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  1. saintnextlifetime

    St Mirren v Motherwell Wed 31st Oct

    I have often thought that , we are their bogey team . It will be a great game to attend. .
  2. saintnextlifetime

    Driving in Paisley.

    The roads in the Paisley area have been bad for as long as l can recall . Then there was the harsh winters around 2010-2011 and that made them really bad . They have been playing catch up ever since. They have some seemingly irrational steps where they resurface half a road and then come back about a year later and do the other half . The other longstanding daft procedure is whereby they resurface a road then some other mob come and dig a hole in it , patch and make a right pigs ear of the patch , one winter later that bit of road is f**ked again . . Also , there should be some clause that the contractors have to agree to that means they have to pay another contractor to come and fix the manholes that sink a couple of weeks after resurfacing
  3. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    I'm struggling to think of any benefit we got from them that wasn't paid for , membership also meant turning our backs on very old friends like New Zealand for instance. .
  4. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    Indeed, if you give up membership of a club but continue to enjoy the benefits of membership why would others remain. The Club of Rome has benefitted greatly from its U.K. Member. .
  5. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    If Europe made it easy for The UK to leave , there is a big danger that other countries would follow suit and the house of cards would collapse
  6. saintnextlifetime

    What Makes A Good Driver ?

    There are probably public information films that deal with all of those , there was certainly one that dealt with reverse parking ( as discussed earlier) that featured the famous Reginald Molhusband. .
  7. saintnextlifetime

    What Makes A Good Driver ?

    Modern safety features are bound to have made a big difference. We no longer get the thick fog that used cause huge pile ups and carnage on the likes of the M6 or the M1 because pollution has changed since the 7ts . The eradication of drunk driving must have an impact too but I don't think you can legislate for the other deaths that are still occurring. Might be an idea though for the government to bring back the information films they used to show on the telly. The one about how to merge on the Motorway would be a must .
  8. saintnextlifetime

    Photographs of The Past and Present

    I had buddies who worked on the 104 (Starfighter) when SAL had the contact with RCAF to carry out modifications on them . They refered to it as the widowmaker on account of the losses but the only ever lost one leaving Prestwick and that unfortunate managed to crash into Ailsa Craig. I have seen the Lightening do the take off you mention and it wasn't unusual for them to melt the runway with those two Avons on reheat. . The Vanguard was very comfortable to fly in . .once you got used to the vibration. .
  9. saintnextlifetime

    UK Debt

    I think the fact that he announced he was selling , helped to crash the price . .if only he had worn his wee tinfoil bunnet. .
  10. saintnextlifetime

    UK Debt

    We could have got more for the gold but Gordon gave Der Deutch a very low price. .
  11. saintnextlifetime

    UK Debt

    I think the idea is that the loan just gets serviced and not paid off . The UK did pay off the war debt to the Yanks and the Canadians recently. .however the Yanks still owe way more than us as do the Germans and the US owes over 1 trillion to China alone . . Not worth losing sleep over . I reckon if the Chinese were going to buy America they would have done it by now.
  12. saintnextlifetime

    The Fecking Naany State

    Do you speak English. .
  13. saintnextlifetime

    The Fecking Naany State

    Mainly for the benefit of those who have difficulty actually finding out things for themselves , you wont need your tinfoil bunnet . .just yet. . https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15587829.Number_of_Scots_patients_on_drugs_to_treat_ADHD_at_new_high/ https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2001/apr/22/tracymcveigh.theobserver https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/13948812.Growing_use_of_drugs_to_treat_pupils__damaging__their_education/ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/5308292.stm
  14. saintnextlifetime

    The Fecking Naany State

    As we already ascertained, you are incapable of doing your own research. Your cheap swipes at least make you laugh, a sign of immaturity on your part or has fanny man actually hacked your account?