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  1. https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-10-16-jj-faces-more-lawsuits-injuries-antipsychotic-drugs.html
  2. https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-11-19-big-pharma-boeing-deaths-from-pharmaceuticals-crashing.html
  3. The fake independence Party would like to have an election before Salmonds case comes to court in January, as there lies a potential can of worms for the whole Party . . Fat cat Blackford gets his orders from the Nasty leader. .
  4. He won't be back at the Jambos as long as Ann Budge is still there. Hips it is then . .😀
  5. My prediction is , Ross will go to Hips or the Jambosis . .
  6. I take it that the reason you quoted less than one sentence of my post is that you wanted to obfuscate the point l was making . You say "the way to change it is to get richer and bigger" Lol , how do ypou suggest we get bigger , annex Poland ?😃 I find your comparisons don't stand up to scrutiny but l'm sure that most Brexiteers would enjoy your comparing the Eu to a football diddy league , er , entertaining As for it not ending well for the English( you better watch it with that one as the self appointed political correct police might have you), Alex said several times that they were our biggest trading partner so , what doesn't end well for them. .
  7. Sorry Buddie , how could l possibly know you were a snowflake if l have never met you ? If indeed , l had called you a snowflake , no doubt , no doubt you would have called me something like a snowflakist or some other sort of politically correct nonsense . .
  8. Do you lack comprehension? You seem to revert to the attempted insults of a 14year old when you don't get the agreement you crave or concepts become difficult for you . Is that what gives you a wee toffee mallet these days . Your attempts at political correctness are pathetic. .
  9. Moving swiftly from losing the debate and trying to quickly make accusations of racism 🤔
  10. No, I think you knowingly tried to twist what l implied . .
  11. The truth doesn't care if you believe it or not. .
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