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  1. You obviously have not seen him play for us
  2. There is no excuse Fricky As I said earlier the issue is some humans, of whatever colour , they just want to see the world burn
  3. Well I have good info from my McGraw connection at Ton. They are in a huge mess, no new contracts offered until they get confirmation of whats happening. Hearts situation and Thistle is a big impact on finances
  4. If your a FAT Human you might- but Fat Lives matter to
  5. Now that would be lovely But fly in face ever since we walked upright Neanderthal man used to get picked on- ask Shull
  6. If the world is to move on we should not identify by colour of skin Colour of skin is not the issue, the human race is...………..
  7. You would take it out 80% of rap songs by black musicians
  8. Far better than Gordon and cheaper...………….. Can I ask the forum who has re signed for us...……. a bit out of touch
  9. So are Hearts still working behind the scenes to force staying up...….? Of course they are SPFL will cack themselves and simply not promote United- Wright to United would be a great move for them presuming they go up I always harp back to Falkirk not getting promotion because they couldn't get a groundshare agreed, whilst Caley got one with Dons . Our game is a farce, we already have precedence with Highland and Lowland league chances of promotion being scrapped, so what's to stop another U turn, as no doubt SKY will want an Edinburgh derby on the agenda , fixture for the ugly sisters will be delayed until crowds are back- and that will harm our league success chances We are just lucky we are not totally caught up in this I am surprised that Accies and Livi have not been told if they don't reinstall grass their places are at risk...………..
  10. Shame we didn't lose to Hearts …. we would have £8m to play with
  11. Or Hibs, or Dundee Utd With 27 games only they are really going to struggle and if they keep on Stendal it will be League One next As we know, the Championship is bloody hard
  12. Very sad Had the talent to be the best but not the temperament RIP
  13. Yup exactly I seem to remember a Lithuanian Chairman saying they would win the Champions League in 10 years Nearly got it right -----Championship League Naismith and Boyle will be on more a week than Alloa and Arbroath squads combined are paid in a month !!!!
  14. Mate put the fanny on ignore, makes this forum a far more pleasurable experience
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