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  1. Bit like the Fleetwood game , we seemed slower than Carlisle and often caught in possession. Goalie didn’t impress either. Unless a vast improvement by Thursday, fear an early exit. Hoping for much better though. 🤞🤞
  2. Due to your insufferable unpleasantness, I’ve had you on ignore for a long time. I’m sure I’m one of many who find you as someone who contributes nothing of any value. If you had been to the match yesterday- some hope- you would have seen how far short we fell. Please do the forum a favour and stay well away. And put me on ignore if my comments upset you.
  3. Fleetwood looked much the better team, faster and fitter especially in the first half. Hope we radically change yesterdays team or I fear for us this season. Perhaps it’s still early days, hope so.
  4. Although I didn’t see other than the goals from the England game, they have 4 points from 6 , more or less through and still have the likely easiest game to play. Their fans are calling for the managers head generally,as expectations are very high. In contrast, Scotland, with one point from six, and having suffered their worst ever euro defeat, have one game left to salvage things. It’s been made clear that 4 points was the expectation for qualification. Hope they can get the win v Hungary, but it looks like , if they do, Spain lies in wait. 😬
  5. Very sad to hear this. A great player for Saints, had all the qualities for a captain and of course legendary status having lifted the cup for us.
  6. Clarke should be replaced after the tournament, he has selected players either out of form, unfit or lacking match fitness. Add in relying on players from the English second division and thinking they could compete at this level. The goalie for one, is hopeless, Hanley, Ralston, McGregor ,McKenna and others rarely play recently. Back before the postcards as usual, while even smaller countries than ours make a fist of things. ‘‘Twas ever thus.
  7. All games are on normal tv thankfully. Wonder if that might be the last time it happens. Looks like a great atmosphere building over in Munich, hope the fans have a great time. As for the match, I anticipate a defeat and unfortunately a first round exit as normal. Seems like the team peaked about a year ago and have lost form since then. Hope to be wrong about that.
  8. Why don’t you have me on ignore ?
  9. Thx for the info, that’s why I’ve never heard of him. Personally don’t agree that players with only an ancestral connection be selected instead of Scottish players. Goal scorers are thin on the ground but Murray would have been a more obvious choice. He has also been on form. Four goalies also not required for what will likely be three matches, so drop two and bring in Danny Armstrong. Just saying.
  10. Germany will be terrified ,I’m sure ,of this change. Never heard of him, is he Scottish ?
  11. On loan reserve goalie again. That’s where we are nowadays.
  12. We don’t seem able to hold on to a lead at times, but I suppose Celtic just about deserved to win.
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