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  1. On 3/21/2021 at 6:48 AM, faraway saint said:

    SLAVIA PRAGUE keeper Premysl Kovar appeared to confirm team mate Ondrej Kudela called Rangers star Glen Kamara a 'f***ing monkey' in a sensational voice recording.


    But a bombshell voice recording left by Slavia back-up keeper Kovar, who was one of two keepers on the bench for the visitors, which was released into Czech social media may blow their claim out of the water.

    Kovar said in the recording: "We were kept on the field for an hour because of 'Kudy.' He told the man he was a f***ing monkey."



  2. I’m hearing Livy won’t be allowed to play in Europe,if they qualify,due to account irregularities.

    Thats great news,get it right up them,but the big question is..............why were sevco allowed to play in Europe with no accounts?

  3. 10 minutes ago, Eric Arthur Blair said:

    As a former Postman I can confirm that the ONLY way that Royal Mail will contact you regarding an undelivered item of mail is by the "red card" that they will put through your letterbox.

    No text, no email, NOTHING else.

    Did you get the sack? 

  4. 55 minutes ago, faraway saint said:


    How does the Post Office scam, starting out at £1.99 or £2.99 get to thousands?

    It seems a big jump and alarm bells should be ringing early on? 

    I heard a story, can't confirm, that if you press 1 on the HMRC you get to a person with no charge at that stage, If this is the case I'm having some of that the next time. 

    The girl from Birmingham is the story I heard on the radio last week



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