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  1. You seem to have a distrubing fascination for school kids bendy. Seek help 🤢 .
  2. Wanted Goody this time last year and he has improved since then. No brainer so why am i worried we wont appoint him
  3. If it look at the career path of our managers, with the exception of Fergie and Jack all have goNE backwards Gus- Queens Park, then here Danny - Clyde Craig- Retired ? Ian Murray- somewhere in Norway Rae - Shite pundit Stubbs- Shite Pundit Hardly onwards and upwards
  4. Follow Donald J. Trump ✔ ‎@realDonaldTrump Disappointed to see Oral Keen go, hell of a guy. Remember hearing the roar from Paisley, after the the Duntay Unification game, from the 9th green at my course and Hotel complex. 16:02 - 26 Jun 2019 13nK 13K Retweets 37K 37K likes
  5. Any other sponsors, like BA, BP, Google, Samsung , Amazon or even Mr Kipling ?
  6. I can easily ignore you but enjoy pointing out what a total tosser you are Keep posting
  7. I suppose at statement means we can get Goodwin in as soon as. Heard Yogi is sniffing about as always............ Vital any manager we get has a say in signings or its back to 12 points after the Jan window , only this time we would be miles adrift................... Also vital TF is no where near the Interview stage ........................... expectations v reality
  8. Anyway ignoring the facist racist above.................... dealing with Boris is going to be hard as he hates anything that isnt West London................ Boris will be Churchill 2 without all the talented bits This will get nasty
  9. Good news Tansey is back to fit after a successful opp, be like a new player if he can rediscover his Caley form
  10. Your assuming its a 50/50 vote more likely 55/45 or even 60/40
  11. Bendy Wendy Shull- a very disturbing duo..................(oneo) No wonder you get excited over Boris
  12. I am I am just stating you must be the most underhired taxi driver in Scotland. Mind you with your rank patter no doubt " Just let me out here" rings true... You have less lifespan than a St Mirren manager in the main forum, so your pish will be confined shortly to where it belongs Tick tock
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