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  1. Im sure hundreds of people he ruined the lives of, and their families, who didnt get the chance to "turn their lives around a be a good wee guy" probably disagree.
  2. FFS I despair of our fans sometimes. Open your bloody eyes!
  3. Sadly what happens when Jim decides to make the heart of the team 2 youngsters who have looked shockingly out of form for weeks. Mason as a winger too FFS if he looked any more out of his depth David Hasselhoff would be diving in to save him.
  4. Sick of playing Livingston with weak referees who allow them to plough through our players and miss the most crucial incidents. This time a clear penalty, last time a blatant violent red card which fortunately we saw out for the win when they should have had 10 men. So clear it for a 2 game ban afterwards of no advantage to us. Mason out for 3 4? games suddenly asked to be a midfielder looking clueless. 7 defenders who then can't defend a set piece and a tactic of hoofing long balls to a 5'9 forward against 2 huge centre halves. Depressing
  5. Fans would have been an enormous bonus when we'd have carried maybe 15K to their 3. Then again maybe we wouldn't have got that penalty against The Rangers with fans there to intimidate the ref.
  6. Our players still seem to be basking in the Rangers win. Many simply haven't "turned up" since.
  7. Livingston Aberdeen off due to rain. Rearranged game from postponement for snow/ice. Not really an all weather pitch is it? Just Plastic which is a bit shit and we can play on it when it's nice Pitch.
  8. 12 shots on goal we've managed in 6 FULL GAMES We're averaging ONE shot at goal in a each 45 minute half of football over the last 6 games 9 HOURS of football - 12 shots on goal
  9. Here's what is sadly once again the teams we seem to be competing with. Hamilton and Livingstone Teams with tiny supports, teams with smaller budgets than us, teams above us yet again. Nine players on their bench, Accies bringing on 4 players who then pulled back 2 goals for them. TWO players with any game time we had to bring on TWO ...and we didn't even do that. Something badly wrong.
  10. If he couldn't see that guys like Morias were absolutely out on their feet and a fresh player could help then he wants to give up. Such an obvious decision unless we literally have no fit players outside that starting 11
  11. If that is a red card then referees have to send off 4 or 5 players per game. Not straight through the ball with the only intent to clear it up field. No defender in their right mind is weighing up where the opposition player is going to put their foot or leg they're simply concentrating on cleanly hitting the ball. You can't go ordering them all off for dangerous play when opposition get unfortunately placed. Awful decision.
  12. ...as the name suggests I am indeed. The last week has been quite a struggle
  13. Anyone know where I might pick up a Saints away top (medium) before Wednesday? involved in a charity game down souf and figured the Red & White number would be well received
  14. Far too many players lost focus today. Whether it was the nonsense mid week or reading "champions elect" features by crap journos who know precious little of the sport they write about and how hard it is to keep league winning form. If the players want this it's there for them but they've got to go out and earn it Livi and Utd aren't going to roll over and give them it. Finish the job, today wasn't good enough.
  15. One game at a time and all that but by winning that next game we have the possibility if Livi have 2 draws of going into a home game against Brechin looking to extend lead to 19pts! Ooft!
  16. Surprised by this one, in a good way. After being underwhelmed by some of the names being thrown around like Quitongo I'm genuinely pleased to see this signing and think Jack Ross may have found another good fit for the Saints jigsaw.
  17. In all seriousness got to be Mcshane that gets dropped thought that was pretty obvious. We've players scoring goals which is great but these usually come because someone has given them that opportunity. As well as working his butt off winning ball McShane is virtually the top creator of goals in the league? +5 goals being our best penalty taker. I'd not rush to drop him any time soon.
  18. Cappielow is at the point where people's safety is being compromised. On Tuesday I watched queues of Saints fans trudge through the 3 available gates all completely unchecked as a woman steward tried desperately to get 2 or 3 younger lads to do the job they had been employed for "You're here to do a job, start checking people" she was demanding to a blank stare response after which they went back to simply watching the fans go in. Same lady appeared inside the gates screaming at others inside that they were being paid to do the same. In that respect the bounty incident, although amusing in retrospect, could have been anything as fans could have pretty much have taken anything they wanted into that game. Inside ...bloody hell ...wading through 2 inches of mud and water to find a spot standing on a slippery wooden bench. Nobody say they are for sitting on because that would have meant sitting with our feet submerged in freezing water for 2 hours risking mass trench foot. Absolute disgrace of a place Up the home end they are in so much trouble they can't/won't pay the police to close off Sinclair Street risking their own fans in traffic which has been historically always been closed because it a bloody obvious safety measure to take. How the hell do they get a certificate to put games on? Bloody disgrace of a place.
  19. Be a bench warmer at best. Saw nothing to suggest he'd be a better option than any player we already have. If our players hadn't been out on their feet from exertions of a 2nd tough game in 3 days he'd have been even less effective.
  20. Correct not a single one Remember that's 18 goals they've conceded in last 8 games NOT ONE on target
  21. F*** up after F*** up. Unfit players. Talentless players. Unable to concentrate in the last minutes of a half again. This a QOS side who have picked up 3 pts out of their last 24 while conceding 18 goals and last won a game in mid September! Who the hell can we beat if not them? This team could literally finish St Mirren for good ...and half of them don't give a shit!
  22. Last 10 years we are averaging under a goal a game. It's a phenomenal achievement that/ I'd be willing to bet there there are maybe only 3 or 4 teams in the entire UK league structure who have done managed that if any others! Average of just over 8 wins in a season falling by the week
  23. So 8pts and goal difference from even a play off chance to avoid a possibly fatal 2nd drop and still absolutely no sign of players giving a shit!
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