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  1. You mean about the bet i offered to the depressed Elvis ? If we get top 6 its a fantastic achievement... the league is what it is.. obviously poor but you can blame the SPFL for allowing plastic pitches and an 11-1 vote for change... some players wont be played 4 times a season on 3G pitches... Viaplay for our national team from SFA... and a total OF bias... I look to stay up as first priority and thats achieved...another year at top table secured....plus great increased support... so i am a happy Saint... not one who needs therapy
  2. Well mystic meg... Livi are way out of form...yes they beat County just but none of their games are easy... on budget neither team should be competing top 6.... so like most of the real pundits hats off to both Saints and Livi...fed up with so called fans coming on here and criticising our club...4 full time members of staff.. our assistant rewarded internationally.. our manager and players giving 100% every game.... seriously dont know why some claim to support our wee team when they can go support a glasgow giant or Man City. This isnt aimed at you TC..you sometimes make constructive comment but some on here either need to get real or even better GTF
  3. We play Livi next...we win we are top 6... .... next observation... you wee sensitive person
  4. Wow how insightful...you should be a pundit...rather than arighttit
  5. Is that the first time we have won a point after 5pm on a Saturday
  6. . I dont want Utd down.. so after they lose to us they can go on a run... just keep hoping Livi will be docked 20 pts for something.. 1000 fan base.. plastic pitch... and a manager with a worse criminal record than Stubbs....dodgy as Sevco
  7. Youre the one obsessed.... sad little keyboard warrior.
  8. I was being sarky.... well i am happy along with 17% increase at the gates... we lost to Celtic and lost a game in early July .... i am sure the BOD are also happy... fannies forum has other ideas
  9. Hopefully more back for this one... hope heads didnt dip today... still a great season.... regardless
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