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  1. saintnextlifetime

    I'm Listening To....

  2. saintnextlifetime

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    No , shurly shum mishtake , the game is going on til Aiberdeen score. .
  3. saintnextlifetime

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    Told you. .
  4. saintnextlifetime

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    Is this the Great Escape. .
  5. saintnextlifetime

    Let Me In...............

    As far as , rehabilitate goes , people need to want to be rehabilitated before that works and l very much doubt that is the case with that individual . What would the rehabilitation consist of ? Tea and cake with the vicar. .
  6. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    Oh don't bring her dad into it. Conspiracy after conspiracy, missing abuse files etc Ah now , conspiracy doesn't exist . It was a construct invented by the CIA in the 6ts because people claimed that the Warren Report was a cover-up (how dare they). .there were some interesting people on the Warren Commission . .
  7. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    May wasn't even there for the vote tonight as we move closer to No Deal or an extension but the extension would have to be approved by Eurocrats , are they going to do that ? She has had two years and effectively done he-haw . . Looks like the game is up for the Reverends daughter. .
  8. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    We will go l have no doubt but her deal is worse than the deal we have and puts us in a backstop bubble with no article 50 to trigger to get out of it. . I think she will attempt to put a political gun to the head of her Party and say my way or a long delay. . She is now obvious despite herself.
  9. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    There is no doubt that May is duplicitous and is pro - Europe just like every PM going back to McMillan with the exception of Thatcher who turned her coat near the end ( and got tufted out by her own for it). But what is in it for May as she sells her country down the swany. .
  10. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    There is duplicity in what May is saying and that has been the case from the start . We have a very interesting situation where a Party of remainers is led by a leaver and a Party of leavers is being led by a remainer , doing her best to please Herr Juncker. .
  11. saintnextlifetime

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    I couldn't really give a f**k that is flying about what they think or say , it just seems totally irrelevant whatever it is. .
  12. saintnextlifetime

    Time for Change

    Indeed , also has had more aliases than a thing that has lots of aliases. . funny as f**k mind
  13. saintnextlifetime

    Time for Change

    How many times has that guy been banned ? He probably thinks people dob him in everytime he gets banned but Div probably just notices it. . You are accurate about not engaging with him as he obviously gets a wee toffee mallet by twisting everything Buddies say. .
  14. saintnextlifetime

    Time for Change

    Whilst most of that is accurate and l do think you are right , l think it might help if you don't read what is in the wank tank , as you say people that are in there are there for a reason so don't go in it . . There has been very little moderation for a long time and it is amazing what some have got away with. .
  15. saintnextlifetime

    Welcome Duckens Nazon

    Get Carswell on. .