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  1. This season will, hopefully, be a historic one where we reach the top 6 and against all odds, defeated Sevco in their expected deliverance of a treble. That result has proved to be the most glorifying against them in many a year.
  2. When visiting Hawkhead cemetery yesterday, I came across these two headstones of dedicated Saints fans.
  3. One of the worst performances of the season. Certainly, when Erwin came on he made a difference - we got worse. I don't see what Jim sees in him.
  4. We've been here before, get subs on as we're heading for a defeat.
  5. https://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/homes-and-gardens/scottish-town-named-as-britains-top-property-hotspot-3141014
  6. I was a ballboy at the time he played at Love St. Getting a close-up behind the goals you could see he was forceful and aggressive. Could do with him now.
  7. Tommy White; one of the best centre forwards we've ever had. Scored 20 goals in 35 appearances.
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