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  1. Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    Giza signing!
  2. Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    IIRC to be outside the Customs Union & Single Market which would allow the UK to implement it's own separate Trade Deals and stop Freedom of Movement from the EU respectively. Also Britain was to leave the juridiction of the ECJ which it will do eventually under the May agreement as it stands but probably not if a new deal with UK retaining membership of either of the above included.
  3. Bud the Baker

    January Arrivals

    Can Kellerman even play for anyone else this season?
  4. Bud the Baker

    January Arrivals

    OK @div
  5. Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    Vince Cable ups the pressure on Corbyn.................
  6. Bud the Baker

    January Arrivals

    Yeah but he was on the Ins for a while (I'm sure) and now he ain't,
  7. Bud the Baker

    January Arrivals

    Is he an In? Is he an Out? No he's Kellerman! I see he's been taken off the list of Ins on the Home Page - is their any significance to this? I'm confused, can anyone help?
  8. Bud the Baker

    January Arrivals

    I'd have liked to have seen more in by this stage but I'm happier than I was two days prior to our first game of the season against Killie in the LC back in July. Only one definite miss in Hammill and a coupla possibles in Jones & Lyness. Famous Last Words but providing we go in with the right attitude we should beat Alloa, Celtic (a) comes into the "anything we get is a bonus" category so the real test will be against Hibs on the 27th - as ever COYS!
  9. Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    ......................and as I suspected Mike Gapes is a member of Labour Friends of Israel parliamentary pressure group - pots & kettles etc. As I've said previously I reckon JC not bothering to meet May face2face in the aftermath of last night's vote is a mistake politically but it's also important to understand the motives behind any particular attack and Gapes main agenda is obviously part of the LFoI agenda to confuse anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Oh and Corbyn's no communist, despite what Roger Daltry says.
  10. Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    Friends like these., fellow Labour MP Mike Gapes...............
  11. Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    That's another `12 days off the clock!
  12. Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    Missed the latest non-statement from May but according to ex-PDE Sports Writer Andrew Neil she said nothing new! Presumably watching games at Love St. Neil saw a few OGs but probably none as bad as the one JC made this evening by refusing to talk to May until she rules out a "No Deal Brexit" a mistake already being used to deflect the pressure from May by the gammon press down south!
  13. Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    So it wasn't the only reason why people voted leave - I didn't say it was but I still say the prevailing mood in the Leave camp was "taking back control of our borders", it's just another fault of the Remain campaign that they didn't pursue the argument that Freedom of Movement was beneficial to any great degree.
  14. Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    Well that's the cross party talks well & truly fucked..............
  15. Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    That is the folly of the stock markets - traders being paid a fortune in comissions to gamble with our pension money. These traders crave volatility and don't forget for every winner in the swings there is a loser in the roundabouts and the only people really making money are like I said the traders. In case anyone needs reminding Jacob Rees-Mogg has made sure that whatever happens he won't lose out by opening a second investment fund in Ireland! EAT THE RICH!