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  1. That's our away form picked up already. 🙄
  2. Been chatting to a few bar/restaurant owners over here in Tenerife and they haven't seen any drop in custom as yet. They are aware of rising costs and are doing what they can to keep prices reasonable, I've not really noticed any astronomical rises in food/drink. However this could possibly change the longer this hoes on. I'll be back next year and it'll be interesting to see if there's any major impact.
  3. I genuinely get the issues around VAR but the selective use of ONLY the negatives is unsurprisingly all too common. Anyhow, as previously suggested, the Japanese are truly grateful for technology getting them, rightly, into the last 16 of the World Cup.
  4. OK, it's knock-out from now on, surely less " surprise" results? Holland just to sneak it in a close game with the USA and similar with Argentina to squeeze past Ausralia.
  5. Not quite how I envisaged it but got that right. 🤣
  6. Nowt, knackered, fed up, just want hame to my own bed. Brazil 0-1 Cameroon 🤣
  7. I'd have been better watching Strictly. 🤣
  8. Cameroon goalie would be better in the circus. 🤡
  9. I can't get ITV4 so I'm stuck with the Brazil game. Early night, fed up with the bevvy etc, as usual, love getting away but always ready for home.
  10. Can see Cameroon getting a red card here. Brazil are bombing past them at will through the middle.
  11. Brazil v Cameroon, could be a goodie. 👍
  12. Not for me mate, had mines on since I arrived, BET365 say no. Not really bothered as I'm mostly only catching bits of games.
  13. Nip over to Japan and ask them how they feel about VAR. 😜
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