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  1. In the last three games we've only had four shots on target with most of the misses going over the bar. This is basic trying to keep the ball down and that means hitting it with the right part of the foot; you know, school boy stuff. I think the players we have are reasonable what we need to improve on is the coaching.
  2. Could you greenkeepers out there explain to me why we keep watering the pitch when the ball is held up in the water and players are sliding all about the place. Crazy!
  3. Well, Danny will be back in the side; our record last season was pretty good against them; we are due a win and this game could signify a change in fortune; with hearts being the favourites our psychology will be in gear. COYS!
  4. In today's Paisley Express (paper version, no link) Danny emphasised the need to get him back in the team if you want goals. Good on you, Danny!!
  5. Oooh that was pish. Blissfully, we had a one man advantage for a chunk of the game otherwise we would have lost. McAllister never did anything right; the reason? He was totally unfit. Morias has a 100% work-rate but 9% of goal bound efforts. The ball seems to bounce off him and goes in any direction except between the posts. I could go on but I'm really getting tired of all of this. Our frustration goes on and on and on.
  6. Hmmm... let me think...Salah?...Aguero?...Sterling? Let me put it this way, how much money do you want the club to spend? Or another way, what 'regular goalscorer' do we have in the squad that you would recommend?
  7. How do you define a, 'proven goal scorer'?
  8. He was our highest goal scorer of last season. Does that rule him out of the first team appearance?
  9. Now, I like Goodwin and he really is turned on to succeed and I've given him some leeway up to now but there is one prominent question I'd like an answer to and that is: why hasn't our top goal scorer from last season, Danny Mullen, not been given a reasonable time to perform?
  10. The weather forecast for Dingwall on Saturday is horrendous.
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