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  1. I don't know what Danny Mullen has to do to get a start to a game.
  2. Once again Danny Mullen made a great contribution. It's time Danny was in the lineup at the very start - long overdue.
  3. Playing school football in the 50s was terrifying when you had to header a wet cudger. And, I'll tell you this...eh...........eh....
  4. I do really hope the club AND our fans give the visiting fans a very warm welcome.
  5. Average salary for Saints players is £48000. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-close-gap-celtic-wage-21225252
  6. I only saw the second half but I thought SJ were the worst team we've played this season. If we could have played a little more football we could have won it easy. Too much punting the ball up the park.
  7. Why display the away strip for the home match?? Our identity is oot the windae.
  8. Graham, the brother of Antrin, passed away yesterday. A steadfast Saints fan.
  9. No need to change you seat, just turn round and face the pitch. If you read my post I referred to the effort they put in not how successful they were.
  10. When we arrive home after a performance like that last night our angst, frustration and accusatory comments are rife as seen from the comments above. However, the following day after we have slept and had time to reflect on the game we....still remain totally pissed off!!! Anyway, a couple of positives for me were Danny Mullen who gave his all, running back to help the defence and the next moment up front trying to control the punts from the back. Likewise with Ryan Flynn who always gives us 100%. OK, little or no impact on goal but given the overall team effort these two guys deserve our support.
  11. Our goalkeeper earned his wages tonight - dealing with pass-backs.
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