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  1. faraway saint

    The Oran Kearney Interviews Thread

    Wish we had a dud like Lennon right now.
  2. faraway saint

    Latest Scores

    Red card all day long, wrong decision to chalk off a Rangers goal for offside.
  3. faraway saint

    Latest Scores

    Shull..............the only Saint supporter, oh and tantrum, that will be in tears.
  4. faraway saint

    Latest Scores

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Needs help.
  5. faraway saint

    Latest Scores

    Scenario..................last game of the season, Dundee playing Rangers, Dundee are a point below us in bottom position.......................Shull would STILL want Dundee to win. Imagine being that eaten up with dislike/hatred that it has a negative impact on your own team.
  6. faraway saint

    The Oran Kearney Interviews Thread

    No disrespect to the diddy cup that was won in NIreland, but not the same as the 2 national cups in Scotland IMO.
  7. faraway saint

    Latest Scores

  8. faraway saint

    Latest Scores

    Great, we'd be bottom of the league, 2 points behind Dundee who would have a game in hand. Your craving for Rangers to lose overshadows St Mirrens fight to stay in the top league, weird.
  9. faraway saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

  10. faraway saint

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    Might be good news that Aberdeen have a game on Tuesday, home to Livingston.
  11. faraway saint

    O2 Network down - Disaster?

    I was aware of that, Sky offered a free day of data yesterday as a sweetener. I'm just puzzled why the problem they had has resulted in the issue I have with not being able to receive calls/texts unless I drop down to 2G. I had to switch back to 4G yesterday when I was out, not a real big deal as calls/texts are so 2000. I'm back to 2G when at home as I use the house Wifi.
  12. faraway saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    That's a fact.
  13. faraway saint

    Latest Scores

    Liverpool football club & Arbroath football club..................take a bow.
  14. faraway saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    The problem, IMO, is that Hamilton & Motherwell will probably beat us in the remaining games leaving us to battle it out with Dundee. Other teams will strengthen in January and it's looking less likely each week our manager is anything more than average.
  15. faraway saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    We currently have 18 who are good enough.........................