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  1. Now that is irony at its best..Happy to leave it....please try it
  2. As per your missing the point The fact that the two of you have been at it like two Jackdaws in heat is getting tiresome, and we ( collective) are simply pointing out that your petty points scoring is a snorefest, by all means carry on being a dick, we are kind of used to it, and it ensures the world keeps turning
  3. Wonder how you are feeling about the other two Irish clubs progressing
  4. Because we don't obviously have the chemistry you two have, maybe you should just date
  5. Why don't you just exchange numbers and give us fecking peace
  6. So when did the last three and Bohemians in your following post become Scottish clubs in Europe as per the thread title? Come on Stanley- its Shull- when did any of his 100000000 posts ever make sense ?
  7. The way to deal with Trolls is to either ignore or be nice Which one do you prefer? Pondlife Matters
  8. Mate told me he got 18-1, maybe that was for title Here you on Well, that was a shocker last night, but as they have a grass pitch I want them up, Livi down and Pars up
  9. Take your point but happy to speculate that this will be a positive season for us...… Hopefully Livi, Dundee and County can fight out relegation, leaving us ,Well, Fakes , Utd, and Hearts, fighting for 5th-9th..... not that impressed with Hearts or Robbie, United have a massive gamble in their manager, Fakes can only go one way after last season, Well are very inconsistent and a few bad results may mean a sacking is imminent , so if what you say happens re Dons I will take 4th now …… FAS will update us, but Saints are a good bet at 18-1 for top 6 …..
  10. If you're going to be a smartass, first you have to be smart. Otherwise, you're just an ass.
  11. We had 10,000 a game in old First Division, and some great crowds in 2017-18 If, and its a big if, we can push on this season to being a top 6 club then , built it and they will come Anyone remember the figure of capacity for filling in the corners ? PS We need to be better than Well, Livi, Utd, Dundee, Fakes and County to be top 6.... is that not doable with our present squad ? Uglies, Hibs, Dons will be top 4 so rest is up for grabs
  12. Maybe we should build a 60000 all seater stadia, just nuke Fergie Park- Plenty of space and lovely motorway access Come on Tony think BIG
  13. To Quote Boris "If they are over 80 who cares "
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