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  1. Getting deeper and deeper. 😆😆😆
  2. TBH his attempt to cover up his fcuk up is funnier than the fcuk up. Anyhow, have we signed anybody yet?
  3. A typo? ManU need to do something to maximise their investment in Grealish, who is not providing the glory for which they paid a big fee. maybe Grealish DOES need wee John to kickstart him…?
  4. THEN you have this........................ makes you wonder if any of these experts know what the fcuk they're talking about, could they be members of the forum? However, Dr David Nabarro, a World Health Organisation (WHO) special envoy for COVID-19, warned that "it’s going to be bumpy" before life can resume some semblance of normal. He told Sky News: “Though it’s possible to start imagining that the end of the pandemic is not far away, just everybody be ready for the possibility that there will be more variations and mutations coming along, or that there will be further challenges, other surges of even Omicron coming.” Nabarro added children do not get very ill from COVID-19, and “we’re going to have children acting as vectors of the virus for some time to come”. He said there was a need to still be “respectful of this virus”, adding: “Do what you can to stop transmitting it. Do what you can to protect others from being affected by it. It’s not the common cold. “I know people would like it to be but it’s a virus that has still some really unpleasant features. Let’s do our best to protect people from it if we possibly can.”
  5. But some have said there is light at the end of tunnel, with Dr Mike Tildesley, member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Modelling group (Spi-M), said that he hoped that by the end of the year the nation would have a “flu-type” relationship with COVID-19. He told BBC Breakfast: “Say we get into a situation where the virus becomes very, very mild and we are living alongside it – we’re not there yet, but hopefully we will be at some point this year – then we do need to talk about not just cases but also hospital admissions and the number of people who are dying with the disease. Dr Tildesley added that, generally speaking, new variants of viruses tend to be more transmissible but “also generally milder”, adding: “So my hope is that as we get further into this year and, next year, we are dealing with milder versions of COVID and hopefully we have more of a flu-type relationship with COVID where potentially we protect the vulnerable as we get into the colder weather, but we don’t see a return of restrictions.”
  6. Check again, just in case we've all made a fcuk up. 🙄
  7. He's got the front to call people stupid for a predictive text error. 😆😆😆
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^ Gagging for attention. Anyhow, to summarise, this variant is all but done, all numbers dropping, by the end of Jan or mid February surely restrictions should be all gone, even for the ever cautions Nicky? Oh, what happened to the "predicted" upsurge when schools returned?
  9. Well, it would need to be accurate to be on your walloper, ya walloper. 😛
  10. Looking forward to stories of unvaccinated wallopers kicking up a fuss when they get challenged for proof. 😉
  11. The midfield didn't provide enough cover...........................................and don't mention the forwards, missed 15 sitters, could have won 16-15. In other words, they're shite.
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