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  1. Just saw highlights, another pathetic goalless performance, urgent priority is to sign a centre forward or forget it.
  2. Sounds like Saints back to jellyfish mode. Hope St Johnstone can save us from drop.
  3. Not criticising our fans, but most didn’t turn up, you can’t deny that surely .?
  4. Watching the game was agony , expecting Celtic to score any time they went up the park, but Saints held out bravely. The young lads showed how it should be done. Great display by the goalie and big Joe among others. Celtic were much the better team but wanted to walk the ball into the goals. Serves them right. , but their fans added to the atmosphere. Ours mostly didn’t bother turning up.
  5. I finally have my season ticket and reckon this is last chance to see live football for quite a while. Pity it will be to witness a massacre, as even at full strength we meekly surrender to this opponent. Think we will be near enough bottom of the league whenever it resumes after the break.
  6. After being unable to get into the last home game, same thing again today as season ticket not working. I eventually got in after 15 mins, having had to queue at ticket office. As if that’s not bad enough, having to watch that drivel on the park is adding insult to injury. Can anyone explain why Main was ever signed, never mind getting a game. He even makes Obika look good, and he was hopeless. Reckon we are definitely headed for either demotion or at best a play off place. Get a centre forward signed or forget it. Also, the ticket situation is appalling.
  7. Our away form is better than at home, which wouldn’t be difficult of course. A defeat by two goals I think.
  8. Tried to get into the game but my season ticket wouldn’t work, asked steward to let me in through the gate but was redirected to the long queue for buying tickets. Despite my appeal to the steward, it fell on deaf ears. Had a look at length of the queue and gave up. Seems I missed a shocker of a game, so every cloud and all that.
  9. Agree with this summation. Home form is dreadful, we are going to be in trouble if this continues.
  10. SFA should hide their heads in shame. Yet again no live coverage on tv. Would never happen in any other country. Serves us right for putting up with this. As for the match itself, I predict a defeat, just heard the line up.
  11. Two home games , lost 1-5 , one goal scored. Hardly proud.
  12. Scotland are a bit like Saints. Nothing up front. I suspect they will scrape a win tonight and lose on Monday. Incidentally, if they reach the play offs I don’t think a home draw is much of an advantage, given the disastrous results in the Euro finals. Won’t be able to see tonight’s game anyway, as SFA have sold the viewing rights to PPV yet again.
  13. Only heard bits on radio but seems we had majority of the play. As ever though, nothing up front ! Need to win next match to stop this bad run.
  14. Even over the centuries, we seldom win in Perth. On a bad run at present, need to stop that soon.
  15. Awful result and performance. Yet again nothing up front.
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