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  1. We will. Please god, you know what we're wanting. [emoji6]
  2. That Babykìller scumbag also referred myself and other decent folk on here as Nazi's so he's not getting any rest from me.
  3. It's expected from Babykìller. [emoji64][emoji879]
  4. I can recommend a few good beverages to purchase for stock piling Chivas Whisky Ballantines Whisky Absolut Vodka Beefeater Gin Martell Brandy Jacob's Creek Wine Havana Rum [emoji6]
  5. Sorry. I should have wrote in English English not Pricky English. [emoji23]
  6. Can we get that in English?
  7. I'm unashamedly replying to bump this up to the top of the page as it is an excellent idea. [emoji106]
  8. Hadn't noticed any problems getting published but nevertheless it is a good idea to remind us of those that are in need and the suggestion of the crossbar challenge is a good suggestion to highlight this. [emoji106]
  9. You have, you wrote about it numerous times and have just repeated it again with the emphasis in the last paragraph. [emoji23] The gift that keeps on giving. [emoji23]
  10. Yip, but still at 40% less than the normal flu[emoji6]
  11. He's showing up to date information that can be related to the first graph. You lose, look who agreed with you [emoji23]
  12. Oi [emoji64][emoji879] I believe we can all see who's making an arse of themselves and it ain't me. You still claiming that someone that has paid £177 for a season ticket are due £115 back? [emoji23]
  13. As season tickets are non transferable, does that mean the club would be in their right to refuse any claim of a refund due to the illegal use of said ticket. [emoji23]
  14. [emoji849] BiEK please just please. [emoji23]
  15. It certainly doesn't say "anyone." Yet again, lying.
  16. http://portal.historicenvironment.scot/designation/LB39026 [emoji106]
  17. There is no way of knowing if it was season ticket holders that voted. [emoji23]
  18. Think we need to warn the ticket office staff of someone that actually has a history of violence may be approaching soon. [emoji54]
  19. Babykìller posted earlier that folk that had paid £177 for their season ticket should be getting a refund of £115 [emoji23]
  20. I truly felt pity for him, can't be easy on your own with how things are going on with this pandemic. He could be lying dead for months before anyone finds his body, the poor soul.
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