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  1. HSS

    Scottish Championship 2018/2019

    Ellis leaves Dundee Utd to become Assist Manager at QotS.
  2. HSS

    Latest Scores

    Some good news at last.............. Scotland are not bottom of our Group anymore as its Cyprus 4 San Marino 0.
  3. There were 9 kids in the Panda Club v Livy.Hardly worth the cost of an Entertainer.
  4. HSS

    Latest Scores

    It's hardly surprising the players can't follow his instructions as the Manager struggles to speak English.
  5. HSS

    Latest Scores

    One who withdrew hasn't missed a game for his club,Sheff Wed,since he pulled out.
  6. HSS

    Latest Scores

    3-0. McLeish should be sacked as soon as the FT whistle blows.
  7. HSS

    One town,one team

    Aye. Get a new calculator.
  8. HSS

    Latest Scores

    1st game in the tournament and,if it stays this way,we're out already.
  9. HSS

    16 Year Old Boy Found Guilty

    Sentence passed this morning.......... Minimum of 27 years.
  10. The Final is on Sat...............
  11. HSS

    Ricky don't lose that number.

    Is Big Fanny involved?
  12. HSS

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    Eric,any chance you could take over my account for a week?
  13. HSS

    Fakes Away

    Who do Haiti play?
  14. HSS

    Fakes Away

    We only have 1 player in the U21s and he will be back home on Mon night.Where's the problem?
  15. HSS

    Sin Bin Weather Thread

  16. HSS

    Sin Bin Weather Thread

    Check the way the snow had thawed on my wifes car......weird.
  17. HSS

    Latest Scores

    Norwich are 1-0 up.........Kenny McLean.
  18. HSS

    Fakes Away

    Tommy Wright was interviewed on Radio Scotland earlier.He said the game would probably be played a week on Weds due to us having players away on international duties. He also said the pitch was clear at 9:30am.
  19. HSS

    Fakes Away

    Loads of games off in lower leagues.
  20. http://mansions.paisleyhistory.uk/stanely.htm
  21. HSS

    Latest Scores

    Quarter-finals Ajax v Juventus Liverpool v Porto Tottenham v Manchester City Barcelona v Manchester United Semi-finals Tottenham/Manchester City v Ajax/Juventus Barcelona/Manchester United v Liverpool/Porto C'mon The Pool.........
  22. HSS

    Latest Scores

    Heres the "supposed" draw........... Liverpool vs Ajax Juventus vs Porto Man Utd vs Spurs Barcelona vs Man City