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  1. Tuned into the forum and it's drowning, again, in Shull. Death knell?
  2. Aye, just as well they won a couple of games early on. My Aberdeen mates are not so amused now, loving it.
  3. Well done Dundee.......................placed at half time.
  4. Dundee looked, slightly more dangerous and Aberdeen are honking....................that all equals...........#
  5. Rangers are not firing on all cylinders so I'd hope, after our last 4 games, we have a go.
  6. Dundee 2-1 Aberdeen. 67 mins, a late comeback? Hope no, living in the Fergie era, done next to nothing for years, despite a big budget.
  7. Dundee 2-0 Aberdoon? 62 mins.
  8. Dundee 1-0 Aberdeen, looked slightly the more likely from the wee bit I watched earlier. Aberdeen.......................
  9. Dundee 0-0 Aberdeen, watched about 15 minutes, pretty dour stuff, certainly not as good as our game today. Half tuime.
  10. Brentford 0-1 Chelsea, 45th min, good strike from Chilwell.
  11. On the other hand, Brentford, currently 0-0 with Chelsea after 34 mins, they do know how to defend, especially when under pressure. They break with speed and numbers, definitely a joy to watch and the manager is working some magic, so far.
  12. You do have to ask yourself....................or Shull, same thing.
  13. The league as it stands, c'mon Dundee tonight.
  14. Brighton beat me for a 5 team acca, FFS! Liverpool ✔️ Man City ✔️ Huddersfield ✔️ Middlesbrough ✔️
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