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  1. What is the best low cost airline then, in terms of comfort and reliability ?

    The four of us are going to a show at the Royal Albert Hall in London in February - Cirque De Soleil - and I'd normally go by BMI or BA, but looking at prices you are talking nearly twice what Ryanair would charge. I suppose at least with BMI and BA you get to fly to Heathrow or to London City, but is Stanstead more awkward to get to ?

    Fly Paisley Int-Luton with EasyJet then get the Green Line coach service straight into Victoria.It only takes 45 mins and is only about £6 return when you show your EJ ticket

  2. What about Puff Daddy?

    Not content with having a name that made him sound like a homosexual father,he changed it to P.Diddy,which makes him sound like he's a urinating breast. :huh:

    There is an Irish guy who comes into Paddys and is a terrible singer.His name is Duff Paddy :lol:

  3. :P:P Thats so nice that you can remember at least five HSS! If you actually ever had that many! :P:P

    Nice to see u avoiding the pub! :D

    This has absolutely nothing to do with me,I don't even know a Bankturd.

    8:13pm + 8:38pm I was slaving over a hot computer.

    So :zipit as :wasntme


  4. 1. Bongo

    2. Seph

    3. Shetty

    4. St. Sid

    5. Bald Dougie

    In fact, everyone on the back seat of the Jaybees bus except HH. And I'd hereby like to apologise wholeheartedly for leaving HH behind in Pitlochry when we came back from Inverness. I can guarantee that it won't happen again and if it does then I'll foot the bill for your train journey home. In fact, I'll foot the bill for the last one. Next time you're in Paddy's I'll give you thirty quids worth of drink. You have my word on that.

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