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  1. Has Elvis not posted yet we will lose both games 0-4 😄
  2. Maybe its the diamonds you have woven into your carpets
  3. Or maybe the issue you have here is they arent white ?
  4. I am fecking gorgeous at 57
  5. Good point FAS The only way most on here know what Shull is wittering on about is when he put its in the title....
  6. We need to get our mojo back on this one and Brophy some game time . Small matter of the semi coming up against a very in form Livi.... 2 nil to the real Saints
  7. With our form guide v Well's form why wouldnt we be confident...usual knickerwetters r us on here ... sit back and enjoy
  8. Seems to do ok where he goes in English lower Leagues but would not rate him as high as Mellon, but why in hell didn't they appoint Wright ? Anyway 3pts Saints tom and who cares
  9. The title is Coronavirus- maybe start a new thread - An idea whilst bathing in your goats milk "I am alright jack ring the bell" Whether this is jest or not you really are coming across as a self absorbed knob- again-
  10. At least Danny Rodgers is putting his best foot forward backwards
  11. Probably stays in a bedsit in some obscure wee Fife coastal hamlet where you can buy a 6 Bedroom house for 90k …. As my old dad used to say, "People who say they have money usually don't, the either have none or a massive amount of other peoples money"
  12. General concensious is youre a harmless fanny who is mainly ignored on this forum
  13. Good to see Trump has had such a big effect on you...… COVID is Fake news Your pal Boris will, as per, copy FM's Leadership and thinking...………… the man who said yesterday that Schools pose no threat - feckin fanny , no wonder so many die with tits like you at large
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