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  1. Just asked the question to my supplier, they don't know yet, I'll need to tune in on Thursday when they post the games to be shown.
  2. Most IMPARTIAL people who follow football would have seen England as one of 3 or 4 teams that could have won the Euros and they were only a goal line clearance from taking most people's favourites to extra time.
  3. You and I know the bookies are correct the majority of the time. 😉
  4. Irrelevant, as we're being written off already by the usual suspects . 🙄
  5. Is ANYBODY at the game to give us a realistic assessment?, 🙄
  6. Are you new to the forum as this is is the "go to" by a section of our support.
  7. 😂 You're on fire, keep it up, could be an enjoyable season. 👍
  8. Source? Did you jump into a tardis? Aye, no like you to fcuk up. 😂😂😂
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