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  1. Unless it comes from Sweep I'm no believing it.
  2. The way the Liverpool games going United could get something, who'd have thunk that............................
  3. ^^^^^^ Off your head, but nice story.
  4. The drinks bill was massive, never again.
  5. Biggest 1-0 score as I've seen for a while. Poor United, Fergie must be greetin.
  6. 1-0 half time, United getting a doing, could/should have been 4 One, wrongly IMO, knocked off for a foul on the over rated De Gea, Mane missed 2 great chances. Liverpool are like United in their glory, tempo, skill and great movement all over the park.
  7. Liverpool 1-0 United, 15 mins, big Virgil.
  8. Gave up watching this shite, Liverpool v Man Utd for me.
  9. Dundee United 1-1 Hibs, half time. Overall been pish poor. Hibs been the better side, United get a goal from nowhere. Dreary.
  10. Jeezo, I've no enough time to post my list. 😂
  11. St Mirren, as of now, are 50/1 to win the cup. It'll be interesting to see the odds after the draw. Arbroath, still to overcome Falkirk, would be a great draw.
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