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  1. I can say all the above about you too! The fact is that Stubbs didn't say that the players needed to impress him or they'd be shipped out. You can neither show me a quote where he did nor a quote that infers he meant this. You just made it up and every post since then has been whataboutery! Over and out!
  2. I thought you weren’t going to reply again? And I haven’t agreed anything with you!
  3. Yeh, in your case it means that you've just made it up! That's my final reply to you on this.
  4. If its self explanatory then please quote me the line where Stubbs says that players have to impress him or be shipped out.
  5. And? You’ve stated that Stubbs has said that the players have to impress him or they will be shipped out. IBOS says that Stubbs has said that certain players aren’t pulling their weight. I’ve simply asked you both to supply the quotes from Stubbs which say this. Of course, you can’t, cos the 2 of you just made it up!
  6. Show me where he has said this? Nothing pedantic about it... you've just made it up! And he didn't say that some of the players weren't pulling their weight either as IBOS suggested!
  7. You want me to provide the quotes from Stubbs that don't actually exist because you and IBOS made them up?
  8. Your first 3 words would have sufficed!
  9. No, you and Poz certainly aren’t! [emoji23] #teamthickasfcuk Reduced to filling his post with emoji’s.... even faraway gave that up a long time ago! PS, do you know how to tell the time or is it just dates you don’t understand! [emoji23]
  10. Leaving aside the fact the we are talking about the evening times article, please let us have the directly attributable quotes from Stubbs in today’s PDE.
  11. His comment was directed at YOU! I haven't made up anything. The jorno, IOBS and yourself have all made up stuff and tried to pass it off as comments that Stubbs has made about the current players!
  12. IOBS did!. See below. You stated that Stubbs said that the players will need to prove themselves or be shipped out. Its simple. Just show us where he has said these things!
  13. What has any of that got to do with what Stubbs has said? Please show me where Stubbs has said anything that remotely correlates to what you claim he has said......
  14. The quote above is the only time that Stubbs mentions the current players. Can IOBS or St. Ricky please tell us how they come to the conclusion that any of the players either aren't pulling their weight, or will need to prove themselves?
  15. In other words you've just made it up! Please quote anything that Stubbs is actually quoted as saying that backs up this:
  16. Quite right. The actual quotes from Stubbs himself are not in line with most of the article or the headline. Its a shame that boo boys like IOBS and St Ricky have taken the jorno's comments as an opportunity to slag off the players!
  17. You've just made that up as well! Show us actual quotes from Stubbs himself that backs up what you just posted....
  18. No, Stubbs doesn't say that in the interview either. That's your words! In any case, a player not coming up to the mark in terms of quality is not the same as player not pulling his weight! Typical of a boo boy like you to slag off the players!
  19. But where did he say that some of the players weren’t pulling their weight?
  20. More boo boy bashing of Stubbs and the squad! Can you provide a link to where Stubbs said that some of the players weren’t pulling their weight? I agree with the first 7 words of your third sentence though. [emoji12]
  21. He didn’t say that from what I read. He hasn’t even seen them in training yet. All he said was that he didn’t think some of the players were good enough. It’s a shame that you are casting aspersions on Stubbs and the squad already.
  22. Aye, you and pozbaird! [emoji23] Worked out the dates yet Cockless coward? [emoji23] #actualthickasfcuk
  23. He is now that pozbaird has disappeared, presumably cos of his guilt and shame! [emoji23] It’s ironic that a poster who posted so much about who he thought should go into the ‘Wank Tank’ (as he called it) in order to give everyone some peace, came into the ‘Wank Tank’ and fell on his own sword! Hopefully he’ll stay in his own personal Wank Tank for good. The odious little wanker that he is. [emoji23] At least he had a degree of intelligence mind, if a lack of self awareness. Cockless is just plain stupid! [emoji23]
  24. Have the voices in your head explained to you how to read dates? [emoji23] #actualthickasfcuk
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