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  1. The home  stands are busier for non old firm games . We have had our highest attendances v Aberdeen and Hearts . The atmosphere is much better for all saints fans and particularly families who I see are attending games in greater numbers now. It’s our stadium and we are growing our support. I paid the 30 pounds last pre season and I’ll do it again so long as we keep this. There is no way we will ever go back to giving two stands now. 

  2. On 2/27/2023 at 12:39 PM, faraway saint said:

    While im the last person, as a rule, to point the finger at players, its being touted that he's our saviour, which he clearly hasn't been in games he's played.

    Im not against him playing but its clearly being used by a few who can't wait to undermine the manager. 

    PS Overall I like him playing, if only for the opposition commentators pronouncing his name in a ludicrus way. 🤣

    Nobody said he was a saviour but he’s better at centre half than others in the team in my opinion 

  3. On 2/27/2023 at 6:57 AM, faraway saint said:

    This clamour for Shaughnessy to step in a save us is getting out of hand.

    He's played 6 complete games in which we've won 1, drawn 1 and lost 4, conceding 11 goals.

    He's been a bit part player in another 5 games which, to be fair to him, it would be unfair to include the stats from these games. 

    It seems it's mostly another stick to beat the manager with from the same old faces. 

    Playing Celtic away Was one of the games. Listen I think he deserves a chance and when I see him I feel he brings something to the team. The manager does a tremendous job it’s not anything against him at all. 

  4. Joe has to play honestly madness this continually overlooking a defender who’s a better option than most. As for Brophy he never got any game time this season it was all about nursing him back to fitness to avoid him breaking down if you remember then basically he never got a sniff. Not sure why as we haven’t been prolific up front. 

  5. 5 hours ago, TopCat said:

    Can only assume they haven't been watching him this month, would bite anyones hand off for that. He was brutal again at the weekend and was rightly hooked off. 

    So the guy has returned from the World Cup and his form maybe it’s as good. He is probably allowed a little dip wouldn’t you think? I’d be looking for a fair bit more than 400k that’s for sure 

  6. On 5/19/2022 at 5:29 PM, waldorf34 said:

    Let's ditch that name and give it a name that we keptkeep  for the next 10 years, St Mirren Park or the Paisley Stadium ,at least that would let outsiders  know where St Mirren play.

    Dump Smisa stadium!

    100 percent let’s get back to St Mirren Park - the smisa stadium is a terrible name. Smisa is not st mirren 

  7. 4 hours ago, bazil85 said:

    Argument was again long finished on this chat before BEK brought it back up out of a desperate need to get an ‘I told you so’. A failed one again I should add. 

    Other people are entitled to their opinion on the stand situation but I haven’t seen anything to change mine. 

    I understand I’m in the minority after the summers survey & I respect the decision based on the vote. Doesn’t mean I have to agree with the principle of it. 

    As for it influencing the results, we’ll never know that I suppose. As someone else said, St Johnstone beat them giving two stands. And Livi drew with them at Ibrox with 50,000 Rangers fans in attendance. 

    The match day experience in these games has been much better. I think it’s great seeing our support grow too. Having people shifted to accommodate them for more cash does t work for me. I’d take a player less in our squad and pay more to ensure this stays. We should never go back to filling the place to the point where it’s swarming with opposition fans leaving us feeling like the visitors in our home park. St Mirren park is our home and it’s become a good place for our team. Having the majority of the fans on these days has undoubtedly helped us

  8. A fantastic performance and one that will live long in the memory. I too had the pleasure of three Celtic fans next to me in main stand but my six year olds constant signing must have annoyed them immensely. They stood out alright . Back to the game and tactics were magnificent the application was unbelievable and what a squad of players we now have . I can’t remember a stronger squad in all my time following saints back to 1987. 

  9. 20 hours ago, exiledfan said:

    Good defender and good player, however is he a leader on the pitch?

    I don't often see him being particularly vocal on the pitch or organising the rest of the team. 

    Might be very different behind the scenes, but I think SR fancys O'Hara as club captain. 

    Good leader - away at Easter Road last year he was superb in the 2-2 game . I think he is a player who is fit and will play more than others do . Crazy  to let him go if it’s true 

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