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  1. Yah to be fair in that picture he does look like he's added some bulk to his frame; I didn't see him play since he wasn't with United's U23s much last season, and he's obviously improved his physique a bit. I remember he has good technique and likes to go forward, but was very 'leggy' when he was playing for the 18s, ran with the ball a lot and had a good shot on him, but I don't remember him being a particularly powerful player. And I didn't mean to say all of that initial post to suggest he's a bad signing or not a good player, I think he'll be fine should handle the level of play in the SPL, especially after his experience at St. Johnstone.
  2. As an avid Man Utd follower myself, I can say the only thing true about this statement is he plays for Manchester United and likes to carry the ball. He isn't big at all, hes 5'7-5'8 and is thin as a rail which gets him pushed around quite a bit against physical opponents. He really hasn't panned out the way a lot of Man Utd fans hoped he would, and from what I can tell he had a mixed time at St. Johnstone last season on loan.
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