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  1. DougJamie

    Only Sectarian Clubs Left In Europe

    Better change the name of the thread. Or you could of course just go with Irish Teams there are a few in the IRN BRU one as well
  2. DougJamie

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    Another free shot and see where we are. I would like to see a far better defensive display than against Sevco and Dundee...... seems one pass can bypass us. Hopefully new boys staring to gel...... don't really care if we lose, be lovely to win , its more the performance that counts
  3. DougJamie

    So Farewell Then The Queen of Soul

    Big Fan- indeed the queen of soul
  4. DougJamie

    Scottish Football in a new light

    Superb find ..... Hilarious
  5. DougJamie

    Only Sectarian Clubs Left In Europe

    Good luck to all Scottish teams ( 3) in the following rounds..... Get Scotland back up the ranks, and get us more European places that one day may well, as per the 80s, help St Mirren..... to secure European Football
  6. DougJamie

    Big Signing Happening Now....

    You just gave an opinion ........................ you need to give it time to see if your negativity proves right or your negativity makes you look a total A hole..... ask the Sack Jack Ross Thread starter how that turned out
  7. DougJamie

    Only Sectarian Clubs Left In Europe

    I don't think "God" supports either
  8. DougJamie

    Only Sectarian Clubs Left In Europe

    Result !! Not that we needed 425k . I bet our BOD , our Chairman were all pulling for AEK last night also Stubbs must have breathed a huge sigh of relief !!
  9. DougJamie

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    Welcome Alfie- Great addition
  10. Well done Colts, great result................
  11. DougJamie

    Only Sectarian Clubs Left In Europe

    There isn't a club called Sevco registered at the SFA .............. You're getting as boring as Wendy with your OF jibes....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Why didn't you rename your racist post Sevco and Celtic then it would be aimed at the clubs not Irish and Ulster teams , of which their are many . U obviously have an issue with the Irish , and that makes you a racist and a bigot ............... You don't see that , probably due to lack of brain cells. And if you have family that are Irish , then makes you an even bigger twat Saints gain thru Scottish team success, and the OF are Scottish, they play in Glasgow which is in Scotland........... they add to Scotland's coefficient not Irelands .... I know this is difficult for you to grasp but there is a sea between Scotland and Ireland ...................... That doesn't make me support them, that just makes me realise they play in Glasgow, and Saints play against them because we are now in the same league. The last time I looked that was the Scottish Premiership ........ difficult concept I grant you 50000 posts shows you go for quantity rather than quality ,a wee pea in ur skull kick ins and you have to post this racist crap..... Oh well maybe your 3rd or 4th spell in the Sin Bin will at least save us normal posters from your stupid threads . Just keep going.... u will get there I would put u also on ignore but I laugh at inability to grasp pretty much everything...... I have tried to keep the words short, next time I will use pictures ....
  12. DougJamie

    Rangers extra seating

    I think I got that- HMB------ Aye
  13. DougJamie

    Rangers extra seating

    He's quite a shite troll, not worth any effort at all. I now await his attempt to engage me by repeating already discredited/disproved allegations - he's not very good at this trolling lark. First person I have ever put on ignore mate, his patter is rank............. and boring......seems to be very pally with Shull............... so obviously thickasfck#
  14. DougJamie

    Only Sectarian Clubs Left In Europe

    Ur the only one on here thriving with hatred, there are other threads but this is one you started as a bigot to highlight what apparently you dislike. Can you not see the irony... probably not You hate Celtic , you hate Rangers----- we get it Change the record ya boring trumpet !!!!