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  1. Banned from pie & bovril. BAWA another disappointment Div. Hey family comes first unfortunately. Wake up mate you have some real wank jobs surrounding you unfortunately your blind to it. I'm finished with BAWA .
  2. You dont trust Jim Goodwin why not say that in the first place.
  3. Can I ask where you watched Ross to make a judgement on his performances being poor against what we already have ? Or is this a pulled out of fresh air assumption? If Goodwin signs him then I will go with that.
  4. Former Celtic and Fleetwood Town midfielder being put through his paces by Goodwin as Wallace looks for a deal being reported.
  5. Well thank you for taking the time out for posting the bleeding obvious. That's why I was pointing it out to Cornwall Saint. Not like you to act a tit.
  6. Putting away our personal feelings of the old firm they pay the biggest salary in Scotland. Exposure into a bigger market with European football guaranteed every season. Old firm clubs are known through out the world and further afield. We may not like it but I can understand why he would be interested.
  7. So romour floating around of a pre Rangers contract look to be true. I'm guessing, cant translat on the phone. We know he would leave he will give us 100% I'm sure.
  8. I nearly gave up football when John Coughlin was manager.
  9. Tickets for Michael Kiwanuka go on sale 9th of this month for the Barrowland. His last album was the best of the year. Q magazine are saying his new album could be album of the decade. Bill Withers , Marvin Gay throw a bit of Rolling Stones in there. This London lad will be huge.
  10. Was employed from Norway for 20 years as such was in Norway at least twice a year over that period. One of many things of note was Infrastructure great roads , bridges to islands not ferry's. Norway was known as one of the richest countries in the world so much so it was not touched by the financial crash there banks are in the black. This because it managed its Oil & Gas revenue properly. This a country much larger than Scotland with not much more a population. Westminster blow all Oil & Gas money now we have unimaginable debt. UK politics is terrible also our country is built for the elite do a wee study on the history of the City Of London with it's own private Police force.
  11. If they dont go up this year I cant see the money tree continue to plough money into them. This could end up putting them out of business. The American will have a walk away figure in his head. The guy has no connection to Scotland I really dont get it.
  12. Have to agree this low should not be discussed on a public forum.
  13. Normally go along to see them did not know about this gig.
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