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  1. Ffs, you didn't need to remind me, I was there [emoji24]
  2. Ffs it was only Costa Rica, who couldn't score against them. [emoji24]
  3. Talking about evidence, you found any or would you like to admit to lying to fellow SMFC fans regarding a proxy vote? For everyone else, you'll notice that LPM will ignore this post like he has on numerous occasions when he's been asked to simply provide proof or either admit a mistake or worse that he has lied publicly to every fan of our club. We await LPM's reply. [emoji23]
  4. He scored the equalizer from the spot in a 2-1 victory against Costa f'in Rica. [emoji16]
  5. Trying to think back, did we have a different sponsor on the Jersey for the Singapore trip?
  6. He is conveniently not replying with any evidence to the allegation of his lying regarding a proxy vote at the recent SMISA agm. I'm not going to let it go, and I can feel the rage from him whilst I'm thousands of miles away. [emoji23]
  7. Sorry if I deal with facts and if folk write as if they know something like you did, then criticise others for assumptions regarding something similar. It does seem a bit of hypocrisy creeping in. [emoji106]
  8. Really, I'm sure you engaged the wrong one with the SMISA proxy vote. [emoji23]
  9. Where and when did he state this? A link to the article would be appreciated.
  10. Ffs, you wrote he was entitled to 2 days off. Where did you get this info from? Please don't do a LPM and ignore.
  11. I don't for one second think that OK thought it was a 9-5 job.
  12. East of Scotland reporting sales of popcorn have rocketed. [emoji50] Or was it Reports from the East of Scotland of a rocket buying all the popcorn. [emoji14] Either way anyone able to provide a actual quote from GLS or OK from the last 5 days. 🤔
  13. Glad you know what his entitlement of days off are. So what's his salary etc etc? [emoji6]
  14. I don't know, how do you manage to post with your head up your own arse? A worried buddie [emoji50]
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