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  1. You have obviously forgotten how to behave in the "main" forum as you can now post your anti Saints pish all over the place Bet you go to Saints next League game to follow follow your true beloved team.... Don't forget your flute
  2. Wish you felt the same about this forum as you do about Saints games. Maybe we should have an annual fee based on a pound for shit posts. You got £44,880 spare ?
  3. Indeed, quick recovery Stephen and best wishes
  4. You been listening to the Pet Shop Boys again auld Tam ?
  5. Dead , buried, close thread and consign to the Flareybob Memorial Thread Funeral Parlour
  6. In your case soon enough is not quick enough
  7. True but at least he is singing about our new signings
  8. Good shout...………... Shame they had tops on...…….. the woman i mean not the cans
  9. You not got an imminent US air strike to worry about ?
  10. Funny I never had you down as having facial hair
  11. Or the back pages when the OF were mentioned
  12. Aye whatever, wait till they pick up the security bill, the running costs of their estates, not to mention the dog food, nannies and 16 year old girls that Andrew's enterprise offers
  13. Its ok Beith Juniors are classified as Ayrshire
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