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  1. I say they go for full independence from Paisley and be done with it once and for all They really are a bunch of whingin cnuts out there.If they were really THAT well off they wouldnae be living in or around Paisley at all....and wouldnae care one way or the other.Aw fur coat and nae knickers!


    That banner that keeps appearing for their new single is getting oan ma nipple ends.Every time you go near it a big drop down windae appears with an advert....its a pain in the arse.
  3. Tomorrows worlds favourite band and Spurs fans...."He's Glenn Hoddle.....and he's awfy good.....(Dan-nan....da...nan...da...nan...da ....nan)"
  4. Well "Poke a Chips" is still without License....and candles burn aw day...every day.That's a belter of a staff meeting
  5. I wish Van and Chuck Berry would do a tour together and save loads of punters a whack of dosh......neither of them KIn be arsed no more but are happy to faff about for a purse! It's well shoddy..and you know what am gettin at my B(Flat) bud.Deedly etc Yeah....them Canadians....Dae we still own them?....might be a royalty cheque in there somewhere......Rush buy St.Mirren....aw man
  6. Been aquiring a lot of Runrig of late....er indoors....but thats as far down the Rs as I wish to go....next step would be them
  7. Yeah bud...not a waterfall or goblin in there!....trying to track down a band called Shoogleniffty(sp).....a mate says they are top drawer....I just like the name really
  8. Episode Six....the radio one Sessions Depeche Mode.... Greatest Hits Cream ....Wheels of Fire The Smiths....The Queen is Dead Magazine....Greatest Hits
  9. Why is it when you go to this thread and hover over the previous reply....it always says "Go to Last Post"?......is this subliminal messaging...or is Div getting free tattie scones or summit?
  10. Ye gotta love her...saving the Railway Children (which just wouldnt have been appropriate),she got her kit off in nearly every film she was in.Top Chick
  11. Bye bye ya fud. Listening to the sound of Silence!
  12. If you have decent imagination then yeah.....I suspect you can.Sure thats what Rush were aiming for as well dont you think.
  13. And not a waterfall in sight...funny that.Good choice though
  14. A nice selection of Angus-led music there.Keep up the good work
  15. Joy Division Oven Gloves....by Half Man Half Biscuit.
  16. Most of the films have been covered already...but another one is Mean Machine...the kack Vinny Jones version of the Burt Reynolds classic. Only good one in it was Jason Statham as the psycho keeper....would love a goalie like that
  17. clicky still a bit vague...but has possibilities
  18. I wouldnae worry.......if it comes down to it you can always claim your banner is meant to represent my pal Oggie.....who has recently been re-named as the Kung Fu Panda. Anyone who knows Oggie will get it straight away......its a belter
  19. Think I might have broke it......in a drunken moment I asked one of the lassies to send me a Jack and coke on the wee train.....ooops!
  20. .......that brings back memories.if i remember right they did a fair version of Aerosmiths Dream on as well from the same album.
  21. 1/ The Queen is Dead:-The Smiths 2/ Morrisey:-Greatest Hits 3/ AC/DC :-If you want blood (Live Album) 4/ AC/DC:-Flick of the Switch 5/ Morrisey:-Live at Earls Court
  22. With a bit of luck they'll get round to putting in relief managers/new owners in Websters,Wig&Pen,Croft.....finally drive the great un-washed out of our town.
  23. In Lieu of the tattie howkers game.... "You just have to look at their bench to see the quality we're up against..." Squeaky pants time again for Gus.
  24. Don't mind the yellow numbers.....but I'll take your word for it. Kind of an illustration of how far we have fallen in the rankings now though isn't it....when at one point we could attract the then European champs to Love St...and now we can't interest mediocre players to come play here...as many of them don't know who we are. Just depressed myself there.
  25. Yip.Still have the programme.They were European Champs....was considered quite a catch to get them. Ahh the seventies.....umbro strips and macaroon bars all the way
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