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  1. Aye, only teeny weeny wee tyres right enough.
  2. It's all kicking off, as expected, with Mr Salmond giving his side of things right now. Popcorn time.
  3. How does a team get enough points to get into the top 6? Draw all the games 0-0. 😂 What a stupid post.
  4. The Liberal Club. Sorry. Unlucky. The winner, I was going to say something like "The Malacca" but well done @antrin It seemed to have about 20 tables, although being very dark it was hard to make out the detail of the inside of the building. Smoking was allowed in them days, not by me I might add.
  5. AC are still slightly on dodgy ground, only going through on away goals at the minute against Red Star. Roma are as good as through.
  6. Some big guns waiting in the next round. Man Utd, Spurs, Arsenal, Ajax, AC Milan* for starters. Draw to be made tomorrow.
  7. Aww naw, that doesn't count then, they're oot.
  8. I could just have said "I umnie" but I gave you one clear example to contradict your massive, wrong, assumption. I have hunners. Let's leave it at that, it could get messy.
  9. Rangers 5-2 Antwerp, 9-5 on agg.
  10. Might be the first expert to get something right.
  11. Rangers 4-2 Antwerp, 79 mins, quite a performance and result. Roll on the next round.
  12. Bejings, Rangers 3-2 Antwerp, Rangers were 3-1 up but them pesky Belgians struck back quickly. 57 mins.
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