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  1. ....well has NS brought the country to what is regularly described as a "state of emergency" - no that's down to TM & JC! I mention Scotland's Future because it was a real document running to 650 pages outlining economic plans for an Independent Scotland not as you claimed "neverland" - and certainly not something that could be printed on the side of a bus (£350M a week for the NHS) and technically wasn't even correct. I have avoided the "big pharma" thread so far but is Scotland significantly worse than the UK as a whole - the only way I could see an argument against NS being more "competent" than TM & JC, what I actually claimed, being valid.
  2. MV3 tomorrow apparently... ************************* Erm, apparently not... Well, at least we know who's running the show!
  3. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore for Scott, real name Noah Scott Engel. Incredibly cool dude back in the 60s when he was the mainman in The Walker Brothers, his solo work was more "difficult" but made him a bit of an icon for fellow musos like Bowie, Jarvis Cocker & many, many more!
  4. The 650 page document Scotland's Future published prior to the independence referendum was a real & detailed document - calling it "neverland" is a gross exaggeration. The contradictory statements of LEAVE statements during the campaign on issues like whether the UK would remain in the Customs Union are a matter of record as is the ultimate "neverland" statement by Liam Fox claiming that "the deal with the EU should be the easiest in history"!
  5. Except that it was well costed by the SNP in a 600-odd page manifesto and as I've explained previously opposition to it ranged from the Project Fear predictions that Scotland would spin off the planet's face the day after the referendum, to the Chancellor exceeding his authority in saying that Scotland couldn't continue to use the £Sterling as it's currency, even Ruth Davidson has since admitted that the UKs economy is too Londoncentric now the Independence referendum is safely out of the way - I look forward to hearing her flip on that statement when IndyRef2 happens ! No doubt there would have been issues to face after Independence but to refer to the Independence manifesto as "neverland" is a gross exaggeration. I completely understand people preferring to stay in the Union for patriotic and family reasons, but the economic arguments for leaving are sound and Nicola Sturgeon is by far the most competent of the current leaders on offer.
  6. Yup, I think at retirement age people should be able to choose between a free Bus Pass / TV Licence etc and the right to vote. Come on OAPs - what would you sell your vote for?
  7. Theresa and her few, erm, remaining friends.
  8. The .75 million are mine - vote early, vote often!
  9. @Eric Arthur Blair Following on your Temptations theme... I'm thinking about getting one of them thar funky suits...
  10. Nah, Freedonia. Not sure if the UK's trade agreement with them will alter. Mmmmmm, love their soup!
  11. Will the DUP/ERG go for the May deal as the best (from their POV) they're likely to get, if so will that be enough votes to pass in the HoC, if not will the opposition be able to unite and force a GE or second Brexit Referendum, might May even resign? I haven't the foggiest!
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