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  1. Allan back on radar according to Record sport
  2. Tactics are predictable and so boring and one paced
  3. Disgraceful. A shambles is what we have at present and the club I’m afraid is on a downward trend. This needs fixed and the fans need to speak up here. It’s our club. We pay the wages of the players and without our support this team is nothing. Im at the point we’re im just about to cancel my Smisa membership as they don’t seem to have any influence at all. Hat a shit show this is. How about SMISA step up here let’s pay our money and revert to the old plan that didn’t include the kibble.
  4. Defensive signings have been good but attacking we have been found out big time. The strikers Jim has signed haven’t delivered
  5. We never seem to do well in deals for our best players. Out with McGrath we have lost talent like McGinn, McLean, Mallon, McGennis and Morgan all for less than a million quid collectively. Now thankfully the board at the time inserted a sell on for John M but the rest have left for really poor fees. We obviously didn’t get told how much hibs paid for Kyle but it won’t have been much. It frustrates me when I see other clubs getting really good money for their best top talent
  6. Brophy absolutely deserves time and support perhaps Dennis is a decent back up but he’s hardly had any time
  7. That’s fair enough I hope we get a deal that allows us to add quality and avoid a problem as we need to avoid a relegation battle
  8. Well how about the board front up and speak to the fans at an AGM?
  9. What I’m saying is that for not a lot of money we were preparing to sell our best player at the last minute . Do you trust that this window will deliver the quality required to stay clear of a relegation battle? I’m not convinced.
  10. The club at boardroom level is a mess the silence is incredible. AGM ? Face the fans ? What’s going on. Whilst this is happening let’s not kid ourselves that it won’t impact on the park too. Remember this was a board that was looking to punt McGrath for peanuts on the last day in August window
  11. Jim and the board simply must have a plan to find better forward options. We have only won 5 home games in 18 months and that is not good enough. Forget too six that’s a joke now given how we’ve fell away.The fact is that we haven’t won in 12 and whilst Celtic home was a tremendous effort it is clear we need goals and sadly the signings Jim has made in forward areas have not been successful. Brophy is the only guy who has any quality. The others need to go as Jim doesn’t fancy them clearly seeing as their game time has been restricted
  12. This Kennedy lad is a myth. Ryan Flynn had him in his back pocket during his last season at st Johnstone I’m sorry but I fail to see the attraction. Jim should play through McGrath not over his head .
  13. Terrible deal all round . Hope he goes south and if he has any ambition he will. They are playing tonless than 10 thousand most weeks and to progress he needs to test himself down south
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