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  1. He posted story in another thread about an hour before you
  2. Robinson is not the one that sold 2 goals (Big Joe) and who saw the Motherwell 4th coming when we were in control. Robinson put out a team which was capable of winning, the players shot themselves in the foot not the manager.
  3. Big Joe has sold 2 goals, reasonably even otherwise, we have hit the post once and the cross from Jones which Brophy just missed was inch perfect
  4. He is the best of the strikers we have although Greive or Offord may develop to be better. Due to budgets we will either have to develop someone better or find some rough diamond and recognise the potential (Ross Stewart/Shankland I am looking at the guy that released you) although of course sometimes its the player not the club at fault in these. Dont think we have seen him at his best yet due to his injurys but if we can keep him fit and get him decent service he will score more goals. Too many times he has to drop for the ball and we then put it where it is best for him and when he is in position we play it too short, hopefully that comes together soon. As a holdup player he is better than Main and his workrate is excellent harrying the defenders to suit our play style. Overall Brophy is a good striker for us.
  5. Biggest takeaways from tonight for me were Lyness needs to learn to kick the ball into the park rather than out most of the time and Jones needs to try and put a corner into the mix rather than past the back post
  6. Think Brophy was on a hard shift, no decent balls to feet so had to drop deep, when he went long they passed short when he came short they passed long. He causes issues for defenders so I like him, he was unlucky not to score but I would love to se him and Grieve up front together as I think the two would work well
  7. First decent ball all game and came from henderson, not long on but quality ball and good finish from Ronan
  8. We are 9th because we have worse goal difference than Ross county but same points however we have played a game less, If we win that (not a given) we move to 6th and if we beat County on Saturday we could go 4th. They are of course If's so thats how I explain that mighty position, closest SPL I have ever seen couple of wins you climb high, couple of losses you drop exciting isnt it 😃 Too many draws as Rascal says but when was the last time a SMFC fan could say that they so far have only lost 9 games all season.
  9. First thing is not all of those 12 were losses, second you conveniently then forget to mention the following 8 games where we had 6 wins and 2 draws so I know exactly which team I have been watching, do you even bother to do that??? We have lost our last 2 against 1st and 3rd respectively , one I expected nothing from and the second ruined by the standard of refereeing. Leaving the 2 cup games aside we beat the teams currently 5th, 6th, 10th and 11th and drew with the teams in 4th and 7th so I am happy with my opinion on our chances. You are obviously happy in your prediction of 10th , only time will provide the answer but my realism is alive and well thanks.
  10. Dont understand where the doom and gloom from some on here comes from. Hearts game was over when Ronan was sent off and ref was shocking. Celtic thought we did ok while not threatening but I never expected us to in reality. I believe that 7th is worst case where we will be come the end of the season with a best case of 4th. Every team (including us) outwith the old firm (who everyone tries to scrape a draw or get a lucky breakaway) is beatable this year. Main is not even the question never mind the answer but Brophy and Grieve at the same time will cause defences nightmares.
  11. Thought we played better when Grieve and Brophy came on, looked to breakthrough and pressed hard, never expected anything from tonights game so not overly bothered especially as Celtics goals came from breaks in the ball not great play from them as we stifled their play for most of the game. So couple of positives first one being Robinson not being slow at changing it up and Mcarthy getting 90 mins
  12. If there was a record kept WC would not be an SPL ref anymore, he regularly gets it wrong and loses control, possibly the worst SPL ref
  13. I agree on number of fouls Dunne was probably due one but it should never in even WC's wildest wet dreams have been a red
  14. Bugger, chance to go 4th but on the bright side gives new manager time to get up to speed with the team
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