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  1. It would be wrong to over react after today. The performance was extremely poor and very simelar to the loss in Perth at the end of August. I think it’s clear that whilst Erwin might be good in the box he does not have the mobility that is required to lead the line effectively. Obika is a much more difficult opponent and his fast feet and trickery always have defenders on their toes. What I don’t understand is that today our main goal scorer was left on the bench and afforded a mere six minutes of play. It’s unbelievable that Jim felt he didn’t need to add some movement to the attack and bring on someone who at times is capable of holding the ball up. Granted he isn’t brilliant at it but he wins fouls and he can do this role. Our midfield too is another area that we need to look at. McGrath apart the rest seem quite content to pass the pass side ways and back the way whilst never really hurting the opposition. We were passive in both our previous outings at Kilmarnock and last week at home to Motherwell. Doyle Hayes is a class operator but he needs to have people willing to run and take us up the park. Too often lately our play has been predictable and far too slow. we haven’t been able to get Connolly on the ball and isolate the full back that will allow him the opportunity to create for us. Get him in behind like he did in the cup win against Rangers. Durmus too can offer width and whilst he is hot and cold he does deliver good balls at times and with Brophy in the box I’d think he will be recalled. The point being though that we don’t seem to want to play offensive at times and today we played a side that hadn’t won in 10 matches yet they’re unlikely to get an easier game all season. So where are we now? There is no doubt that on our day we are competing in most games. The defensive side has been good and our goalie is having a great season. We do have players who can create but too often the final ball is poor or the team is set up far too cautiously. If we look at next week’s opponents Livingston have went on a tremendous run since they lost to us on November 21st. They are a team that are t bogged down with history . They don’t go into games worrying about the opposition in the way that we do. I don’t know about you but I have been feeling nervous in each of our previous three games because I haven’t seen a team that’s aggressive or in the oppositions faces - I’ve seen a team standing off and looking devoid of the creative spark that they held for a few weeks prior to Christmas . Livingston just go at teams they have no fear they have players that are at it every single week and a side that has went from being relegation candidates to top five in the blink of an eye. They are enjoying a run of form that somehow we can only dream of. These other teams seem able to go on winning runs or have seasons when they are consistently winning games against teams of a similar stature. We haven’t did this for many years and I can’t remember us ever having brilliant runs since we played in the newly formed SPL / SPFL premiership. The manager has been backed in the market and now he needs to find a way of challenging those other teams all battling to break free from the almost inevitable relegation fight. A few weeks ago it looked like we might finally have that consistency but it’s not on the same level as what Livingston have achieved. Theyll be favourites alright next week and quite rightly so. Can Jim put out a team capable of being as aggressive and offensive as they will. Can we match them and the belief they will have ? I hope so and it would be foolish to rule us out but what is clear is that we will need to be at our very best to make the final. How often do you play in a semi final ? Not often and we need to make sure it doesn’t pass us bye this time. COYS
  2. We need cover simple. Foley was excellent in cup win v Aberdeen at centre half
  3. To enter the top flight you should be required to have a grass park with undersoil heating. Astrograss makes us a joke league. Sky should make it a requirement when the next tv deal comes round. finally I heard a rumour the kibble wanted an Astro park at our stadium. If that happened I wouldn’t be back
  4. I worried about today as often you see teams beat the old firm then fall flat in the next game. I don’t think we played brilliant for long spells but the subs changed the game and the club in general is in such a good place right now. The boys are all fighting for each other and they look a really solid side at present. Let’s now press on and get well clear of the drop so that we can really focus on the semi. Well done jim and the boys I was very doubtful about the opportunity to turn it around but take a bow the teams unrecognisable now
  5. Dennis and Erwin aren’t very good. Obika going off was a shocker. The team looks solid but we’ve scored 8 goals all season. If we don’t find a finisher it’ll be hard. Find a finisher then it’s game on
  6. What a difference in saints tonight. They passed it so well and from the start were the better side. They’ll say Aberdeen had injuries but they have a huge squad and we also had three out . Remember we lost up there narrowly when we couldn’t fill the bench but nobody mentioned this. They still had a good side out and we now can look forward with the belief that we can be a solid mid table team
  7. Really bored watching us this season. Terrible to watch and we don’t create chances . I suppose we limp on but loses to Livingston and Aberdeen are looking very likely on our current form. Nothing there today at all until obika rescued us. Flat and frankly not good enough.
  8. Absolutely terrible. It’s so so boring and sadly it’s been like this all season. No better than Stubbs
  9. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tommy Wright but this job looks made for him. He would definitely get more out of them and whilst I understand he’s look for a bigger job he’s unemployed and might be available. I like jim I really do but this is a terrible watch we have no idea on how to attack teams and tonight again his selection and substitutions were awful.
  10. Cant believe your still going on about this. I’m done with it and if you want to reply next time try keep it clean . Really let yourself down with the swearing .
  11. Poor performance overall so far. Really disappointed that we have struggled against a team without a game competitively since March
  12. I can’t believe what I’m watching . Thistle two leagues below and much sharper so far. Embarrassing
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