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  1. saintnextlifetime

    Free Energy For Your Home And Car

    Despite your self-promulgated intelligence and "expertness" you constantly miss the point and have become nothing short of a little troll . . And it is Nikola not f**king Nicolas
  2. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

  3. saintnextlifetime

    Free Energy For Your Home And Car

    It certainly sounds like the world you live in . You obviously don't know much about the concept of Free Energy and Nicola Tesla . Try taking off your tinfoil hat someday . .
  4. saintnextlifetime

    Le Tour 2018

    Indeed , Paul will be missed as a commentator but he was also a very good rider in his day and was well respected in the TDF. .
  5. saintnextlifetime

    It Could Be Worse (No Need For Panic)

    Indeed , football does change very quickly , Shankland missed a penalty for us in that game and now he scores for fun with the Honest Men. .
  6. saintnextlifetime

    St Mirren Reserves 2018/19

    My mates son was playing in the game , he said it finished with a Saints win also. .
  7. saintnextlifetime

    Britain's third Tour de France Winner. .

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/sports-personality/46566121 . .
  8. saintnextlifetime

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    It is not a secret now though. .
  9. saintnextlifetime

    Free Energy For Your Home And Car

    Dont think he did , he must be loving it there , that is now his third trip . .enjoy the delights of a Robert free Forum. .
  10. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    Nice. . Definition of destroy transitive verb 1 : to ruin the structure, organic existence, or condition of destroyed the files also : to ruin as if by tearing to shreds The best-known example is our fishing industry – although, even in this case, I doubt that most people are aware of the full extent of the damage. Britain used to enjoy fishing areas that extended up to 200 miles from our coast. Under the terms under which we joined the EU, this distance was reduced to just 12 miles – and even that has depended on a concession that has to be renewed every 10 years. The biggest effect on this once-great industry was in the early years. But even now, the damage continues. British landings of fish were down to 756,000 tonnes in 2014 – a 19 per cent decline since 1998. We have lost access to fishing sales that would otherwise now be worth £2 billion a year. And the EU rules are crass and wasteful into the bargain, with thousands of tonnes of fish being discarded – just thrown away. As if this were not bad enough, we have to donate British taxpayers’ money to other fishing countries – particularly Greece and Poland. Many of us will have had forebears who fought in the wars of the last century when Britain went to war to preserve the sovereignty of European nation states . Then Ed Heath came a long and by the stroke of a pen , began the process which meant the gradual surrender of British sovereignity , to an undemocratic supersate designed by Germans for the benefit of Germany the only country to benefit financially from the "Club of Rome". . EEC, EU , Fourth Reich , Europe. .
  11. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    And what ? I don't see any less cars in the shops either. .
  12. saintnextlifetime

    Free Energy For Your Home And Car

    l bet he is actually disappointed that there is not an unicorn in his back garden , as it would fit in well with the rest of his fairytale world he lives in with no vested interest , no big corporate avarice and no corruption . .
  13. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    We do need to walk away and we are not alone as a country in wanting to do that. If this is what it is like try to break 40 yrs of union what would it be like trying to break a 300yr old union. .or are those Europeans just trying to make it bloody difficult. .
  14. saintnextlifetime

    Brexit Negotiations

    Equally, there is no way they want to lose all those imports the UK get . With the UK indigenous car industry all but destroyed by various parties , the biggest importer of German cars is the UK . . The EU is playing us to try and force us to stay in their corrupt club that has already destroyed Scotlands fishing industry. .