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  1. Different injuries can all be linked You unconsciously compensate for one weakness, causing another injury and so on Some people are injury prone
  2. You’ve never been able to explain how he has failed!
  3. Deary me, everyone who disagrees with your politics is now a Sevco fan! [emoji23] What age are you? 12? [emoji23]
  4. David Linden’s humiliation at the hands of Andrew Neil was very amusing [emoji23]
  5. The SNP intends to use the pound outwith a formal currency union after Scexit This of course means that England will control our monetary policy without us having any say You couldn’t make it up [emoji23]
  6. I seem to remember getting attacked by loads of folk last season when trying to be positive about Alan Stubbs These same people all claim to be positive by backing Goodwin Hypocrites the lot
  7. ^^^^^^ cringe You need to stop embarrassing yourself like this
  8. It’s all about getting the ball in the opposition net Keep it out your net Nothing else matters How can so many seemingly intelligent people not see it?
  9. It’s so simple Livingston has play brutal long ball That’s all they do It took them from League One to staying up in the Premiership They lost all theirs best players in the summer Some are now in the Scotland squad. Some are now regulars in the English Championship But livi are still above us Why? I’ve explained it over and over again. But very few people understand. Raneiri didn’t even understand!
  10. Never mind the players, it’s the manager that needs dropping!
  11. Scotland is a welcoming, diverse and all inclusive country according to Sturgeon in her hate filled speech in George Square Yet Scottish football is dominated by 2 clubs whose business model is to exploit the hatred in Scotland caused by the arrival of immigrants over 100 years ago! You couldn’t make it up! Folk in the rest of Europe must shake their heads in disbelief at this backward, hate filled country!
  12. St Anthony’s Polish striker, Kamil Leszczynski told by a Hurlford opponent today to “get back to his own fucking country” He must be shaking his head at Sturgeon’s “welcoming, diverse and all inclusive” Scotland! [emoji23]
  13. Indeed We’ve only had a tight defence because we keep everyone behind the ball and don’t attack When we attack we lose goals! It’s worse than Stubbs!
  14. 5-2..... But apparently we’ve looked quite good this afternoon! [emoji23] @sweeper07
  15. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Says it all
  16. Please desist Folk can get these updates without you clogging up the thread
  17. Nicola Sturgeon has kicked off her campaign by lying that Brexit will cost everyone in Scotland £1,600. Douglas Fraser provides analysis to expose her latest lies
  18. According to the SNP government, Scotland receives £1,968 per head more in public spending than it contributes to the UK [emoji636] A very positive reason for voting Remain in any future Scexit poll Remain [emoji636]!
  19. He actually played a number of games for Celtic at left back back in the mists of time after Strachan dropped their regular left back when he realised he was shite. Someone called Mo Camara apparently.....
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