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  1. Wid but always felt things would get frosty if you came first.....
  2. Yup, Goody looks to be the best of the up&comers................... Are we gonna rename him Jimmy or Jamesy in order to get the B&W Army song to scan?
  3. Erm, just wondering if OKs thanks to Tony might not be exactly what he (Tony) needs considering he'll be staying to work with GLS.
  4. Sad to see such a charismatic and IMO successful manager go - I would hate last season's GreatEscape2 to be rewritten because of the last week's events. Hope things go a little better than OK for OK. Goodbye No. 26, hello No. 27!
  5. Bye-bye No. 26, you were one of the better ones! Welcome No. 27 I hope you'll be as good if not better than OK!
  6. It'll be a sad day when posts on the forum are restricted to good taste!
  7. I've a slightly different take to most people I reckon OK would have preferred to stay with us but on his own terms and reckoned he could bounce the club into accepting these, GLSs deciision to confirm his alpha-male status at the club by firing him is a poor, ill-timed and no doubt costly decision. From here I'd prefer Danny Lennon as the new first team coach as I reckon his experience at various levels of the Scottish game is the best option we'll get - sorry Jimbo!.
  8. If lawyers are involved I'd not expect to hear anything until it's sorted and even then not very much.
  9. Yeah sounds like it.... No doubting the SNP misjudged the popularity of "Independence in Europe" in 2017 but the Tories have failed to deliver what Leave campaigned for in 2016, essentially a soft Brexit, which Treeeeeza chose to ignore in favour of pandering to the right wing of her party and after losing her parliamentary majority the DUP. The two years since then have seen the two major parties at Westminster set new barriers for incontinence (sic) - the SNP are well within their rights to campaign on an "Independence in Europe" platform in 2021 and if the people of Scotland choose to stay with the omnishambles at Westminster then we deserve all we get.
  10. You could probably change the O to an R and both their surnames start with K - no new tops needed....
  11. On the stalking front I can exclusively reveal that OKs wife is an estate agent
  12. Yes, that's why we appointed a DoF so that we wouldn't go into limbo during situations like the present - it certainly seems to be working well!
  13. When Celtic sacked Macari 25 years ago communications were a lot less advanced - I don't see why it should be a problem in 2019. I would hate to lose such a charismatic and successful manager for being unwilling to accept his commuting.
  14. Facebook reverses ban on Led Zeppelin album cover featuring naked children Apparently they've reversed a decision to ban posting the cover made earlier this week! https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/jun/21/facebook-reverses-ban-on-led-zeppelin-album-cover-featuring-naked-children
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