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  1. The whole issue here is that Harry Davis will earn more with Grimsby than he will with St. Mirren!
  2. which has average attendances 60% higher than the Scottish Championship!
  3. There is a good correlation! I was talking about the standard of an entire league rather than an individual team in any case (thus rendering Slartifart's point irrelevant).
  4. Yeh, oh wait, your point is irrelevant. Yet again!
  5. Now, now Stuart. You know that folk on this site get angry when you start stating the bleedin' obvious! The average attendance in English League One last season was 7,805 and that was with 24 teams. The average in the Scottish Championship was 2,882 with 10 teams. That's a huge gulf! English League One average is 41% higher than the highest single club average in the Scottish Championship! The highest average attendance in League One last season would have been the 3rd highest in Scotland, behind only the Old Firm! 15 clubs in League One had an average attendance higher than the highest in the Scottish Championship. The average of the top 10 in League One is over 4 times higher than the 10 cluns in the Scottish Championship. League One in England is far far ahead of the Scottish Championship!
  6. Oh no, Cockless is threatening legal action again! [emoji23]
  7. I repeated that YOU said it was a foreign bank! You need to stop digging wee man [emoji23]
  8. Yeh, I knew. It was you who gave HSBC as an example of a bank with foreign headquarters operating in the UK! Oh no, "wee man", should have remembered that you were one of the internet hardmen
  9. Ahh, my HSBC foreign bank stalker returns! Best I can do at what?
  10. You've quoted someone else's post and attributed it to me? And @BaldyOzBud has rushed to like it. HSBC is an example of a foreign bank!
  11. Hartson wasn't bookies favourite when I made my prediction. He was middle of the pack. He's odds on fav now. Being front man for their set up is perfect for him.
  12. Hopkin won’t ‘manage’ again. As I predicted, John Hartson is now fav to be appointed as the front for Livi’s managerial set up.
  13. Aye, but IOBS has done a lot of research on this.
  14. Doesn't spoil my day. Your tip changes on a regular basis, Neilson, fat Sally, Oran. Whose next?
  15. Money Clarke Reid McWhirter Munro Stark Fitzpatrick Ferguson Scanlon McAvennie Somner Subs Thomson Copland Lambert Richardson Weir McDougall Abercromby
  16. Thought you were tipping your bluenose favourite, fat sally?
  17. Almost 2 pages of posts all about StuD’s top 4 line. The boring bastard pozbaird even wrote a fucking novel in response. The odious twat. [emoji23]
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