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  1. Poor #thichasfcuk, the fool didn't even realise I was taking the pish out of his previous f'up. [emoji23]
  2. It's that warm here I couldn't even muster a rage. [emoji14] Now the upsetting bit for you, you even paid for this holiday. Now tell us who the "thich" one is? [emoji23]
  3. It sums him up perfectly. And all because he didn't get his own way and folk seen him for what he truly is. Everyone is wrong and he's right in his world. But this is the real world where he got found out and he just ignores the truth. I'm sitting here just outside Marbella and I can feel the seething from him even from this distance.
  4. And ps, shame on you for walking away from your last club without a press release published on here. [emoji13]
  5. As much as I liked the sky blue, you've left yourself open for ridicule in not having a all red away strip. 🏴🏳[emoji626]πŸ‡ΎπŸ‡ͺ[emoji835][emoji836][emoji837][emoji6]
  6. I thought he was you. [emoji54]
  7. Anyway back on topic, has LPM apologised for any lying or provided proof contrary to SMISA. No, didn't think so. [emoji23] I know if I had got found out lying I wouldn't be able to show face without at least apologising to all my fellow buds. There must be someone out there that knows him and told him how wrong he's acting and to man up. [emoji23]
  8. It is possible that the SMISA rep on the board pushed for compensation for the buds that had planned to go over to NI. [emoji16]
  9. That photo gave me the Heebie Jeebies. Obviously without the North enclosure. Had the pleasure/duty of entering the faraway terrace from the pitch side with a x/large pole to the unintentional detriment of the English supporters. Honest your honour. Cockles +1 or 2, possibly 3 but definitely not more than 12 or 14 English Fans 0 [emoji23]
  10. I've worked it out now, wont name the ground and spoil it for others [emoji14]
  11. I've only challenged when I've seen hypocrisy from LPM. So in my defence I've not posted enough. [emoji14]
  12. Do you think that someone that was so vocal about the honesty of others, should just be ignored instead of being challenged about their possible dishonesty? The silence from LPM is deafening.
  13. Naw [emoji14] In fact I will, as soon as LPM provides proof or admits he lied to us all and apologises. Now I can't be any fairer than that. πŸ€”
  14. Since the above post LPM writes about folk doing the honourable thing. [emoji23] Has LPM no shame. [emoji54]
  15. Ffs, you didn't need to remind me, I was there [emoji24]
  16. Ffs it was only Costa Rica, who couldn't score against them. [emoji24]
  17. Talking about evidence, you found any or would you like to admit to lying to fellow SMFC fans regarding a proxy vote? For everyone else, you'll notice that LPM will ignore this post like he has on numerous occasions when he's been asked to simply provide proof or either admit a mistake or worse that he has lied publicly to every fan of our club. We await LPM's reply. [emoji23]
  18. He scored the equalizer from the spot in a 2-1 victory against Costa f'in Rica. [emoji16]
  19. Trying to think back, did we have a different sponsor on the Jersey for the Singapore trip?
  20. He is conveniently not replying with any evidence to the allegation of his lying regarding a proxy vote at the recent SMISA agm. I'm not going to let it go, and I can feel the rage from him whilst I'm thousands of miles away. [emoji23]
  21. Sorry if I deal with facts and if folk write as if they know something like you did, then criticise others for assumptions regarding something similar. It does seem a bit of hypocrisy creeping in. [emoji106]
  22. Really, I'm sure you engaged the wrong one with the SMISA proxy vote. [emoji23]
  23. Where and when did he state this? A link to the article would be appreciated.
  24. Ffs, you wrote he was entitled to 2 days off. Where did you get this info from? Please don't do a LPM and ignore.
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