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  1. so good he had to say it twice
  2. not the best of performances again but plus side we are getting in lots of crosses into good areas now we just need to convert the fecking things. Jay henderson continues to impress, tanser good solid performance, Dunne needs to tone down the hollywood passes but good player, all in all a decent performance and it looks like this year the forwards will have no excuse about poor service.
  3. The government should not be able to stick a needle in anyone's arm however the government should be allowed to restrict their activities somewhat i.e. if you travel back from an amber list country you have to isolate for 10 days unless double jabbed etc. If you decide not to get a jab then you make the choice to accept those restrictions, rough with the smooth and all that
  4. Yes it's a new vaccine but it's not new process this is one of the biggest bullshits being spread by anti vaxxers (not saying you are one) they were able to roll out the vaccine more quickly as they relied on proven techniques used on other viruses. It's like the whole 5g tinfoil hat argument it's new so it must be dangerous, nope it's just applying proven technology and advancing it
  5. What a fecking attitude that is, how many of those under 30 have parents and grandparents who could be put at risk by them not having the vaccine? Yes being double jabbed lessens the impact of covid on those older than 30 however it does not remove the risk especially when you add in other complications like those with COPD or asthma etc You are getting the vaccine as much for others as for yourself just like mask wearing, it doesnt really protect you but protects others. Unfortunately many in the UK and worldwide only think of themselves and not society
  6. Power thinks he's Italian with that yellow tackle 🤣
  7. Henderson looking lively again tonight, great little player
  8. Commentators may be pish but they have Ethan as our best player so far, all about opinions , don't think he has done much wrong so far unlike many others
  9. Camera man is obviously on a quid every time he shows the sponsors boards at the st.mirren fans end
  10. All the newbies playing well so far, too much of the ball being given to Dunfermline though
  11. Great suggestion but no way they would allow Elliot to be loaned to an SPL team, he will be minimum championship or lower EPL
  12. Kiltie is definitely a great addition to the squad , looking forward to next season especially if the next couple of signings are as good.
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