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  1. I have not been overly impressed y the quality of our kit and teamwear in recent years. I don’t understand why we haven’t thought about going down the route of what Dundee United or Hamilton do with Nike and Adidas? It would be top quality have street cred and sell much more.
  2. I think it was there for us today but we don’t score enough goals. The team is a lot better than it was but I’m not convinced by Erahon (yes he’s got potential and he’s young I’m merely saying I don’t think he’s playing well enough) and I think Lyons has been very poor indeed too his missed chances today were v poor indeed. Sadly this Hamilton side are rotten and they were all over the place at times yet we couldn’t win this game . My Hamilton supporting mate Gave credit to Kearney for his tactics and that’s fine but the defeatist attitude of midweek was sickening and unacceptable at any football club. I don’t understand why we were so passive and just looked happy to roll over. We didn’t fight or believe and that’s not on. Had we won today then fair enough but we didn’t win.
  3. Yes I hate to say it but fair play he’s pulled off three huge wins in past five weeks stj, Aberdeen and now Hearts
  4. Hamilton are by all accounts a poor team and my Hamilton supporting mate said canning would relegate them. Now in six weeks Rice has accumulated just about the same amount of points as we have all season. V sad this but we have to try for the playoff
  5. Whilst we have improved we lost at home to Hibs , Motherwell and Kilmarnock and Dundee united. I’m afraid whilst I hear reports of Hamilton being dreadful every other week they actually win games they dig in and they win . We don’t we huff and puff and look better but crucially we haven’t won and this will probably be our undoing. Our inability at home has prevented us from potentially keeping in with a chance of 10th
  6. He probably won’t be sacked but life in the championship is grim and crowds will plummet if we struggle. I hope we aren’t playing to 2000 fans come next October and struggling to beat Arbroath. Remember last time was brutal and players like Gallagher and Agnew were supposed to help us . That said our former chairman had budgeted for a 5th place finish which we failed to achieve. Go down and everything gets cut and the football can be dire . We should do absolutely everything to stay up but when u can’t compete with Hamilton Accies you know you’ve had it
  7. Zero points. We’re down before the end of March . The team is hopeless
  8. I want Oran to do well honestly I do but I believe that a good coach can make a poor team hard to beat and he hasn’t managed this. We have won 3 games since sept and one was v Alloa. I genuinely hope he can turn this around but every weekend he looks as though he is out of his depth
  9. Get a grip I’d rather be in our top league playing against big teams and big crowds. This year we blew it in the summer and it’s led to this mess but I am still of the belief we are a top tier side in stature and we need to try and be an established side. I want to be playing at Tynecastle and Easter road and being on tv etc. I don’t want a shitty championship game at home on a Saturday night covered by Alba with barely 2000 in the park. In the championship where is the atmosphere unless your winning it and you generate your own. We do not want to be playing Alloa or Arbroath as with respect it’s absolutely shite.
  10. You talk absolute rubbish.lets stagnate and win a few games v Morton and the likes ? No we have a set up that is premier league in our stadium and training ground. We need to be in the top league and fighting to finish 7,8,9 why can’t we ??
  11. I argued in September we should have appointed a manager who had experience in Scotland. I don’t want the manager sacked but perhaps an interim appointment with Oran in the summer might have worked better instead of throwing a part time gaffer into what was clearly a terrible mess.
  12. Am I the only one to hear our fans say they’re looking forward to the championship and winning again. I am really annoyed when I hear this defeatist chat. I accept its 70-30 we will be back there next year but please don’t try and tell me that it’s the best we can do or that I should look forward to it. Look forward to gates of 2500 against Queens , Ict and Alloa. Playing with the away stand empty bar the ball boys. Look forward to losing Kyle Macgennis in the cheap? Or maybe look forward to the mighty Renfrewshire derby which we all know is a shitty fixture that does nothing to increase our status in the game. Give me our team playing at Tynecastle or Easter Road, let’s see if we can establish ourselves again as a team in Scotland’s top league. We used to be an ever present until the 90s. The championship has some tough teams and we could be down for years. It’s a crap shit fest of a league if your mid table or worse lower half. The play offs are Unfair and to win the title is tough. People say we were not ready to gain promotion?eh try tellin this to Livingston and their 1200 home support. Try telling Hamilton who surprised many with a playoff win five years ago. I don’t but that shitty argument. We had the blank canvas and we appointed a manager who was not upto the job. Then chaos. I support the manager and want him to do well but Kearney surely would have hoped to return more than 9 points since mid sept ? Regardless of how bad a team are surely as professionals you can be hard to beat- something we are not . It’s not looking good but as a club to progress and to move to the next level relegation will be a disaster and will be financially terrible. Missing out on the new tv deal would be typical and it would hurt our club greatly. We have it all there for us a great stadium, training ground and a support that Hamilton, Livingston and St Johnstone can only dream of. I won’t accept he championship it’s basically a league of empty grounds and little cash. We need to survive this year somehow .
  13. Very strange this window. I am still hoping that we get a couple of quality players in. We had nothing good enough on our bench bar anton on Sunday yet we haven’t managed to get anyone in. I understand we have injuries but in my opinion we look lightweight all over the park and I feel tonight we need some good news or else we will probably be relegated. Jackson works hard but he has had no support and it’s hard to see us scoring the goals required to stay up.
  14. Hi folks does anyone have any footage or news clippings or indeed info about this match. There appears to be very little . I think Keith Walker scores our goal thanks
  15. My concern is that we are extremely naive. 89 mins played and a quick throw in has a us beat. It’s simply not good enough. Looking at he squad I’d say the big problem is getting players out the door as they’re not going to leave for less cash are they? McShane, Kirkpatrick, Flynn, Mullen, Heaton, King, Kpewa and maybe Smith have not contributed and look unlikely to do so. Smith maybe if he can get up to the pace of the game soon . If we can get these guys out fair enough but it’s unlikely . Also will we outspend Dundee or well?
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