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  1. Ordered the new football manager today, know I have been a bit late this year and now I can't wait to start playing. Anyone got any tips on this edition, and has their been an improvement from FM 2005?

    Tell me what you think  :rolleyes:


    I think...........................

    Get a life :rolleyes:

  2. I remember watching the Scotland v Brazil game in 1998, and when we scored the penalty, I went and ran round the block, shouting


    at the top of my voice.


    We watched that game at Suedeheads.When Scotland scored one of the boys leapt up and smashed his new glass lightshade :lol:

  3. No one mentioned the Match against Morton in the cup when Yardley scored in extra time in G******k!

    I DONT BELIEEEEEEEEEEEVE IT! Alot of people seem to like st mirren beating the old firm but what about the bloomin soap dodgers!!!


    Beating M*rt*n is only an excuse to have a couple of extra pints.

    Beating the **** + ***** is an excuse to have a couple of extra pints every night :cheers

  4. 1. Hellman's Original

    2. Hellman's Light (if you can't get the original)

    3. Sainsburys Be Good to Yourself

    4. Heinz

    5. Asda's Less Fat (cheap as chips but you can't really taste the difference!)



    Was that Mayo on your fingers today or was that s.... :rolleyes:

  5. Thinking of building my own site.....won't be a saints one.....wouldn't be a lot of point as this and the official one are the main ones everyone uses.

    The theme is still to be decided but I'm asking for any advice about hosting/costs etc as this is all new to me.I have a basic knowledge of HTML but not enough to construct a whole  site from scratch.I did find this Web page the other day and it seems pretty straight forward to do....but I'm not sure about the kind of support you would recieve or if the host company are any good.

    Any advice from those who already have their own sites would be most appreciated.



    Where's WYD when you need him :rolleyes:

  6. I canny drive a car, I'm only licenced to drive a lifeboat, so HSS, what is a TEMPSC, answers on a back of a potscard please :P


    I know the answer to that, :P

    It's a Totally Enclosed,Motor Propelled,Survival Craft.

    I've never forgot my survival training,you never know when it'll come in handy.

    PS.Couldn't find a postcard.


  7. What do you mean taxi drivers think we own the road, WE DO OWN THE FECKING ROAD! (and don`t you forget it) is that not right HSS?


    Aye,it's right.

    And it's about time somebuddie told the Bus Drivers that :rolleyes:

    Rip many off today Al? :lol:

  8. Know the feeling wife two kids and a  Vauxhall Meriva now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    HSS what's the Octavia TDI like?


    It's excellent.Loads of room inside,huge boot,great gears,fast when required and at least 45 mpg.

    Only complaint about it is the horn is a bit gay.It's more of a peeeeep peeeeep than a BEEB BEEB :(

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