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  1. Plenty of goals yesterday, not sure about tonight. Fulham's wee run of form has deserted them, and Burnley have also dropped off recently. Away win?
  2. Which I pointed out earlier, yet he squirmed his way around his stupid statement.
  3. Jeezo, are you for real? Somebody point out to this dimwit here's our strikers goal tally and goals per 90 mins, confident we're fine.
  4. Well, we have beaten Rangers and Celtic so we have something. Consistency and a settled team/patters seems to elude us. The amount of games we have players that show an alarming drop in quality is frightening. Look at today, the number of times we hoofed the ball upfield to absolutely no one was shocking. Remember this team is Goodwins team, no excuses that get rolled out year after year. Overall I think he's, the manager, done quite well. 7/10 for me.
  5. If you read the match day threads they tell a very different story. Baffling line ups, even more baffling substitutions. There's little doubt we started the Livingston semi final on the back foot due to team selection and tactics/approach. Can't say the same today, we, at times, played decent but real good managers get the best from what they have. I'm not in the "get rid" camp, far from it, but there's no doubt, IMO< Goodwin has made plenty of mistakes. Look at the Chelsea manager, same players, different world of results since he took over.
  6. They'll be a few hangovers on here tomorrow.
  7. I agree on the first part, despite the disappointment, we've done better than we've done for many a year, that shouldn't be forgotten. On the second part, there's no reason St Mirren can't equal the likes of St Johnstone. To simply accept our players were "inconsistent" isn't, IMO, good enough. St Johnstone have a manager who get's the best out of what he has, it's what good managers do.
  8. Stuck this on at half time, the stats for the United game suggested they were well in it and they are a good second half team. As for our game, St Johnstone were, simply, the better team.
  9. Dennis's chance was much easier than Quaners first chance. he should have done better with the header.
  10. 2-1, final score, ach, had our chances TBH, although they were the better team. We need a striker, for starters.
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