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  1. So, Aberdeen's last 5 games have only resulted on ONE win. On the surface, poor but they have played Celtic (twice) Rangers and Hibs. Some of our support might be better to calm down a bit as we, I hate to remind us, have played shite over the same amount of games, and the teams we've played are not at the same level of any of the aforementioned above. To me it looks like a dour affair, one goal could win it. Extra time and penalties is a real possibility and at least we have been decent record on penalties recently.
  2. Aye, nothing's impossible but us winning the cup this year is as close as you can get. We're 16/5 to beat Aberdeen, 40/1 to win the cup outright. However Aberdeen are honking so we have to think we have a chance tomorrow, as slim as that might be. This is an "interesting" fact, a lot closer than I would have bet....................... During the last 23 meetings with St. Mirren playing at home, St. Mirren have won 7 times, there have been 7 draws while Aberdeen have won 9 times. The goal difference is 25-19 in favour of Aberdeen.
  3. I wasn't watching it closely Wilbur so the first I seen was 1-2. Unlucky.
  4. Twooooooooooooooooo twoooooooooooooooooooooo
  5. Ra gers twoooooooooooooooooooo Benfica waaaaan
  6. Rangers twooooooooooooooo Benfica still nane.
  7. Rangers 2-0 Benfica, great strike. 68 mins.
  8. Rangers 1-0 Benfica, Benfica look a decent side, press high and are keeping the pressure on Rangers. Not sure the one goal will be enough. Half time.
  9. Celtic, despite going 1 up, currently 2-1 down, half time. It's all going wrong this season. Rangers are miles in front in every aspect.
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