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  1. 45 minutes ago, Cookie Monster said:

    Only in the anchor a 3 or 4 times a year, yet when I do go in Nicky can tell me what I drink. That's a good barmaid. emoji106.png

    Or it may be that you’re the only guy in Paisley who drinks Campari and Soda?

  2. 1 hour ago, Slash said:

    He’s probably the last Saints player to score a hat trick in a top league match. Unless my memory is completely fcuked. 🤕

    Before him was Thommo versus Ross County IIRC in the 5-4 game.

    Who before Thommo only someone like @Eric Arthur Blair or @HSS or @billyg will remember as they tend to be our resident stats guys.

    Has to be top flight league matches only mind.

    Where to begin?

    Thommo never scored 3 v Ross County,he only got 2

    He has scored a hat trick for us though and it was against Dunfermline in 2012 in a 4-4 draw which would be our last top league 3





  3. 10 hours ago, Cookie Monster said:

    Anybody ever been refused service in a pub because they'd been to a funeral that day?

    Happened to myself and a couple of mates last night.

    One pub in Causeyside will allow funeral drinkers 1 drink and then they are out

    Were you in a pub in Causeyside?

    I don’t blame publicans I remember the days when I used to frequent pubs and you’d cringe if a funeral mob came in



  4. 50 minutes ago, W6er said:

    It happened ONCE! I only noticed because as I was washing my hands I glanced in the mirror and saw a bag hanging, which on closer inspection was sanitary towels...I then noticed, to my horror, that there were no urinals and realised my mistake. Fortunately the stewards were still excoriating the lassie and I exited unnoticed. It was a genuine mistake and I was very embarrassed. 

    Were you having a shite? 💩

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