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  1. It was all just a case of cyclists droop it seems....... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/50387501 https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/nov/12/shane-sutton-accused-serial-liar-doper-at-medical-tribunal-richard-freeman-team-sky-cycling
  2. I can keep this up as long as you can.....
  3. 1. That was then, different players at different stages of development - in the current squad of the three players mentioned only MacPherson has made more than a token appearance since the Hibs game - to regard any of them as more than fringe/development players is desperate. 2. 5 minutes in 3 months hahahaha! 3. a) Mackenzie has been a good player in previous seasons but that's irrelevant to this season, I wouldn't have resigned him this season where as well as being injured he's been kept out of the team by a centre-back pairing which despite the praise had steered us to the bottom of the division. As I presume he'll only be on a 1 year deal probably not a biggy! b) Nice to see you mention McAllister (correct spelling) might be one of those players who are "injury prone" three months late but nice all the same. As our "marquee" signing this summer it's might very well turn out to be a biggy! My criticism of these deals is that they seem very much to have been made with undue haste as a consequence of a second successive summer of turmoil which even GLS admits has left us "behind the curve" and as I say unable to fill our bench with match ready players. You really threw yourself under the bus when you bought into GLSs "Masterplan" wheeze - LMFAO! 4 No you haven't debunked anything - the role of the DoF was "defined" by GLS when GM was appointed - it was to "provide continuity" which he failed to do this summer as recognized by GLS prior to the Celtic game when he said we were "behind the curve". I don't have to "hate, deny or ignore" anything when I can disprove you by quoting GLSs actual words. 5 No I'm not talking about your double-flip in the Two Stands issue I'm referring to you misrepresenting me during our last discussion in the DoF thread about a month ago - you still owe me an apology for that DoubleFlip85.
  4. 1. The development players don't count because of their age (18-20) lack of first team experience and the clear fact that manager doesn't trust them to start a game. the only league game started by Breadner, Erhahon & MacPherson since the opening game of the season before JGs signings were bedded in was MacPherson against Killie when Waters was unavailable, they're development players not ready to start a first team game at this level - it's not hard to understand even for you Flipper. 2. Djorkaeff who has managed 5 minutes since the. opening game of the season when JG - it's not hard to understand even for you Flipper. 3. We chose to sign two players with poor fitness records McAllister & MacKenzie because of the mess we got into changing managers in the summer and the fact the DoF failed in his remit and was unable to provide continuity - it's not hard to understand even for you Flipper. 4. The DoF failed to fulfil the role publicly specified by GLS when he was hired this summer, at present we don't have enough players of the required ability to even fill the bench, Cooke is the only player whose absence could be attributed to bad luck - it's not hard to understand even for you Flipper. You owe me an apology for misrepresenting what I posted - it's not hard to understand even for you Flipper. **************************** Poor effort it is yet another fail from you Flipper! (and another cheap debating trick which I can do as well as you)
  5. ……………...and you're arguing with me because you're totally indifferent Flipper. *******************- We have a squad of 22 out of which 3 are development players so really only 19 (see below) one of these is a panic buy from our summer holidays and two have poor fitness records, we're "behind the curve" as GLS admitted prior to the Celtic game, bottom of the Division and clearly have no alternatives the manager trusts which is to say the DoF role failed in the close season. You threw your under a bus Flipper, I almost pity you - LMFAO . I call you Flipper to remind everyone you flipped not once but twice on the OF fans in the Family Stand issue. Oh and you still owe me an apology!
  6. Dear, dear, dear, there goes what was left of your dignity - you really have lost the plot! Flipper85 - thee man with no answers! *************** PS - There really was no masterplan!
  7. Childish tactics to embed your post in quotes - totally bonkers! As for the apology, it's for deliberately misrepresenting me the last time we crossed keyboards, but as it's part of your regular debating tactics I'm not surprised you've forgoten it - what's special about one instance in what must be dozens? Genuine advice Flipper, check before you post, I'm trying to help preserve your dignity - not that there's much of that left . ****************** Oh and the Masterplan, you threw yourself under a bus there, you really did - LMFAO!
  8. It'd be easy to catch you , you'd be weighed down by all your gold. I'd have you with fava beans and a nice Chianti...🍽️ 🥄 PS - When did you become normal?
  9. You should go on the stage Flipper - that's absolutely knockout material. The Masterplan, you really threw yourself under a bus there - LMFAO! PS - I'm still waiting for my apology from the last time we crossed keyboards. PPS - Referring to yourself in the third person - totally bonkers.
  10. Baz reckons all of 'em! Nailed it on the head there despite what the forums drama queens would say!
  11. Is that what you tell all the laydeez?
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