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  1. The brick wall in front runs along the road up to the school. After I left school (The West) we'd go play football every day.
  2. I thought by this time we would have seen Flynn getting a game. Similar to Danny Mullen if he doesn't come on in Saturday's game I don't think we'll see him again.
  3. Maybe it disappeared because of HT. Given the comments on here I don't know if it would be worth watching.
  4. As I say, it is something that should be practised and tried. It certainly takes a lot of composure to attempt it.
  5. " Ok guys come over here a minute...Jake, FFS maintain your social distancing how many times do I need say that? Right, I'm going to talk about a type of shot - an attempt on goal. It's almost extinct, historical and very rarely seen nowadays. It's called the 'lob'. This should be used when you've got defenders in front of you. Rather than shoot, which will likely be blocked, pretend to shoot and defenders slide in front of you, the goalkeeper thinking you are going to shoot will come off his line to narrow angle leaving substantial space behind him. That's when you lob the ball over their heads and of course into the net. Ok guys give it a try tomorrow" 😁
  6. Good news. Really, given all the consequences of penalising us (and other teams who were not involved) it surely couldn't be anything else. The SPFS's reputation has been saved - by their own decision.
  7. In recent times there has been a debate as to whether a player should go down if there's been some form of illegal contact. As we've seen in other games, the football pundits have said, 'had he gone down he would have won a penalty'. I think that our penalty was a wrong decision but, in the current culture of penalty box activity where players artistically manipulate the rules ie. 'dives', Erwin succeeded and he could be complimented. Had that draw yesterday saved us from relegation, Erwin would have been praised as a hero.
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