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  1. He was good- shame I have candles that were funnier than Sid Little
  2. @OllieOI64259081 added: "It’s easy for him to say his club have nothing to play for." What exactly are Sevco playing for ? Lose all their games so they can come 3rd ?
  3. Might need to connect first Is he sending some bread and fish anytime soon ?
  4. Oh I forget about God ? Halleluiah.…………… Repent and stop coughing
  5. Sunderland is a very isolated city, with historical poverty it is hardly surprising it is a focal point. It may have a huge local support, however its not by any stretch a big club, years of mismanagement took care of that. Plus- last won anything of note 47 years ago, shows along with their messed up neighbours up the Tyne, the only difference is Mike Bloody Ashley
  6. Yeah, thought so- give you a platform, not one single thought of your own, away back to Google.....
  7. Ok, lets give you a chance to reply rather than cut and paste How would you play this ? What measures if any would you have in place ? Would you have any restrictions ? Would everything be normal- shops, businesses, airports, holidays, mass social gatherings be allowed ? Should we totally ignore advice given ? Answer the above, and you might actually start a debate, as up until now, all you have done is ridicule, quote however, and dismiss actions
  8. Look I liked the guy, but he was still on an ego trip...………… Despite his intervention they still "failed" and they are still " failing". They classify themselves as a BIG club. Well lets look at Sheffield Utd- Huge fan base , were down in the 3rd tier a good few years, but survived, stuck with guy at the helm and now look where they are. Sunderland change directions ever 6 months
  9. Well they did both win the First Division with Saints. Just need Jack to win the Europa League with Hibs, then win 13 EPL titles and its all square
  10. Great title I was expecting something a little more meaty- from a Global Fascist state to 2 people having a wee bitch on a wee radio show.... Adolf Hiram will give you some guidelines
  11. I have absolutely no sympathy for them, a £34m wage bill, average wage 14k a week, crap contracts. For me they embody everything wrong in Football, ala Sevco, throw money at it, anyone's money. The fact that Ross came up against Stendal and lost says it all... That's Charlie character just wanted his name in lights, a glory trip...… 46000 watching a mid table third tier team, still singing " we are the best team in the world " Eh Reality check- does make for some comical viewing and shows that Jack has severe limitations as a manager
  12. If you want a serious debate, and unlike "Andy" just cut and paste Google in its entirety then fine.... How would you exactly roll out social distancing per region ? As in any town/ city/ village over 1000 people must, but a croft on the east end of the Western Isles doesn't. You cant compare, as in the Western Isles will not be policed the same way...……. These measures are obviously a direct result of law, and that law is governed by our Politian's , and it has to be consistent. There may well be far fewer people up north but there are also far fewer GPs, and hospitals, and getting those infected and showing signs is far harder logistically ….. so it balances out.... I don't agree with everything no- but I follow instructions given, because the one thing that is definite , is that this virus kills, NHS are frontline and we have a long way to go...………… at times like these ( i missed the wars) the nation needs to be one, yes it can question, but it also has to abide, otherwise you get nowhere.... I shall look forward to your measured response
  13. Quite obviously you are product of something that comes out of an arse..... maybe we should re introduce self isolation on here, you would fit right in
  14. Preservation of life from an unknown virus is treated seriously, at some stage you and "Andy" will be impacted by this, many many families already are, so I will take my chances with experts and not a couple of fannies on a football forum...………
  15. Yes scary, 563 in UK today and it is now looking like 20000 will be way surpassed
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