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  1. @theknickerwetter Oh dear, it seems that Tucker Carlsen's story (top of the page) is falling apart with the "only copy" of the evidence getting lost/tampered with in the post, fortunately the package has now been found - alas and alack without the relevant documents. Another glorious chapter in the history of Fox News, owned by a billionaire, presented by millionaires., believed by the gullible. We'll see how this one plays out....
  2. John Cale's still alive though - Hallelujah!
  3. Pursuing policies you don't like isn't Fascist. Fascism is removing other parties from the political process followed by the intimidation (physical & psychological), jailing & killing of opponents, none of these actions have occurred in Scotland - I hope this helps you understand the meaning of the word.
  4. Fuxake! & it;s not just Jeremy the report also condemns other Labour MPs.
  5. I was reading BBs obituary in The Grauniad and was stuck by this comment... ....a welding factory - run by Andy Warhol? Obviously the Obit was written by someone who's never been inside a factory. RIP - Mr. Ball
  6. Finally got round to watching Scotland, Slavery & Statues last night - a documentary about how to contextualize the Edinburgh statue which commemorates Henry Dundas the Tory politician who delayed the abolition of slavery for 15 years by amending Wilberforce's Abolition Bill in 1792. Thanks to the BLM movement a new plaque detailing his role in the enslavement of an estimated further 620,000 black Africans will replace the original. The only sad note in the program is that we did not go as far as the good citizens of Toronto who pulled down the statue of Dundas in their city. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000nrpb/scotland-slavery-and-statues
  7. Split the first para because it is irrelevant to what we're discussing - Is there blame and to whom should it be attributed. Having said that it is disappointing to hear the "once in a generation" quote being used out of context again - it was never a guarantee and the circumstances in which the issue would be revisited (Brexit) were clearly laid out by the SNP in their 2015 manifesto. ******************* I've not really tried to defend "wee Nicola Sturgeon" over the pandemic although her hands are partially tied by the funding Westminster allows she's made many of the same mistakes that BJ has. Your argument that Scotland is subordinate to England and then that NS is entirely responsible is one I find contradictory also while Scotland is more rural than England the bulk of the population live in the Central Belt and cities like Aberdeen & Dundee, I think if you look at the map of current restrictions you'll find it pretty similar both sides of the border - urban areas high. rural areas low. Conditions where I live & work are far removed from the Brigadoon. The main difference in my opinion is the seriousness with which NS has treated the country compared to BJ maintaining daily briefings while the Unionist parties complained to limit them being televised just before the second wave of the virus started - it's clear to me who's politicising the issue. In contrast BJ was telling us to get down the pub and roping in Chancellor Rishi Sunak into stunts like delivering meals with no gloves on during the "Eat Out to Help Out" campaign. Just today you've got NI, Scotland and Wales advising against going out on Halloween while England are saying it's OK in Tier 1 & 2 areas. ******************** I've never tried to absolve the general public from their share of the blame but as I've said many, too many, times now the buck stops at the top and BJ, Westminster and the devolved governments must bear "the bulk of the blame" in that order or maybe you're correct and that's an outdated concept now.
  8. To be fair, even if we had any targets, the last few weeks would have made it very difficult to sign anyone. Yeah that's what I thought, why bring in someone who might be short of match fitness & unfamiliar to the rest of the squad just to play a coupla games understrength - maybe we're just giving it a week or so before we do bring someone just to be diplomatic or then again maybe not...
  9. No out-of-contact arrivals since the window closed - looks like we'll be going through to January with the present lot.
  10. ...........I agree with the doctor but how we behave stems from the behaviour of those at the top poor policy decisions, the premature exit from lockdown, condoning his favourite SPADs breach of the rules in May, telling us it was our "patriotic duty" to get back to the pub, the late introduction of facemask regulations in July two months after easing the lockdown, ignoring advice from SAGE in September that restrictions needed to be tightened for the best part of a month are just some of the reasons why I insist the government bears "the bulk of the blame" - the public at large must share some of the blame but to a far lesser extent. It's less than a month since you were asking where the increase in deaths were, it's a fluid situation and new severe measures are in place which I hope will stem and reverse the present trend, caveats are not a smokescreen they're just an indication that none of know for sure what is going to happen.
  11. If you want to discuss Independence or Brexit I'd prefer to do it on the appropriate thread but what "self inflicted problems" and if Westminster is really to busy to deal with these "self inflicted problems" then perhaps they should give us Independence - I cannot see any relevance in your first para although I do detect the usual gammon whinging - you deserve to be slated for it. As for the second wave getting out of hand I place the "bulk of the blame" on the government and have given at least half-a-dozen reasons for this, all of which you've ignored - very little of what has gone wrong is down to hindsight. I also blame people who fail to follow common sense procedures to but to a lesser extent, the malaise starts at the top & BJ is no Harry Truman, passing the buck around like it was a hot potato - oh and that is one primo mixed metaphor, you'll not see a better one today! If you have no idea what "your fellow gammons" means then you must be Rip Van jaybee and I can see clearly now the rain has gone that you really, really, don't care.
  12. Spinning a Yarn: The Dubious History of Scottish Tartan (BBC4 again) Nothing I didn't really know - the list of Tartans was compiled/invented by a pair of brothers from Surrey embellishing it a false provenance they claimed to trace back the Middle Ages and that there was no real link between Clans and a particular tartan till roundabout the 1790s! The modern kilt is your nothing more than fucking slaveware!
  13. Well I'm sure you'll be able to put a bet on it somewhere - but on what set of figures?.
  14. I'm saying what I've said from the get-go that the governments stats are a mess - that's my agenda. In typical gammon fashion you're choosing the lowest set of results - that's your agenda, I was merely pointing out that according to the ONS data published today and current trends continue we'll be closer to the 100k figure that we all dismissed a coupla months back and that'll largely be down to complacency at the top. "where the bulk of the blame lies ". I tried to delete it because I didn't want to get into another one of these tedious arguments - alas just a bit too late. The coming months are going to be scary and frankly I'd be happy if you're proved correct, I'm just not so sure that you will be.
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