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  1. So you really meant "some"? No sorry if l wasn't clear , l was implying that in your futile attempts to be somehow 'funny' , you come across as being like an individual with under the age of 12yrs . Sorry l didn't realise you are so slow on the uptake . .
  2. Well, I've played it to my daughter (32) and my niece (19) and both of them say they don't know it. Why do you assume "many of us" would have learned it? Because you did? How many is "many"? Well , if you surveryed 2 people it really can't be that many can it ? Do try to keep up . .
  3. Never heard it before. Must have been taught to those of a certain vintage. You are right , l reckon you would need to be over 12yrs old to know it. .
  4. Wee Anxious was more untried than Stubbs , Goodwin and Ross for that matter .
  5. Back in the day when the SNP was a party for independence , before the '79 group hijacked it , this song was regarded as the National Anthem and sung as such at Party events . . . .of course the words are credited to one of the most famous Scotsmen of all time. . Here's a wee bit fae Wiki ; "Scots Wha Hae" (English: Scots, Who Have; Scottish Gaelic: Brosnachadh Bhruis) is a patriotic song of Scotland written using both words of the Scots language and English, which served for centuries as an unofficial national anthem of the country, but has lately been largely supplanted by "Scotland the Brave" and "Flower of Scotland".
  6. This is one that many of us would have been taught at school , therefore should be familiar to us. .
  7. lt would be intersting to see what a Saint Mirren FC game was like back then and hear the banter at the match . The people in that pic all look well dressed and l am sure that is Tom in the foreground . .
  8. Another classic discovery from the Buddie from the Kilbride of the East. .
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