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  1. IMO someone who doesnt clearly support constantly should keep their opinions to themselves or try a balanced view... as you support his view as i can only come to the conclusion youre just another bored fud with nothing better to do than slag off Saints... i never claimed to be a good poster just a supportive one...loads of words for you to digest there.. so hopefully you will jog on into the sunset with your soulmate and no doubt complain the sun is to bright...
  2. Sorry upset your partner... give him a wee hug
  3. You have been a hopeless poster since you joined... shame your not performance related
  4. Thanks Goodie we will take him... great signing and sure Robbo will restore his confidence
  5. Great deal.... hope we get him Well form not Sheepish
  6. Wish u had the same attitude to this forum
  7. Calm down been a Saints fan all my long life county antrim... oh well THEY lost and hope THEY lose 3 or 4 times to us next season... you can go have a wee lie down ... you must have been bricking it there 😄.... ps i am a closet Liverpool fan and their finances are great... ya fud
  8. Reality.... Gretna funded till it ran out.... Airdrie sham....Bankies again sham..... there are 100000 fans in Spain tonight and thats why the denial is accepted.... accept or ignore it everyones choice
  9. Yup... like the Murphys i am not bitter.. helps Scotland's profile so hope they win
  10. Ok they just celebrated their 150th birthday and no law suits.. so on paper they died in reality they didnt... confusing
  11. Ok i saw that comical piece on BBC website.... the gap is 30 pts to 3rd 41 points to 4th... so my money is on that remaining regardless... two big clubs and 38 diddy ones is the reality...
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