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  1. She lived in Kilmacolm so it was a fine fare for the driver........
  2. I arranged to meet a girl there once.I turned up late but just in time to see her set foot in a Cab at the rank."Wait Rose" I shouted in vain as the Cab drove off into the distance..............
  3. http://www.rosario-fc.com/news/posts/2019/june-2019/news-release-rosario-agrees-premier-partnership/
  4. There was a big problem with the floor and would have cost a fortune to repair it. It was 12 years ago it closed............ https://www.barrandwray.com/aftersales/portfolio/paisley-lagoon
  5. "Our" club? When did you become a St Mirren supporter?
  6. You're living in a time warp mate.
  7. We have played in blue strips on occasion.
  8. Going to QPR by the sound of things.
  9. I've just been looking and I found the capacity to be 660.......which would still be a struggle.
  10. 2 games at home followed by 2 away seems a little unusual. Anyway I return from holidays on Sat 13th.
  11. Love Zico celebrating in Pattersons face
  12. Did I say Bucharest?Bloody predictive text was meant to say Book A Rest........10 days in Ibiza in July.
  13. Will do,I'll visit all the Clubs on the Island.
  14. My Cousins son is playing for Largs today so that'll be a nice Runners Up medal for his Display Cabinet.
  15. What does it matter if it's listened to in 40 weeks,40 months,40 years?Thousands of people get enjoyment from his music now but because you don't like it it's "rubbish". You come across as a music snob.
  16. The Mrs and me going to Bucharest this afternoon.She is checking the internet just now.Looks like we'll be going to Ibiza at the start of July.
  17. The Polis in Paisley were brand new that night,they just stayed in the background and let the Fans enjoy themselves. I'm sure if we were going to sign someone it would be done in the privacy of the Stadium........or maybe even at Asda Paisley.
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