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  1. Led to believe the idea of Jim Goodwin to St Mirren might not be as set in stone as many think. This from Twitter for me a bit of a worry. Knocked back Hibs, Waked away from Dundee. But Jim loves St Mirren.
  2. That's one side of the coin dont you think there is another side to it also ?
  3. Agree, just going by the article but yes it needs confirmed officially.
  4. Lawyers obviously still fighting this out would suggest Oran has a case otherwise this would have been done and dusted but still it goes on.
  5. Keep off the sweets not good for your teeth. Yes a lot of rumours floating around bit like going into a sweetie shop which one will I choose 🤩
  6. Just got message from very good source in Coleraine that Oran is defo heading back to manage them again. Family reasons. I have no reason to disbelieve this, as guy is a massive Coleraine fan and ex local Journo. This was posted on Twitter May 14th by Gary Peebles
  7. That is becoming my way of thinking. Oran playing a blinder to fill his pockets.
  8. Goodwin was a clear leader on the park and will be off it also. He got part time Alloa prompted then kept part time Alloa in the championship. Alloa fans love Jim Goodwin and dont want him to leave. No question Jim should be St Mirren manager.
  9. Oran returning to his old club has been reported for weeks started by Irish League Insider. Other sources on Twitter Gary Peebles also reported Oran going back to his former club some 6 weeks ago due to family reasons. So this has been floating around for ages.
  10. If Oran wants to commute daily then I'm with Gordon Scott on this. Also it's been 6 weeks since Oran's former club sacked their manager with no appointment being made. Strange ?
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