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  1. Are you new to this site Let see how the team performs over the next 5 years with individuals getting plus marks every game before they are even considered Don't think we have any legends in the making with possible exception of Cammy if he gets games and progresses
  2. We should be playing nervous free football, we are going to finish 7th,8th or 9th I remember we used to known as the "nearly men" that tag is firmly back Progress yes, Frustrating Yes, Happy- nah not really We are used to must wins at this stage, that we have got quite a few of, I hope the players are not on the beach. even if that beach in these strange times, is in Ardrossan ,
  3. Agree, we don't want this season to become a damp squib , surely players are looking at their own contracts but for god sake Goody needs to stop persisting with Lee Erwin, get Dennis , if fit , on from start and fecking go for it, its a bit like waiting for opposition to score as it was under Gus
  4. No he is talking total sense...something u could only dream of... away back to ipox and take your flute with you....
  5. I think that post shows you as a useless idiot
  6. 4 massive questions Johnson wont be accountable for until the Tory party decides to stab him in back Delay in initial Lockdown PPE and the dodgy contracts to pals Delay in Late Autumn Lockdown Allowing Xmas mixing Personally I think Brexit will be the eventual Tory downfall as you cant get a vaccine for that
  7. Personally I hoped all pubs in Paisley remained shut permanently Less Jakies, Less Junkies, Less Beggars in the town centre Must all have found redemption
  8. We have Ali, Hearts have Ann Thank feck I am a Saints fan
  9. Had one from my " Bank" saying that I had lost all my savings in one account , to retrieve press link ……. Eh I didn't
  10. 55 points is the target.... lots of contracts up for grabs and Dennis back..... 2-1 Super Saints
  11. Fate has it as Morton and return of the Park the Gus
  12. Dumbarton v Aberdeen, has goals written all over it
  13. 9 matches- 6-0 loss to Sunderland, hides in dug out v Livi, slams players, Board and fans Yup I hang on every word that comes out of that idiots mouth PS I hope Fitzy predicts we will come 5th next year so we miss out a place in the dying seconds
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