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  1. So did you but something went wrong and slowly but surely you've went off the rails. Pity but it's all down to you, nothing else has changed......................................
  2. There's too many in here, one in one out.................................
  3. It used to be ok in here but it's recently got shite. Can @div grant me a pardon?
  4. It didn't feel a thing. It was the children I felt sorry for, you were on Blackpool beach.
  5. But you begged me for pictures and you reciprocated by sending me pictures you shagging that donkey. You disgust me........although that dodgy website did pay me plenty for the pic's of you and the donkey.
  6. You wurnie invited, as usual.
  7. What's happened to you, big fella?

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Binned for nothing, along with Ricky (deserved) and Shull (probably deserved)

  8. Motherwell cost me last night, had them, Rangers at -1 and PSG.
  9. Just watched re-runs of Total Wipeout, still amusing.
  10. Could you hurry up, a big weekend of sport coming up.
  11. Another classic from some BBC halfwit reporter.................... The location of that blast couldn't have been in a worse place. Well, ya diddy, it COULD have, as the location at the docks meant approx half the blast went out to sea with little or no damage. I'd suggest if it was at the centre of the city that would have been the worst place. Still, the death count will surely rise considerably, currently estimated to be 137, with thousands injured and many still missing. Again, I have never seen such an explosion, certainly unrelated to a war.
  12. Aye, ok, free pie & bovril included?
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