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  1. The wind definitely spoiled the chances of a good game. Having said that, Saints were poor and rarely looked like scoring. Hearts are no great shakes either though, and certainly nothing to be afraid of. However, our recent form seems like the end of last season and whilst it’s good to be in the top half of the league, the possibility of no further wins has to be considered. All In all though, a decent season. I’ve witnessed far far worse. 😁
  2. I was at that game but couldn’t remember the goals other than the o.g. 😁
  3. In general you are correct, but you may have noticed that only a couple of the Irish players joined in the singing with their fans. I would also be very surprised if Scotland fans were to boo any other anthem than that despicable ditty. Plenty of proper jeering at the end of each half, deservedly so, for the pathetic display by the Scotland players who have thrown the towel in from the minute they qualified for the Euros. I do not exempt the manager from criticism either.
  4. Rarely see a full Scotland match( thanks to satellite tv) but team looked even worse than I had suspected. Germany will massacre that lot in the Euros. This latest defeat was in effect by an English second and third division select. Does not bode well for them.
  5. Many thanks for putting me right. Don’t know what I could have been thinking.
  6. Agree with earlier posts about team selection, which ought to have been changed but when you play Killie you know exactly what to expect. Our team were like children being shoved aside by men, totally embarrassing.Killie were brilliant second half and thoroughly deserved their win. I honestly couldn’t see our team fight back from a position like that. Final point, I can see both old firm teams dreading a visit to Rugby Park to face a team who get stuck in and have bona fide goal scorers.
  7. Great result. The last two minutes were tremendous. 👍
  8. Losing to the team bottom of the league was certainly no surprise, nevertheless a pathetic result.
  9. Surely the transfer window would have been the time to offload Ayunga and Olusanya, both of whom are very far short of this level of football. On the plus side, Gogic is some player does the work of two men. Hope for much more from Scott. Fingers crossed.
  10. You just can’t pass up sitters against Celtic, which we did on a couple of occasions. Game rather fizzled out in the second half but probably the better team won in the end. Thankfully much better than the previous game against them.
  11. By far the better team and deserved the hard fought win. Well done Saints.
  12. Our last two good results have both come at the unlikeliest of venues. It’s hard to predict what this team might produce. Here’s hoping they put on a good show next week. 🤞
  13. 👍 no problem. Think we should be in good spirits just now, heard we are 3-0 up at half time in Edinburgh 😁
  14. It’s only my opinion that it’s overpriced, if that’s ok ?
  15. Think this is overpriced as well and as the ticket office is closed until Monday, it may be too late to purchase my own seat for the match . After the cup massacre last season and the recent league match which was surrendered within five minutes, missing out might not be such a bad thing. Unless away fans are able to acquire some Saints tickets, I think there won’t be a big crowd at this match. Saints have only themselves to blame.
  16. Will try, but unfortunately we have a terrible attack. 😬
  17. Manager seems content with the squad as it is, hence no additions. Hibs have swapped half a team in the last few days, mostly reserve players of course, but have a feeling we are in for yet another away defeat tomorrow. Fingers crossed that doesn’t come to pass. 🤞
  18. A rather less painful result than usual against Rangers, and we made a game of it in the second half but lack of a goal scorer as said earlier will ultimately cost us dear. Scott looked promising and Gogic was best man on the park but I cannot understand Robinson persisting with Ayunga. Maybe Scott will take his place, I sincerely hope so, as lack of pace, inability to trap a ball and jumping with divers boots on ,combined with minimal effort do not make for a footballer. A few of the teams near us have some games in hand and we could find our fifth place vanishing very soon if this awful form continues. Vast improvement required.
  19. Perhaps you ought to ignore my posts as they seem to annoy you. 😁
  20. Agree with you, but he is not good enough for this level of football, nor was before the injury. Cannot afford to have a passenger , best give a free transfer back to England non league.
  21. The forward line is generally quite poor but in my opinion, Ayunga should be dropped at once. He had his chance as perhaps a sympathy vote after a long injury, but he contributes nothing, is slow, cumbersome, cannot jump, tackle or pass. Times up, get rid during the window, as at least Mandron has a football brain and much more likely to score or make a telling pass. Was impressed with Lewis when he came on as sub. Fingers crossed for the draw later, no old firm please.
  22. Certainly won’t be on my, or I should imagine, most peoples tv. Just as a comment on the Celtic game ,which was covered by Sky tv, I could imagine the executives holding their heads after 6 minutes of a live match realising that thousands would be turning off as the game was over by that time. I cannot afford to subscribe, nor have interest In the vast majority of their output anyway, so no sympathy for Sky, or the other companies.
  23. Just back. Seldom are games over and done with in less than a minute, this was an exception. But for our goalie, it could have been a cricket score. Glad football ceased for a few weeks as it’s been misery recently. Oh, did you go ?
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