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  1. HSS

    Speculation Thread

    I can see a slight problem there.St Mirren Brae hasn't got a Greggs.
  2. HSS

    Airdrie Unitit and Dumbarton Offload

    The 2 clubs have been drawn together in next round of Scottish Cup.
  3. HSS

    Speculation Thread

    Don't shoot the messenger....... Kris Boyd is unhappy with the game time he is getting at Killie and will be signing for St Mirren in Jan.
  4. HSS

    Flags & banners

    Despite the result I really enjoyed the game.
  5. HSS

    Flags & banners

    The song is the Billy Boys.They may change the words but it's still the Billy Boys.
  6. HSS

    Flags & banners

    By not closing the segregation gate.
  7. HSS

    Flags & banners

    They were silent until almost half time.Their 1st chant of the Billy Boys was met around me with comments like "who wakened them up?" and "I forgot they were here".
  8. HSS

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    Oh please let us start winning again.
  9. HSS

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    Looks like Top Cat has a different viewpoint for his pals on P+B
  10. HSS


    Larkhall 0 Neilston 2 Burgh 0 Lanark 4.
  11. HSS

    Away fans among us

    Can't remember the score to be honest.The JBs Express came back to the social club to pick us up.
  12. HSS

    Away fans among us

    We were forced to spend the game in the Caley Social Club.
  13. HSS

    Away fans among us

    That was the away end Mr Memory Man.Wasnt our fault for once.We were just trying to get Turbo,who was in a wedding dress,into the game.Paid our money,got thru the turnstile and straight back out again.
  14. HSS


    Ants v Burgh.......... https://youtu.be/7pDEpELDzdY
  15. HSS

    Driving in Paisley.

    The council have just spent a fortune resurfacing a lot of the main roads.