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  1. That will be the Brickwell's /Paisley Theatre before the Clean Air Acts finally arrived!
  2. I don't think it's pertinent that Tony wrote or didn't write statements. Politicians have speech writers and civil servants to articulate policy statements but I very much doubt that Tony has a major input on policy formation. He is essentially a PR figurehead based upon his historical footballing connection with the club.
  3. I just want maximum exposure to the mistake of letting Danny go.😊
  4. For give me for not posting in 'Other Football' but I'm looking forward to seeing oor (once upon a time) Danny Mullen tomorrow night's game between Dundee and Hearts on the telly. Come on Danny!
  5. Without investigating the underlying chemical processes which the European Food Safety Authority have outlawed I can only take their word for it and I'm happy to do so. Absolutely. Yeah, ostensibly, it does look like a contradiction.
  6. When chlorinated chicken arrives here those who will campaign against it beware... https://theintercept.com/2020/10/10/new-documents-reveal-how-the-animal-agriculture-industry-surveils-and-punishes-critics/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=The Intercept Newsletter
  7. Yes, perhaps optimistic but not unrealistic. Other clubs search for potential players at a young age who they see as an investment too. English Premier clubs don't always spend millions they have the resources to nurture potentials and Ethan is one of them. His aplomb is distinctive so watch this space (I should have been a chief scout)!
  8. No, don't panic, he's not away just yet. After watching Saturday's game one thing clearly stood out for me and that was his accuracy and pace of the ball in the passes he made. His style of play would certainly redirect him towards the attention of potentially bigger clubs, and yes, bigger than St Hibs (I like that description from Yflab). Indeed, I would go as far as to say that come the end of this season it wouldn't surprise me to see approaches from clubs in the English Premier. He could well be the best player in a generation to have been brought up in the club. I don't know how long his contract lasts but I do hope our club gets it right by the time he wants to go and receive a decent return on our investment.
  9. Danny Mullen has scored for Dundee. Glad JG got rid of him.
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