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  1. Thanks for reminding me I'm working some of the Easter Weekend. [emoji24]
  2. A fav film of mine from years ago was Lean on Me staring Morgan Freeman. Still been known to murder that song at a Karaoke. R.I.P. and thanks putting a smile on so many faces with your songs.
  3. So who was the weirdo that wanted to film young boys? Let's see if he has the bottle to name anyone.
  4. Just when you think that shull can't post anything more disgusting. [emoji23]
  5. So I googled the first sentence of the quote, was surprised the first place that came up was this https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/how-did-germany-south-korea-test-so-many-people-other-info-rant-warning-long-post.1512113/page-3 A Sunderland fans forum. So there's every possibility that this was copied from here and not from someone's imaginary cousins wife. [emoji54] #BK found out again. [emoji23]
  6. Go on, show my sneering you refer to.
  7. Sorry, I meant to write Dicky not Thicky. That better [emoji23]
  8. So does Michael Gove until he lies, sorry I mean speaks. Fcuk it, same thing.
  9. They couldn't afford the tax losses [emoji106]
  10. #BK, no it's not. There's no link to the Scottish Government's official figures for the 31st March on the wikipedia page.[emoji23]
  11. As you can see, I clearly wrote if Thicky had read the options available he could have got shares. I don't believe I ever wrote that you would get shares, no matter of which of the 4 plans that were available for you to sign up for at the start up. [emoji106]
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