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  1. Have Season ticket but not a laptop etc. Quite happy with bbc 30 second highlights, and radio coverage. Mostly rotten this season anyway.
  2. Saw the Killie game on tv. Unable to get in these days. You too ?
  3. Unlike all the others on here, I didn’t see the game, but an awful result against a poor team. We were not impressive on Monday albeit scraped through but need a massive improvement next week to stand a chance against probably our bogey team. Surely we can’t yet again bottle it at the final hurdle ?
  4. It seems to be forgotten that almost everyone who pays money to watch football does not approve of plastic pitches. Therefore clubs should be compelled to play on grass.
  5. Caught the highlights, we seemed to have more of the play but as usual, nothing up front. I suspect we will end up 9th or 10th so it’s all about the cup to salvage something.
  6. Time to be rid of these dreadful parasites.
  7. They are not good enough, particularly McBurnie who is useless. I would play Forrest and Turnbull instead. Hope that suffices.
  8. Good result, listened to radio updates from the garden. Knowing our luck we will draw Aberdeen away then one of the old firm when the draw is made. I heard Rice having a rant on radio about (I presume) refereeing decisions going against him. This from someone who had been caught betting on football matches which is cheating itself. He should have been dismissed from his position and suspended from the game for a period. Anyway good on the Saints.
  9. It’s my opinion. Is that ok with you .?
  10. Neither should be playing for Scotland.
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