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  1. Caught the highlights, we seemed to have more of the play but as usual, nothing up front. I suspect we will end up 9th or 10th so it’s all about the cup to salvage something.
  2. Time to be rid of these dreadful parasites.
  3. They are not good enough, particularly McBurnie who is useless. I would play Forrest and Turnbull instead. Hope that suffices.
  4. Good result, listened to radio updates from the garden. Knowing our luck we will draw Aberdeen away then one of the old firm when the draw is made. I heard Rice having a rant on radio about (I presume) refereeing decisions going against him. This from someone who had been caught betting on football matches which is cheating itself. He should have been dismissed from his position and suspended from the game for a period. Anyway good on the Saints.
  5. It’s my opinion. Is that ok with you .?
  6. Neither should be playing for Scotland.
  7. Only heard some radio commentary, but believe Scotland are out already. Clarke coming across very Strachan-esq. Won’t answer questions or take any criticism. Very poor show all round. The radio apologists, sorry, pundits, trying to smooth things over. Typical old pals act. Thank goodness I don’t really care much theses days.
  8. Radio pundits and Clarke not accepting this is a game Scotland has to win. Bad record against this team so we need to change that. Didn’t even bother to watch the highlights the other night but hope we can win. Unfortunately, like Saints, nothing up front so suspect a draw at best.
  9. Top six was a bit too much to hope for when trying to compete with big teams like Livi and StJohnstone. Would advise JG, free transfers to all the centre forwards.
  10. Probably finish in 8th place. This would be best in ages.
  11. At this rate I will likely have had my telegram when we next win at Ibrox. 😁
  12. Saw the game on Alba, didn’t think it was a penalty although not a dive either. Good three points after a succession of disappointing draws. Such a pity we are not playing today, I prefer St Johnstone to win, mainly due to the Livi manager.
  13. Had to read that twice before realising you are joking.
  14. Radio pundits absolutely panning this game, being forced to indulge in inane drivel during play. Saints just can’t seem to win home games, hope it improves second half. Obika playing up front so goals likely to be at a premium.
  15. Never mentioned a top six place. I merely said it was a rotten result.
  16. Looks like a pretty decent team we are fielding, hope we get a win but fear the worst. Fingers crossed.
  17. I thought it was 0-2 stupidly. The highlights were too late for me anyway 😁
  18. I listened to the game last night until Celtic got a penalty, then turned the radio off. Decided to turn back on to confirm they had scored, then turned back off. It was only this morning that I discovered, not a two nil defeat, but a 4-0 mauling. Just wondering if the team think that relegation is unlikely now, so they have thrown the towel in. I expect another defeat against an Aberdeen team who absolutely have to win on Saturday. Hope to be proved wrong of course but we have to be careful not to be dragged back down into the mire.
  19. Won’t bother watching now. Typical saints jellyfish.
  20. Night owls can see highlights after 11pm. Too late for me.🙁
  21. In order to be awarded a penalty, you have to be fouled in the box. Falling over doesn’t count. Decent goal by Mc Allister though.
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