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  1. cockles1987

    Football & Other Sports Photos Of Interest

    Burgh. 2nd from right kneeling? Burgh Burgh That reminds me, not seen wee brolly recently.
  2. cockles1987

    Le Tour 2018

    RIP Paul Sherwen. Was just watching the tribute/memorial video from last night's BBC sports personality show and just seen that a voice I've heard for 30 years and will always equate with the TDF passed away recently.
  3. cockles1987

    Brexit Negotiations

    You sure about that?
  4. cockles1987

    Sin Bin Weather Thread

    Is it wrong that I wanted to complain it's to warm in work today. Just got 110 minutes to go, so not so bad. [emoji846] Ps I'm currently on a lunch break so actually only 90 minutes to go [emoji16]
  5. cockles1987

    Sin Bin Weather Thread

    I hope they serve my Peroni warm tonight. Might be the only way I'll defrost in time for work on Monday. [emoji951]️
  6. cockles1987

    Sin Bin Weather Thread

    Was snowing at 8am in Paisley. Been drizzling on and off since. If there's a chance of another 1st division game being off in Scotland, please be the one I'm officiating at. Chance will be a fine thing. [emoji45]
  7. cockles1987

    The Sin Bin TV Thread

    My mammy, even though any time I'm there it's challenge tv she's watching.
  8. cockles1987

    So Farewell Then Saint Sad

    I nearly called Walter, Simon. Must have been a simple family thing I was thinking of. [emoji10]
  9. cockles1987

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    He forgets he posted slating players signed by a previous manager. Talk about hypocrisy [emoji23]
  10. cockles1987

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    #thichasfcuk, name calling will get you put back on the naughty step and get your internet privileges rescinded.
  11. cockles1987

    Irritating Words and Phrases

    Adults £10
  12. cockles1987

    SMiSA Chairman

    What is it with you and inaccurate information. Have you got to try and exaggerate or lie about everything in your quest of trying to discredit folk. And you don't even have the decency to admit you are wrong when provided with the facts, even from the days you were posting under another name.
  13. cockles1987

    Saints sack manager......

    Oran Kearney Is safe it's Mark Hughes: Southampton sack manager after eight months in charge - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46091577
  14. cockles1987

    Super Scotland Football Club

    I'm sure I seen a link to a picture of him. I'll look it up and post it so he'll be able to recognise him.
  15. cockles1987

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    You're really living up to #thichasfcuk.