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  1. 3-0 excellent - into the next round (no injuries?) - couldn't have gone much better.
  2. Erm no I said you couldn't be a proud Londoner and Scot and that your Scottishness was sentimental - you've made your choice and are able to vote in the London Mayoral elctions. ****************** I am of the opinion that Independence outweighs the benefits of the Union for Scotland. I look at BJ claiming that Brexit not prevent open trade with the rest of the world and lead to beneficial trade deals for the UK but that Scottish Independence will lead to a closed border then listen to English Tory MPs at Westminster howling at the SNP leader Ian Blackford and wonder why they want to stop us leaving, they clearly don't like us and this is the mainstream of current Tory politicians. ******************* All of which seems to be contradicted by the Chancellors statement today that we would not be aligned with EU regulations post Brexit, so no frictionless trade with them anyway and all aboard the Train towards the 19th Century!
  3. From an organisation that states Islamisation threatens free speech!
  4. I guess it's never too early to gloat Cap'n! I've been wrong before but the transfer window's not over & I'll wait to see if he gets game time in the League before I actually concede the point..
  5. .....nothing new from me either, just a refusal to be bullied off the forum by your bitter, negative, sycophantic etc, etc posting. .. On the two issues: On the redefinition GM:s role - I ain;t the one spinning the issue. Breadner,Djorkaeff & Erhahom (Good name for a Prog Rock group ) - all clearly out off the picture by November (if not before), you have made a U-turn that would embarrass any normal person.
  6. Um, you've flirted with social Darwinism an example being when you said taxing rich people would hinder innovation. The big injustice however is "The Brothers" investment in Tory Party and the rewards it has brought them.
  7. I have a connection, he shared a name with the eponymous character of a Zappa song that I listen to frequently.
  8. Not specifically Boris related, more a general disbelief in the state of the country, where I suspect these brothers have been able to use privileged information to jump the gun on this particular money tree. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jan/16/betfred-owners-make-millions-from-company-treating-gambling-addicts Clearly these poacher/gamekeeper brothers are an example of @oaksofts belief that successful entrepreneurs are an evolutionary step up from us "ordinary" folk.
  9. On the "Generation Thing" - during the infamous Marr interview Alex Salmond described the time from the first devolution referendum in 79 to the second one in '97 as being a good definition. The relevant question for reducing this and holding a second referendum sooner is whether issues like not implementing "The Vow" & Brexit & Westminster's subsequent power grab are significant and that seems to be defined by whether you're for or agin....
  10. My first thought was Frank Zappa's fictional hero and how he could die? Second thought that he would've been alive for all our major trophy wins! Anyway I'm sure he was a nice guy so RIP.
  11. When GM was appointed in October 2018 it GLS said it was because we had learned from the "Summer of Stubbs" and that GM was here to provide continuity, GM confirmed that the main part of his job was transfers, the continuity was clearly not there after OK left last summer - recruitment stalled & didn't really resume until about a month after JGs appointment where a different strategy of signing players on longer term contracts emerged - that GMS role seems to have been redefined from the time of his appointment only enhances my argument. I've explained it to you before - many times! Chief Scout is not how GMs role was defined at the time of his appointment - I ain't the one doing the spinning! You have made a U-turn on players you previously argued were" key squad members" . EE - Injured all of the time? Bottom line - a development player who got no game time in 5 months. CB - Plenty of players ahead of him in his position so one 2 min time wasting appearance as a substitutes ie a development player. OD - Panic buy for the LC that we're trying to get rid of who made one 5 min appearance after JGs considered signings arrived and clearly out of the first team picture by the time I made my original post on the subject at the start of November. None of these guys were in the first team picture when I made my original post in November and couldn't even get any game time in December when the squad almost buckled and as I predicted are now even further away from the first team as it increases in size - I've said being GLSs vigilante prevents you from posting objectively on the subject. Squad size - My point was always that it was too small (it'll almost certainly be bigger by the end of the window) and most arrived too late, leaving us in the Chairman's words "behind the curve" and what else can that mean but a failure by our TD to learn lessons and provide continuity in signings last summer? JGs arrival seems to have led to a change in our signing strategy with a trend towards signing players on longer contracts. Perhaps a more relevant question is whether GM provides an essential role in the current set-up. ******************************* In two months of arguing you've proved nothing we're just two idiots paraphrasing the same arguments and providing a degree of amusement for other forumsters, my point as ever is that GMs failed in his role as defined at the time of his appointment and that no amount of post-hoc re-evaluation of said role changes that - he was hired for the role of Technical Director not Chief Scout.
  12. Meanwhile in the real world we're talking about players who weren't in JGs plans in November and couldn't even get game time when our too small squad almost buckled in December as I predicted the arrival of the transfer window has pushed them further away from the first team picture, it's a process that happens at every club every January - simples! Your problem is that as a self appointed vigilante for GLS you're often unable to accept objective arguments and you've been caught making a complete U-turn in this thread with your bitter, negative & shameful posting exposed, it's ironic that GLSs "behind the curve" statement! indicated that he shares my POV on this issue - it's quite clear that his rejection has affected you badly.
  13. Unfortunately it's false news that's become generally accepted due to repetition by Unionist politicians and their meeja lickspittles are happy to repeat. Hopefully @jaybee will refrain from using this false news in the future. ********************* Circumstanced that have changed The failure to implement "The Vow" made by Cameron, Clegg & Milliband. The argument that voting NO was the only way Scotland could stay in the EU becoming redundant and the subsequent attempt by Westminster to steal powers that should be returned to Hollyrood. ********************** Scotland and England are no longer politically compatible, the split that began when the Thatcher Govt. ditched One Nation Toryism in 79 has become a chasm and it's only gonna get wider - the bottom line is if Unionists were convinced they'd win IndyRef2 it'd be happening this year.
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