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  1. Murray through in the doubles against a decent French pairing. Can only be good, another serious match under his belt.
  2. To save life's? What's the problem showing you're virus free to enter a venue? The vaccine is great, but not 100%, maybe that's why it's a decent idea to have as many vaccinated that can be. You really need to buy more tin foil, there's way too much electrical interference getting through, frazzles the brain seemingly?
  3. They'll need to wait, Prazil and BiEK have it booked for a month.
  4. Did ye aye? PS Does this count at one of my "90%" argumentative posts?
  5. The other founder of the initiative is Prof Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which organises an annual summit in a Swiss ski resort for some of the world's wealthiest and most powerful people. He explained the idea behind the Great Reset in an article accompanying the launch: "The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future." There's a Great Reset podcast and even a 280-page book. But the plan is light on specific detail. Prof Schwab does speak about a "wealth tax" and ending fossil fuel subsidies. But the scope is huge - covering technology, climate change, the future of work, international security and other themes - and it's difficult to see precisely what the Great Reset might mean in practice. This lack of clarity, combined with the plan being launched by an influential organisation, provided fertile ground for conspiracy theories to grow.
  6. I think I know what group you are close to.................. A vague set of proposals from an influential organisation has been transformed by online conspiracy theorists into a powerful viral rallying cry. What is the truth behind the "Great Reset"? Believers spin dark tales about an authoritarian socialist world government run by powerful capitalists and politicians - a secret cabal that is broadcasting its plan around the world. Despite all the contradictions in the last sentence, thousands online have latched on to this latest reimagining of an old conspiracy theory - updated for the age of Covid.
  7. Gentlemen, you see how he drags you in and, before you know it, you are the new BiEK? Endless pleading questions to keep you on the hook, going nowhere and feeding his never ending need to argue black is white. I try to restrict myself to 3 replies, at most, otherwise, well, we know where it all ends, or doesn't TBH.
  8. That being said MANY more have turned out to be complete fabrication. You forget to mention the $$$ companies spend on developing drugs, many which are "loss leaders" and many that don't see the light of day. What makes you think Pfizers profits would dry up, they were doing more than OK before Covid appeared? I don't buy this "conspiracy theory" either as you forget to mention the cost, never mind the countless effects this has had on the general public. People won't be willing to comply as they have over the last 17 months.
  9. So when did the last three and Bohemians in your following post become Scottish clubs in Europe as per the thread title? Because he's an attention seeking loonball? 😜
  10. Were you on BBC breakfast earlier? They interviewed an under 30 year old who, and he was 100% serious, said he wouldn't take the vaccination as it could track your movements and see your bank account. 😆😆😆 A serious contender for being sectioned I would suggest. There was also a young female with asthma who wouldn't take the vaccination as she'd heard it could be bad for her condition. I despair.
  11. FFS, you're lower than a snakes belly.
  12. 5-1 Aberdeen, impressive score. Did I read somewhere on here that Aberdeen would be on a downward spiral this season?
  13. Hibs 3-0 up, should be enough to get them through. 80 mins gone.
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