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  1. The, erm, lady is a loose cannon who's probably already sunk her political career with her off the cuff statement about Hitler, however you never know with these right wing snowflakes she appeals to... ...it's the way she tells 'em! 😃
  2. Drat those pesky panic merchants from the ONS who today published a report on the virus in England concluding https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases/bulletins/coronaviruscovid19infectionsurveypilot/england25june2020#incidence-rate Actually if you look at the figures they appear to have gone beyond "levelling off" and in some cases are starting to increase again. IIRC England started to ease lockdown restrictions on May 13... ******************* @theknickerwetter AwakenWithJP vs The ONS in conjuction with IQVIA, Oxford University and the UK Biocentre - who to trust!
  3. Jimmy Bone with his pornstar moustache must've starred in a few BDSM classics...
  4. As ever it wasn't on the top page and being lazy I couldn't be bothered going back. . Still it shows they are quarantining in the Antipodes and I presume the prospect of a "travel bubble" with them is not an immediate prospect.
  5. I see NZ has recorded it's first 2 cases of Covid in weeks...
  6. My brother, who doesn't post on here really liked him, like I say a bit of a marmite character.
  7. His one footedness often made him a liability, I remember a game against Raith where we were on a break from a corner and he turned inside and backwards three times instead of using his right foot most folks were clapping him but all I could see was the Rovers defence back in place and an attacking opportunity lost - I suppose he's a bit of a marmite character but he'd be in my list of worst Saints players taking the rumoured transfer fee into account - a resigning that definitely falls into the S&M category!. Additionally IIRC he missed a penalty that game and was beaten to the rebound because it fell to his right and it took him to long to move crabways and get it on his left.
  8. Samson & Delilah with Victor Mature, Hedley Lamarr and not in picture George Sanders - letting Samson grow his hair back is proof that the Philistines really were stupid. I think it was Groucho Marx who said he preferred fillums where the leading lady had bigger breasts.
  9. Well I guess it isn't - Hertz fans online seem pretty confidant they've got a strong case, however I don't think the SPFL (and the 26 clubs that voted against reconstruction) would've allowed the it to get to court unless they were equally confident Seconds out!
  10. Bondage Domination and, erm, St. Mirren - it's my life.....
  11. Um, right, well, erm not for the first time this is the day it'll all be sorted - unless of course it isn't!
  12. Best - Either Andy DilDorman or Gunni VibraTorfason Worst - The sexually repressed Lex "Vanilla Ice Ice" Baillie
  13. Thick, red mist, that's rich coming from a guy who can't use our First Minister's real name - your lack of self awareness shines through in every post. PS - In the Pepsi Challenge I still reckon the BBC & The Guardian win hands down when compared with the Alt-Right snowflakes you prefer.
  14. We're comin' from the Caribbean this summer to make England grovel.....
  15. UberHippies CS&N with one of Macca's best chunes...
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