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  1. There are loads of Mullens in Feegie.I used to work with a Danny Mullen but he passed away a couple of years ago.
  2. My first pint since March and it’s beautiful 😍
  3. I can sink a ball but I can’t build a break.Its so annoying as it looks so easy on the TV.🤔
  4. Saints’ first-half line-up: Alnwick, N.McAllister, McCarthy, Trialist, Erhahon, Sheron, Foley, K. McAllister, McGrath, Henderson, Morias. Saints’ second-half line-up: Lyness, Tait, Trialist, Baird, Breadner, Jack, Trialist, MacPherson, Jamieson, Durmus, Obika.
  5. I’ve hardly had a drink since this all started as I’m not one for drinking in the house.Looking forward to a couple of pints and a game of snooker................. if the snooker club hasn’t lost its licence!!!! IMG_2896.MP4
  6. The zombies are furious............. https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/celtic-city-chambers-flag-george-18580863
  7. Staff don’t have to wear masks. Beats me why I have to wear one but if I go to the pub next week I can sit in an enclosed space for hours swapping germs.
  8. HSS

    Test Events

    The tournie that the ugly sisters are going to France to play in will have a maximum of 5000 fans in attendance.
  9. Hamilton lost the 1st pre season game played in Scotland by 2 goals to 1.I never said they were playing us.
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