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  1. 3 hours ago, shull said:


    Scotland 3 Spain 1

    Estimated Attendance 50087

    Agree with the crowd prediction. As for the match, just like Saints, nothing up front. Back to earth with a defeat and no prospect of topping the group. Think it’s rather pitiful we are reduced to relying on an Australian and English players to try and score goals for us., none of whom I’d even take at Saints. Wonder how the managers contract extension will look should we be on the end of a bad defeat. They certainly pick their moments to make decisions.  Just on another subject, isn’t Facebook the platform to boast about your foreign holidays ? 😄

  2. 11 hours ago, FTOF said:

    If you watch the media person's match day video, there's an angle directly behind Main. It looks as if the defender has clipped Main's right heel and leaned his elbow into his back. Main did make the most of it, but contact was made. Cast iron penalty.emoji849.png

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    Penalty is awarded when a player is fouled in the box. There was no foul. Perhaps he just fell. 😄.

  3. Had a feeling we would lose this beforehand, but a draw is still an awful result. Yet again no goals from our forwards, pathetic. According to radio we came into it more in the second half but I think it’s maybe better to avoid the top six and save us more misery from the old firm. Leave that to big teams like Livi. 

  4. On 3/13/2023 at 11:34 PM, antrin said:


    According to a general benign acceptance by the the UK population the BBC should be an independent/politically neutral entity - one for which we all pay a minimal fee to help ensure the cohesion of our society.

    It is a great asset - the envy of many societies around the globe.

    This current stramash is due to the attempt by the current shambolic government to neuter it, to silence all opposition and to fill it with paid right wing henchmen, so that the last bastion of independent opinion can be shut down.

    The newspapers are all owned by right-wing, non tax-paying, non-domiciled capitalists who have no interest in the general well-being of UK citizens other than for exploitation.  They pump out their poison that is seldom subject to the rigorous standards set by the BBC… usually.

    The licence fee could easily be subsumed into tax.  You wouldn’t even know.  You'd assume it was yet another of the “free” miracle benefits of being British.  It is irrelevant other than to demonstrate that the BBC IS independent of government.

    You could make your same fallacious comment about the NHS. “It's shocking that fit people have to pay for a service they don’t use”.  
    Same for education and roads.  Living in a civilised society has its costs - sometimes paid for by those who are lucky enough to have the least need.




    just been on the BBC website.

    I see where you get your thinking from…

    But Tory backbench MP Philip Davies told the Mail Online the BBC's decision was a "pathetic capitulation" to Lineker and the "start of the end for the licence fee", while ex-cabinet minister Jacob Rees-Mogg also warned the "licence fee has passed its sell-by date".”

    great, forward-thinking company to be keeping…. :rolleyes:


    Well said, that man 👍.

  5. Pretty much as expected and maybe best to avoid having to meet this team again this season. Curious as to how Celtic define “big” as in Ange. Possibly when surrounded by diminutive Japanese players, but the portly Antipodean is certainly not as they describe him. Nevertheless, he will be gone next season to an English team, as will a few of their better players. As for us, 14 goals in three games against Celtic shows the difference in class. Still nothing up front.

  6. 2 hours ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

    Hi All,

    Coming up this weekend for the Celtic game on Sunday and just seen the nonsense for buying tickets. 
    Any chance some kindly season ticket holder could buy a ticket for me? 

    I saw that info as well, saying only season ticket holders can purchase one. Why bother if you already have a season ticket ? Prices are also outrageous, very bad show by Saints. 

  7. 15 hours ago, BigYardsAndBasher said:

    Spot on.  When Thierry Small was going off did my ears deceive me at first?  It definitely sounded like the announcer said "Charles Dunne" but I'm sure it was number 16 on the substitutions board being held up?!

    Thankfully Small is only a loan player, he looks pretty hopeless and was beaten every time by the Ross winger. Find it hard to fathom why an 18 year old reserve player goes straight into the team, even if we are struggling with injuries. Also think that Taylor looks a poor signing, and not up to playing at this level. Probably more of Robinsons signings than not, have been ok but those two should be gone asap. 

  8. 36 minutes ago, beyond our ken said:

    A return to the hangdog & perplexed SR of this time last year and a certain resignation in his body language

    He knows the game is just about up for a top 8 finish never mind top 6, despite what he  says

    Agree with that. Blaming injured strikers (who never score anyway)and inexperienced defenders, whom HE signed, it seems he has conceded any prospect for top six. Maybe just as well because can you imagine the prospect of more OF games and the tankings that would ensue. Perhaps best leave top six to Ross Co, Livi, St Johnstone, Motherwell, who have all proved they can actually achieve that feat.

  9. 19 hours ago, shull said:

    Maybe heading to Fir Park to take over.


    Having watched the cup highlights (Saints game excepted) I find it amazing the none of the Thistle players were sent off for their assault on the Rangers player who scored the controversial goal. At least two should have been immediately dismissed. 

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