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  1. 23 hours ago, beyond our ken said:

    Pulling in people who are better grounded in both investigation and analysis of information than the SPFL picks are is a smart move.  They will be there to forensically challenge the official investigation findings as much as they are there to find and correct the deficiencies in our own system.

    For once, the club gets my approval on this one.  

    Pretty similar to my view on it. It's not up to the club to come up with the policy and procedures - that's already been done by the SFA/SPFL and medical experts. It's up to the club to ensure those polices are followed and enforced. On that front, bringing in a former union guy (regardless of background) is probably a good move as they'll be used to ensuring polices are in place and not being ignored.

    Going by the SFA guidance I saw on P&B, we were required to have two people to handle various coronavirus duties at the club and I'd imagine people already employed took those duties on during the summer. I don't get the impression the two folk appointed earlier this week were brought in because no one had taken on these tasks as that would surely have been flagged up before now.

  2. He was involved in pretty much every goal we scored during his time with us. If he wasn't scoring it himself, he was providing the assist or winning a penalty. If he hadn't been with us for those few months we wouldn't have had a hope of staying up as we'd have been even further adrift before the January window.

  3. 6 hours ago, ford prefect said:
    On 4/22/2020 at 6:49 PM, southside saint said:
    In that moment, we'd won the league. The celebrations were wild on and off the pitch and I wouldn't have swapped that for knowing before Mcknight scored that Dunfermline had actually won. It was beautiful.

    Absolutely. One of the most joyous moments I've ever had supporting st mirren. 10 years of almost constant decline washed away in a glorious season of wonderful attacking football.

    I believe some numpty has written 2,000+ words of pish on this subject for a blog post they're going to publish on Wednesday...

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