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  1. I think that for clubs like ours where income is crucial they should surely have these kits out for school holidays. My three boys keep asking but as usual we have not date confirmed
  2. The fans made it pretty clear they are unhappy with the current two stands being given to the old firm. This was mentioned to our chairman last September so if ur telling me that he’s unable to make a decision on this in time for next season then that’s absolutely rubbish. If this club is truly a family club committed to growing their support then let our families sit in their seats in every match .
  3. See if they say it’s worth another player - let’s not bother. I’d rather we promote a youth team player to the squad and allow our families and fans of the future the chance to watch their team from their seat regardless of the opposition
  4. The board started the season n shambolic fashion and only Jim’s six week purple patch has kept us above water. Now it’s worse than ever and I do not believe the players are showing enough. It’s terrible to watch and it’s also a big worry that should we lose in Perth we could be in huge bother. Let’s look at our awful home form again. We seldom win at home and should we lose at home to Hibs coupled with a St j win we could be 11th after Perth . The boards running of the club with their horrific customer service and inability to fix things for fans at several points suggests they ain’t listening. The two stands thing needs to go too. If it means one less player being signed so what they ones we have signed aren’t up to it anyhow. Promote a young player instead as this season is heading for disaster unless we wake up now
  5. The season has been a poor one overall. After Jim looked to have a run going when he left it’s all fell away. It’s galling seeing Ross C come from relegation certainties to top six whilst we do our usual shit . Piss poor and I’m not sure we will ever crack it .
  6. The way I see this is that the players are definitely going to need to get us out of this but I question the wisdom of telling some they’re not needed. How can you possibly even consider this when your chasing a top six spot. It’s absolutely terrible timing. The worry now is that we have players who have downed tools and I’m now genuinely fearing we end up in the playoffs. This has the whiff of Terry Butcher at Hibernian . Really surprised at how the manager has played this since he came in because it’s been very poor and what was a club sitting sixth and in tremendous form upon his arrival now looks totally rudderlesss
  7. Haha negative. Your one to talk. By the way I’ve really enjoyed some of the away games and actually supporting / being there . But three home wins isn’t great and there’s no denying that. Needs to get better if we are to break into top half sometime .
  8. It’s pretty poor. Last season 4 wins at home in league whilst this season we sit at 3. It’s been many draws granted but still it really has to get better . It’s not good enough
  9. Old firm games too. Why should we hand over half our park to them
  10. What’s not worth the bother. What I’m saying is the board say it’s down to money but if I can pay a few quid extra on my season ticket and get the kids in then I’m all for it
  11. That’s how it should be every game. Pricing was good and fans came out. I’m happy to pay extra on my season ticket if it means we can do more of what we did today. There’s no reason for our own fans being shunted anymore. Cash is important but I’m sure everyone would agree it was great today
  12. Meanwhile the mighty Livi seem set for a third top six in a row. Something not right here if we simply can’t progress when others are.
  13. I am a member but had to leave the meeting early - can anyone tell me what was said about the potential cash flow concerns ?
  14. Absolutely. Is he even in our hall of fame?
  15. Yes that was about the time I heard it. Gus was on more than 2.5 k
  16. We’ve paid a manager well before and from what I was told it was more than 2.5k pw
  17. We were paying Gus a lot of money back in 2009/10
  18. How about let’s chase top four ? Let’s try to get to hampden ? We need to act quick and any temporary measure is no use . Just look at Man united. Let’s go for someone who knows the game and has experience
  19. Experience will be important at this stage . We can do really well this season and I fear a rookie might struggle initially
  20. I’d just like someone who’s been a manager before to guide us thro this. I’m not convinced letting these guys go from schoolboy football coaching to premier league. I’m aware Naismith is a Scotland coach but he’s hardly picking the tactics never mind the team
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