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  1. What he said....beautifully put
  2. We only won 12 games last season.... so with 6 to split be sign of progress to win this one....be tough but guys are buzzing.... 4th end of season Robinson should get a knighthood
  3. Yes...just morons .... proving contraception is required more
  4. Personally love to see Fakes down with the druggies.... serves them right for sacking Davidson...Levine is anti football
  5. Think they overreacted.... silly P&B....would give you a like but don't seem to have that function
  6. 39 shots no goals last 2 games...we know what we need to be practicing.... Will come good....3 nil Saints
  7. Cmon mate we have such anti Saint posters...get their jollies on us losing...disappear when we win...should be a qualifying test to get on here.... we would lose at least 5 WUMS and 10 trolls...
  8. Take your pick on this forum full of Saint haters
  9. Look at league table last 2 years....plastic kept them up last year....dont let facts get in the way
  10. Is this his Performance Review 😆
  11. Bad day.....we have had 37 shots no goals last 2 games so we are creating..... so yes that's the focus for sure
  12. You're a waste of a poster yet your still here
  13. Well you should have worked harder so you can put your money were your neg is .... £100 then and you can still buy your woodbine
  14. Bet you a £1000 we are...you game....goes to charity of course
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