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  1. I think we will win every game this season.... you heard it here 1st 🍸 🍷 🍷
  2. Great game ...loads of positives here and all season.... Europe... 47 points and 46 goals...all highest achievement in years.. Wishing all a great summer break...
  3. 5th is more than acceptable.... some on here think we are a "big" team...on budget we should be 10th at best
  4. Non supporters out in force tonight...it was a crap game...we won our cup final last week.... what this club has done under SR beggars belief
  5. Hilarious coming for shitty crash pants.... heroine obviously not kicked in yet ?
  6. You're talking rubbish.. Hibs Don's and Well are far bigger than us..... SR is difference..... the support has never been bigger last 30 yrs .... expectation used to be stay up or have you always been deluded ... enjoy it whilst it lasts
  7. As long as Don's don't win cup....mind you more chance of them winning league next year
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