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  1. think it was a harsh second yellow, takes the ball and St.J player goes over it
  2. I Don't disagree, I think Covid as it has developed has caused current pricing to be crazy and honestly think the club thought fans would be in the stadium by now hence the season ticket price v international subscriber price.
  3. The reason international fans get that is normally due to TV licensing rules which do not allow live match watching for UK fans, think this is a SFA or some licensing body rule but does allow non uk fans to watch live. This was I believe the way to ensure grounds were not empty but seems a nonsense in the current covid times and should IMHO have been suspended until some semblance of normality returns. SS It seems crazy to not allow all season ticket and international subscribers full access
  4. You are comparing apples to oranges, Reilly had one good season in the Championship, you trying to say that Brophy who has scored 2017-18 1 in 4 games 2018 - 19 1 in 3 2019 - 2020 1 in 3 2020 - 2021 1 in 5 ( a bad season for him which you are basing your opinion on) is worse? Gavin who I loved playing for saints had 1 season in the SPL in which he scored 1 in 8 For me if we can get him to score 1 in 3 I am very happy to welcome Brophy
  5. I agree one cap does not an internationalist make but my point was more that he has been involved at most levels of the Scotland caps system U19, U21 and full.
  6. I cannot believe the same people (mainly Ronnie) are even comparing Gavin Reilly to Brophy and praising him over Brophy, lets do a quick compare Brophy - Scotland International and played at all levels of U21's, league - Scottish Prem , goals 2018 - now 26 in 84 games (1 in 3) Gavin Reilly - never played any level for Scotland, League - EL1/2, goals 2018 - now 9 in 82 (1 in 9) Its not even the comparison that irks me but the writing off of a player before he even kicks a ball for us As I said before no matter what the club do some people are never happy
  7. Its more than our current strikers isnt it? so for me any help is welcomed.
  8. Ronnie if he is so rank rotten in your opinion why did he have a list of clubs chasing his signature? Ok its from a news article but "A number of Championship rivals are also believed to be looking including Luton, but he will also have the chance to remain in Scotland. We understand Aberdeen, Hibernian, Hearts and St Mirren are all looking to open talks with him over a free transfer move in the summer." Someone must see him as having some ability I guess 😲
  9. Some people are never happy, when was the last time Saints bought a capped 24 year old striker, this shows intent from the club to continue improving and moving forward when many clubs are going backwards
  10. fingers crossed this happens the boy is a class act, but its St.Mirren so not holding my breath
  11. At no point in the match did I feel we were getting schooled by Rangers a team that cost multiple millions of times the cost of our current team. I thought we competed very well and came close to scoring a number of times. We lack the composure of a Roofe or Morelos but then we cannot afford the likes of them. At the end Dennis had 2 shots blocked also so for me on a different day we could have at least scored one and had enough chances to at least draw, When was the last time Rangers had to fluke a win from us with a deflected goal and a stupid mistake from one of our players. In recent years they, celtic and a number of teams have systematically dismantled us winning easily. This season is the first where I have seen us compete in almost every game and have thought before each match that this game is winnable instead of hoping for a draw or low score loss. SS
  12. Think the game has been pretty even with a deflected goal and stupidity for the second but not looking like the teams are that far apart
  13. The ability to watch away games is new this season and was not available last season
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