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  1. I expect Saints to appeal at least a couple of them, Famewo and wallace especially
  2. Some ridiculous bookings though when they got away with afew worse
  3. only 1 game for Watford but came through their academy and they have kept him on for 5 years so must have something about him. But still shows he is on a season long loan with Gillingham so no idea how he is coming to us
  4. not against Greggs but as most of their staff are on low wages and probably in receipt of tax credits or whatever they will probably get most of it taken off them via a drop in benefits :(, the systems f**ked
  5. The government should have bailed them out and took an equity stake , it was good enough for the banks, instead a fortune has to be spent bringing people back from abroad, 9000 staff out of work, thousands of holidays cancelled and less choice in the market going forward which will mean increased prices for all. I take the point about them haemorrhaging money but none of us know what their plan was to get back to recovery, you are making assumptions with no idea. Fosun was prepared to put in another £900,000,000 so there must have been some faith or at least a chance. Instead what will it cost the government not to mention the issues caused by the collapse. Would it have worked , no idea but worth a bet more than the f**kers in the banks
  6. No buffering on Saintstv either, strange that its been working differently for different people
  7. Worked fine for me (no commentary issue aside) started the vpn and logged in about 2 mins before kickoff
  8. Not the best of camera angles but still think he was trying to make himself smaller when it hit him, i.e. pull his arm by his side
  9. Never a good word, why are you actually here as you are no supporter Sammy went to be a coach of a big club probably on several times his Saints salary Rice went to be manager of his own club Nicholl has gone from coach to assistant Where is the requirement for tin hats, all have done well for themselves, got promotions and moved on, no bad blood or publicity. If you get a chance to step up you take it
  10. While I don't disagree that this is money coming in it is £150k a year over 5 years and comes with the giving up of land previously expected to be sold to hold 21 houses so replacing one income for another as well as naming rights to the stadium. It also equates to 7500 paying punters per year, that takes us 3/4 home games to reach and everything above that is extra earning for us. Lots of ways to spin a story, why are yours almost always negative LPM?
  11. This forum is a barrel of laughs, did we play a weakened team, Yes. Does this allow for a refreshed stronger side on Saturday , Yes. If we had played a stronger side there is no guarantee that it would have taken anything but it would then be a tired side on Saturday when if we lose the same people on here moaning would be moaning that we should have played a weaker side to save the legs. Some people are never satisfied! At the January transfer window we were 10 points behind 11th, we are now 11th and 2 points ahead of 12th, improvement has been made and will hopefully continue KTF
  12. So Bud how do Suggestions and accusations become SNP are a F**king disgrace? I can suggest and accuse you of many things but that does not necessarily make them true or you a f**king disgrace. I think all the parties are a f**king disgrace at the moment by the way as they are all running their own selfish party agendas rather than what is good for the UK (and by that I mean Scotland, NI, Wales and England) I just object to one party being vilified when they are all Sh**t
  13. Allegedly they are talking about smart limiters that can read speed signs and also use GPS, but people will find a way round them and I am sure there will be even less traffic cops as the government will decide it does not need them any more as they will have solved the issue
  14. I think the injury to McGinn before the game started would have had an effect on how we played as currently he is a better player than Mcpherson who replaced him. If Tansey had been available that would have been a better swap. I thought we had better chances than Killie just failed to take them either through missing the ball across the box or Findlay's defending who I thought was their player of the match. At the end of the day we were playing against a top 3/4 team and competed for 89 mins of the game where they were restricted to mostly long shots aside from the goal and the one off the post, we would not have managed that pre-January window so still positives from the game.
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