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  1. In normal times and with a decent team , given our record against this team, I would predict a defeat. With this current team and manager, a defeat looks a certainty . No fight, nothing up front( as it has been for ages), and a creaky defence, I think it’s the play-offs for us. Miserable waste of a season, barely any wins or goals or entertainment. Rubbish. New manager urgently required. 

  2. 26 minutes ago, Rascal said:

    I don’t blame Jim Goodwin one little bit. Enjoyed him as a player and, as I have said already, enjoyed the links he brought between players and fans. We were his second managerial job and he has done well in both. Good luck to him going forward. He did make mistakes with us. Anyone would. Now good luck to Stephen Robinson. Jim is a tough ask to follow in terms of his appeal to fans. 

    I admire your upbeat spirit and support for the team, however I believe Robinson was given the job NOT on the basis of luck. Heaven knows on what basis that was but he is doing a dreadful job and the team is conceding goals by the barrow load. Theoretically St Johnstone should be in a terrible way after their mauling yesterday but they must be heartened by our current form and useless manager. Add in that they have traditionally had the Indian sign over us and I bet they won’t give up the fight(unlike that team today) easily. 

  3. It’s probably out with his reach to take us straight down, as Dundee are pretty far behind, but the play offs look nailed on at the moment. Assuming the board are too scared or embarrassed to admit Robinson was a catastrophic appointment, he is likely to be allowed to continue to the seasons end. I’ve already made my mind up a few weeks ago that he should be dismissed, but today’s performance, which could and should have been an even heavier defeat, ought to convince even the happiest of clappers. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Rascal said:

    The stats don’t lie but they can mislead. If they all went on form then ok but they don’t. A losing run ends just as winning runs do. Extend that list backwards and we are not too bad. The ups and downs of following a club outside the top three this season. BTW. The cup game at Tynecastle was a Cracker to be at. Despite losing, the team didn’t let anybody down. Great match.

    Sorry but although I wasn’t at Tynecastle I saw the whole game on tv. The minute the third goal went in, we chucked it. That’s what I call letting everyone down. We will lose again on Sunday and could end up in 11th place easily. Get rid of not only the manager, but whoever had the say in appointing him.

  5. The real blame must really lie with whoever sanctioned the appointment of Robinson. The manager should be chased, but the person who hired him should also be hunted. It was madness to go after someone with such a poor recent record. If Robinson is allowed to continue and we miraculously stay up, my betting is he will try and recruit from English lower and non league. That’s been tried before and it won’t work. We will lose our next match and go into five games against relegation rivals. I fear for us against any team with a bit of fight, as we have none. 

  6. Still find it hard to believe that not only did we take this manager from the Jules Verne league in England, we actually paid compensation ! In his short spell here, we have lost the chance of the top six and removed from the cup. If we fail to win tomorrow, whoever decided to appoint him will have a lot of explaining to do. Not least to the fans. Best get rid as soon as possible.

  7. Only saw highlights, as Scotland refuse to broadcast games on normal tv. Some decent moves but lucky to get a draw, although the goalie made a few good saves. Have a feeling the team will fail to qualify for the WC but if they do, a vast improvement is required unless a repeat of the Euros is to be avoided. No players from the English lower leagues please. 

  8. Think saints have made another dreadful mistake giving the current chap the manager position . Well beaten yet again today and five defeats from six games, including exit from the cup and no chance of the top six. Let’s face it, current form could see us relegated. No fight in this team and shoved off the ball and bullied until the united goals were obviously in the post. New manager now. 


  9. 17 hours ago, lenziebud said:

    We have had 2 winnable matches under Robinson, RC and Dundee. He's at 50% win rate for me.

    It would have been no better under Goodwin. 

    The abuse of Robinson is a total joke.

    We can judge him next season when he has his own players in.

    I merely stated he has made a dreadful start, four defeats in five games and questioned whether he is the right choice. I prefer not to wait until next season to judge either team or manager, it’s what is happening now that is relevant. Do take time to read posts carefully before criticising. 

  10. Saints reverted to jellyfish mode and were well beaten by a much better ,tougher team. Yet another home game without a win, the new manager had better get that sorted soon. Forwards were non existent and easily swept aside. I have a feeling points will not be easily gained in the next few games. Hope for a vast improvement in the upcoming cup tie, or else forget it. 

  11. 5 hours ago, rabuddies said:

    Nothing like him. I had family in Stewarton and nobody had a bad word to say about him. He has always worked for communities he's lived in and is very generous.  At almost every club he's played at he would buy about 50 match tickets and give them to charities so that folk without much could get to a game. Good guy by all accounts.

    His personal character I have no knowledge of, but on the park, whilst a good player, he is a bad sport. My main point is, no managerial experience and appears to be fast tracked into a top league appointment. On what basis ?

  12. 9 hours ago, shull said:

    4228 at Livingston today.

    Thought it looked like more than normal as games at that ground usually look like they are played behind closed doors. We looked poor in the brief highlights so I suppose a draw keeps things going. We ought to beat Dundee midweek as they are hopeless and we owe them for the earlier defeat. Can’t say I’m impressed with the list of potential manager material, why Is Naismith so well thought of ? I’ve always seen him as a little nark and bad sport. Must have friends in high places maybe?

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