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  1. He won't be back at the Jambos as long as Ann Budge is still there. Hips it is then . .😀
  2. My prediction is , Ross will go to Hips or the Jambosis . .
  3. I take it that the reason you quoted less than one sentence of my post is that you wanted to obfuscate the point l was making . You say "the way to change it is to get richer and bigger" Lol , how do ypou suggest we get bigger , annex Poland ?😃 I find your comparisons don't stand up to scrutiny but l'm sure that most Brexiteers would enjoy your comparing the Eu to a football diddy league , er , entertaining As for it not ending well for the English( you better watch it with that one as the self appointed political correct police might have you), Alex said several times that they were our biggest trading partner so , what doesn't end well for them. .
  4. Sorry Buddie , how could l possibly know you were a snowflake if l have never met you ? If indeed , l had called you a snowflake , no doubt , no doubt you would have called me something like a snowflakist or some other sort of politically correct nonsense . .
  5. Do you lack comprehension? You seem to revert to the attempted insults of a 14year old when you don't get the agreement you crave or concepts become difficult for you . Is that what gives you a wee toffee mallet these days . Your attempts at political correctness are pathetic. .
  6. Moving swiftly from losing the debate and trying to quickly make accusations of racism 🤔
  7. No, I think you knowingly tried to twist what l implied . .
  8. The truth doesn't care if you believe it or not. .
  9. Ordinarily , l'd say you were right but we are now heading into what may well be uncharted waters . The opposition parties were having meetings today so goodness knows what might happen now . . Corporal Jones was right
  10. How could anyone know all the reasons why 17.4 million people vote to leave the EU and to sum it up like that is simply invalidative even for you Wilbur. It is little surprise that remainers get labeled as "sore losers" when statements like your remainer one get banded about. But of course , we are not out the woods yet . The chances are not matter what deal Johnson now comes back with , parlaiment are still likely to vote it down . Despite the bluster , the EU are still likely to grant yet another extension because they still think we will change our minds , they did it to Denmark and they did it to Eire . . Of course the difference here is , the British don't like to be controlled and that will never change . .
  11. As the man said , do your own research or are you on a fishing trip. .?
  12. Do you mean the firth of Forth. . Ah yes , l almost forgot you like your labels. I have never denied that I'm pro leaving , l could just as easily label you an SNP zealot but what would be the point? The so called EU is just a continuation of the German dream for domination of Europe , which dates back to even before their first big push east in 1914. Germany is a very large powerful nation and has been for quite some time , it is only natural that they would want to dominate Europe . Von Kuhlmann , when secretary of state wrote a book about it called , Limited Sovereignity. Its what they learned to do as a nation , Frau Merckel mentioned giving up sovereignity just a short while a go . All that happened was after two wars that they came very close to winning they found that they could achieve their aims by other means . .insideous means I tend to think you don't like to debate anyway and no one is forcing you (hopefully) . If it upsets you that I know that the EU is German dominated then stick me on ignore . The truth doesn't care if you believe it or not . .
  13. We are through the looking glass people It looks like on a few threads now with different individuals , you attempted to obfuscate to try and keep an argument going . The invention of 'looking glass people' looks like another attempt to simply obfuscate. .
  14. Of course , how could it possibly , l do mean possibly , have anything to do with them ? How do you know whit Johnson offered/not offered , does he tell you everything? The reason l don't address any of the points you raise is purely down to my lazyness (obviously) and your ability to only see what you want to see.
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