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  1. Macron are indeed good but I suspect if we got an Adidas kit again and training gear with the club badge it would put sell anything. What is clear tho is that Joma have been quite poor but as we know it’s only a kit
  2. We lacked a professionalism on Sunday. The fact they are a league below and have signed quite a lot of lower league younger players led me to believe that whilst it would be tight that we would win. The performance and application stunk and this would not be tolerated at any premier league club. I am sure Jim will be the same and that we now go all out to ensure we qualify as a best runner up. This surely to goodness is something we are capable of when u look at the opponents we have. That said we said the same last year and we couldn’t beat Spartans or Queen’s Park
  3. The new strip is poor. I have seen it up close in real life and it’s still v poor. It’s a stupid idea to have a two stripes and a sponsor making it look ridiculous. The away top is shocking and clearly targeted at kids which is fair enough. I’d just like a regular black and white kit like the 2013 one maybe with a collar and made by a decent manufacturer. No harm to Joma but the gear is second rate compared to Adidas, Nike and Macron. It’s also available at half the price from most online kit stockists. Anyhow I haven’t bought a kit since the 2013 but would if we got a cracker . Please next year off the peg Adidas with our badge and sponsor.
  4. We need 6 players capable of coming into the starting 11. I genuinely can’t see how we could go into the top flight so underprepared. We let 12 go and have signed 2 so let’s hope we get quality and fast
  5. Obviously if a really good offer came in then great but let’s be honest he had a year left and I can see nobody paying more than 100k
  6. Let’s not kid in here the goalkeeper at present is worth several points per season. His performances were brilliant and is our best goalkeeper in 30 years. Samson was decent but not in this lads league. I’d keep him at all costs
  7. The guy returns to Paisley a deal looks set then this. I know we are a wee diddy team but if there was a small chance we could have got him why didn’t we. Maybe we did and as I say we likely pay shite so that’s that. The clubs run quite to basically just survive or play championship football so I think popescu was one of those guys who was great at the time but ultimately he will end up at Hibs or Killie. I did speak to an Celtic coach lately who thought v highly of him so it shows you he must be on the radar of others who might pay more than 600 quid a week
  8. he was absolutely outstanding for saints and if we had a chance we should have signed the lad - Mckenzie is good but you’ll not get a full season from him. Popescu was one of the reasons why we survived. Didn’t a board member sat we were waiting signing two defenders? If he ends up at Hibs or st Johnstone that will be a joke
  9. Like many others it would be nice to go back to a simple design that has a classic but modern look to it. The sponsors badge on the home kit is what makes that kit so hard to look at. I know it’s only a strip but can’t we get a classic kit say 93/94 jive style with clanford and give it a modern twist in that it has good material a smart collar etc. I mean come on who ever designed this is taking the pash. It’s bog standard of the peg and as I have said before it would be fine if it was decent which it’s not. The away kit on its own is horrendous but with black shorts and socks it could look ok. Sadly I won’t be buying either and to be honest the joma range is pretty average and widely available online minus the badge at a fraction of the cost. Ayr and Hamilton have Adidas off the peg and I’d take that anyday over this drivel
  10. The home kit looks poor. I mean the lack of stripes isn’t good in my opinion. I realise it’s only a strip but it’s good to have a decent kit . I can’t for the life of me work out why we don’t just ditch Joma and get an off the peg Adidas with a saints badge like Hamilton do. Would be much better quality and design. Joma is essentially off the peg and the training gear and kits are generally available online minus the badge a lot cheaper. I haven’t been impressed with the quality of the kits and the poor application of the badges . I am not raging either but we could do better. We could also launch it better - all looks a bit rushed to me. Danny didn’t even put on his football boots.
  11. No harm to either but both the lads are t anywhere near the level of McGinn or McLean - end of debate . It’s silly to even compare regardless of age or position .
  12. We need to do everything to survive. Some people saying the championship isn’t that bad??? Why do we really want to play Morton again especially at the dump that is cappielow. This is not a big game and we need to forget Morton and stop longing to play them. We need to be testing ourselves against the best and continue to get big crowds. Why do u want to play to 3,000 v Caley or 1500 at Alloa and Arbroath. Come on folks the one and only show in town is the premiership
  13. Look at United - opened till midnight following fridays game and opened today and all week. What do we do??? I would like to sit in my usual seat
  14. I have not been overly impressed y the quality of our kit and teamwear in recent years. I don’t understand why we haven’t thought about going down the route of what Dundee United or Hamilton do with Nike and Adidas? It would be top quality have street cred and sell much more.
  15. I think it was there for us today but we don’t score enough goals. The team is a lot better than it was but I’m not convinced by Erahon (yes he’s got potential and he’s young I’m merely saying I don’t think he’s playing well enough) and I think Lyons has been very poor indeed too his missed chances today were v poor indeed. Sadly this Hamilton side are rotten and they were all over the place at times yet we couldn’t win this game . My Hamilton supporting mate Gave credit to Kearney for his tactics and that’s fine but the defeatist attitude of midweek was sickening and unacceptable at any football club. I don’t understand why we were so passive and just looked happy to roll over. We didn’t fight or believe and that’s not on. Had we won today then fair enough but we didn’t win.
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