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  1. TBH you being "sure" really isn't much comfort.
  2. So where, exactly, are we in this signing frenzy? I'm not saying where we are is a disaster but only an eejit would not see not having a manager is probably damaging? I agree we can only do what we can but the decision to let Kearney go has NOT helped our preparation. key point is this situation, IMO, could have been avoided with some serious effort from the chairman. I, unlike some , have nothing against GS, but this is down to him as he could, IMO, made more real effort to keep Kearney.
  3. Good point, pardon the pun, but the league is what it is, played over 38 games. There was some trumpet who said if we'd played another game we would have been 10th, if yer granny etc. We are almost into July and are behind in making any new additions to the squad. No manager, no new players and there's no doubt, IMO, this puts us in a position of catch up. I do like "Top4Tony"......................I may borrow that in the future.
  4. Speculations at best. Also managers would prefer to have been, at least, part of the scouting process as he will be the person setting out the team. To suggest we are not in a position of catch up is, frankly, wishful thinking as we are currently, doing exactly that with most teams.
  5. ^^^^^^ More slippery than an eel covered in oil.
  6. A predicted, or dreamed up, 12% increase after we've played in the top league with the obvious increased away support that brings, is more than unlikely. There is a ceiling that the home support can increase by, and as Jaybee suggests, it would need an unrealistic run of form to take us into the top 4 of the league to generate such interest. Although performances without results is a sure way of losing support and belief. Maybe Ricky is Tony, they have a similar outlook.
  7. And that means? Please, no more "made up stuff", my heads bursting, as is my bladder.
  8. Another fantastic take on things with no facts to back it up, go'on yersel. Wasn't only a few days ago people, cough cough, were bleating about the lack of facts?
  9. Not quite sure what a bereavement has to do with things TBH. That could be taken anyway you choose. Of course people have a choice to make, you seem hell bent on selling a family's happiness is based on staying put? His wife and family might be quite happy, or they might not, you don't know that. Moving home is not the end of the world or a family's happiness. I fully respect anybody's choice, including Kearney who I didn't rate, but the crux seems to be there was a change in the previous arrangement. As you say, if he choose to stick with is previous commute, that's entirely his choice. Anyhow, the whole debacle has done the club no favours.
  10. That's understandable but plenty of people do relocate. IF Kearney had moved his family over there probably would have been more opportunities in Scotland to further his career in football IF he'd wanted the challenge, and wouldn't have had to move every 2 or 4 years. The thing is the whole escapade isn't about relocation as the set up from last year seemed to be ok, although, again, I didn't rate him as a manager the travel etc wasn't a major issue, until now. Whatever the real reason is I feel he's been let down, as have many supporters, and, more importantly, the club.
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