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  1. I buy part of this Cornwall however - The Scots bottled it in 2014 because they believed the shit that was peddled, they were so easily swayed. In 2016 wiser they voted to remain, however lets not forget 1 million Scots voted Leave BUT Scotland is still part of the UK and has been for over 300 years, so its totally irrelevant what we voted, it might not be fair, but hey life isn't really. Boris had a big Bus He now is PM, and has a deal, Lab by the nuts , and will never agree to Indy to unless its 65/35- Lessons learned by a divided Brexit...……….. If the SNP really want Tories out, they should disband and tell everyone to vote Lab, now that will mean the Tories leave, however that's not going to happen because the Nats want Indy. Fine , but its not going to happen. They had a chance in 2015 with 56 MPs, they should have done a Sin Fein , not recognised Westminster... Indy is never easy and certainly never achieved at a ballot box with a wee set of plans...………. Fact is we have the Tories because we have the Nats. Lab used to control 50 seats up here. The Tories must love the Nats
  2. I am not jumping for joy trust me However our "Opposition Parties" have done even less in grasping the opportunity to get shot of the Tories- Jo Swinson with her " build a statue to Maggie, Corbyn with his changing his mind and principles like the weather, and Sturgeon with his her delusional rantings of a united Scotland v Baaaad England . In our past when the Gov was shit you voted them out, it was like getting a new manager ( bar us) you got a bounce. The opposition is a far scarier prospect as none of them have any policies apart from they hate the Tories So- House of Cards- Boris has played this well *( not saying that well is good for us)
  3. Mate, after all this 52/48- 45/55 pish Be good if SNP actually showed a majority as in This Country
  4. I am sure your sister wasn't happy with your arrangement
  5. He doesn't support St Mirren, must be getting confused with Crapielow
  6. Well I am getting married tomorrow , so if we don't take 3 points I will take it personally
  7. Yes and more Scots voted Leave than voted on the European Elections...………. SNPs live in la la land...………. very disappointed the way the party has gone under Sturgeon, she is making a total fool of the Scots and total misrepresentation , last Election they got 38% of the vote, the same figure (38%) that voted to leave, yet they represent the nation…………… they represent themselves
  8. Sturgeon just doesn't get it- why yap on about Indy 2, when its been shown that the SNP's have no ability to compromise...………. First thing- Its a crap deal we will vote it down …………… no respect- I voted Remain- but now we need a deal- we cant remain- country is far to divided Personally I hope the deal goes thru tomorrow However in the true tradition of British Politics it will be Party first Country second. As they know if it passes the Tories will go on the win the GE with a majority...…… Will of the people just doesn't enter into it- 45% say yes in 2014 and apparently its the will of the people now its slightly higher ?
  9. Yes, and the rumblings are growing in NI that the DUP don't have a mandate as they are a minority party. Boris knew he was screwing them He seems to do that quite a lot
  10. Boris, whatever you think of him, has played this well EU like the deal, the Market likes the deal and it delivers the result from 2016 He has set up Lab in particular for a fall, remember so many Lab constituencies voted to Leave and if we don't soon then they will turn away and not many to the silly wee Libs. SNP - still going on "its nae fair" ticket whilst not even talking about what they would do with Indy also will be a silent minority We are shifting right, and I can see the Tories doing what the do best- Spinning a result
  11. Enjoy the pound at $1.27 Be $1.10 on Monday
  12. Dear oh dear- trust me been to Romania many times and they are a wonderful race with 3000 years of culture and heritage. You should try broadening your views and mind before you spout pish.
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