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  1. On 1/29/2023 at 12:31 AM, Ronnie said:

    I had watched a few of their games this season prior to our meeting on Christmas eve and literally 5 mins in could see the shambles again that they were trying to play out from the back the players looked nervous were arguing just looked so bad.

    We could and should have did a Hearts or Hibs and rattled 5/6 past them that day.

    The goals they lost in Edinburgh last 2 weeks is unique as they are as bad as anything I've seen in the top flight and hopefully the shambolic defending lasts 1 game longer.

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    Agree with most of that, but we will never score that amount of goals with those forwards. Wouldn’t be surprised that a game we ought to win will be much harder than expected. Away form is woeful, remember. 

  2. Three points which were very welcome. Thought it was an awful game and Motherwell were just as poor as in the first game down here. They could be in deep trouble. All our home games, despite having a good record, seem to be going in front then unable to improve on that and eventually have the fans biting the fingernails every time the opposition attack. Still feel our lack of a goal scorer will hurt us badly and it’s pretty certain we won’t sign anyone now. Regardless, the one good sign is the improved attendances which is heartening. 

  3. No idea where goals might come from, but we have to beat Motherwell on Saturday or else I fear we will end up in or near the play off spot. I do hope, though, that Robinson does not try for a loan player from the lower leagues in England. That hasn’t ,and never will, be successful. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Albanian Buddy said:

    Do you even realise the budget differences between ourselves and teams like the bigot brothers?

    It’s hardly a level playing field. 

    It’s disappointing obviously to lose but we had a fair few chances tonight. We always needed to get the first goal and take it from there. Even then the odds are stacked against us.


    I believe we were 20-1 to win tonight- if not more.

    get a grip ffs.

    I understand your disappointment, having gone to the match on such a freezing night, and enduring a heavy defeat. I merely listened to the first half on the wireless. Hope you can thaw out soon. 

  5. Saw game on Alba and Saints came right into it last half hour but yet again nothing up front. That’s going to cost us a top six place as usual. Hearts were hanging on at the end and they are not a great team by any stretch. Had a couple of nameless teams been denied the penalty we should have had, the papers and radio would be discussing it endlessly. Definitely need to win the cup tie as I think another couple of league defeats are coming up. Why sign another defender when we need a centre forward.? Just asking, like. 

  6. First time at Rugby Park in a few years and first away game for a couple of years. Bought my ticket before the game at the ticket office, no problem. However, my seat was right in with the singing section and drum 😄, so had to move for the second half. Bit of a backs to the wall performance but suppose a point better than nothing. Won’t tire of saying this, but we desperately need a striker, absolutely nothing up front. Triers are all very well but without ability we won’t win games. Great support though. 👍

  7. 1 hour ago, saint in exile said:

    Get Ayunga off. He's making an arse of everything 

    He is hopeless. Robinson should have taken him off the minute he missed the penalty. Genuinely far off the standard required for our league. Capt Sparra was our best player but yet again , even with an extra man, we almost threw it away. Great 3 pts nevertheless. Phew !!

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