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  1. I was at the first one but couldn’t make the second. V quiet on here - was there nothing of note ?
  2. Simply has to be power then.
  3. Just to confirm the ticket office never answered my call nor reply to my email. We must be carrying thousands through on Saturday hence why they are too busy. Let’s be honest the chairman said it was sorted its clearly not. A total shambles of a set up that sees fans who live outwith the local area totally unable to get tickets. When will this club of ours up their game??
  4. The club has definitely went backwards with ticketing . The fact is I can’t get to the park to buy a ticket but want to attend. I called today no answer. Should I call Hibernian or just not bother because after this summer and the hassle I’ve had trying to support the team I’m beginning to get totally fed up. The chairman promised it would be sorted and that indeed it was sorted yet here we are going through the exact same problem we all had two months ago. Throw in the shambles of Saturday and our attempt to get fans in in time - it was and still is embarrassing.
  5. Trying to buy a ticket for Saturday and there appears to be no online sales and of course the ticket office isn’t answering the phone which is standard these days. With no on the day kiosks could anyone tell me how fans who live an hour away and work are meant to purchase a ticket to support the team? This follows on from a summer that was a scandal and a lesson on how not to treat loyal fans.
  6. I think there will need to be a game changer of a signing for us tonight or else we are going to toil. The team just isn’t exciting at present which if we were winning would be fine .
  7. I don’t know what’s happened but all the carry on with the club during the summer has left me feeling a bit fed up. I genuinely don’t feel that bothered at present . We are a bit of a shambles in all areas and when the club starts to treat the fans with respect I’ll hopefully get my enthusiasm back. Until then I will keep watching and supporting but signing some lad from wolves third team hardly excites me
  8. Can’t say I’m impressed with anything we are doing on or off the pitch. Absolutely no doubt we have been pushing to sell Jamie. Undisclosed fee will be announced and this will likely mean 300k tops maybe a wee add on. We are losing our star man and sadly this team is not going to win many games of football. No energy no exciting players and v few chances created. We only won 4 home league games last year and that was with A weaker league
  9. It’s becoming laughable. I honestly can’t believe how amateur we have become. Embarrassing. Neilston Juniors are run better and that isnt me joking. A pub team sadly
  10. Full adidas kit for a child is 45. Top shorts and socks. Granted the adults are 65 but the quality of material and style Make it worth every penny in my book. Joma is ok but it is not great
  11. It’s almost like it doesn’t matter what the quality is like as the fans are that stupid they’ll buy it anyhow. My kids have all last seasons kits and whilst They were decent they aren’t in the same league as adidas in terms of quality- yet it’s the same price. This latest nonsense is yet another unacceptable issue. Undoubtedly this is having an impact on the supporters feelings of goodwill towards the club.
  12. League cup is a major deal to our club. Not panicking yet but the punt up the park is utter shit and was a boring watch today. Many will say we played v similarly at the start of last year but that changed when Jake Doyle Hayes signed and started taking the ball in our own half and built possession. But hey he was shit wasn’t he
  13. The tactics deployed are appalling. Fraser who at right back used to push forward and help attacks now can’t. Tait is being hung out because he can’t get up and down in the wing back role. We are launching the ball forward 75 percent of the time and not only is it not working it’s also very boring. Kiltie has shown zero , Main looks like a down grade from Obika and It’s all very one paved and predictable.
  14. Yes not a great deal in this. Did these issues prevent fans attending ? What issues could cause this ? Be good to know exactly what the problem was ? Still seems really vague. Are we back at capacity or are we not? Fans want answers and want to see their team They have paid to see. Communication from the club is not good that’s been proven all summer long.
  15. Brilliant post. The clubs a joke at present. The public relations has been a shambles. Honestly let’s bin this # in you we trust because really you just want our cash but won’t deliver a premier league experience. It’s appalling the lack of care the clubs board have shown for us. The messaging has been terrible. Junior teams are run better than our team
  16. So instead after all this time we have folk going to all three and some going to none. It makes no difference to me I just want to see our team play ? So why didn’t they ballot the first and second game fairer ? You get Dunfermline you don’t get Thistle? Also the communication and whole organisation from the club has been terrible. Five weeks no response to an email, arrive at reception promised a call no call. Thank goodness for the SLO because I’d still be waiting. Hopeless div and For all this # in you we trust nonsense maybe instead of hitting out with this and actually helping the fans would be a good idea. An example is a lot of the older men who sit next to me had no idea about the ballot or how to register to buy a ticket I mean they still count even if they don’t Have an email? for what it’s worth the man who called was brilliant a credit to the club but the weeks I waited along with others is not markings of a premier league club. Let’s hope that it improves for the future.
  17. Maybe I’ll pop round and see a junior game on Saturday ? There will be more fans at this than ours and it’s probably better organised .
  18. But fans who got Dunfermline certainly should have got Thistle too. That is what leaves a bad taste.
  19. The club Seemed to think that after 16 months away nobody would be that bothered about how hey balloted the tickets for the first 2 games. Only after the complaints did they change it for league games. Cup game ,league game it makes no difference people want to see their team play . I’ve got a mate who’s had three successful ballots to me who has zero.
  20. The local council should be doing all it can to support StMirren. It is one of the few things left in Paisley that actually means something to the people
  21. Remember him not getting a sniff against us. Ryan Flynn played him out the game in his spell as our right back. I am not a fan. Hopefully we can find someone with a bit of pace. Durmus was a good player for us but they are hard to find
  22. What rubbish. People expect that after so long away the club will be ready for us coming back. It isn’t and it’s ok to be annoyed at this. The messages you have received is great for you but it’s been terrible trying to get a hold of anyone at e club to spend money on our team. Tickets, ballots , messaging has all been really poor . Defending the cup ballot ? Anyhow ..
  23. This summer our club has been a total mess in relation to dealing with the people who count most the fans. A joke to be honest. You can send out all the # messages you want but if you can’t do the basics .
  24. Well done mate you’ve nailed it here. Also Tony defending the balloting policy which is so unfair . Can’t he see this that we all paid our cash last year to see no games and that we all deserve a chance to see our team? Instead some have had two games whilst others have none. On my ticket front I drove an hour yesterday to see about getting my renewal kids tickets sorted. I knew I wouldn’t get ticket staff but as it was my only day to do so I took a chance. I was met with a reception lady who assured me they’d call me first thing today. They never. I know people are fed up with me moaning but when you go home and away to every game for 25 years and you email, call and indeed visit the club you kinda get a bit annoyed at the complete shambles the club are with tickets. also the clubs PR and lack of clear messaging this summer has been astounding. I mean are they sitting with their fingers in their ears ?
  25. On the park jim has done a good job but off it it’s been an absolute shambles. They’ve only had 16 months to prepare for this !! Two bob outfit
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