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  1. DougJamie

    Brexit Negotiations

    Any strong governments in mind. Venesuala theirs is pretty ruthless
  2. Trouble is mate- We are NOT Hibs
  3. DougJamie

    International Fitba

    Yes put in the wrong emoji - dont really have one for Sarcasam
  4. Ok so I guess we are looking at maybe Well Fakes Livi Accies Dundee By that logic we should have in a Fair world- Accies H, Dundee A, Well A, Livi A Fakes H , so that would balance it. But this is the League Mentors we are talking about, so we will probably get shafted
  5. DougJamie

    International Fitba

    I was kiddin however partly serious, I mean they are hardly European are they ? Austrialia are in the European Song Contest so I guess anything is possible these days
  6. DougJamie

    International Fitba

    I do know you have a sense of humour
  7. DougJamie

    Brexit Negotiations

    UK to EU: "So, we have voted to leave" EU to UK: "That's a shame, OK what's your proposals?" UK to EU: "We don't have any, we are leaving." ... EU to UK: "Yes, but what about the Good Friday Agreement and the Northern Irish border?" UK to EU: "Eh?" EU to UK: "It's an international treaty you signed, remember? Look, tell you what why doesn't NI stay in the Customs Union, job done." UK to EU: "NEVER! You are not splitting the UK up." EU to UK: "OK what do you propose?" UK to EU: "Why are you being intransigent?" EU to UK: "What? OK look, we need to sort this and you haven’t proposed anything, what about the whole of the UK staying in the Customs Union?" UK to EU: "NEVER! EU to UK: "FFS what then? This is your mess, tell us what you actually want." UK to EU: "Why are you being intransigent?" EU to UK: "Will you please just tell us what you want." UK to EU: "OK if you're going to be like that, we want a backstop added to the Withdrawal Agreement. EU to UK: "Finally, yes OK, thats fine, but remember this is your idea, shall we sign the Withdrawal Agreement off? Once we have done this we cannot reopen it in the time left." UK to EU: "Yes, sign it off." EU to UK: "Done." UK to EU: "Ummm we couldn’t get it through parliament so we need to reopen the withdrawal agreement and change the backstop." EU to UK: "We said we wouldn’t do that, but OK we might be able to do something, we are listening, what do you want to change it to?" UK to EU: "Alternative arrangements." EU to UK: "What?" UK to EU: "Alternative arrangements." EU to UK: "What the actual f**k is that?" UK to EU: "Don't know, just something different." EU to UK: "Look, the backstop was your idea, we reluctantly agreed, now you don't want it anymore and instead want it changed to something that doesn’t exist." UK to EU: "Why are you being so intransigent?" EU to UK: "It literally does not exist, what don't you understand about that?" UK to EU: "Stop bullying us. OK, how about having a backstop that isn’t a backstop?" EU to UK: "Oh f**k the f**k off you absolute idiots!" Theresa May to UK general public: "The EU are being intransigent. This is not our fault, its all theirs."
  8. DougJamie

    International Fitba

    My issue is how the feck is Kazakstan in Europe
  9. DougJamie

    Fakes Away

    4th Saturday in a row undefeated
  10. DougJamie

    Fakes Away

    Well so far we have won a cup final last minute and lost one last minute. OK is keeping us in games we just need better clinical finishing. 2-1 Buddies
  11. DougJamie

    Brexit Negotiations

    The fact 278 voted to Leave without a deal shows how disconnected from reality they truely are . As i said we wont leave . It all politics. J Rees Mogg nailed it.... 17.3 m vote to Leave 500 MPs want to stay. Thats always been the issue and we will remain . As will Scotland. Close the thread....
  12. DougJamie

    Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    Take a Liverpool Legend ....throw millions of borrowed money with a crook at the helm and evidently go bust.... hmmm de ja vuis perhaps
  13. DougJamie

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    Oh how i miss last season with love and harmony on here. Then Bobby Ewing came out the shower.
  14. DougJamie

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    What amazes me is we have won 4 games lost 20 and we are still one point from possible safety. Oh well fakes next. COYS regardless