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  1. I don't understand why Celtic loan out players outside the SPL. Surely this season being the most important, you'd imagine they would lend out players to teams to help defeat Rangers.
  2. Going back a few years to Love Street I thought there was much more humour and many more songs sung on the terraces.
  3. It has been said, that we didn't foresee a victory yesterday and no doubt one on Wednesday either but certainly, the lack of basic skills does send shivers of pessimism of fighting against relegation once again. For the last few years we've all had this conversation before and here we are again. Jim being a defender, as a player, has concentrated on defence given the players he's signed but there is a lack of forwards which hopefully can be resolved before the transfer window closes and I'm sure he will bring someone in. With regard to the 'missing' mid-field, we await the recovery of Flynn and Magennis who I'm sure will improve matters. Whilst the victory over Livingston was a relief, there were long periods of us being pinned into our own box. Nevertheless, it was a success but the forthcoming game against Hamilton may prove to be pivotal on how and if we have progressed since last season.
  4. I feel all our pre-season optimism has gone out the window after that performance. This wasn't due to the Rangers' superiority but down to our inability to simply pass the ball and stop the ball from bouncing off players when receiving a pass. Give it a rest FFS and comment on the game.
  5. We are nervous and can hardly string two passes together BUT, towards the end of the half Rangers were slowing down a bit and Saints' confidence is getting better. Durmus is having the worst performance I've ever seen. Its now up to JG to install confidence and start an attacking formation. We could still do it
  6. When you go to an away game you audibly encourage the Saints to win and the players do hear that. Unfortunately, on the telly that is not possible and to do so in this situation is simply a donation to The Rangers Football Club.
  7. Given our budget and the quality of the forwards we have now, JG's decision to let Danny go was a big mistake. Good luck Danny.
  8. Wouldn't it be the case that you will be buying from whatever team we're playing television service? They couldn't be worse than the ours.
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