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  1. Have horrid feeling that if Brophy went to a competitor it would come back to bite us...look at Clark at Fakes... why did Utd let him go...
  2. Your opinion is us played 15 with no points .... so it was a pen... is ur angle as accurate as your predictions....
  3. It was a pen... whats worrying is how wrong the ref got it... get a new tv... as yours is obviously 12 inch b& w
  4. Overall scorecard.... superb at home.... must do better away... but well done Robbo and team ... definate improvements made and in Robbos signings and man management we can push on to Europe.... also think we got GVB sacked today
  5. Get a win here and Robbo wont be taking NI job.... too dangerous
  6. What part of Paisley do u live in... The Harbour 😄
  7. Fair point ...Ok i will rephrase that.... at 1 nil down i would taken a draw
  8. On the plus...we cant drop a further place at weekend... glass three quarters full
  9. Funny...i would have taken a point before game but that hurt...Sevco Sat ...then a break...then a lot of away games.... so that was fecking criminal tonight
  10. 4 places dropped.... from Bayern to Cove in one strike...
  11. Elvis thinks we will lose 3-2 as he is always right
  12. To busy looking up long words for tonights programme
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