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  1. HSS


  2. The Public Toilet that was there is long gone,its actually still there as it was underground and is covered over,but the Wishing Well Monument is still there.
  3. HSS

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16th Feb

    Hibs 1 0 up.
  4. HSS

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16th Feb

    Livy down to 10 men.
  5. HSS


    Irvine Meadow v Renfrew Arthurlie v Ruth Glen Neilston v Larkhall Burgh v Ants. Hope The 'Lie got extra pies in this week.
  6. HSS

    Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    What are you on about Ricky? I was looking for ways to help Alex pay his tax bills while you're away down the "are rangers dead or alive" road.
  7. What do you think about the false accusation that an unconscious fan in a stretcher was attacked?
  8. HSS

    Things we know

    I've never heard of a friendly v Wimbledon mate,sorry.
  9. The slanderous stories are still on BBC/STV and various other media websites today.
  10. The silence of our "offended" fans is deafening.They had plenty to say yesterday when "Strecher Gate" hit the Press but where are they today when we find it's Fake News? The so called Fans who berated other Fans for an incident that didnt happen are every bit as guilty as whoever gave the ok for the press release.
  11. I'm totally amazed a Professional Football Club would put this on their Official Website without being 110% certain of their facts. If,as thought,this did not happen then someone has an awful lot of explaining to do. I believe it's being looked at by VAR but its looking a costly own goal.
  12. HSS

    So farewell then - Gprdon Banks

    Yes,the League Cup with Stoke.
  13. HSS

    So farewell then - Gprdon Banks

    God has got himself a brilliant Goalie. Loved him when I was a Wean.
  14. HSS


    Only game on at the weekend was........... Irvine Vics 0 Neilston 5.
  15. HSS

    Top Five Grounds in Scotland

    Love Street Crappielow (when away fans got part of the cowshed) Somerset Broomfield Annfield.