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  1. When is a red card not a red card...when its a Rangers red card. So now its not a red card offence to lash out at an opponent off the ball. Admittedly it was a half hearted flick but he still did it as evidenced by them keeping the Yellow so if one of our players does the same or for that matter a Killie or whomever player does it do they just get a yellow as they have changed the rules?
  2. Swiss_Saint

    Saints Fan Wants Compensation

    It may be an emotive argument but still true, the first thing more and more people are trying to do due to adverts pushing it in this country is look for someone to blame after all in your case it could not have been that the silly cow did not pick up her feet after noticing the step, no it was you the sly cafe owner that threw that step there just as she was about to enter your premises. We are all responsible for our own health and saftey, I agree where things are out of our personal control (overcrowding etc) then organisers should make allowances and control this but sometimes contrary to the fecking lawyers it really is our own bloody fault. When I was a kid if I fell out of a tree it was not the councils fault it was mine , if I trip over a step its my fault for not seeing it or being dumb enough to not lift my feet. Compensation and health and saftey has its place in a civilised society but lawyers have seen fit to screw everyone over with the if there is blame there is a claim rubbish. A smart person would think , "if I sit in a football ground I may be hit with the ball, If I sit behind the goal the chances are greatly increased"
  3. Swiss_Saint

    Saints Fan Wants Compensation

    LPM how is this the clubs fault, you say The he should be obeying the rules and been sitting down then he could not get knocked over Then the The club in my and most fans opinions have went out of their way to be nice to him and offered him something when they did not have to offer anything other than a sorry to hear that. If you attend a sports game whether football , cricket , baseball even tennis you may get hit with a ball, its unlikely but it can happen, In 20:20 they even have a prize for catching a six hit into the crowd. Compo for its own sake is a sickness in this country
  4. Swiss_Saint

    Where was VAR when we needed it?

    I never said it was relevant or not, I was only saying what I believe the ref called
  5. Swiss_Saint

    Where was VAR when we needed it?

    think the ref indicated that he believed the final ball through came off one of our defenders so he couldn't be offside
  6. Swiss_Saint

    4 told they can leave

    based on what I can read about him I agree on the experience but he sounds as if he has some quality about him
  7. Swiss_Saint

    Cole Kpekawa

    If we can get him especially if its free then looks like a bargain. Based on the story when he left QPR fans were not happy to lose him and they sold him for £450k (ok its England so stupid money anyway) https://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/qpr-director-football-les-ferdinand-11851957
  8. Swiss_Saint

    4 told they can leave

    Lets hope his giants can play abit too or we are just going to be Livingston
  9. Swiss_Saint

    Alan's first signings

    Nice feedback Darloboy, hopefully he continues to improve with us and is a great asset
  10. Swiss_Saint

    Rory Loy

    Bet hes glad now he signed for Falkirk and not us
  11. Swiss_Saint

    Harry Davis

    Why is it bullshit? for a team like St.Mirren to be in National league 2 they would have a much higher turnover due to much of the money coming from tv revenue etc filtering down, due to their larger home crowds our turnover would of course then be higher. Statistics can be made to say anything
  12. Swiss_Saint

    New Manager Latest Odds

    It is when it would get you arrested for abusing shop staff, big guy throwing something at a wall, very mature.
  13. Swiss_Saint

    Gavin Reilly

    Where did you see this reported? or are you surmising from a lack of news with regards to him accepting? SS
  14. Swiss_Saint

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    Where did he say that, I love the selective way people take things on here What he did say was I agree knuckle dragging morons opinions do tend to be shit but other opinions are valuable hence the debate on here. Why does the name St.Mirren sound shit? Please give your reasoning behind this and convince people of why Saints should change their name. Cleansing a name due to perceived connotations is no reason to do it so there must be other points for this. SS p.s. I have no issues with Paisley St.Mirren but remain to be convinced as to the case for dropping the Mirren
  15. Swiss_Saint

    Speculation Thread

    https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/655056/dundee-united-leading-the-race-for-dunfermlines-nicky-clark/ If we are in the SPL and Dundee Utd can still offer him a better financial package they really are a team about to implode from debt, its nuts (if we were even interested)