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  1. cockles1987

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    Your wrong. Only the referee can make any decision. [emoji14]
  2. cockles1987


  3. cockles1987

    Flags & banners

    Sorry its Sunday and I'm all nasal today. [emoji23]
  4. cockles1987

    Flags & banners

    If you have a speaker directly in front pointing towards you, rather than beside pointing away you get different volumes. FFS even cowboy could have worked that out and he's deaf. [emoji14]
  5. cockles1987

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    You never heard of him spitting the dummy? You actually replied to a post about him spitting the dummy. What a dummy!
  6. cockles1987

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    Man Utd didn't say anything on the phone about S McGinn. [emoji14]
  7. Ffs. You basically want every detail of everyone's contract to be published. Meanwhile the rest of us will live in the real world.
  8. cockles1987

    Driving in Paisley.

    I know a road that they only resurfaced one half of, leaving the other half full of pot holes. [emoji23]
  9. And what qualifications do you have for that assumption. Arf arf arf [emoji23]
  10. cockles1987

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    He was correct. Someone with a fracture that requires a cast can't play with light protection. That would be just stupid. Unless you wanted them to play and risk further damage before it healed enough and minimising that threat. But you knew all that already. No one could be...............
  11. cockles1987

    What Makes A Good Driver ?

    There's no way any sane person could deny that. Oaky..........? [emoji16]
  12. I'm surprised yon Stirling guy hasn't replied to you saying it's the only way you'd see anyone play at the SDS. [emoji106]
  13. cockles1987

    Football & Other Sports Photos Of Interest

    I wonder if Ricky will claim to be in the crowd? [emoji23]
  14. cockles1987

    Telly Programmes

    Me as well. But these bloody flat screens are hard to balance on now. [emoji23]
  15. You're correct. Mossvale church would have been to the left of the bridge in that view. Where I thought it was when I went spire hunting. [emoji106]