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  1. As you've discovered reading these pages there are differing opinions on what constitutes a 'St Mirren' strip. What I drew attention to at the very beginning of this thread was our 'Rangers' styled socks we had last season which, for me, was outside the confines of what most of us would consider as being 'St Mirren'. Regarding the jersey, your preference is for the two stripe design - fine. My preference is for more stripes. As with succeeding generations, the choice tends to gravitate into tradition and modernity on how designs emerge. Clearly, in recent years the modern (perhaps driven by commercialism) design has been uppermost in the club's choice. As I've said all along, whatever strip is decided upon, let the fans contribute to that decision. No big deal.
  2. Taken by a Finnish football photographer. Where where Saints playing?
  3. Why not? Community is defined by the Oxford dictionary as, 'A group of people living together and practising common ownership'. It is simply getting people involved in the interaction of St Mirren FC. It doesn't cost the club money to get the opinion of fans of the design of the strip. 'One for all and all for one'. The more fans are invited to participate the stronger the club becomes.
  4. It's not about an 'old' or 'new' strip, it's about IDENTITY. - what people recognized as a St Mirren strip. If the club can't come back to ask the fans their opinion on something as basic as this then the concept of community club is a facade.
  5. I take it the Saints were in a period of poor form?
  6. I believe there are threads regarding signings. This one concerns the strip.
  7. Well, well, well. What should I say about this strip?? The two stripes have changed from the two white stripes of this season to two black stripes. I agree with those who are aghast at the lack of stripes especially at the back (are we sure Danny didn't lean against a newly painted white wall?). At least the shorts are white which differentiates us from Dunfermline - that I welcome. But, as I said at the beginning, we need some consistency in a recognised design. OK, if seasonal differences are important then change the design of the neck or something but not the crucial symbol of St Mirren - Black and White stripes ie. more than two!!! Nah, I'm not enthusiastic about this jersey.
  8. Let me explain... I said that. ' I can think of numerous threads which are more unworthy than this.' So, where do I say that the thread is, 'worthy'? I said the thread is 'unworthy' but there are threads worse that this one. (I'm exhausted, phew!)
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