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  1. Well done, I'll keep it till next weekend, cheers.
  2. ^^^^^^ He's back. Almost 2 days, well done.................. I give up. I thought this was a forum for St. Mirren fans, yet I suspect half the regular posters on here would actually be quite pleased if the club folded. Goodbye.
  3. I don't understand, is this a serious suggestion? How the feck are players going to protect themselves, and families? Bring out a new "2 metre" rule? Even a closed doors match will need a considerable amount of people. IF this goes ahead it's utter madness IMO. You can't have players & officials running around and ask the public to sit in their fecking house.
  4. ^^^^^^ Why don't you nip over to Pie & Bovril, Oaky is missing you.
  5. What do you think "this is" then?
  6. Your usual response when your gubbed. 🤡 Inability to understand numbers, I understand yours, they're so far out I wonder if your on drugs. I work in engineering, I use numbers every day, that's in the real world, not on paper and graphs.
  7. I'd imagine she'll apologise.
  8. That occurred to me.......................I might add ANY of the 3 goals in the League Cup final.
  9. This is where this blanket instruction of "stay home" has flaws. I'm not defending her as, whither I see it as black and white as others isn't important but she was in a car with her family, in a house with her family and went home with her family, not mixing with any other people. This, IMO, is different from going to public places and certainly increasing the chances of catching and then spreading this virus. But there has to be one rule for all as it's almost impossible to police as it stands. As for your personal view on her, not really relevant and puts your view into as much personal as reasonable. So much so you posted it twice.
  10. Thought at your age you would have known....................
  11. Watched The Invisible Man last night. Better than I thought.
  12. Not a surprise, thousands of people ignoring the instructions. I wonder how many of these wallopers were out on Thursday night showing their appreciation for people trying to keep the country, and people, alive? Today will probably be worse.
  13. You said................the section below. So I'm not taking it seriously? I've been looking, and quoting, facts. You have continually preferred the worst case scenario, even backing up LPM who was predicting hundreds of thousands of deaths in the UK alone. You prefer a "look how good I am" approach, confidently predicting wild numbers which I said straight away didn't stack up. I've been proved correct, you, again, are tragically wrong, and by quite a margin. Oh yes, you used Italy, at the time the WORST hit country, as a comparison. They have flattened out, you predicted we'd be on over 3,000 a day within the next few days. You're predictions fell on their arse after a few days, see below. Now, you clearly INDICATE people who don't agree with you might see things your way IF this tragedy AFFECTED THEIR family, absolutely shocking but it shows you'd rather people had some personal tragedy than admit you're so far up your own numbers your incapable of thinking if they are likely. You also try to put people down if they don't agree and they don't understand your graphs., another sign I have continually said let's wait and see without making predictions, one way or the other. Right, my predictions for daily deaths based on the current trend are as follows for the next week or so are: 29th Mar - 279 Fact 209 30th Mar - 362 Fact 180 31st Mar - 469 Fact 381 1st Apr - 608 Fact 563 2nd Apr - 789 Fact 569 3rd Apr - 1023 Fact 684 4th Apr - 1327 Fact 708 5th Apr - 1721 6th Apr - 2232 7th Apr - 2895 8th Apr - 3755 At this point YOU PREDICTED 4,857, the facts are 3,294, a massive difference of 1,563, that's 32% OVER STATED. Below was my immediate response to your pointless, and massively inaccurate, graph. This would take the death toll to 16,479 by 8th April, 11 days. The total worldwide right now is sitting at 28,800, which will, obviously rise over the same period. Italy is sitting on 9,134 excluding today, we are just over 1,000 when the first cases started within a day of each other. I'm not getting into your graph, just the facts don't, IMO, support your figures continually rising at the same rate. You, I think, originally said 3,000 per day on 6th April, now that's moved to 7th/8th April. As I've said, time will tell but it would take some going to massively overtake the Italians.
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