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  1. So perhaps it’s Kenny McLean all over again. Skint and need the cash. Embarrassing
  2. Not a chance Mallan or Allan would come to us
  3. We’ve rejected an offer for a player whooopee.
  4. Embarrassing that we’ve actually put his out on our website
  5. By investing I mean time and energy and all the cash . What’s the point if we sell out talent to Hibs for a couple of hundred grand.
  6. I’m done too. How can skint Hibs afford him? Ok not a great season last year but it’s clear he’s a potential match winner and is our leader. If saints sell I’m really going to consider my investment in them
  7. Dj chapsticks nailed it- it’s the boredom nowadays. I felt myself dosing off yesterday and that’s never been me. It’s utterly dreadful
  8. We appear to have signed a few players not good enough to cope with the high flying Killie and St Johnstone teams . worst thing is it’s so terrible to watch. We’re not even unlucky in games
  9. What’s the point if you don’t play football to have a go? Well we never have a go and the past five games have been miserable. I was expecting a bit of a game today with saints looking hungry for the win. What we got is zero shots on target and absolutely nothing to suggest this form is temporary. The players are not creating anything and unless he hires an attacking coach he will not see out October. Surely Aberdeen will beat this sorry lot on Friday to make it 6 in a row. After that will we beat Motherwell? And that’s the problem Jim is a hero but it doesn’t matter who you are if you lose games your done
  10. You know I can take losing if you have a go but this is so negative. Four defeats in a row and were sitting in against Kilmarnock at home. Something isn’t right here and am I the only one who’s incredibly bored with our football at present. Style is awful
  11. Gus’s teams were a better watch than this sorry lot. It really is horrible at present. Not an single bit of football being played. Highballs , long throws and hopeful football. I’ve come to expect a struggle but this is really poor to watch
  12. This team play no football at all. Long ball after long ball. Hit it and hope. No midfield and I mean no midfield - don’t build an attack anymore either and are a really terrible watch. I’m sure Tommy Craig’s team would have survived had Maclean not been sold for a pittance and he had been able to drive us on with Mallan and McGinn too. Not a bad couple of players in that team. This team would do well to beat Tommy’s side.
  13. it’s four on the trot and same old from Jim. Great captain but needs help if he’s to succeed. Attacking coach surely must be recruited as we don’t attack. We also play zero football . Poor mans Livingston
  14. He did a great job yes but his Scotland team would get football stopped - Jim’s performance at times is so negative too and for me that’s not what its about
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