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  1. So I quote from a poem BJ published and I'm the one "stirring up hatred" - UncleTomTM logic methinks!
  2. .;.I note you're not disputing that the poll in question lies within the recent trend, just ignoring it!😜 I also note that the Minister for the Union will be visiting Scotland this weekend perhaps he will regale us again with witticisms like the Scots are "a verminous race, deserving not merely isolation, but extinction" - oh that crazy public schoolboy sense of humour. 😂😂😂 ********************** Moving off-topic I'm leaving to watch Cottage to Let on Film4 it features the peerless Alastair Sim and the screen debut, in short trousers, of George Cole.
  3. Over the past few months the figure for those supporting independence has been in the 51-58% range so take a midpoint of 54.5% and a variance of ±3%, the 52% figure for the poll you highlight is within this range, you don't understand the "maths" underpinning the interpretation of polls - it's a non-story. 😜 If there is a story here it's the desperation of the Yoon media and it's followers like yourself...🙄
  4. The margin for error for most polls is ±3% so it's really a non-story...
  5. It's a different season - where we were in 19/20 is irrelevant. Like munoz above above I want to know the goss on Quaner and would like to think our midfield would have a bit more dig than on Sunday, ****************** Well thanks to @Sonnyfor the info on Quaner - the best I can do now is a rather feeble COYS!
  6. Just finished watching the third and final part of Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema series on BBC4 which is prob'ly available on iPlayer or something. In the final episode I still couldn't keep my eyes open (sic) for that famous scene from Un Chien Andalou. I'd recommend. Might watch David Baddiel's documentary on Holocaust Denial later tonight or I might go to bed...
  7. I remember buying a Christmas pressie in there a few years ago (quite a few years now I guess) and the checkout girl commented on my St. Mirren tammy - I asked if she was a Saints fan, there's quite a few in Ayr, she said no but that she was a Steven Thompson fan... I guess it would just've been after he started doing commentaries on't Telly.
  8. Ultimate kick in the teeth - Debenham's sold to a business complicit in not paying it's workers the minimum wage and undermining safe working practices during the pandemic? Yup we're certainly all in it together... Debenhams shops to close permanently after Boohoo deal - BBC News
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