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  1. Hearts 2-0 Celtic, pie eating Shankland scores again. 49 mins. Correction, still 1-0, offside. Shankland will need to wait for his 27th goal this season. I'm sure some of our learned supporters said the Championship was his level.
  2. Hearts 1-0 Celtic, hearts awarded a penalty very similar to the one we didn't get recently. Celtic also been down to 10 men since the 15th minute. 44 mins.
  3. Went to see a George Michael tribute, FASTLOVE, on Friday night at the P&J in Aberdeen. Always a worry when going to see someone take on someone who I thought was a superb singer. Have to say this guy was very good, and he had a great set list which kept the crowd on their toes from the first or second song. A strong 9/10 from me. There was a nice lady next to us who'd seen George Michael 11 times and she'd seen this guy once before. I think someone who was a serious George Michael fan returning to see him says a lot.
  4. Again, VAR got the decision correct but WHY the length of time? Surely 30 seconds was enough to see if it was inside the box?
  5. After the dramatic, understatement , finish yesterday a massive game coming up in a couple of weeks. A win here and we'll have daylight between us and Killie. Getting close to the split and every point is critical. Killies home form is very similar to ours but, surprisingly, our away form is better than many would have thought, not great but sitting in middle of the pack is reasonable. AWAY FORM LEAGUE TABLE
  6. My losing streak this year pretty much continues, I've been hitting the post but not scoring for weeks now. The bet below sums up my luck since the turn of the year................ Then again, at half time we were 5/1 which was generous as we were still the better team. Still doesn't come close to recouping my 2024 bets, getting fed up with betting TBH.
  7. Aye, a wins a win but THAT was such a lift fir the players, manager and fabs. Brilliant.
  8. Only an idiot would have thought I was laughing at our score. 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Well, well , well, that's the St MIrren way...............................
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