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  1. 8 hours ago, Gosport Buddie said:

    Motherwell's new kit's been released already. It's a throwback to their mid 80's Ajax stlyle one. They've sold 800% more in 1st three days sales than last year. Fans applauding them having it on sale in time for the holidays. Will we ever do the same

    I think that for clubs like ours where income is crucial they should surely have these kits out for school holidays. My three boys keep asking but as usual we have not date confirmed 

  2. The fans made it pretty clear they are unhappy with the current two stands being given to the old firm. This was mentioned to our chairman last September so if ur telling me that he’s unable to make a decision on this in time for next season then that’s absolutely rubbish. If this club is truly a family club committed to growing their support then let our families sit in their seats in every match . 

  3. The board started the season n shambolic fashion and only Jim’s six week purple patch has kept us above water. Now it’s worse than ever and I do not believe the players are showing enough. It’s terrible to watch and it’s also a big worry that should we lose in Perth we could be in huge bother. Let’s look at our awful home form again. We seldom win at home and should we lose at home to Hibs coupled with a St j win we could be 11th after Perth . The boards running of the club with their horrific customer service and inability to fix things for fans at several points suggests they ain’t listening. The two stands thing needs to go too. If it means one less player  being signed so what they ones we have signed aren’t up to it anyhow. Promote a young player instead as this season is heading for disaster unless we wake up now  

  4. The season has been a poor one overall. After Jim looked to have a run going when he left it’s all fell away. It’s galling seeing Ross C come from relegation certainties to top six whilst we do our usual shit . Piss poor and I’m not sure we will ever crack it . 

  5. The way I see this is that the players are definitely going to need to get us out of this but I question the wisdom of telling some they’re not needed. How can you possibly even consider this when your chasing a top six spot. It’s absolutely terrible timing. The worry now is that we have players who have downed tools and I’m now genuinely fearing we end up in the playoffs. This has the whiff of Terry Butcher at Hibernian . Really surprised at how the manager has played this since he came in because it’s been very poor and what was a club sitting sixth and in tremendous form upon his arrival now looks totally rudderlesss

  6. 9 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    Got to hand it to you, if there's a negative to be found you will post about it. :lol:

    How many have we played, won, drawn and lost, that would give the bigger picture. 

    Haha negative. Your one to talk. By the way I’ve really enjoyed some of the away games and actually supporting / being there . But three home wins isn’t great and there’s no denying that. Needs to get better if we are to break into top half sometime . 

  7. Just now, norrie82 said:

    What’s not worth the bother. What I’m saying is the board say it’s down to money but if I can pay a few quid extra on my season ticket and get the kids in then I’m all for it 

    Old firm games too. Why should we hand over half our park to them

  8. 51 minutes ago, BuddieinEK said:

    So incentives reap benefits despite you saying it's not worth the bother?


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    What’s not worth the bother. What I’m saying is the board say it’s down to money but if I can pay a few quid extra on my season ticket and get the kids in then I’m all for it 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Rascal said:

    Can I just say that it was a pleasure to see so many young people in the family stand.

    That’s how it should be every game. Pricing was good and fans came out. I’m happy to pay extra on my season ticket if it means we can do more of what we did today. There’s no reason for our own fans being shunted anymore. Cash is important but I’m sure everyone would agree it was great today 

  10. On 2/26/2022 at 2:57 PM, BuddieinEK said:


    Listening to the reports from Pitoddrie.


    Sir Alex Ferguson in attendance. Capacity crowd.


    Statue to their best manager being unveiled.


    What a great occasion.




    WHY can't it be us?


    Yes... I know.


    We sacked him.

    He took us to an industrial tribunal.

    He lost his case.

    He severed all ties and was bitter towards us




    Most fans who lived through his short tenure still consider him our best ever manager and themselves blessed.


    Saints say they are "fan owned" now.


    Sir Alex is a fans favourite.


    When we left Love Street, my friend Michael wrote to Sir Alex who not only replied, but agreed to an interview for our book "Love Street, The Final Chapter".


    One of my contributions to the book was an interview with my hero and childhood Roy of the Rovers, Tony Fitzpatrick.


    The book was about Love Street so much of what Tony said was edited out. A lot of that was adulation of Sir Alex Ferguson, whom Fitzy regarded as years ahead of his time in creating a community club.


    I wrote to Sir Alex and sent him a copy of the unedited interview. I wanted him to know how much his influence at Saints lived on.


    To my astonishment, two weeks later, I received a reply on Man Utd headed paper.


    A two page personal response, written between two very important European ties.


    That is the measure of the man! In the eyes of many Saints fans, he is truly a legend. Hero. God.


    So... As a fan owned club, can we apologise for how things ended. Thank him for bringing us back from the dead. Praise him for giving birth to the best footballing team I have ever supported.


    Most of all... Offer the olive branch and mark his place in our history whilst he can attend.


    A posthumous tribute is the alternative. How bitter sweet, ironic and hypocritical would that be?


    Let's honour Sir Alex now!


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    Absolutely. Is he even in our hall of fame? 

  11. 11 hours ago, djchapsticks said:

    £2.5k p/w sounds about right for highest paid manager at the club.

    Realistically, who will we ever have paid more to? You could say at a push Stubbs but then we were freshly promoted at that point and not at all established so it's highly unlikely.

    We’ve paid a manager well before and from what I was told it was more than 2.5k pw

  12. 8 hours ago, dumbarton_bud said:

    Don't know why but I had it in my head that we were paying Jack Ross about £150k around the time he was being linked with Dundee/Ipswich, when promotion was basically a certainty and we could speculate a little. 

    That said, the £2.5k a week figure makes a lot more sense when you put it in that context. 

    We were paying Gus a lot of money back in 2009/10

  13. 8 minutes ago, magnus said:

    With Ross ruling himself out I am warming to the idea of going with an upcoming coach. I like what I hear about Naismith and I believe Brown is more than a pantomime villain.

    Both would need tremendous  support with player budgets  recruitment and contracts etc. So the question for me is, are we as Club, geared up to provide that support? 

    We woukd need to appoint a good CEO - Tony is retiring and before him we had the exceptional Brian Caldwell. We would need a CEO of this calibre to help a young coach succeed.

    As an aside, I am impressed every time I hear Andy Webster speak. I think he is a smart guy and I wonder if there is a role for him as assistant to CEO in a new setup.

    We are likely safe this year from relegation so we can take our time to get this right and put a modern structure in place.

    I thought this type of strategic stuff is where the Kibble would be able to help.

    How about let’s chase top four ? Let’s try to get to hampden ? We need to act quick and any temporary measure is no use . Just look at Man united. Let’s go for someone who knows the game and has experience 

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