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  1. Taylor is a decent footballer but he’s found out of position far too often. I’d think now is the time to rest him for a few games and see if we can tighten up. I’d put Gogic back in the middle of the park and see if they could free up o Hara to get forward more like last term. That said none of of strikers look to have any goals in them at present. I knew we would hit a sticky point and this seems to be it. The thing is these next three games would be good to win as it’s a tough run after that. I’m hopeful that the boys will get back into the groove soon
  2. Boyd Munce won’t replace Keanu
  3. I’d hope that we will negotiate the next three games get into the last 16 and generate some cash with a wee cup run. In the next two weeks I imagine we might see a bit of movement in and out with a striker a priority
  4. Grieve, Olusanya, Offord and Jamieson will not score the goals we need sadly
  5. Much prefer black shorts and don’t mind black or white socks
  6. Terrible deal desperate for money mate -
  7. Perhaps many carrying knocks T present - it would be nice if we could get some more depth to our squad next year - had we had that this year I’d like to think we might have done a little better in the last 8 matches
  8. The left back position will need to be addressed. Dunne hasn’t had a bad season but the past couple of weeks he’s been poor.
  9. Left with Karen SLO and she will be at gate 77 until 3.10 thanks
  10. The home stands are busier for non old firm games . We have had our highest attendances v Aberdeen and Hearts . The atmosphere is much better for all saints fans and particularly families who I see are attending games in greater numbers now. It’s our stadium and we are growing our support. I paid the 30 pounds last pre season and I’ll do it again so long as we keep this. There is no way we will ever go back to giving two stands now.
  11. Nobody said he was a saviour but he’s better at centre half than others in the team in my opinion
  12. Playing Celtic away Was one of the games. Listen I think he deserves a chance and when I see him I feel he brings something to the team. The manager does a tremendous job it’s not anything against him at all.
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