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  1. Come on saints go and grab this opportunity. We need to get ourselves away from the drop and the fans will be right behind you. Just go and try to win it .
  2. Sorry don’t know where the foxes came from was not meant .
  3. Hamilton are not a better team than us I see some say?? Did they play better than us at Paisley last month yes! Did they beat Rangers , draw at Hearts and beat Killie ? Do they have more points than us? Do they have better facilities or a bigger budget ? Time to wake up - they’re above is for a reason. Sad to see us so negative all the time and Jim is now in absolutely dire need of a result
  4. I listened to Gary Holt on Wednesday and his vision was very clear work hard have a go and give everything. Now have we really had a go this season? Did we have a go in the cup at home against Aberdeen? Did we have a go at home to Hamilton where they should have beat us. Did we have a go on Wednesday against st Johnstone? Or against Hearts and Hamilton in first round of games. Did we go away fro home regularly and win points ??? It’s been a poor season of setting out not to lose and others around us have managed to go and have a go and win crucial games. You know we slag Livi for the long ball but our game is almost as bad pass back and back and then launch to the front men. The difference with Livingston is they have good hard working players they fight like mad . Jim was a fighter but all I see now is a man who’s teams are a pale imitation of what he was as captain. We’re in huge trouble and in a league with county, Livi, Hamilton why are we continually losing to them
  5. its been a poor and really quite boring season. To scared to go and try win games a lot of the time. Last week v Aberdeen at home in a cup quarter final and we didn’t have a shot - lucky to draw with Hamilton and a dull draw v st j . Yes Motherwell away was good but look at our rivals digging out big wins with Hamilton now ahead of us when they started the week 5 behind. You know I don’t expect lots from us in realistic but overall jim has been too negative and very disappointing
  6. Yeah not doing a lot to be fair but no doubt like many he will be playing out of position. Morias too isn’t a right mid . We were told to expect a reaction..... wow was that it ? We’ll lose to Celtic and hearts and could be bottom by next Wednesday. I think we will get a draw at county and not much else before split
  7. Div said we would get a big reaction from Saturday? Was that it.....? We’re in huge trouble
  8. Big opportunity tomorrow- how about instead of playing as if our lives depended on it in last few games we kick it off tomorrow. If we win it would be a huge blow to the two behind us
  9. I actually think our team is better than were we sit at present but tactics have cost us and taking 5 points away from home is an utter embarrassment. I can see us really struggling in the run in which is sad as I believe these players could be further away.
  10. I can see this been a low attendance. I think the 15 quid for concession is high and combined with the late kick off on a weekend night it will put people off. Now I fully understand the price isn’t high when you consider prices in general but I’m just going gin on a couple of very loyal older guys I know saying they’re not going
  11. Maybe then - pity tho as after the break there had been a lot of games and this would have been a chance to try fill the park with good pricing. As it stands I suspect crowd of around 5,000
  12. Can anyone tell me why concession ticket has went up 5 pounds from the home Motherwell tie and 3 pounds more than the league games. I don’t get it. By the way other sides are charging ridiculous prices for concessions and whilst 20 for me is fine I think 15 for an oap for a game on bbc might be a bit much
  13. What a pile of shit. We need to become a Motherwell or a Killie with 27 years of top flight football. We need to be playing in tv e top flight at the best grounds and improving the club. We won’t do that in front of 2,000 v Alloa . Let’s aim to be a good solid stable team that is not a yo-yo team. Who wants to go thro that and win a division that offers v little. We need to stay up end of
  14. W6er would be happy to nick a point here and there. That’s pretty much our aim all season mate. We seldom win and our teams is a boring watch sadly. As for Kyle he wasn’t having a good season by his standards although he looked like he was on way back before injury. It’s pathetic that teams about us at Th e break have kicked on and yet again we toil. Livingston 6 home wins in a row? We’ve not won six games all season. Look at Kilmarnock they were well beat at Paisley yet when it comes to it they beat county hearts and rangers. In an unbelievable turnaround. Look at st Johnstone too and then look at us ? Jim’s tactics are piss poor at times Hamilton at home for instance ?? I mean I’m all for being hard to beat but we look scared to win. We’re bottom 2 all day long mate time to wake up
  15. Can’t see us doing anything here. We are a poor team and our midfield has struggled if late not that they the ball played to them as it’s usually high above in space . To be honest we’re a dreadful watch and seeing others around us with similar or less resources flourish makes me angry. We’re going to be lucky to stay up
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