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  1. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Some don't understand why Gus is here. Gordon rightly pointed out summer signings did not go to plan, my words but more or less what Gordon said. So I would say Gus is in the identify and watch talent taking charge of the scouting net work reporting to the manager. To watch write reports on opposition for the manager. I welcome Gus back his role is a prefict fit for him and the club.
  2. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Growing up in 60s & 70s

    Was born and lived at the top end of Chapelhill road Hunterhill which was made for geegs. Exploring Dykebar woods with its swing ropes over the burn that would snap now and again lol. The onto Donaldswood road at the bottom end of Glenburn. At the back of the house was the wood for exploring after that full size football pitches. At the front of the house more football pitches of the school. We used to swim in Stanely dam during the summer while Geleniffer breaes were another great attraction. Got to 16 me and my mates would go to Shuffles dance hall in Sauchiehall Street now the garage. Around the corner Punk was about to arrive with Paisley being right at the heart of it due to Glasgow banging Punk bands. Hung around with quite a few posters on here during that period you know who you are great guys great times.
  3. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    100% Billy Friday was a positive we should build on that not distract. Bring on Hamilton COYS.
  4. Isle Of Bute Saint

    New SMISA badge

    I'm not sure at least I did not get one.
  5. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Can I ask why you think Gus is managing Oran ? Can only go on what Scott said he did not say Gus was part of the .management. He did say we need someone in to identify future signings.
  6. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Electric Cars

    Electric cars are the future all manufactures are investing huge sums of money for future models. They are cleaner , more reliable with fewer moving parts. We looked at an electric UP but even with the government top up you were looking at near 20 grand for an UP. The batteries will eventually become smaller , lighter and cheaper. It's taken me to move to an Island to realise how stupid I have been throwing money at cars every three years for decades. Then I go to the mainland travel in crawling slow traffic too often on roads that can't coupe with the amount of cars on the road. Don't get me wrong I understand the freedom of owning a car. Keep your report coming Drew will be an interesting read.
  7. Isle Of Bute Saint

    New SMISA badge

    Thing is I would be happy and proud to wear that badge. Could you imagine all members wearing the badge to games ? What a good sustained promotion that would be maybe getting new members. Not because you get a badge but it let's other supporters think SMISA ?
  8. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Can I have Butterkist please.
  9. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Indeed. All we know so far is Gus will search out new players. Would imagine he will take in games of teams we are about to play and report findings to the manager.
  10. Good on Gordon clearing this up. Time to move on supporting the team.
  11. Isle Of Bute Saint

    New SMISA badge

    To be honest I don't see elitist that word used to fellow Saints fans is cringe worthy. Guys like yourself who can put in extra to the pot should be commended just the same as the £12 members after all we all want the same thing for the club. So my opinion is not against you or any other members. A badge should be available to all members I stand by that.
  12. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Music Gigs

    Transclyde have this Paul Rose Band booked for Rothesay this Saturday can't wait
  13. Very strange which is only going to open a bigger can of worms. I don't sit in W7 bit I really feel for the guy's who had there door knocked by the Police. Then to have a banner removed ( fans not hooligans ) is concerning. Has Div been told by the club to remove the thread ? It's not the way it should be done in the hope the subject will go away.
  14. Isle Of Bute Saint

    New SMISA badge

    Must admit I also think SMISA has got this wrong. Yes premium members should get benefits such as a match day experience a certificate and so on. To produce a badge that can be seen worn by a member I would have thought why did I not get one. Certainly not going to pull out of SMISA over this but it has not been thought out very well.
  15. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Working but will get to see the whole match on Sunday thanks to Buddie Vision.