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  1. I pride myself in being able to keep a secret especially one THIS big, now stop bullying me, ya trumpet. 🎺
  2. I sit in meetings with COSLA representatives monthly. They are extreme pesimists constantly berating a lack of cash. The article admits it would need a law change and it's being championed by a labour MSP. 50% will never happen. I'd be stunned with even 20% of that. It's the start of horse trading with the SG over Covid mitigation funds. Expect a lot more of those sort of headlines from COSLA and the LAs in the lead up to budget time in December There's a gaping hole, cash will be needed or massive cuts are ahead. You don't get nothing for nothing.
  3. I wouldn't get your hopes up on the bad news.
  4. I'm gagging to say but it's still at the discussion stage so no point, but it's as BIG as it gets.
  5. Aye, top secret, it'll be front page headlines. 🙈
  6. C/tax rises cannot happen mid financial year and in Scotland are capped. They go up by virtually the maximum permissible every year so nothing new here. Times are a changing.......................Council group warns of 50% council tax rise unless law is changed to help local authorities https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/council-group-warns-50-council-22271462
  7. Fat Mike is back in Town. Sports Direct got them by the nads???? Naw.
  8. Be prepared for a possible MASSIVE announcement that will rumble up the troops. Oh, if this comes through I'll be needing LOTS of popcorn.
  9. No sure if this is the right place but this is an interesting wee watch....................
  10. To be fair to the arbroath epidemiologist I did chose a day. However had I chosen a week or even a month it wouldn't have been better reading for England. Thanks Google.
  11. Five, yes five,of my last 50 posts have been directly, or indirectly, aimed at this clown yet dimwits still see it as "tit for tat". This will probably count as six from fifty one.
  12. No, a fact, don't you understand facts?
  13. Firstly, if Thicky was trolling you all over the forum you might feel the right to respond. Secondly I was aiming my last few posts in this thread at Bazil, when you decided to play to the crowd and give us all your opinion. Thirdly, don't you fecking call me up for calling anyone stupid, even when it's true, as you resort to similar terms when your under pressure. (See just a couple of classics below) Kindly take your opinion and shove it. As you kindly point out he is a sad old troll who is allowed to mess up the forum for me, and plenty of others. That's the real issue here. Ignore isn't the answer IMO , and I post about 10 posts in every other thread to the the few I respond to him. PS And he's a lying cnut, see his latest shite below.
  14. @TPAFKATS done it for a single day, didn't you notice? 🤪
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