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  1. Guys the comedy on here is a bit fin
  2. Hope it doesn't get near the stadium.... it will be doomed
  3. Well they should clean their hands before they touch their masks....ignorance.... death of humanity
  4. I wonder what throwing the book looks like.... is it playing a player who should be self isolating but lied and put 22 players at risk or players going to a pub... Tic and Dons got a fine... so as it St Mirren we will no doubt get a 12 point penalty and a bigger fine.... however if we have broken rules then some people at the club can get their jotters
  5. Manchester waiting on a 56m payout which is £8 per head to enter Tier 3 By my calculation that's just £7m more than Kyle Walker cost City Crazy stupid world isn't it
  6. You mean the games we have lost in the last few weeks ?
  7. Any of our fellow furloughed ? Come end of Oct there will be a new pandemic hitting us...………….. But at least we have Brexit to look forward to
  8. With cases going thru roof and its still only Oct , this COVID factor will just get bigger and bigger, its your Donald Duck ….. I would suggest after 6 defeats no player is irreplaceable but its very clear we have a very small squad, bit disappointed like Lennon at Tic, Goody is bemoaning luck here, health comes first , just get the Czech team that was reassembled in a day attitude and give it our best ………. There are plenty of teams in the lower leagues that have far bigger concerns than us and its time football looked at the Golf model of a bubble
  9. I am sure like many I was appalled to see the continuing circus that is the transfer window, paying billions to players/ agents on the one hand, and then moaning about lack of control and resources on the other...………….. I still laugh when Watford almost got 32m for Troy fecking Deaney, Christ -McBurnie was 20m . So these so called players get paid 100s of thousands a week, in some cases to play in front of eh no one...……… Here is a plan Over the next year , cap wages at 10k a week , reduce PPV fees ( I sound like Shull, but he has a point) and when the fans do come back make it buttons, and with all the money clubs have saved not paying tax dodging Russian and Arabs , they can then vote on set ups...… and have money rather than losing billions...…………. SKY massively to blame here as well...…………. far to many " BIG " clubs- where the only thing that's big is the Debt
  10. Hopefully with 6 goals in last two games , plus QP to come, the team will know the feeling off actually scoring...………… we sit back and admire we will get stuffed but I would like to see us on front foot..... This season of all seasons we cannot go down
  11. Regardless we are not going to Hampden but hopefully thevteam will
  12. Well i aint predicting as demonstrated i cant... but vital we collect wins goals and confidence...... COYS
  13. Which is why i have never won the pools. Delighted though and i will certainly with my skills pick Serbia to thrash us
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