at the top! St. Mirren are exactly the sort of club where a manager can serve an apprenticeship IMO! We've appointed loads of managers in the past with no or minimal managerial experience.
  16. Every manager starts off with zero experience in their first job. I'd take a chance on the mechanic with zero experience and just starting out than the experienced mechanic who keeps making an arse of my car!
  17. Only 5-0. Tactical genius that John Kennedy! [emoji23]
  18. Stubbs won 1 in 14 games with Rotherham before getting the sack. They lost a record 7 away games in a row and had the worst goal difference in the entire Football League! Yeh, just what we need!
  19. You need to come up with something to make it worthwhile for him to come back with! Fattie!
  20. Quality patter “big man” [emoji23]
  21. Someone who thought the national debt was funded by premium bonds talking about brain cells! [emoji23] The irony! And all you have is typos! You don’t even understand percentages! [emoji23] ???????
  22. Ok, “big man” [emoji23] HSBC is an example of a foreign bank. That’s how to make a fool of yourself!
  23. Gus Macpherson for me. His attacking brand of football would have the crowds flocking.
  24. Did you go to the same school at slarti? HSBC!
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