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  1. thought we sold him? plus he is the one according to Dennis that sold the club to him by speaking highly of us
  2. When I went in I heard a nurse and the security guard talking saying they were surprised as they had been warned that people would be asking which vaccine they would be getting due to all the bullshit around about the Oxford one but noone had asked they all just wanted to get it so its not having too much of an effect. Sister in law had it on Saturday too , felt worse than me but took some paracetamol and slept it off was fine by the Monday. I thought it was 37 cases in 17 million doses? guess it depends on the news program lol
  3. Had mine Saturday morning, Oxford/Astrazeneca version, slight headache and a little achy and chilly Sunday morning but nothing 2 paracetamol did not fix. Today fully normal, well normal for me anyway
  4. He took Norwich from L1 to Championship to EPL and managed Villa and Stoke in EPL also nothing to do with being cheap more his management experience which is significantly better than Lennons was. Think whoever goes to the green half of the ugly sisters is mad unless its for the money, expectations will be huge and they have a team to rebuild from a small core, lennon/the board let them slide badly rather than keeping on pushing forward.
  5. Difference of opinion , I will stick with mine thanks all the same
  6. The money available for a Europe run has changed alot over the years and its now well worth it if you can get one going. Of course the real value is in reaching the group stage https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/stakeholders/news/0253-0f8e6d83afa2-0904576faee6-1000--2019-20-uefa-club-competitions-revenue-distribution-system/
  7. Team was within sniffing distance of the playoffs so nothing to do with performance and more to do with club direction especially as he just got 8 points from last 4 games, decent return https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56225930 Lambert has been able to spend £0 in the time he has been there with just free transfers and loans hardly what it takes to get promotion, add to that the last time they spent anything was the season he joined (but I believe all before he joined) They spent £3mil but they sold nearly £10 mil. Man was working with a shoestring and doing well
  8. You dont fancy a player who at 29 should still be in his prime and who before he came to us was playing at Bundesliga, English Premiership and Championship level which are both significantly better than our level?? I will have some of what you are smoking. I cannot believe we have been able to get him and look forward to seeing what he can offer us, just so unlucky to have got injured in the first game.
  9. Added to that how about his first touch to setup Ethan against Accies even if he was wrongly accused of being offside
  10. Flynn deserves a new contract just for that run down the wing against Utd one of the highlights of an otherwise shitty lockdown
  11. I think Jim has been a great influence on Kyle who was probably abit jaded by all his injury problems but seems to have knuckled down and is now showing why Derby bought him in the first place. Will he become what he could be who knows but if he keeps on putting in shifts like the last few games and keeps providing assists he will do for me, noone in the team currently can pick a pass like him as consistently as he does.
  12. Ah yes Foley who is either injured or cannot even make the bench for Motherwell, dont get me wrong last season loved Foley but this season was off the pace in his position, thought he played well at CB but understand why he was moved on.
  13. Mcal multiple times last night chased from almost the halfway line to close down their GK when back passes were made, I think his Stamina was fine but agree in the past it was suspect and only recently has he improved.
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