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  1. I’ve emailed about a few things this year and have had nothing back. Do we have a set person I can email or call. Also trying to purchase a half season ticket online but I don’t see the option? I’m not local to park so was hoping to do it online. Also wanted to join 1877 but no email after spring enquiry and again recently . Any contact details would be much appreciated. Thank you as would info on purchasing a half season book.
  2. Macgennis hasn’t been our best player recently. He’s a very good player on his day tho
  3. I’m bored watching us at present really bored watching a poor team play long balls up the park off pass it down the wing only to end up back with our centre half. Our build up is so so slow. No pace or strength or imagination. Why is it we can’t compete ? Have Livingston, Hamilton or County really got more to offer players than us? And what about Ross Stewart - signed as one for the future and binned after a season of being a sub? He’s now scored 11 goals this season and plays in a team pushing for the top six? Our team at present is a shambles and is god awful on the eye .
  4. Our play is too slow the build up to an attack is painful to watch and v predictable. Our free kicks and set plays are absolutely terrible. Tell me apart from a couple when jack ross was manager when did we last score from a corner? Since gus was a Manager we have had v little success from corners . Anyhow without naming names the team is very poor. I actually had more admiration for Oran Kearney who managed to gather 9 points 12 if u include opening day win by the shut down with a team that by in large was not his . Initially we were solid but our lack of a goal threat is killing our hopes. Tactics are poor and negative and I do want to see jim lose the place with these people more he was a captain who led by example a man who fought like mad to win yet on the touch line he looks devoid of any passion and continues to write we notes about players he signed that every single one of us can see are not good enough. We also have a fair few players left over who aren’t cutting it anymore either. Let’s remember we lost to East Kilbride , beat Albion on pens and struggled to a 1-0 v Edinburgh all after Dunfermline humped us. The league campaigns been utterly awful too. Make no mistake the next three games will define our season as after them we won’t take a point from Celtic or Killie . It feels like we’re going down and whilst we have been here before I suspect the cash isn’t available this time that will save us in January. Let’s be honest jack Baird won’t make much difference to this sorry lot. They have no fight and play football at a snails pace that is boring to watch and is also easy to play against. Go forward and attack was the cry yet time and time again we pass it back the way . It’s not good enough not by a long shot
  5. Looked to be playing well for Kilmarnock yesterday. Fast and has good movement - maybe wasn’t a deadly striker but considering he played up front himself he did a decent job. Would be worth a deal in jan if Killie let him go. Certainly our play in the final third has been dismal so far so maybe a thought
  6. First team since Dundee United 19 years ago to fail to take a single point in opening 8 away games. Worrying for us and this has to be addressed urgently . We should be pushing up the league and getting ahead of others as we’re not all bad but for some reason we’re in same position to last year and the boredom of watching us struggle every game is tiring
  7. The build up yesterday from Hearts and there manager was very positive it was all about scoring early and really pressing the game. I think whilst we responded well it ultimately ended with a poor performance. We now need to take a leaf out of hearts book and prepare as they did for our game v Ross County. Can we come flying out the traps and get at them and really stamp out authority on a game we need to win. Or do we continue to be cautious?
  8. We were very poor today. Big problems when it takes 44 mins to put McGloughlin out to mark Ukpezu- clearly he was playing wide tontarget our left back who sadly isn’t premier league standard and I doubt he will be kept on after his loan ends. He was very poor today again. In the midfield Kyle is non existent and has been all season but I suppose he isn’t alone. It is strange because we feel like a better team than last year but we are bottom already and in a worse position. Oran and jimmy Nic had the right blend of a young boss with a very experienced no 2 . I think we miss jimmy big time
  9. Those suggesting we could take 13 points or so are absolutely having a laugh. If we get 13 points I’ll be absolutely gobsmacked. We’re actually a tidy enough team but crucially we never really look like scoring and our away form is absolutely terrible. Sadly I predict a realistic 7 points.
  10. Sad thing is we’re a tidy team but we are dreadful up front and out crossing is absolutely dreadful. I’m afraid the boys need to sort the attacking play soon or we will be in even bigger bother
  11. No harm to jack but mcloughlin is a far better footballer. Unbelievable to see folk question this. Ross Smfc are u joking
  12. Hi folks went down to ticket office today and couldn’t get any tickets as they have sold out and sent some back??? I can’t work it out as obviously not many saints fans go to parkhead? Anyhow I was looking for 3 tickets but obviously now I can’t go. If anyone has a spare could you let me know ??
  13. Hi folks can anyone help me. Just been to ticket office but no tickets left ?? Surely this can’t be the case ? i would have ordered them if I had known we would sell out which must be a laugh too. Anyhow if anyone can help it would be much appreciated
  14. we need to sign a striker now as this lot look absolutely hopeless up front . Let’s put all our cash from the monthly spends and anything else into getting a guy in and pay his wages.
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